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First Baptist Bible Fuck


If you live in the Southeastern United States, you know about the traditional Baptist church. Most are filled with earnest, God-fearing, Christian adults who are trying to live their lives like Jesus would want them. However, many of them, especially the younger college and high school aged members, are hypocrites through and through. I can't tell you how many churches have been torn apart by scandal and adultery as these pious, better-than-thou Christians are caught in uncompromising positions. This story details one of the more secret implosions of a large, well-known church.

The First Baptist Church of Hillwood sits atop a high hill in the bustling Chattanooga suburb of Hillwood, Tennessee. Taking up six or seven acres of property, the building is a sprawling monstrosity made up of a main sanctuary, a secondary sanctuary, a gymnasium, three educational wings, two fellowship halls, two kitchens, business offices with several conference rooms and what seemed like miles and miles of uncharted hallways and stairwells. You see, "Fort God", as it is called by many of the neighbors, grew from small beginnings to become what it is today. As the population of Hillwood grew through the years, so did Fort God, with wings and buildings added on without regard to layout or functionality. The result is a confusing maze of corridors and doors and stairs and attached yet separate buildings. When I first joined, I got lost frequently. I used to joke that new members join and are never seen again for years.

Being a yankee carpetbagger, I joined the church mainly for the networking aspect. My wife is a good, solid Christian woman who believes in the sanctity of marriage and honestly adheres to the passage in the Bible that says if you sin with the mind, you have committed adultery. Thank God I think that's a load of crap, or I would have been struck by lightning long ago. Until Fort God, I had never cheated on my wife physically, but I had quite a libidinous fantasy life. My wife is a good-looking, straight-laced woman who is great in the sack, but in a light's out, missionary position, no-frills kind of way. Don't get me wrong, I like a good fuck every month or two, but a wet, sloppy blowjob from a reluctant, hesitant or coerced girl has always been my fantasy.

Wednesday night services always piss me off. I work all day, slaving away in the orifice trying to make a buck for my employer, only to get off work at 5-6 pm and have to run to church to listen to some blowhard blather on about my soul and sanctification. Sitting in the back row, with my hand tantalizingly high on my beautiful, nubile wife's thigh, the last thing I want to think about is JAY-sus! Out of the corner of my eye, I see a flash of gray as little Cindi Carpenter gets up and slips out the back door into the hallway. Cindi is nineteen, single, extremely hot in a "I know I'm hot, but I try to hide it by wearing frumpy clothing" kind of way. She has long, straight blonde hair, which she usually wears up in a chaste bun, long muscular legs under her ankle-length plaid skirt, and nice, firm, plump perky breasts that bounce merrily as she walks. She wears tortoise-shell plastic framed glasses which constantly slide down her upturned pug nose, forcing her to push them back up every few moments.

I notice that as she slips out the back, she makes a sidelong glance towards Ted Martin, one of our resident deacons and coach of the Upward soccer program. After a few moments, Ted excuses himself from his wife and slips out the back door as well. Keep in mind that our church has a membership of over eight thousand upstanding Christians, and a typical Wednesday night service, while being held in the smaller of the two sanctuaries, still has about two thousand attendees. People are coming and going all throughout the service, but for some reason this little exchange piques my curiosity.

I quickly slip out the same door and look both left and right. I see Ted as he moves around the corner to the right down one of the educational wing hallways. Peering around the corner, I see him enter one of the stairwells leading upstairs to the closed off balcony section of the sanctuary. My spidey-senses tingling, I silently follow him, pushing the door open and quietly shutting it behind me. I can hear his footsteps scraping the tile steps as he makes his way up.

At the top of the stairs is a fire door leading to the balcony seating area. Not being a total ninny, Ted apparently has a key and has locked the door, making entry for me impossible. I press my ear to the door and hear absolutely nothing, but an idea comes to mind. I head back down and fast-walk my way to the church's main office. Being a member of the finance committee, I have knowledge of the physical plant side of maintaining a large building.

"Hi, Martha!" I say, as I walk into the main office. Martha is an older, slightly plump, matronly woman known for her dour demeanor and serious nature. She is, however, quite endowed with a large, ample bosom.

"Hello, how may I help you," she replies flatly to my energetic, friendly hello.

