tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Class Ch. 02

First Class Ch. 02


Laura looked at her cell phone and saw Sonya was calling. She swiped her finger across the screen to answer it. Sonya and Laura were lifetime friends. They went to high school together. They went to grade school together. Hell, they even went to kindergarten together. So anytime either one got any action, they always met up afterwards to share the story.

Today's location was the Starbucks on campus. Sonya liked it because it was close and she couldn't wait any longer to hear just how good I was. Laura was sitting with Shelby as Sonya walked in. She ordered and walked over to sit with them.

Laura was about to spill the beans when Sonya grabbed her arm. The professor that was just giving the lecture was at the table next to them. They decided to take their drinks to-go.

The campus was a beautiful one and there was plenty of outdoor seating. The three ladies choose a bench shaded by a giant tree in the middle of campus. Despite its location, there wasn't much foot traffic around the tree. They thought the place was perfect to discuss their escapade.

The first thing Laura did was dish out my number to Shelby and Sonya. They were both delighted and wanted to sext me right away. Laura stopped them though because she wanted to be the first. The other two then looked at each other and gave a knowing glance to Laura. They both knew that Laura wanted me for herself but was only sharing because she loves her friends. With both watching, Laura sent the first sext.


"How's it going, stud?"


"You got it babe."

'Did you have fun this morning?'


'LOL, maybe we can have that much fun every morning...'

"that depends"

'On what?'

"how well you can hang"

'I can be pretty solid for a while'

"I'm sure. When's your class over? I wanna fuck."

Shelby and Sonya looked at Laura. She had a ravished look on her face. They asked if they could join and the way Laura's face changed told them the answer. They both started laughing and told Laura they were only joking.

'I'll be out in five min. Where should we meet?'

"I was thinking the library"

'Ok, maybe they have some anatomy books I can check out'

"I'm sure I can help you find the right section"

"I'll be waiting outside the library for you, wet pussy and all"

'I'm coming as quickly as I can'

'that came out wrong'

'fuck, I'll be there in a min'

I was practically sprinting to the library. It was on the other side of the campus and I made it there quicker than shit. I saw Laura waiting for me and she formed a huge smile once she saw me.

We went inside holding hands and went straight to a private study room. There was a window on the door but Laura had it all planned out. She got out some tape and a poster and covered the window.

She turned away from the door and told me to undress her. I did as I was told. It was summer, so the string top came off easily, as did the bra underneath.

I took a break undressing her to pay attention to her tits. They were a wonderful pair of globes that had a beautiful bronze to them, telling me that she tans nude.

I brought my face down to them and caressed them in my hands. I started to tweak her nipples as I came up and kissed her. We broke the kiss and I went right back to her chest.

Still tweaking one nipple, I started sucking on the other. Then I switched and switched again, going back and forth. I could tell she was loving every second of this.

I finally pulled away from her tits and finished undressing her. She was wearing a pair of very skimpy, very silky panties and they were clearly wet. She told me to keep them so I shoved them in my pocket.

Doing so, I realized I was still dressed and a tent was erect. Laura gave me the ok and I stripped. As I did so, she started playing with her pussy, rubbing and fingering.

As soon as my clothes were off, I jumped on her and dove right into her pussy. My plan was to get my face as wet as possible and it was working. She was loving my ministrations, throwing her head back, trying to contain her scream of sexual pleasure. I kept at it until she told me to let up.

She wanted me inside her and I could tell. Without a word between us, I inserted my dick. She felt so good. Laura was kind of tight so I could tell it had been a while. Sh then looked at me and told mouthed the words "fuck me".

I did just that. Pumping my shaft in an out of her pussy, I was getting close. She was too. I stopped suddenly to compose myself and also to stand up. With her still on my dick, I lifted her up and put her against the wall. Laura wrapped her arms around my neck as I started fucking her again.

I went in for a kiss as this was happening and our tongues were battling. She was by far the sexiest woman I've ever fucked.

We were both very near to our orgasms once again so we broke the kiss. She told me she wanted to taste me again. I pumped faster and harder into her.

Finally she came like I've never seen anyone cum. Her eyes rolled back, arms went limp, and her mouth gave a silent scream. I set her down on the floor and pulled out. I could tell she was exhausted, but still wanted my cum.

I walked up to her face and she opened her mouth. I stuck my dick in and began fucking it. She didn't try to stop me; she didn't have any energy to anyways.

After a few slaps of my balls to her chin I was ready to cum. I released the biggest load of the day. Laura tried gulping it all down but couldn't. She let some escape her mouth and drip from her lips.

I sat next to her exhausted as well. She leaned on me, resting her head on my shoulder. I asked if she wanted to get lunch and she said were we should go.

So there we were, naked, in the library, covered in sex sweat, getting ready to go to lunch. We were a couple. A couple of horndogs. Her being my cumslut and me being her trusty stead.

To be continued...

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