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First Blood


She was now deemed by her protectorate to be ready for the transformation, the critical time had come, unknown to Raven all the necessary preparations had been made long ago. She was different, that she knew already, her senses had always been keener than other children, she had always been quicker, brighter, more mentally agile than most others including many adults. This fateful night would see the beginning of her transformation from a seemingly normal young woman into an incredibly powerful entity. For many years know her father had told her she had a mysterious latent ability which some day would be revealed. Recently in herself she felt different, a new fire burnt within making her feel more alive and vibrant and more stronger. Lately she had found increasing difficulty sleeping at night and had spent many dark hours awake nursing a strange insatiable hunger that dissipated oddly with each dawn.

Near to midnight on this the eve of her eighteenth birthday her father came to her in her rooms. Raven noted how he seemed strangely disturbed and agitated as he asked her to come to his study at once. Her father indicated he had something very important concerning her past to disclose. Hand in hand they walked hurriedly to his study, Raven found that could sense his emotions quite easily. His thoughts were full of anxiety and discomfort; she could not imagine what could trouble him so. Over the past few months she had found herself growing increasingly adept at reading other peoples thought-trains, at first she had dismissed it as chance but she came to realise that her budding ability was factual. She had started using it to her advantage, she could tell when a person was telling the truth, or lying, quite adeptly, all the signs pointed to her father's sincerity.

Seating her in his own favourite leather chair he began to quietly relate the truth about her origins. At first she sat stunned in disbelief but as he talked things began to fall into place; seemingly unrelated or odd incidents took on a new perspective. Speaking to her quietly and soberly he told of how she was no mere mortal, how within her a power of unspeakable magnitude slumbered. Revealing the truth about her mother's abduction by the followers of a demon in Siam and her subsequent rape and pregnancy. He tearfully told Raven how her natural mother had died at the moment she was born and how the temple had looked after their welfare since. Openly he spoke about everything even of how the temple had made him marry her stunningly beautiful stepmother Lien who was barely five years older than herself. Now Raven realised why Lien had always been so excessively attentive to her stepdaughter. Finally he spoke of the great things she could attain and the incredible power that was hers for the taking if she desired it. He added at the end that her power and abilities would come with a heavy price, he hoped she could harness the temptation and use the power that would be thrust upon her wisely, but he would support her anyway should she err.

Normally she would have dismissed all he said as rubbish but tonight something deep inside her had stirred and recalling other recent phenomena she knew instinctively what he told her to be true. Her mind raced as the information sank in; excitedly she toyed with new enthralling possibilities as she struggled to fully appreciate exactly what her father had just revealed to her. When he was sure that Raven understood him, and she calmed down a little he told her tonight was to be the night her power was awakened, in a way it would be her first test.

Crossing the study he revealed to her a door that was cunningly concealed in the rich oak panelling of the wall. Ancient and well worn stone steps disappeared downwards into the inky darkness within. Without any light he beckoned for her to follow him into the darkness. As they descended Raven noted how she seemed to be able to see well despite the fact their was no light. Slowly she began to appreciate just how acute her senses had grown as faint whiffs of incense and other deeply sensual aromas caught her sensitive nostrils. Straight on past the perpendicular junction of two other passageways they went down a passageway with many closed doors on each side. The large double doors at the end were open and they passed through them and descended further still down wide slowly turning staircase for some time. As they went Raven began sensing the emotive force of the massed gathering of people long before they came upon the chamber excitedly she felt the exquisite hunger beginning to gnaw at her insides.

At last they reached their goal, they entered through a great stone arch Raven stared down upon the gathered throng from the high vantage point at the top of a steep flight of stone steps. All around the tiered D shaped chamber she swept her eyes over them as they fell to their knees in sudden silence. Respectfully many of the throng close to them bowed low in reverence then came forward one at a time up the staircase. In well-rehearsed manner they knelt to kiss her slender hand and swear enslavement to her. Amongst them were her oriental stepmother, several relations, friends of the family, their servants and others Raven knew not.