"Um, I think I left my Bible in our Sunday School classroom, and it's locked, could I borrow the master key real quick so I can go grab it? My wife's kinda cranky with me about it..."

"Weeell, I really shouldn't give it out like this, but since you are on the finance committee and if it will keep you out of the doghouse, I guess I can make an exception."

She reaches into her drawer and hands me a shiny, golden key. "If I'm gone when you come back, put it in the drawer here."

I turn and practically run out of the office and wind my way back to the stairwell. At the top of the stairs, I quietly put the key in the lock and turn the handle and slip through the door crouching down low to keep myself hidden behind the seats. Easing the door shut behind me, I slide down behind the last row of seats and listen intently for the sound of Cindi and Ted.

Sure enough, in the corner down near the front of the balcony, hidden from view by the congregation below, I see Cindi on her knees, earnestly sucking Ted's engorged cock. His hands are grasping the bun at the back of her head and his hips are jerking frantically, thrusting his dick balls deep into her mouth and throat. She is making a soft gagging sound, obviously trying to keep quiet while she slobbers all over his manhood.

Suddenly, Ted jerks once, twice, three times, and I see Cindi swallowing convulsively, as his cock erupts in her eager mouth. He whispers something to her, and I see her thoroughly lick his balls and lap up the sides of his cock, in an effort to clean up the mess they have made. He points to his thigh and she leans forward and slurps up a drop of errant cum.

"I'm sorry I spilled some, Sir. I'll try to swallow it all next time," I hear her whisper to him as he zips up his trousers.

He reaches out with a finger and scoops up some cum off her chin and dangles it in front of her for her to lick clean.

"Good girl, lick it spotless. I see a few drops on the floor, make sure you get them, too."

Cindi leans down out of view, but I can only imagine she is licking the cum off the balcony's dingy tile floor.

Hmmm, Ted obviously has some kind of control over this young, impressionable woman, or there is no way in Hell she would do these things.

"So, you'll keep Mary out of trouble, Mister Martin? If she's prosecuted again, she may have to go to prison." A large tear leaks out of Cindi's eye as she looks imploringly up at Ted Martin.

"I won't press charges, Cindi. Shoplifting is wrong and illegal, but I won't let it ruin your sister's life. As long as we have our arrangement, that is..."

I had connected the dots. Mary is Cindi's rebellious little sister, who has had numerous brushes with the law. Apparently Mary attempted to steal something from Ted's sporting goods store, and Ted caught her red-handed.

I duck down as Ted and Cindi make their way back up to the balcony door. At the door Ted turns to Cindi, reaches around and grasps her round ass cheek and says, "Same time next week. Make sure you clean up your face before you go down, you still have cum on your chin -- you look like a fucking whore."

Cindi nods obediently and wipes her chin with the back of her hand as she moves through the door behind Ted.

A plan begins to form in my devious, sex-starved brain. That night I conveniently forget to return the master key to the desk and the next day while at work, I have a copy made at the local hardware store. I also purchase a nice digital Sony handy-cam and eagerly await the next Wednesday night service.

I tell my lovely, oblivious wife that I have to work late, and that I will have to meet her at church. Arriving early, I park around back and slip into the balcony with camera in hand. Setting it up on a short tripod between the rows of seats about 15 feet from the "tryst spot", I prepare to make a little home-movie of Ted and Cindi's "arrangement".

I throw a black blanket over the camera, allowing just the lens and the back end to show. This will allow me to hide further back, and using the nifty remote control, operate the camera without being seen. In the dark balcony, with the black blanket, the camera is completely hidden while only being a mere few feet away.

Worship service begins with the worship team cranking up the crowd with a soulful rendition of a popular Michael W. Smith song. As the choir gets into the chorus, the balcony door opens, and Cindi slips through and works her way down to the front corner. As she reaches her spot, she obediently drops to her knees and waits, fidgeting.

I press record and keep my fingers crossed, hoping the camera has a nice clear view of the upcoming action. A few moments later, Ted comes through the door and slips down to where Cindi is kneeling. He makes a great show of slowly unzipping his pants while Cindi licks her lips and stares at his crotch.

"This is the last time, Mr. Martin," Cindy whispers. "I just can't risk getting caught -- they'll throw me out of the congregation and give my Children's Church teaching job to that bitch Sally."

