tagGroup SexFirst Couple Ch. 02

First Couple Ch. 02


To find out how Sarah first experiences group sex, read First Couple – this is her continuing adventure into all her secret desires.

Two weeks ago, Sarah had participated in her first group sex experience with a couple her friend Jenny had set her up with. Just before that she had discovered her friend was a part of the world of swinging, and although at first she was shocked, her interest was also peaked. When Jenny first brought up the idea of her giving it a try, she had been hesitant. She wasn't a prude, but she hadn't had any really wild sexual experiences. Maybe that is why she had gone through with it. In the end, she was very glad she had. That couple had given her pleasure like she couldn't have ever have imagined. One of the best parts was having sex with a woman for the first time. She had the best oral sex of her life that night! Now she was ready for more, and her friend Jenny was on her way over to pick her up, where they would head to the big house in the country where all the activities took place.

Sarah took a little more care prepping for tonight, and had on some frilly pink lingerie under her sleeveless blouse and shorts. She had carefully shaved, including all of her pussy hair for the first time. When she was in the shower, she had just decided to try it. Looking in the mirror, she took her hand and pushed it down the inside of her shorts, pushing the panty fabric aside, feeling the smooth hairless skin. She closed her eyes, feeling along the slit that was already wet in anticipation. God, her pussy felt amazing, and she didn't know why she hadn't shaved it before.

She quickly pulled her hand out, startled, when she heard a knock on the front door. She licked the juice off her fingers, and opened the door.

"Hey," said Jenny, standing there looking beautiful in a light sleeveless sundress. Jenny was a couple of inches taller than her, with short strawberry blond hair, green eyes, and a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her nose that someone managed to look sexy. Jenny was one of her closest friends, but she could admit to herself, that she was occasionally jealous, comparing her own plain brown eyes and medium –length brown hair. Although after her last experience at the house, Sarah felt pretty good about her body. The couple she had been with obviously were turned on by her.

"Are you ready to try this again," Jenny said, moving inside to shut the door behind her.

"Oh yeah," Sarah replied with a smile. "I've been looking forward to this since you called. Am I seeing the same couple? They were incredible."

"Well," said Jenny tentatively, "yes, but-"

"But what?"

"They wanted to see you again, but they also want me to join in this time."

Sarah looked a little confused.

"Specifically," Jenny added, "they want to watch us together before they join in."

Sarah suddenly felt butterflies in her stomach. Being with a strange woman was one thing, but could she do that with a friend?" Jenny could sense her hesitation.

"No big deal," she said, obviously worried Sarah was going to back out. "You were already with a woman, and you liked it, right?"

"Yeah," Sarah said emphatically, causing Jenny to smile.

"Well, I happen to like it too," Jenny said, stepping closer to Sarah, running her fingertips up her bare arm, causing goose bumps. "And I have to admit, I'm curious what you'll taste like." Jenny's voice was deep and husky.

Sarah felt her cheeks warm up as she blushed, and her breath quickened. She leaned forward without letting herself think, to place a gentle kiss on Jenny's lips, but Jenny had something more in mind. She pulled Sarah to her, deepening their kiss, and when she felt Sarah's lips relax, she slipped her tongue into her mouth.

Sarah couldn't believe she was standing there French-kissing her friend, but her body was responding, nipples hardening to points, and her panties growing wet from her pussy juices starting to leak out. Then Jenny pulled back, eyelids half-closed with desire.

"Wow, we better cool off a bit and save the show for Brian and Melissa."

"Is that their names," Sarah asked, licking her lips still tasting Jenny's mouth on her. "I guess we never got around to exchanging names last time. That was okay. It added to the excitement to be complete strangers."

"Yes, and we better get going right now, or I will have to drag you into the bedroom and start kissing you again, and I think there would be a couple of very disappointed people waiting for us."

"That is tempting," Sarah smirked, "but let's go." Her body was already revved up with excitement.

When they got to the house about 30 minutes later, they headed right up to the front door and inside. Sarah remembered the long hallway leading to the living room, and smiled when Jenny took her warm hand in her own. When they entered the room, she saw the couple she had been with sitting in just about the same spot on a couch. They stood up when they saw the women enter. Sarah and Jenny walked over to them, still holding hands.

"Good to see you," Brian said, leaning forward to kiss Sarah, and then Jenny, on the cheek.

"So," said Melissa, "are you okay with our plans for tonight?" He question was aimed at Sarah.

Sarah looked over at her friend, and then back to her. "Yes, I can't wait to get started." The more hesitant, unsure woman of two weeks ago was gone. Something inside her had changed that night, with her first experience of truly letting go, and now she wasn't afraid of her desires.

"Well then," said Brian, let's not waste any time. He took his wife's hand, and headed out of the room and up the stairs, Jenny and Sarah following. They ended up in the same bedroom as last time. Brian and Melissa sat down on the two chairs by the draped windows.

"Jenny, you know what we want," Brian said. "Why don't you get things started?"

"My pleasure," said responded, smiling. She moved Sarah so she was facing the couple, and stepped behind her. She reached around her friend and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it off and dropping it to the floor. She reached back around Sarah, and cupped her breasts over the lacy bra.

