tagBDSMFirst Meeting: Bound

First Meeting: Bound


The air stirred around me as I lay naked on the bed. I felt the soft cotton of the sheets against my naked body, my nipples were tight from both arousal and the chill in the air. I felt the racing of my heart, heard the pumping of my blood in my ears.

The blindfold was tight against my face, my eyes closed beneath it. I shivered and felt the little tingles as goose bumps rose across my flesh. You were close, so close.

There was a breath, the puff of warm, moist air across my nipple and I bit my tongue not to cry out.

"Do you trust me my pet?"

The words were spoken softly against the tight flesh of my breast.

I swallowed, my mind racing, my legs shifting on the bed as moisture leaked between them. I could smell my own arousal and blushed.

"Yes Master." I knew I sounded timid, knew you wouldn't allow that and held my body tight waiting for the punishment. None came and I opened my eyes beneath the blindfold.

The darkness made my heart beat pound faster. I had said the wrong thing, hadn't given the right response. My fear was too real and you knew. I had failed and I wanted to cry with the shame.

"Please. I'm sorry Master. Please."

"Why are you sorry My Pet?" You emphasized the last two words, letting me know you still considered me yours, soothing my fear.

"I...I...I'm afraid Master."

"Why pet?"

I swallowed past the dryness of my throat, my tongue moistening my lips as I thought how to put into words what I am feeling. This was the first time Master had tied me up. The first test of our new relationship and I was scared. Scared of failing, of trusting, of appearing weak and in the smallest part of my mind, the place where my mother still spoke to me, I was afraid of allowing a man to have that much control over me.

She was reading headlines to me about victims who went willingly with their captors. And a strange, forbidden part of my mind liked that fear, liked the uncertainty.

I was afraid of how you would view a woman who allowed a man such control over her body. Was I that girl? The one men only used and never loved? The needy woman who let a man do whatever he wanted to her just to feel like she had worth? God, I couldn't shut my mind off and a tear ran hot down my cheek. I didn't want you to think of me that way. I wanted you to be proud of my trust in you, in myself, in US.

"I am afraid of how you will see me Master?" I finally articulated.

I flinched as your hand cupped my cheek, but turned instantly into the touch. I kept my hands above my head as you had instructed, fighting the need to reach for you.

"And how will I see you My pet? As the woman who gave herself completely to me? A strong, capable woman who knows that her body and mind need a strong man to control her, to guide her, to cherish the gift she gives him?"

I swallowed and tried again to express my fear. "As a slut Master."

I could feel you shaking your head, knew had I been able to see you would be looking down at me with such compassion and a touch of anger. "You are a slut MY Pet. You are MY Slutty little Pet."

The strike to my breast had me gasping. The flash of pain waking my senses even more.

"Now, MY Pet, are you ready?"

"YES." The word was stronger, more confident. I was yours, I trusted and though there was a little fear, it was only the kind that added to the excitement of where you were guiding me.

The nylon rope slipped around my wrists, overlapping three times as you tied the two together and then stretched them over my head and connected me to the head board. I tugged just a little bit and felt the lack of give in the ropes.

The lap of your tongue caused me to jump as you kissed and licked the inside of my left ankle. I felt the ropes wrap around my ankle as you pulled it wide and attached it to the bedpost. When you gripped the right ankle I bit my tongue and tensed. Your thumb stroked the inside of my ankle, soothing the sensitive skin until you felt me relax. You didn't speak, only waited for my trust to let my body accept your instructions. My leg loosened and you moved it wide, attaching it to the right bedpost.

I was wide open, my body stretched on the top of the sheet and open for your use and viewing. Your fingers trailed up the outside of my right leg, over my hip and to my breast. You cupped the weight, lifting it and running your thumb over the hard nipple.

"My pet is cold....hmmm." Your mouth surrounded the hard peak with heat as you drew me deep into your mouth suckling strongly. "We can't have that." You released the nipple with a pop and I felt your weight leave the bed. My ears strained to hear what was happening as I focus on your footsteps.

