tagLesbian SexFirst Punishment

First Punishment



We are staying at a high class hotel in London.

I am trying to repay for my mistakes, and I am currently in punishment.


We check in, and shown to your room. We walk in, close the door, and I stand there, staring at the floor, waiting until you give me an order. You go and check out the room, and when you have explored enough you come back to me. You lift my chin with your index finger, so I look in your eyes. You move so your lips are centimetres away from my ear and you whisper, "Now slut, you are to be punished. If you do not please me COMPLETELY this time, there will be no next time."

"Yes Mistress."

Walking away, you say, " Now, get on your hands and knees like the bitch you are, and follow me."

Of course I do exactly as you say, trying to make my bad behaviour up to you as much as possible. You sit on the corner of the amazingly soft and oversized bed, and I kneel beside you waiting for your next command. You ignore me, and turn to your bag. I can't see what it is you are doing, so I wait patiently. You then place something over my head, and I soon realise it is a mask of some kind, and once fully on, it is just my mouth that is not covered from the material. I start to bite my lip in anticipation. "Open your mouth slut!" As I do, you shove a ball gag in it. "That looks better."

I think that is all you want to do with me now, but you pin my hands behind my back and handcuff them together.

"You see slut, you displease me, so you do not deserve to touch, see, or taste anything of mine."

With that, you stand and leave me whilst you do whatever you wish to please yourself.


"I'm going for a shower now bitch. Thats right, I'm going to be naked so close to you. Don't you just wish you could see my body?"

I nod my head, the thought of you fills me head more vividly than it was a second ago. I kneel there, as my breathing becomes heavier, my pussy is getting wet, and I start to moan from my lust.

You come out, and I sense you are close to me with the heat of the shower coming from you. I can smell the perfume of the soap, which makes me wriggle to try and stop my wanting pussy. Watching me struggle, you laugh, and drop the towel on the floor harder than necessary, inches away from me. The thud makes me aware of what it is, and the realisation you are naked right before me almost sends me over the edge. You have me hanging on to your every word, your every movement. I have never experienced such intensity like this before. I am so grateful to my Mistress.


"Now slut, stay there and be a good bitch. Remember this is part of your punishment. You are not meant to enjoy this... although I'm sure you still are! I'm going to work, I suggest you sleep now instead of later! You know how much that displeases me! I want to play when I want to play. An asleep slave isn't good enough for anything. Understand?"

I nod yes continuously until I hear the door shut.


I take my Mistress's kind advice/ admittance and sleep.


I hear the door open and before you have time to shut it, I am sat kneeling upright. You shut the door and walk over to the dresser, to which one of your favourite bottles of wine is waiting for you. You grab a glass, and come to sit on the bed next to me. "Urgh what a stressful day!" You take my handcuffs off and command me to take your shoes off. I'm still in the mask with no eye holes, so this becomes a much more challenging task than it may appear. I also do not want to touch any part of your body, as that has not been permitted. Or should I say, I want nothing more than to touch you, but it is not what has been asked of me.

I fumble around, and somehow manage to do what was asked of me without touching you. I turn my body and place the shoes next to each other out of the way.

"Hmm... good bitch" you say in slight pleasure as you take another sip from your glass of wine. "I wonder if you can undo my trousers without touching me...except, use your teeth this time bitch."

Knowing where I found your feet, I had a vague idea as to where they still were, so crawled round to where I thought your legs would be apart. With no other idea as to spacial awareness, I had no other option than to go mouth first in to the direction where I thought your button was. You must have known I would have been so wrong! I found your pussy instead. SMACK! "tut tut tut! you disappoint me yet again slut!" you say angrily as you smack my face. I attempt to say how sorry I am, but the gag makes the words muffled. "Stand up and turn away from me."

I do so, and instantly know what is going to happen.


You smack me hard on each of my ass cheeks. "Turn around and kneel again" I do as I am told, and as soon as I am in the correct position, you grab my head and direct my mouth to the buttons of your trousers. Not wanting to displease you any more, I focus on my previous command and undo your button and zip with my teeth. I then lean back and wait for your next command, knowing that all you asked was to undo your trousers, and not to take them off. "Hmm, better, but I just want to be out of these clothes now." You stand and undress yourself with me still kneeling a foot away from you. You can see my excitement building as I twitch, wriggle and moan knowing what is happening. Now naked, you chuckle to yourself as you look down and see the quivering mess I am. You're then suddenly reminded of your stressful day as your neck clicks whilst looking upon me. Another grin is on your face as you realise how you could easily relieve your stress, and punish me to highest level.

With no hesitation, you place a foot either side of my kneeling body, grab my head with both hands, and press the ball gag on to your pussy. You move my head in any direction you need it to go in, to make you feel good. Meanwhile, I'm going completely stir crazy, as you know I would do, breathing heavily, moaning, now dripping wet, and trying my hardest to move the ball of out the way so my tongue could taste your sweet pussy. I cant of course, which infuriates me, and excited you more. I start to feel more pressure against my face as you grind you hips against the ball even more. This goes on for a few minutes, but you know it is not enough to get you off. You take my ball gag off as I presume and hope you want me to use your tongue and mouth on your cunt. I am transfixed by the smell, and lick my ever hopeful lips for what I hope will happen. With my head full of wonder, I am unaware that you moved back to your bag to retrieve something else. You place something over my head, and on my mouth, I know its a cock. I almost cum right there! You still haven't actually touched me, and still I am almost coming.

You move back to where you were stood, one foot on either side of my body, whilst lining up and inserting the cock inside you. I can feel it go inside you, I can smell your cunt, and yet I can do nothing more. You command me to fuck you slow and hard, making sure to use the whole length of the strap on. I do as I am told, knowing that this is all about your pleasure! You let out a deep moan as it begins to fill you. As I continue doing this, your cunt is getting wetter and wetter, and your moans louder and louder. Your legs begin to feel weak, so you lay down on the bed with your legs still able to touch the floor, your now aching pussy exposed, waiting for me to find you and to be guided back in to your wonderful hole. When I return to it, I sense that you need more momentum in order to get you off, so I move my head back and forth with more meaning, wanting to please you, wanting to make you cum. You seem to appreciate this as your breathing becomes more sporadic and moans shorter yet louder. Your hips are now bucking against my face, grinding against me.

All this time my hands have been free, but have stayed behind my back as I have not had permission to use them. However, I sense your body wanting and needing release. I bring my hands up in the air where you can see them, and mumble "Mistress?" You look down and moan, "Yes, yes you fucking bitch, flick my clit with your fingers." I do just that. I use my index finger to circle and flick your clit as quick as I possibly can, still maintaining the persistent fucking of the cock strapped around my head. You lean down and grab the back of my head, and force me in to you with more force than I was before. "Oh fuck! Yes thats it you dirty slut, Oh! Please your Mistress! Mmm, Oh, Yes, FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!" You shake as your orgasm takes you to a wonderful, blissful high.

I move back, taking my wet fingers, and the soaking cock with me, and kneel back to where I was before, except now, leaving a wet patch where I am. I wait for further orders, wanting you to fully enjoy that "just fucked" moment, hoping I have done well, and hoping that I pleased you.


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