Sensing a strange commotion growing within herself as some deeply buried force fought its way out Raven realised the innocent teenager of yesterday was being driven out by something unknown and very powerful. The chants of the adoring throng encouraged her acceptance as the transformation sped up. A bolt of intense pain burst through her unprepared nervous system as the first true stage of her metamorphosis occurred and she screamed aloud. About her a great murmur of concern and excitement rippled, as the pain receded Raven cautiously relaxed a little and gazed about her, suddenly as if through new found eyes she perceived her surroundings differently. An intense ache of eager anticipation for the as yet unknown power she had been promised spread through her unchecked.

Casting her new found gaze over the chamber eagerly she absorbed every minute detail even noting the ornate tapestries hung on the walls. All were adorned with symbols and runes which seemed to come from many races and cultures histories. She felt as if she was searching for something until her eyes fell on the great fabric screen hung high about the rear half of the sunken central area of the chamber between the supporting pillars of the chamber roof.

It was not what Raven saw drawn upon the ornately embroidered screen that stunned her for set in a large niche in the wall behind the screen a life size gold female statue towered dominatingly. Though she could see but the top third of it the image she perceived shocked her incredibly for her own countenance stared back through sightless gold eyes over the gathering. The statue was naked as far as she could see over the screen and huge golden wings towered to the high roof of the niche behind it. Without instruction she descended the steps to join her stepmother Lien and several others who had gathered on the chamber floor before the screen.

Strangely enough Raven felt no apprehension or concern, as her beautiful stepmother was undressed before her eyes by two naked well-endowed blonde haired girls who were clearly twin sisters. Obviously Lien was high in the pecking order Raven noted by the other peoples reverence for her. Raven then watched as her step-mother's body was anointed with fragrant oils and carefully painted with a series of patently erotic symbology. As she watched the ritual her interest in one of the two girls grew. A queer longing ate at Raven's soul as her eager eyes fixed avidly on the nearest of the two blondes, her heart pounded in her breast restlessly and she began to shake with a new until now unexperienced excitement. Her nails hurt and her teeth itched and her skin felt as if it was alive with electrifying jolts that drove her to distraction, she did not know why or how but she wanted the girl. Confused and scared by her own reaction she restrained herself from reaching out and touching the girl though it took some force not to set the demon within free. Her anguish eased a little as the girls moved away reverently averting their gaze as they backed off with heads bowed. Her stepmother moved slowly toward the screen and the crowd quietly chanted rhythmically as Raven started to follow.

As she approached it the screen was cut loose falling heavily and noisily to the stone floor of the central area of the chamber she and many of the gathered gasped in amazement. Fully revealed to her and the crowd the golden sculpture was indeed what appeared to be. On a high pedestal in the niche she beheld a truly stunning image of herself. It was winged and sat cross-legged, a long serpentine tail coiled about the statue's base, but jutting upwards from between it's crossed legs it had an enormous erect convoluted penis. For a few seconds she stared wide-eyed upon the golden effigy in awe before her gaze was drawn lower.

A faint gasp escaped her quivering lips and her pulse raced erratically. The obscene statue was not what had fired her new found excitement, for directly beneath the statue stood an ornately carved stone altar. Raven swallowed nervously for a moment as the soon to be obliterated innocent teenager rose to the surface from deep within her momentarily when her eyes beheld the offering presented there. Bound and naked a pale, red haired young woman lay upon the altar. As the implications of what she beheld began to sink in Raven was filled with sudden excitement, feeling the irrepressible craving that had plagued her recently as she stared at the voluptuous blonde surge up unstoppably in her now eager trembling body.

Showing no signs of fear and making no attempt to struggle the girl lay calmly on the altar, her arms were symbolically bound by her sides to the perforated stone slab on which she lay with crimson cord. Her long shapely legs too were tied up, but they were held wide apart above her. Her slender ankles secured by long crimson cords that looped though bronze rings suspended from the caverns high roof. Her head hung over the lip of the altar top nearest to Raven, the girl's luxuriant long red wavy hair cascaded gloriously in waves around her beautiful upturned flushed face. Through wide inverted bright blue eyes the girl gazed adoringly at her and smiled in eager welcome. Realising she recognised the girl Raven almost smiled in response, she was Katrina, one of the estates numerous serving staff but Raven had never had to speak to her before.

