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It was one hot Saturday in February. Unseasonably warm for this time of year. So I decided it would be nice to lounge out at the pool for a while. You know, just to catch some of those sunny southern California rays.

Knowing that the house would be quiet today since everyone was out I figured topless tanning could be possible without any interruptions or surprises. Choosing a pair of satin sea green bikini panties from my lingerie drawer. I slid them up my legs, caught a glimpse of my ass in the mirror, grabbed a couple of oversized, soft, thirsty towels, wrapping one around my full breasts, tucking the ends into my cleavage, a pair of sunglasses and with my Bain de Soleil I headed for the backyard.

I situated the chaise where I wanted it, far enough from the house for privacy, close enough to listen for the phone, spread out the towels, folding one for my head and was going to flick on the stereo except I thought some quiet mind wandering would be better.

Heading to the kitchen I mixed a drink something cool, took a tall frosted glass, filled it with cubes, a splash of coconut creme, some pineapple juice, and the rest with dark Bacardi rum. Putting on my sunglasses I took my drink outside. Such a perfect day, looking around, nobody is home. Not even the dogs felt like barking today.

I looked around again, making sure I was alone and slipped out of my towel. As I unscrewed the top of my suntan oil I let my mind wander. Hhmmm, all alone, how nice. This is going to be so re-energizing today.

Squeezing some of that oil into my hand I slowly and carefully spread it over my arms. All the way from my shoulders. Down my arms to my hands.

Pouring a little more into my palm I massaged it onto my chest. Across my breasts, under them, over my nipples making them hard from the touch of my fingers.

Oil down my belly, slipping my greased fingers under the waistband of my panties. Placing one leg up on the lounge chair I ran my slippery hands over the length of my leg from my pedicured toes to my inner thigh. After both legs were fully oiled I took a couple of sips from my drink, laid down on the chaise and closed my eyes.

ooooohhhhh letting out a sigh, it's so quiet today. So peaceful. mmmmmmm.

I do remember the heat from the sun. So hot. And I remember wondering what it would be like to have you over here next to me, enjoying this glorious winter day.

Smiling, I thought it could be an interesting way to spend some time with you. (Looking over at your sexy, outstretched body. My eyes would take in all of you. Your sandy brown hair, beautiful green eyes, that slightly imperfect nose, squared chin, your toned body, strong legs, and, of course, my eyes would come to rest on the bulge I would see between those tanned, muscular thighs.) I'm not sure how long it was before I fell asleep under the hot sun. But I was thirsty and wanted to taste something very cool on my parched tongue.

I could hear a door closing almost silently and the sound of someone moving closer. "Hi honey. Didn't know you were back." I murmured still keeping my eyes closed.

At that moment I realized there was something across my eyes. It was something soft, something smooth across my tender eyelids.

"Oh, very funny." I said. "What's going on here?"

I tried to sit up. To use my hands to push up, but I could not. They were bound together at the wrists with what I assumed were some silk rope, scarves, ties, something like that, with slack between them. They must have been attached because something was holding my arms above my shoulders. I could not bring them down to my sides.

"Jeez, I must have been in a deep sleep for this to happen."

And it's funny, I was almost afraid, but found that I was also finding this predicament stimulating. Kind of erotic. Afterall, this WAS in my backyard. I did not sense danger, but could feel my adrenaline flowing stronger through my body.

I heard a sound like crystals being mixed in a bowl so I knew someone was close by.

And then I GASPED! I could feel hands on me. Fingers on both sides of my panties slipping them off me. One hand on each ankle gently forcing my legs apart.

The sound of those crystals being mixed again and then OH! How cold against my hot flesh!

I could feel the coolness of an ice cube being slid along my foot, across my toes and up my leg. The ice was melting against my skin, feeling the water dribbling down my leg. Another cube now moving from my knee and up my inner thigh.

I could not believe what was happening. "Who are you?" I demanded to know. "tell me pleeeeeeeeease?"

And then He, it had to be a man, put his hand deep into that bucket of what I now knew to be ice and rubbed more ice over my other leg. By the time he got to my inner thigh again, I'll admit it. I was finding this to be very erotic and was feeling scared and excited at the same time.

But when he took that ice and passed it sooooo lightly over my clit, oooooohhhhh! it was such a shock. Soooooooo very cold, but mmmmm, it felt good, too.

He took that cube and rubbed it over my clit all around and around it making it hard and swollen, and then moving that cold, almost soothing ice cube down to my pussy, which by this time, was moist with anticipation.

Almost embarrassed by this discovery I started to put my legs together but, he stopped me with his hands, forcing me to keep my legs open for him, for whatever he was planning.

I don't remember resisting. But I DO remember wanting more. He took another cube and began to play with it by teasing my pussy lips.

