tagBDSMFirst Night

First Night


We have had a most enjoyable dinner. Good wine, good food, good company and some fun flirting. This has been a sucessful first date. As we walk to the car, you stop and pull me to you, kissing me hard, passionately, thrusting your tongue between my lips, rubbing it hard against mine, pressing your lips hard to my mouth, a demanding, insistant kiss. I suck at your tongue, loving the feel of you in my mouth. Just as quickly, you let me go and break the kiss; I feel weak in the knees, lusty, needy. You grin at me as you take my hand and we walk on to the car.

Holding the door for me I sit down, my dress rides up my legs and I 'accidently on purpose' flash you with a glimpse of my panty covered pussy. I see you smile as you close the door. You ask if I would like to go to your home for a night cap. I quickly agree, wanting to get to know you better.

The drive to your house is short and fast. As we enter the house I see "toys" used for sex play laid out beside the table. I do not have time to contemplate this as you grab me and rip my dress open, pushing it off my shouders and part way down my arms. Roughly you push my bra up, freeing my breasts to your sight, your rough touch. Leaning in and biting first one breast and then the other...sharp little nips, pulling and tugging at my sensitive flesh. Before I know it, you have my wrists cuffed behind my back and you are pushing me to the table.

When the backs of my legs hit the table, you push me down onto my back.

"Open your legs, slut."

I just look at you, I am in shock and not believing this is happening to me.

"I said for you to open your legs.....if you don't, I will do it for you and you will be very sorry indeed."

I quickly decide you mean business and hesitantly part my thighs.

"Lift your heels, put them on the table edge and let your legs fall open....you know, like at the Dr's office. You open your legs eagerly for him I bet, don't you, slut? ANSWER ME!"

"No! I do not." I was not expecting this, I am frightened.....what will you do to me, what will you expect from me? I have never been treated this way! I am very uncomfortable......my arms behind my back, my breasts and sex open to your view, your touch.

You look between my legs. "Slut, you have sheer panties on. You wanted me to see your pussy didn't you? You might as well have not worn any for all the good those are doing. I can see your slit, your lips bulging out both sides. Yes, you are quite a slut aren't you?"

When I do not answer you slap my breasts....twice for each....hard. They erupt in fire! God it hurts!! I yell out.

"I have your attention now?? Good. These are the rules! Better learn them now! I am to be addressed as Sir or Master at all times, you are to answer Me when I ask you a direct question, otherwise I expect silence. I will play with you as it pleases Me, you are for My pleasure....I will take it from you if you do not offer it. You will do as I say when I say. Pretty simple, huh?"

I look at you with fear, not believing I am in this situation. I am a smart, strong woman, an executive in charge of people...how could I be laying on my back, my body on lewd display, in a man's living room being treated like a....a common slut??

You slap my breasts again, they bounce and ache from the blows. "A slow learner, huh slut? Going to answer me?" You ask as You grab a nipple and pull, my shoulders struggling to lift from the table.......my breast being relentlessly pulled by the nipple until it is in a triangle shape.

I am screaming "YES YES YES!!!" Finally, through the fog of pain, I remember to add "Sir"!! "YES SIR"!!!!

Thankfully, You let go and my breast falls back into place. Oh god it hurts! I wish so much to rub my breasts, but that is not possible. You grab the waistband of my panties and pull them up hard and tight. The crotch disappears between my big puffy lips. Your fingertip traces up and down the smooth hairless lips.

Leaning down close to my sex, You take a deep sniff. "Slut, your pussy is wet.....I can see it and smell it and feel it."

I am horrified to realize you are right, my own body has betrayed me, reacting to your treatment by juicing up, my clit swollen and throbbing. You leave me laying there and I hear you in the kitchen. I want nothing more than to close my legs, somehow cover my tits, but I fear You far too much to do that. In a moment I feel Your eyes on me, You are leaning against the wall, having a drink while looking at me, watching me, smiling at me.

"Slut, you have 2 minutes to get your panties off......not using your hands of course. Your time starts now."