Common sense told her that this was insane, she must be having the strangest of dreams but she wasn't. The inexperienced teenager was unable to fight the intensity and irrefutable power of the alien force that surged unstoppably through her. As some realisation of what she may be becoming dawned upon her Raven screamed as she struggled hopelessly with her confusion. Turning to her stepmother she gazed imploringly at her, in turn Lien directed her view back to the altar reverently. Doing as instructed but still unable to fathom out why, she found herself hungrily eyeing the delicate offering that she found invitingly laid out before her, to her bewilderment. The force within advanced, her perception shifted again and her mind slid away from its previous thought patterns even more. Her mind raced excitedly and Raven found her now ravenous eyes drinking in the offered delights shamelessly, as she pushed the puzzled confused young girl to the back of her mind. Her heart pounded as she was scanning the girl's voluptuous firm breasts with their swollen aroused rose pink teats. A peculiar mix of sexual arousal and peculiar hunger grew rapidly within Raven as her eager eyes roamed down the girl's firm belly to the thick fiery red hair nestled between her thighs. The throng fell silent as Raven responded instinctively when the bound girl's soft lilting Irish voice beckoned her to her through excited lips.

"Take me Goddess I am yours to do to as you wish."

Needing no further invitation to quell her misgivings Raven moved towards the bound girl, torturously the raging lust pounded through her as she drew closer to the altar to eventually stand before the bound girl's inverted eager face. Without thinking and with no trace of modesty Raven's hands reached up and tore her own night-dress from her trembling excited body. She was surprised at her own strength as the garment ripped asunder, her eyes locked eagerly upon the girl's heaving breasts. Raven became absorbed and totally unaware of anything else in the chamber than the offered girl and her own feverous excitement that was raging within. Feeling the girl's panting hot breath blowing over her thighs she reached out cautiously to cup the redhead's heavy firm breasts with both trembling hands. Hearing the low sigh of pleasure from the girl as she tentatively squeezed the firm flesh spurred Raven on further. Her strangely long nails nipped at the aroused rubbery flesh of the pink nipples making the girl cry out softly.

Caressing the girl gently Raven became aware of the delicious hungry kisses her victim was showering on her thighs and instinctively her hands fell down to caress the girl's slender neck. Her sex ached like never before, she had never experienced such an intensity of arousal. Slipping beneath the girl's neck her long fingers tangled in the Katrina's long and naturally red curly hair then suddenly they urgently gripped around her neck drawing the girl's head upward instinctively. Obeying some primal instinct Raven spread her legs and lifted the girl's head to force her face between them crushing the girl's eager mouth against her hairless aching sex.

Grinding herself wildly at first against the girl's face Raven calmed down a little as she felt the girl's enthusiastic response as she began licking, sucking and biting hungrily at her engorged labia. With tongue, lips and teeth the girl frantically attacked her and gorged herself voraciously on Raven's flowing excitement. Within what seemed but mere moments Raven's unbelievable arousal had overflowed and she was climaxing wildly throwing back her head she let loose a primal animal scream as she crashed headlong into orgasm. Her mind swam in waves of ecstasy as the powerful tremors tore through her. As the waves of pleasure slowly subsided the girl worked on relentlessly between Raven's sweaty quivering thighs.

Loosening her grip around her neck Raven gingerly prized herself away from the still sucking mouth and looked down on the now panting girl. The girl was still desperately trying to caress her and gently Raven stroked her upturned face. Her long fingernails traced lines in the sticky wetness of her own arousal on the hot skin of the girl's face. Big blinking blue eyes gazed up adoringly and excitedly at her as Raven began to move around the altar gently caressing the girl's hot and sweating pale skin as she did so.

Upon reaching the other end of the altar Raven's gaze fixed immediately on the girl's highly aroused sex. Stroking her fingers up and down the soft skin of the girl's long pale legs Raven examined the beckoning flesh that lay between. The large and swollen fleshy pink lips oozed with excitement as they nestled invitingly in their thick curly red bush. Tentatively at first Raven's fingers touched the hot wet flesh feeling the girl twitch and whimper with pleasure in wanton response to her caress.