I feel the rush of warm air as the vent above the bed pushed out hot air against my chilled flesh and I smile.

"Thank you Master."

I don't hear your footsteps approaching the bed as I strain to hear what is happening. I turn my head in the direction I think you have gone and listen harder. The sound of a zipper opening fills the silence and I shiver, remembering the crop you had used on me earlier. What else have you brought with you?

The wetness between my legs is chilled by the flow of air against it. I try to close my thighs and can't. I whimper.


Still you don't speak and my senses spike, heightening to try and figure out what you are doing. My nipples are tight peaks, the right, still wet from your mouth feels the brush of the air against it.

The footsteps move closer to the bed and I feel your hand on my stomach, soothing me.

"Shhhh....pet. You are safe."

The low sound of your voice is all that I need to relax again, to feel safe again. Your hand is hot where it circles on my stomach, your fingers large and strong, the palm dry against my skin. That dryness soothes me even more. It is a symbol of your faith in yourself and in me.

You remove your hand from my body and I wait, holding my breath to see what is next. Behind the blindfold my eyes are closed tight as I focus all my other senses.

A finger dips between my legs, sliding through the wetness, down to my tight anus and back up to my clit. You leave the finger there, pushing against me. I want to slam my legs closed on your hand, want to grind against that finger but the bindings won't allow it. I whimper and you chuckle.

Oh...god. This is the sadist in you again testing me.

Your hand moves away and I feel the hard, rapid slaps of fingers against my inner thighs. I hear the sounds of flesh on flesh and feel the burn of my skin as it heats and reddens for you.

"Mmmm...very good my pet."

I whimper and tense. Fighting the bonds but you don't let up. Instead you alternate, every third strike hits my open pussy directly. I can't think of anything else. The fears have left me and my total focus is on you.

"Master....Master." I pant the title out, straining against the bonds.

"Yes my Pet?" There is a lilt to your voice, as savage glee in the words as you strike me harder, changing the rhythm to something truly random. I twist my head back and forth on the bed, my hips pushing into the mattress as I try to avoid the strikes of your hand.

"Please...please...I can't take any more, it hurts."

The chuckle rakes across my body as I feel the bed shift, feel the heat of you over my body.

"Yes you can Pet. Do you know why?"

I can barely think. Spread wide for your torment. My pussy and thighs are stinging as continue the torment. I gasp, moan, and jerk to make it stop. As I feel your breath get closer to my nipple I wince, not sure what to expect. I have never felt such pain for such a steady amount of time. Suddenly a finger slides deep into my wet pussy at the exact moment your lips close over my nipple, biting down hard. I scream and convulse in an orgasm. The pleasure pain tightens every muscle in my body and I arch up against you.

Your finger pumps inside me, and I feel you add a second as you slowly work my pussy.

"Did I give you permission to cum my pet?"

I shake my head NO and sob out loud. I know I messed up. You had instructed me before I came to you about what parts of my life you would control. Cumming without permission was never allowed. I wasn't sure I could handle any more pain and I knew it was coming.

Your teeth clamped down on my left nipple and you shook your head, worrying the peak and sending streaks of pain through my body down to my pussy as it clasped tight to your fingers.

You withdrew them from my quivering sex and I heard the sounds of your lips closing over them. I imagined you licking my taste from your fingers. The reprieve from the pain was welcome, but I knew it was short lived as I waited. Every muscle, every sense was focused totally and completely on you.

"Such a good slut you are."

I blushed with pleasure at the words. I craved pleasing you like I had never known I could crave something.

"Do you trust your Master now slut?"

"Yes...Yes... I trust you Master." I marveled at how strong my voice sounded, despite the breathy quality as my body recovered its composure. I felt you shift, felt you move up the bed and then, the weight of your body rested against mine. The hard, heavy weight of your thick cock nestled against my stinging thighs. The scratch of the hairs on your legs tormented the burning flesh and I wanted to flinch away from the contact. I arched my back, pushing my lower body deeper into the mattress.