I can not believe this! I lay there for a moment, my mind screaming "WHAT??" Finally, I move, realizing I have wasted precious seconds. I sit up which is a struggle without any real use of my arms or hands. I look around the room, desperate to find something to snag my panties on. I stand and rub my ass on the table, the edge is rough, scratching my cheeks.You have pulled my panties so far and snug into my crack and slit!!! I am almost in tears as I rub harder, my tits bouncing, your eyes on me. I turn around and rub my front on the table.......it hurts and sratches....finally, my panties snag and I feel them move down!! I slow my efforts, careful now, don't lose it! The waistband is down, but the crotch! It is so tight inside my lips!

"15 seconds, Slut"

I jerk and lose the snag. Sitting down on the floor hard and pushing myself against the carpet, feeling it burn my cheeks I try to get the panties out of my slit. I flip over and slither over the carpet. Ahhh! There they come!

"Times up!"

I cry out! I was so close!! You step beside me and tell me to roll over and sit up. You grab my arm and help me to stand. Grabbing my panties, You jerk them down and tell me step out of them.

"You put on an amusing little show, slut....but you didn't do as I said. You will be punished for this."

I moan at this announcement and my knees go weak.

"Get back into position."

I rush to do so, hoping to please You so You will forget about the promised punishment. You pick up some rope and in quick time have my legs tied wide apart and to the table legs. You run Your hands down my thighs towards my pussy. My hips involuntarily lift, seeking Your touch. You grab me and squeeze my sex hard. I yell out again. You pull the lips wide apart and flick my hard clit. I try to close my legs, but it is no use, they are securely tied, my pussy is at Your mercy.

You laugh and say "Ahhh, yes.....you are a soaking wet slut! Look at your little hole, it is practically begging to be filled." You pull Your hands away and start to spank my pussy, the lips bouncing and opening with each slap.

I am screaming in pain, I have never felt such agony. My sex is on fire!

"You will not cover your pussy again will you slut? Tell me!"

I yell out "No Sir! I will not cover my pussy again! Please Sir! Pleeease!!!"

You continue to slap it, the moist sound loud in my ears, followed by my moans and then sobs. When You are satisfied, or decide I am in no shape to continue with the pussy spanking You quit and pick up Your drink. Tears are running down the sides of my face. My pussy feels swollen and as if it has been burnt. You do not allow me much time to recover. You push me over a little so You can free my wrists.

"Thank you, Master" I manage to whisper while looking down. You rub my shoulders deeply, knowing the ache that has settled there.

"Sit up."

As I do, You untie the ropes at the edge of the table that have been holding my legs wide. You leave the ropes wrapped around my legs and tell me to stand and bend over at the waist. I do as I am told, this position leaving my tits hanging down heavily. You approach me with a thin rough looking twine.

"Put your hands behind your neck, slut. Keep them there until I say otherwise."

Hesitantly I start to lift my arms but then decide not to, now is the time to stand up to You.


"What did you say, slut?"

I stand up and say "no" while looking into Your eyes.

"You really are quite amusing, My slut. You are making Me angry, but yet I am amused at your little show of defiance. Now, I am going to sit down here and when I stand, you better be in the position I said, your big tits hanging down. If you are not, the pussy spanking you just got will feel like love taps compared to what I will give you. Now, I will let you decide. You have 1 minute."

I glare at You as you turn Your back to move to the chair. "And don't look at your Master like that slut...it is disrespectful behavior and must be punished."

My mouth opens, then I think better of it. You sit and watch me struggle with my inner feelings. You know I am excited, you found evidence of that in my wet pussy and hard nipples. My thoughts are flying around.....what to do, what to do?? I have always longed deep down for a strong man to control me, but, well, does giving up my will make me less 'me'? Make me a 'bad girl'? I hear you moving...the time is here. Almost without thinking, I lean way over at the waist and bring my hands to the back of my neck.

You again approach me with the thin rough twine. Grabbing my right breast you squeeze it very tightly, eliciting a moan from me. You begin wrapping the cord around my breast, back against the chest wall. You wrap it around and around very tightly. Then You bring the rope around the back of my neck grab the left breast and repeat Your actions. When You are done, You tell me to stand. The weight of my breasts pull down but they can not move very far. They are already turning red, the big nipples hard and protruding. You pinch them over and over, sometimes at the same time, sometimes alternating left-right-left. You pinch hard and pull on them, making my breasts ache even more. I am moaning and moving my shoulders back and forth, trying to get away from Your pinching fingers.