Gently she began to stroke the soft swollen wet lips with her finger tips and the girl squirmed against her hand gasping excitedly as Raven's touch became bolder. The hot excited flesh seemed to suck at her long middle finger as it caressed the folded valley between the slippery inner labia. Raven responded by plunging two fingers deep into the girl's vagina, a thrill sped through her on hearing Katrina cry aloud with pleasure as they sank easily into the wetness right up to the knuckles. Then three fingers were inserted easily into the redhead's writhing body and Raven began to thrust them back and forth. Soon the girl was squealing frantically with excitement whilst thrashing eagerly against her bonds as Ravens fingers rhythmically pumped in and out of her. Totally entranced by Raven the girl was incredibly receptive to any form of pleasure administered by her tormentor.

Finding her newfound senses were gradually becoming attuned to the other girl's psyche Raven began to appreciate the astounding power to control she had been given. As she absorbed the masses of sexual energy given off by her victim her hold over the girl increased tenfold. She could sense her victim's slightest thoughts and feel the girl's heart excitedly pounding as she torturously manipulated her. The sensations flooded into her receptive brain astounded her, opening her mind recklessly intent on sampling the girl's excitement fully Raven gasped as it poured into her. Impetuously Raven enjoyed her first taste of the intoxicating sexual emotions that flowed from the girl without realising she was actually feeding on them.

From now on Raven would come to crave the emotive energy of her conquests as much if not more than food and unbeknown to her at this moment she would need to consume the emotions of her prey to fully flourish in her new found form. Her keen senses reeled overwhelmed as she greedily gorged on and savoured the exquisite sexual energy given off by her victim as she relentlessly teased the wailing girl to unbelievable levels of excitement. At first Raven drew the resulting excitement from the girl relentlessly draining her, each wave she drank in made her crave the next more.

The effect was fantastic exhilarating and wanting more and more Raven fell to her knees and hungrily sank her mouth over the engorged glistening lips of the girl's mound. Licking furiously at the girl's aroused labia she savoured the excited juices the girl released before instinctively plunging her tongue deep into her flowing orifice. Entwining her arms tightly around the writhing girl's thighs to maintain her position she once more plunged her tongue deeper and then deeper yet into the sucking flesh.

Raven could hear the uncontrolled cries of pleasure her inexperienced tongue was causing the girl to emit and it drove her on. Her tongue seemed to grow bigger, longer; it probed deeper and deeper into the girl. Licking probing and sucking on the writhing girl's pussy Raven toiled on until at last she felt the girl begin to convulse again and the shock wave of sexual emotion hit her full on. Screaming with pleasure, thrashing wildly in her bonds the girl burst into an unbelievably intense orgasm that overwhelmed Raven with its intensity. Writhing wildly against her face Katrina wailed and squealed with incredible ecstasy. The mad frenzied creature clamped between her thighs hungrily drank down the pumping excitement that she exuded and absorbed every scrap of emotion that she emitted.

Reeling drunkenly Raven rose from her knees lifting her flushed and glistening face from between the girl's thighs and stretched up. She closed her eyes enjoying the amazing effect the new power caused within her as her changing body soaked up the raw energy she had consumed. Looking down on the gasping exhausted girl she became aware of a new unknown hunger rising within her. Moving around the altar without conscious thought she bent close to the panting girls sweating face and the girl raised her head eager to kiss her goddess.

As their open lips met and their tongues entwined Raven became aware of the growing high frequency whistle that grew to a howl in her skull then an agonising pounding throb began to march down the length of her spine and on through her whole body. Her skin itched strangely, her nails hurt, and even her teeth began to ache more painfully than before as the change took full hold of her for the first time. She found herself kissing the girl more fervently as she reeled in agony. Soon enough the pain passed and she sensed a new unnatural eagerness blossom in the girl. Without thinking Raven drew the girl's bottom lip into her mouth.

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