tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFirst Encounter at House "OrOb"

First Encounter at House "OrOb"


The following is a fictional story featuring a celebrity having consensual sex with a fictional man. Any similarities to reality are strictly coincidental.

I am not a native speaker and I had English only in School so please be gentle.

Instead I would be more than happy to have critical feedback where I can improve, whether if it's Language, Grammar or Story.

Have fun!


Dave Lerlant- Protagonist

Clara- a friend of Dave

Patricia- The owner of House "OrOb"

Mr. Klich- Dave's therapist

Simon- Dave's friend

Ivy- Dave's first love


As the first ray of sunshine hit my face I slowly began to wake up. It was a beautiful morning full of birds singing and the lovely smell of new baked breads. All dizzy I decided to lay down a little longer just to get a feel of this amazing atmosphere that would slowly build up around me.

"Well it has its benefits living right beneath a bake factory", I thought as I begun to feel hungry.

My room wasn't what you would call a presidential suite but as a Student living in Germany and with a low income there aren't much possibilities to choose where you live. With just two Rooms being a Living Room/Kitchen/Bedroom and a bathroom there isn't much Space to fit much personal Stuff in. Nevertheless, I was happy with my little apartment and for the next Semester I knew that things would change drastically.

Being a 20-year-old Student of teaching in History and English I had to do a Semester abroad. For that I know I wanted so bad to make the semester abroad in the U.S. because it promised to be the most exciting country to do so. I would transfer to New York City where our University had a partner University and I already contacted the Student I would exchange.

But before that I wanted to see, I wanted to live America. So, I decided to book a flight to California to begin with. Who wouldn't want to visit Hollywood right? Lasting for hours I searched for attractions I could visit and as I was expected to be there in June, also where I could celebrate my birthday. Originally Simon, my best friend, wanted to get along but unfortunately, he had to stay home because of family reasons. Still, I didn't want to cancel my trip which is why at the 1st of June I sat in the airplane off to California, Los Angeles.

The first two days I was so exhausted because of the Jet lag but I couldn't bring myself to lay in my Hotel room and relax because I knew that my time was limited here. At first I wanted to join a "Tourist Group" where you constantly walk with a group of 50 different people from 20 different nations and work off the traditional attractions but as my friend Simon had told me:" Look for a local and ask him to show you the special places in L.A.! Trust me when I say that this is way better than walking with a boring Tourist group and maybe you're meeting some nice girl that will finally hook up with you."

As I remembered his words I smiled. Simon was a typical optimist that would constantly try to couple me with other girls although I somehow seem to be the Type that always screws up in the last phase of a date.

"Being shy doesn't really help you getting girls" I thought as I was searching for a person that looks like a local.

I hoped that in a bar I could find that person but everyone there was just lost deeply in conversation or didn't want to be speak to as I could see in their behavior towards other people. As I looked around a little flyer caught my Eye.

"You're new here in L.A. and want to know the local specialties? Then come to House "OrOb" where you will get an Experience lasting a life-time!"

"An Experience lasting a life-time? What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I thought as I read through the flyer. "Well, I'll guess I give it a try. Can't be much worse than looking here in this bar." I said and looked around. There was a telephone number written down and I called it to find out where this "House OrOb" was located because it wasn't written on the flyer. After I got the Addressee I got a Taxi and let me drive to the place.

As I entered the House, a Secretary came to me.

"Hello Mr. Lerlant, please be welcomed at "House OrOb". I got your call and you said that you wanted to meet new people who will show you the city's specialties right?" The secretary said with a warm smile.

"Yeah I just came here but I was unable to find a good leader I guess."

"Well that is why we are here for, are you looking for anything special that your "Leader" should have in common with you?"

"Well it would be nice if she or he would be nearly the same age as me I think."

"Alright. Then let me just have a quick look." She said and pulled off her Ipad. Scrolling down she then said: "How about Victoria? She is 24 and knows a lot and every customer that was with her was fully satisfied."

"Customer?" I asked, confused about her choice of words.

"Yes. How about I introduce you to her? Maybe you know then what I was trying to say" She proposed and laughed about my confused look. "Don't worry, she is not gonna bite you."

I followed here up the stairs, not knowing exactly what was expecting me. Before a huge door she stopped and turned around:" So, here we are. Get to know each other and tell me afterwards if you were pleased."

Unsure what to say I entered the room and closed the door behind me. The room was big and in the middle of it there was a huge bed that nearly covered all the space in there. In the left corner there was a Billiard-Board and right behind that was a mini-bar, filled with all sorts of alcohol. On the right side of the room there was glass door leading to what looked like bathroom that had a bathtub, a shower and even a sauna.

"Well hello there, you must be Dave Lerlant." A woman said.