"Lay back down on the table, slut."

I rush to do as You say. You reattach my leg ropes to the table, ensuring that they are painfully spread. Then You pull my arms up over my head, pulling until they can bend over the table edge. You lash the forearms together and then pull them over the edge. My body is pulled tight. You then attach my arms to something low on the table, forcing my body to stretch even tighter. My breasts are hurting, the nipples hard. You attach a wooden clothes pin to each nipple, being careful to only capture the nipple, ensuring a deeper pain. Moving between my legs you attach clips to my sex lips.

I am shaking my hips and yelling NO!! You keep attaching more until finally it dawns on me to quit telling You no! When I stop saying no, You stop applying clips. I don't know how many are in place. It feels as if my pussy is being held to a fire.

You move back to my tits....touching them and slapping them. This makes the clips bounce, causing me even more pain. You pick up a thin springy looking rod and show it to me.

"I will give you a dozen stripes on your tits to remind you of your choice to become My slut. You are to accept these and thank me properly when I have finished. Now kiss the rod and ask for your lashes."

I gasp, my eyes wide with fear. Without thinking, my lips purse and I make a kissing sound as You lay the rod across my mouth.

"Please Master, mark me as Yours."

My breasts are already in horrible pain, how will I survive a whipping on them? You step back, I hear the whish of the air parting as You bring the rod down over my tied, clipped breasts. Both breasts explode in pain, I am breathless. Without pause You land 2 more strikes. I have found my voice and am making a high keening sound. Three more in quick sucession and I am quite sure my tits have been laid open. I am in deep pain, struggling to accept it.

"Half done slut."

I sob, I will not survive 6 more strikes. This time You hit the tender undersides. Two, three times quickly and in almost the same spot. I am yelling from deep in my chest. Now you tease me by swinging the rod but stopping just short of hitting me. My body amuses You by tensing to accept the blow that does not come. Once again You are proving I am a plaything for Your pleasure, You are in control. After several false swings, when I am lulled into thinking this will be yet another false one, You land the hardest strike yet. My body jerks, my mouth is open but nothing can come out. You follow up with the last two just as hard. I am sure my tit flesh has split open. I am in terrific burning pain.

You move to my head and I see Your hard cock in Your hand. You rub the leaking head over my lips and tell me to suck it. Immediately I suck the head into my mouth. My tongue is swirling, my lips moving, I am hungry to please You. You push Your way in until you are buried balls deep. I am sucking and gagging but You do not let up, enjoying Your control. You begin pumping my mouth, fucking my face as if it were my pussy. As You near orgasm, You pull the clips from my nipples and I try to yell out. You feel the vibration of my yells deep in Your cock and balls. Cum squirts into my mouth and pulling out, You spray my face then push the cum around with the head of Your cock. You leave cum dripping from my face and move between my legs where You roughly handle my clit, rocking it back and forth.

Soon You have me ready to cum and tell me "No! You may not cum!"

I struggle with my body and finally overtake my desire. I am left panting like a dog, my need to cum consuming me. You unhook and untie my hands and tell me to make myself cum. Standing between my widespread legs, You watch as my fingers go to my clit, my opening. I don't care You are watching, I do not care who is watching....I need to cum!

The clips hurt as my fingers brush against them. I arch my back, lift my hips, in just a few moments I begin to cum. Just as I enter my relief, You start pulling off the pussy clips. It hurts but I cum even harder with the pain. When they are all off, You move back to my breasts and trace the welts You have raised. I look down and see my breasts are so discolored, the welts obvious. In several places there are thin red lines. These were the extra hard ones You applied. You lean over and kiss and lick my flesh and nipples. Then as You begin to untie them the blood rushing in and out is more sweet agony. You lay beside me on the table and hold me close, telling me we have just begun a most interesting journey together.

"Thank You Master."

I shiver in my fear, in my need.

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