Usually it is the heat from a man's tongue, his wanting mouth, his warm fingers that bring me to pleasure, but this time it was the shock. The ice almost too cold, but yet the chill of the cube was making me hot. How could that be? I felt the desire inside me beginning to grow. The desire to have this man. I was actually hoping that he would, dare I say it? take this further.

As soon as he touched that ice to the inside of my hot pussy I jerked from the intensity of the surprise. But he had given me no reason to be afraid. I tried to just enjoy these sensations, but I was desiring, noooooo, that's not right, I was lusting for more.

As the ice penetrated me, as he gently took his fingers and guided the ice between my pussy lips I let out a low moan. oooooooohhhhhhh as if by their own wishes, my legs opened even wider with my hips tilting up at his motion.

I could feel the ice moving in and out, melting with the intensity of my heat. Mixing with my own feminine juices, in and out, the water droplets running down between my legs evaporating in the heat as it neared my ass.

"oooOOOhhh, please. I can't take this teasing any longer." I said in a whisper. "Please touch me."

I heard a slight swish! a rustle perhaps? and in a moment I could feel his weight upon me. I could smell his man smell. Intoxicating. Feel his legs strong against mine.

Hot skin touching Hot skin.

His cock hard. Oh soooo hard teasing my yearning pussy. I could feel muscled arms on my arms. My wrist ties being loosened.

His hands moving down my arms, over my neck, my shoulders to my breasts. Strong fingers pinching my nipples, kneading my breasts, and his mouth, I could feel his lips on my neck, in that spot just under my ear, his tongue licking down my neck and up to my chin, his mouth hard on mine.

Finally having the freedom of my arms I was able to touch him. My hands feeling his shoulders, my nails scratching into his back. Dragging my nails down that back, along his sides, and coming to find his ass. Two of the tightest cheeks. My fingernails digging into them.

He was pressing against my mouth. His lips parting, forcing his tongue into my mouth where I began to suck on it. Sucking harder each time. I could feel his cock gaining strength as my mouth took his tongue deep into mine.

By this time I was so turned on, all I could think of was attaining the ultimate. That moment of ecstasy when I cannot hold back. When my body is crying for the intensity of an orgasm.

I heard myself begging "I want to feel you inside. Deep within me. Fuck me. Please. I need to feel you deep."

And one of my hands slipped between us. I could feel his erection, so stiff, soooo hard, and guided him in me with no resistance from him. I was so wet his thick, hard shaft slipped in easily, but I was not prepared for the delight I felt when he began to thrust his hips, plunging deeper and deeper each time with his cock.

Our sexual passion began to increase, he was pumping faster and I could feel him making every movement count, taking his hardness all the way to my outer lips and then going deep again. He kept repeating this. In and out. In and out, except each time it was more forceful, harder, deeper and each time I tilted my hips upward my ankles around his legs wide open to accept him.

With his hands on my shoulders my nails digging into his ass. I could tell he would cum soon, as would I.

I was thinking how I could not hold on much longer, moving a hand between his ass I brought my finger to his core, to that spot, that secret place where, when a finger is manipulated and moved in such a way, welllllll, I knew that I could bring him to the edge and when I inserted that finger slowly carefully. That was it!

Pumping harder. Deeper inside me. could hear a low moan beginning. It was both of us. My clit was quivering from his shaft rubbing against it, my pussy was incredibly stimulated by his movements so deep, so hard and I could feel the warmth inside me, his precum making his cock slide inside me so much better.

And with both of us fucking each other. With the hot sun beating down on us, I was cumming, and so was he!

FASTER HE PUSHED. DEEPER HE WENT. Animal sounds, moans, breaths fast, hearts pounding, pounding, pounding. HARDER., AND HARDER. PUSHING. AND HARDER. UNTIL. YessssSSSSSS. I could feel that liquid. Thick, warm. sticky. ooooooooooHHHHHHH. With some final thrusts we both came. Intense orgasms.

Spent. I cannot move. Still blindfolded I don't even know who this man is. I felt him get up, heard the sound of ice in water and a cube being placed in my mouth.

"mmmm , thanks." sucking on it. "Can I remove this blindfold now?" No sound. I listened for a response, some sound that answered me, but none came.

Reaching my hands up I untied the covering over my eyes squinting at the bright sunlight. Looked around, didn't see anyone there. Just the ice bucket with a few remaining cubes.

But there was no time to ponder or to relive or to wonder about this afternoon. I could hear my dogs barking. Someone was home now. Standing up I wrapped a towel around me, again tucking the ends into my cleavage and went into the house to see who was there.

But, before closing the screen door behind me I took a long look outside. At the place I had been lounging and with a secret smile on my face, turned to go inside.

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