The woman sat on a couch that was placed right beside the front door. She had long black hair, red lips, brown eyes and her cheekbones were strong pronounced. As she stood up I was unable to say anything because she was the most beautiful woman I have ever encountered in my entire life. Her figure was perfect, being maybe 1.66m she was short but not that much little than me. She wore a great black dress that went down to her knees and with a pair of high heels she could look right into my eyes.

"H..Hey.." I stuttered, unable to pronounce a normal English sentence.

My brain was empty, and I seemed to look like an idiot because she began to laugh. I felt embarrassed and wanted to leave.

"No need to be uncomfortable, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" She asked with a broad open smile.

"No, no, no I'm sorry, I was just stunned by your beauty" I somehow got out of my mouth.

"Well thank you Dave, you yourself look really good. How about we sit down?" She pointed at the Couch and sat down.

As in trance I followed her and made myself comfortable in this huge room.

"You must be quite irritated, what exactly where you are looking for when you came here?" Victoria asked.

"I wanted to have some local that could show me the specialties' in this city. And after I found that flyer I came here, expecting a group of people meeting each other talking about Locations to visit. But instead I feel like I entered a..mysterious club or something. What is this here? What is this "House OrOb"?

"So, you really don't know?" she asked and began to laugh once again.

"No, I don't. I want to know what's going on and I'm so confused and I...wait a minute. Do I know you?" After sorting my thoughts, I took a closer look at her. Somehow, she looked familiar and realization hit me like a truck. "Are you Victoria Justice?!"

"And what if I am?" she asked and smiled at me teasingly.

"I'm such a fan, you were like my first childhood crush and besides, that would me just confuse even more." My thoughts were going crazy sitting next to the celebrity TV-Star and hours of wanking off to her let me blush.

"Oh, that is so sweet of you." She said and smiled. "Let me explain to you. "House OrOb" is short form for "Oral Obsessed" and in this house, we please men and woman orally. You can live out your deepest fantasies that you have ever imagined. To be clear, you won't fuck any vagina or ass here. This is just about fucking our mouths in any possible way. Just the way you like it. And if there is still anything unclear Dave, let me show you this."

With that being said she stood up and started to undress. She slowly took off her dress in one swift. Just covered with her high heels she walked towards me and the sight of this beauty naked gave me a boner right away. She came to me and kissed me on the lips and her soft and warming lips made me feel like I'm in heaven.

"Just imagine those lips wrapped around your cock Dave." she said as she grabbed my dick through my pants and began to slowly stroke it.

After we made out quite a time she backed off and looked at me.

"What?" I asked, confused by her sudden change.

"Don't you want to take those pants of?"

"Of course!" In no time I managed to rip of my clothes and my dick was rock-hard, standing like the Eifel-Tower in front of her.

She kneeled down and crawled towards me giving me a naughty smile. Once again, she started to stroke my dick and began to tease me by pretending to take my dick into her mouth. She smiled and started to kiss the tip which drove me crazy.

"I don't think I can hold out any longer Victoria!" I told her, and I felt how the tension in my body was starting to rise, which could only end enormous eruption. But as she then backed off a second time I was so disappointed, that it nearly physical hurt.

"Why did you back off?" I asked out of breath.

"When you are about to cum, we better make sure do it right in my mouth don't you think?" she said and gave me a wink.

After I calmed down a bit, she sat on my lap and kissed me the way she did at the beginning, slow and soft. My dick grew instantly hard again and this time as she positioned herself kneeling before me she said: "Close your eyes and let me pleasure you Dave."

She slowly then started kissing my shaft and stroked it gently. She licked it and spit on my dick. Then finally she took my dick into her mouth and to call it heaven would be an understatement. The warmth of her mouth, combined with her softness of her lips really made it an unforgettable event. With every up and down she started to take more of my cock in her mouth until I reached her throat barrier.

To that time, she had mostly half of my dick fit in her mouth. She stayed there and looked at me and gave me a wink. Slowly she came up to get some air and continued stroking my cock that was now fully covered with her saliva.

"Would you like me to get a little bit deeper Dave?" She asked and unable to say anything I just nodded.

Again, she spit on my dick and took a deep breath in, before she worked her way down where she reached her throat barrier. Placing both of her hands on my thighs she pushed herself down until she got past through it and with one swift my whole dick was now in her throat. Her nose pressed against my pubic hair und her lips at the very end of my cock let me moan in ecstasy. Unable to hold out any longer I grabbed her head and hold it there in position as I shot my cum right down her throat. Wave after wave I send down that celebrity's mouth and she struggled with it as she tried to push me away from her. But I hold her still until every drop was placed in her stomach. After that I let her go and she gasped for air, tears running down her face, destroying her beautiful make up.

"Tha..That was amazing!" I said. Now it was her turn just to nod.

To be Continued.

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