Sarah couldn't help closing her eyes and leaning back, enjoying the sensation. Jenny's fingers circled her nipples, and the hard points showed clearly through the flimsy material. She opened her eyes when Jenny pushed her forward enough so she could unhook her bra, and saw Melissa and Brian sitting up and watching attentively. As soon as the bra dropped to the floor, Jenny's hands returned to her breasts, softly caressing the mounds, fingertips gently pinching and circling the nipples to long hard points.

Just when she thought she couldn't take any more attention to the sensitive nubs, Jenny's hands moved to the front of her shorts, unzipping them, and pushing them down. Sarah kicked them off to the side. She felt so exposed, standing there in only her lace panties, the couple just sitting there looking at her, but it was even more exciting. She felt one of Jenny's hands rub slowly over the crotch of her panties, and Sarah almost moaned in response.

"I think she likes this," Jenny said, her voice low with desire. "Her panties are soaking wet."

Brian leaned forward. "Then take them off. I remember how juicy she gets, and I want to see it."

Jenny moved around to stand in front of Sarah, and then she kneeled on the carpeted floor. She reached up and pulled the panties down. Sarah lifted one foot and then the other, to get them off. They joined the rest of her clothes in a clump on the floor. Jenny took both of her hands, and spread Sarah's pussy lips, so the couple could see the glistening went skin.

Melissa licked her lips. "I like that you shaved everything, I can see every inch of your pussy, and I can't wait to taste you. Jenny, lick her."

Jenny moved her face to the front of Sarah's pussy, and leaned in to lick her friend from the bottom up, taking her clit in her mouth to suck gently. This time Sarah couldn't hold back a whimper, and her legs suddenly felt weak and shaky, as Jenny continued to suck and lick her pussy.

Jenny pulled away, face wet with Sarah's juices. "I'm not sure she can take anymore, so we better move to the bed."

"Yeah," said Melissa breathlessly. "But first take off your clothes so you can lick each other.

Jenny grinned as she stood and quickly shed her own sundress. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. Sarah looked at her friend's naked body. Her breasts were bigger than hers, with large quarter-sized dark nipples. She had her pussy mostly shaved, with a small landing strip of hair, and she could see Jenny's clit was already slightly swollen and sticking out. Jenny walked over to the bed and lay down in the middle of the bed, and wiggled her finger at Sarah to join her. Sarah moved to the bed, and lay down next to her, leaning over to kiss her. Jenny's mouth opened to her, and their tongues met. Sarah could taste her own pussy juices on Jenny's lips.

"That's nice," said Brian, who along with Melissa had moved next to the bed. "But now kiss her other lips."

Sarah looked up and saw the couple had undressed and moved closer. Brian was standing behind his wife, hands on her shoulders, looking expectedly at the women on the bed.

"Well," said Jenny with a smile, "let's give them a good show." She turned around on the bed so they were in the 69 position. She didn't waste any time, but dove right in to start licking Sarah's juicy pussy again.

Sarah just lay there for a moment, lost in the sensation of Jenny's tongue lapping at her cunt like a kitten lapping at a bowl of milk. Then she moved her head forward to place a soft kiss on Jenny's slick pussy, before licking the inside of her pussy lips. That swollen clit was too much to resist, and as she clamped down on that tender bud, she felt Jenny jerk. She put her hand to Jenny's pussy, and slipped two fingers inside while she pushed her face against her to suck on her clit harder.

Jenny ground herself desperately against Sarah's face needing more, and then Sarah felt Jenny's juices squirt out on her face as she came. Throughout everything, Jenny hadn't stopped licking Sarah, and Jenny's wet climax put Sarah over the edge.

"Oh my god! Yes! Yes!" Sarah was crying out as she came on Jenny's face.

The two women lay there, covered in each other's fluids, recovering for a few moments, but they weren't going to get a chance to rest. Brian pulled Sarah up to her knees on the bed, and immediately sunk his rigid cock deeply inside her, grabbing her hips, and fucking her hard and fast. Sarah moaned as her already sensitive pussy was pounded mercilessly.

At the same time, Melissa took Sarah's spot at Jenny's cunt, and starting eating her out, while pushing Jenny's head to her own pussy. Jenny's face, already wet from the juices from her friend's orgasmic pussy, leaned right in to start working on Melissa.

Sarah was moaning while Brian grunted, one leg on the floor and one bent leg on the bed, pulling Sarah tighter against him, someone going even deeper. Sarah felt a second, even more powerful climax take over. As Brian continued to jack-hammer Sarah, her moan rose to a scream, and her pussy seized in ecstasy. Her tightening pussy added further pressure on his cock and he felt himself begin to unload inside her. He kept thrusting until every drop was wrung out of him by her convulsing pussy.

Jenny and Melissa, listening to the other two climax, pushed their faces into each other's pussies, licking and sucking, until they both came at the same time, juices covering their faces. They collapsed back on the bed.

Brian stood there, his softening cock still buried to the hilt inside Sarah, looking over at his wife and Jenny. "That was even better than I imagined. Don't you agree honey?"

"Absolutely," Melissa said, reaching out to caress the pussy in front of her face. "Do you both feel good?"

Sarah, still on her knees, said "I feel amazing. I hope you'll want to do it again sometime."

Brian chuckled, pulling out, a combination of their juices spilling down her thighs. "You can count on it. But I have a feeling you two might be enjoying yourselves before we see you again."

Jenny turned to her other side, looking up at Sarah. She reached up to stroke her cheek. "I think that's a fact."

Sarah looked down at her friend, smiling lovingly. "Yeah, I think we may have started something."

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