Your hand struck across my cheek. A slap, stinging the flesh and I gasped loudly.

"Stay still slut."

I froze. Holding my breath against the pain of your body touching my sensitive flesh. You lifted your hips away and I had only a moment to feel the relief before your cock head slipped between the wet folds of my sex and pushed deep in one hard fast movement. Like last night, there was a burning pain at the entry and I whimpered, my hands pulling at the bonds.

You rested your weight against me and waited till I stilled.

I took in great gulps of air, unsure what was coming next. My body clasping and releasing against your cock as it filled me. I waited, but you seemed to be giving me time to adjust to the width and length of you buried inside me.

"I am going to fuck my slut this time. Do you understand my pet?"

I nodded, not sure but knowing I was willing.

"Yes...good girl. You may cum as many times as you can my slutty pet."

I nodded in relief. My body still too new to be disciplined enough to hold back with you inside me. The new level of pain may prevent my cumming but I had my doubts.

I felt your hands move beside me, felt you lift up between my legs, the pull of your cock leaving my tight sex as you rose above me. I moaned at the loss of the fullness.

You slammed your hips back down, slapping your sex hard against mine and driving your cock deep inside. It hurt, it hurt deep inside where the hard head pummeled against me. The time you had given my body to adjust to you allowed you to move faster, harder within me. Each thrust was like a slap and a penetration at the same time. I didn't know if it was pain or pleasure, didn't care as you took me harder, faster. I heard you grunting, moaning above me. Felt the sweat as you worked yourself into my body. Knew you were watching my face, could see the winces with the deepest penetrations. I knew that excited you and took all you offered. Your fingers closed around my nipples and you squeezed, and I clamped down on your cock causing us both to groan.

"Next time I have my cock buried in this tight pussy I am going to have such pretty clamps on these nipples my slut."

I clamped harder, knew I gushed around your cock as an orgasm flashed through my body. I arched as the added liquid allowed you to move above me even faster.

You sat back and really went to work between my spread legs. Your cock shuttled in and out of my pussy, your hips slapping the stinging flesh and your fingers dug deep into, my thighs.

"Fuck toy... that's what you are right now. My little fuck toy. Tell me what you are....tell me." You slapped my stomach with your hand and I whimpered.

"I'm your fuck toy Master...your slutty cock whore." I moaned and took what you offered. There was no end to the pleasure pain you were giving my body. When I adjusted to one sensation you added another. Slapping my breasts, my stomach, reaching down and slapping my legs, anywhere you could reach as you kept that big fat cock inside my body. Bruising me with the relentless pounding as you used my splayed body for your pleasure.

When your thumb landed on my exposed clit I lost my mind. My body bucked and writhed, pulling at the bindings as I came in a violent orgasm that clamped every muscle of my body tight. You moaned and cried out then I felt the hot jets of your climax spilling into me. You stroked hard and deep two more times before you lay against me. Your hands stroking and soothing as you left me bound and pulled from my body. I felt you leave the bed and whimpered, wanting you close, holding me as I came down from such an extreme high. You returned shortly, and I felt a cool, soothing cloth against my sex. My hips bucked in protest and you soothed me with a touch on my stomach.

"Shhh....let Master take care of his pet."

I stilled and allowed you to run the rough fabric over my frayed and sensitive flesh. I wanted to weep with the feelings, the pain and rawness hurting as you wiped away the evidence of our coupling.

I felt you shift again. Expected the bonds to come undone and you to release me, but you didn't. You soothed your hand against my face and brushed back the hair. You kissed along my neck and shhsshed me.

"Calm down baby. Just breathe in and out. Master is going to leave you tied up, and you are going to trust me to take care of you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master." I swallowed my breathing still not normal. I felt a cloth against my face, wiping away the tears and sweat.

"You did good my pet for your first time being bound."

I blushed and turned my head towards you. You cupped my face and kissed me gently on the forehead.

"Thank You Master." I sighed in contentment, snuggling into your hand and feeling such utter contentment as I had never known. I belonged. Finally.

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