"I'll let you know when we are done, Cindi. Right now you need to shut up and suck my cock like the nasty bitch you are."

With that, Ted shoves his fat dick deep into Cindi's mouth, grabbing her by the hairbun and pulling her face down forcefully onto his prick.

"Perfect, lick it good...that's right, lick my balls too. Get them nice and wet."

The worship team had switched to a more sedate song and the congregation was now singing along with religious abandon to "Just a Closer Walk with Thee..."

Ted has one hand under Cindi's chin and the other at the back of her head, and he is wetly fucking her face. With every deep thrust of his pelvis he pulls her face onto his meat, and I can see her tongue snake out and lick his balls. Cindi has apparently learned how to deep throat his rather diminutive cock, and quite well.

Ted arches his back, throws back his head and through gritted teeth says, "I'm gonna cum! Swallow it all this time, don't spill a fucking drop!"

His ass muscles clench and I can hear Cindi gagging clearly from where I hide thirty feet away, but she slurps and swallows and continues to deep throat his cock right through his orgasm.

Finally he lets her slide her mouth off his half-mast cock and he inspects it carefully.

"Hmmm, very good Cindi. Not one drop of cum spilled. Very good indeed. Lick my balls again, get them nice and wet. That's right, lick them clean."

After Cindi licks his balls, Ted tucks his prick back into his pants and heads back to the top of the balcony and out the door. Cindi remains where she is kneeling and I can hear the sounds of her quietly sobbing.

Pulling a stocking cap over my face, I silently slip down to the camera. Cindi is lost in her own world, sobbing softly with the sound of "Amazing Grace" playing in the background.

I pick up the camera and move around behind Cindi, slowly creeping up to her. When I am just over her shoulder, I whisper in her ear, "Don't turn around -- I need to show you something."

Cindi jerks upright and squeeks in fear, but doesn't turn around.

"Good girl, just keep facing away from me."

I hold the camera out in front of her and press "play". The scene starts with her on her knees in the semi dark waiting for Ted to show up. I press "stop", and set the camera down behind me.

"You can guess what I have on the camera, can't you, Cindi?"

Cindi nods her head yes.

"It would ruin both of you if this video got out, wouldn't it?"

Again Cindi nods her head yes.

"I imagine your parents would throw you out of the house and you could most likely forget about attending Bible College in the Fall, huh?"

I could hear Cindi begin to sniffle as the tears begin to flow. In the background, the minister had begun his sermon.

I slowly begin to unzip my jeans, ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Cindi makes a sharp intake of breath, and her head comes up as she realizes what the sound is.

"Oh, Mister, please don't make me..." she pleads.

"Shhhhhh, Cindi. If you fuss, I may make you take it up the ass."

"Oh God," Cindi moans, as she realizes how much trouble she is in.

"Lift up your dress and pull off your panties, Cindi. That's right, all the way off."

"I noticed that mean ole Ted didn't even return the favor to you. What a bastard."

"Sit in that seat and put both legs over the arms. That's good, spread your legs wide and pull up your dress. Perfect"

Cindi gasps as she sees me in my ski mask. "Please, Mister -- I'm a virgin. Don't take my virginity, it's all I have left."

"Don't worry, Cindi, I won't. I'm not a monster like Ted, after all.

With my engorged prick in one hand, stroking it to its full eight inch length, I get down on my knees in front of Cindi and inspect her glistening honey-hole. She is a natural blonde, with a wispy bush of honey-yellow hair framing the sweetest, pinkest little pussy I have ever seen.

I begin by licking the insides of her thighs and working my way inward to her hot, wet pussy. Cindi moans quietly and thrashes her head from side to side.

"Ohhhh Dear Lord! Please stop! Th-th-that's making me dizzy!" Cindi gasps.

My tongue is now slurping up and down her pussy, delving deeply into her sweet folds at the bottom and flicking lightly over her clit at the top. Alternating between broad licks and sharp tongue-fucks, I soon have her panting and her pussy is sopping wet and juice is running down her ass to her winking pink asshole.

Her body begins to shake and shiver, and I notice her nipples are prominently poking through the material of her mousy dress. Her glasses have slipped down her nose and she is looking at me through them with unabashed lust in her bright, blue eyes.

