tagGay MaleFirst Real Man Ch. 02

First Real Man Ch. 02


I stood next to the sofa, wearing nothing but an unbuttoned shirt and a wristwatch. My pants and shorts in my hand. My host took them from me and tossed them into a nearby chair. He was wearing nothing but sweatpants.

He took me by the hand and started leading me to his bedroom.

The last thing I had said was "Please, before I lose my nerve, I want to feel you inside me, now."

"Let's go to the bedroom." he had answered " I've got some lube there."

I had been questioning my sexuality. It wasn't that I had taken a disliking to women. But I had begun to wonder if I might also enjoy intimacy with men.

His bedroom was large. Drapes pulled away from large French windows let the afternoon sunshine in. Quilts and blankets were crumpled on the floor next to the bed, leaving only sheets and pillows on the mattress.

I put my arms around his neck and leaned up for a kiss. His lips met mine. His tongue and lips played pleasurable games with mine.

After experimenting with gay porn and dildos I had decided it was time to experiment with a real man.

As we kissed, we shuffled our feet. Gave each other a gentle nudge here, a mild pull here. Working our way to the bed.

We got acquainted through an internet dating service. For gay, bisexual, and bi-curious men. I figured I fit into the latter category. But did I fit into the second category? That was what I was here to find out.

As we kissed it occurred to me that neither of us even knew the others name. On the dating site we used pseudonyms.

I nudged him. The back of his knees bumped the bed. I slid my tongue from his mouth to the end of his chin. Kissed his collar bone. Kissed his hairy chest. Licked down to his hairy navel. Kissed my way down to his waistband. With both hands I pulled his pants down. With his help I got them past his feet. Then I pushed him back onto the bed.

"Make room." I said. He crawled to the center of the bed and I crawled next to him and took my first good look at his big uncut cock. That he was enjoying our activities so far was plainly evident. I leaned in and licked his cock and licked it some more. The taste was salty but somehow sweet. And the aroma was pleasantly pungent and somehow suggestive of cumin. I looked into his eyes and said "I want to feel you in me, now." touching his cock, I added "I want to feel this in me."

He pointed at an end table. "Condoms and Lube, over there." he said with a catch in his voice.

I rolled a condom, a dark blue condom, onto his long thick cock. Added a dollop of lube. Then I straddled him. Leaned down and shared another kiss with him. Leaned back and guided the head of his cock to the hole of my ass. I started lowering myself. Felt his cock-head enter me. Paused. To get the feel of it.

Dildos had not prepared me. He was longer and thicker than my biggest. A dildo doesn't move of it's own volition, changing the angle of entry. Doesn't hold your hips as you lower yourself onto it. Moan with encouragement and pleasure. You can't look a dildo in the eyes and see your own pleasure mirrored.

I lowered myself ever so slowly, ever so gently, feeling him fill me. Inch by glorious inch I paused to get used to the feel of him in me. To relish the mix of near-pain and near-ecstasy. And after seven or eight glorious descents. Over seven, nearly eight inches of magnificent manhood filling me. I paused again. To glory in the sensation of him filling me. I wiggled my rump like a happy puppy. Then I began raising myself. Then down again. Up and down. Up and down on his wonderful manhood. I leaned down shifting the angle. Up and down his cock. Up and down his cock. Again and again. I leaned back shifting the angle. Up and down his cock. Up and down his cock. Again and again. Feeling his cock fill me again and again and again. All the time looking into his eyes. Feeling his cock fill me again and again and again. Looking into his eyes as I rode his cock up and down, up and down. Feeling his cock fill me again and again and again. Looking into his eyes I saw his climax coming a moment before I felt the twitching of his cock within me. I saw it in his eyes and then I felt him coming and coming and coming.

We lay, sweat covered, side by side, looking up at the ceiling, hand in hand. My ankle crossed his. And as I was drifting off to sleep I heard him breathlessly ask "Are you sure you've never done this before?"

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