She lets out a groan, and throws her head back and arches her back, and I double my efforts and focus my attention on her clit, sucking and licking it with abandon. She convulses, once, twice, three times as a powerful orgasm wracks her body. Covering her mouth with her hand I hear a muffled scream followed by a long groan.

As she comes down from her orgasm, I gently pull her off the seat and onto her knees in front of me, pressing her beautiful ass down to the cold tile floor. Standing over her, naked from the waist down, I spread my legs and pull her face up to my balls. Cindi's eyes bulge when she sees the imposing size of my turgid cock.

"Wow, that's huge, Mister! Ted's is much smaller than that thing." She blurts as I press her face to my pendulous nutsack.

"Lick them, lick them until they are dripping. Time to repay the favor, young lady."

Cindi sighs and begins to lick my balls, rolling them around and around with her talented tongue, coating them with a liberal supply of warm saliva.

After a few minutes of her sensuous tongue-lashing, I pull her head back and position the fat, purple head of my rock hard cock in front of her succulent, moist lips.

"Lick the head, get it nice and wet, that's right, slobber all over it with your tongue."

My cock begins to throb in anticipation as I look down at this nice, clean cut, churchie girl with her frumpy dress gathered around her waist and her glasses askew on her nose, about to attempt to deepthroat my thick man meat.

"Open wide, here it comes," I whisper through clenched teeth as I slowly begin to spear her face.

Cindi takes the first inch, then the second, begins to choke on the third, and gags and sputters and tries to pull off my cock at the fourth inch. I hold her face over my engorged cock and whisper, "Take it! Is this all you can swallow? Four measly inches? You can do better than this. Get it wetter, lick it all over until it's shiny wet."

Cindi pulls back, and moaning with tears leaking out of her eyes, she slobbers all over the shaft of my dick, licking up one side and down the other.

After it has been liberally coated with her spit, I impale her tiny, freckled face again, pushing her head down on my throbbing member.

This time she takes five, six inches and begins to relax her throat. As she fights the urge to gag I feel her tongue sliding around the underside of my cock.

I pull her off my cock and then push her back down, going deeper each time, getting into a nice, sliding rhythm. Slurp, slurp, slurp she goes, up and down on my cock.

"Good girl, now swirl the head with your tongue on the upswing. That's right, just like that." I groan as she slurps the head before every suck.

"Unbutton your dress and pull it down off your shoulders, now take off your bra and let your titties out. Good girl."

Cindi's apple-sized breasts stand at attention, nice and perky with puckered, wrinkly pink nipples pointing up at me.

"When I cum, you are going to lick the head, nothing else. Any cum you don't lick up is going to drop onto your perky little breasts, so unless you want a mess to clean up before you go back to church, I suggest you lick fast."

Jerking my cock with my right hand, I put my left hand on Cindi's head and push her down so that her bottom is flat on the cold tile floor and my swelling cockhead is just over her mouth.

"Start licking, slurp it good! I'm gonna cum soon!" I gasp as she slobbers over the head of my cock.

My hand starts flying over my shaft, her tongue is frantically licking the sides, the top, the sensitive underside of my hot, purple head.

"No hands! Keep your hands behind your back, no sucking either -- just your tongue!"

Down below, I catch the preacher admonishing the congregation to love one another like Jesus loves us.

Suddenly, without warning, I groan and my cock erupts with a fountain of cum, which spurts over Cindi's face, across her forehead, splatters her glasses, and runs down along her nose and into her greedily licking mouth.

Cindi squeals and reaches out with her tongue to catch the next spurt as it shoots from my cock. Her tongue is dancing over my cockhead, licking up every drop she can while I steadily slow down my stroking.

Two spurts, three spurts, four spurts later and her face is a mess of cum dripping off her cheeks and chin onto her perky, cum-covered titties.

"Good girl, now suck it deep, suck the last drops out of it. You made quite a mess, didn't you?"

Cindi nods affirmatively as she slurps up the last of the cum from my cock shaft, and then squats down low and sucks my balls.

Using my cock, she wipes the cum off her forehead and face, then licks it clean. Then she takes her glasses off and licks the cum off the lenses and frame.

Finally, she uses her fingers to scoop up the cum covering her perky little breasts and sucks her fingers clean of every last drop.

I hold my half-mast cock out to her face, and she obediently sucks it in and milks the last remnants of cum from deep within my now aching balls.

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