tagGay MaleFirst Real Man Ch. 03

First Real Man Ch. 03


I awoke in a big, warm, comfortable bed. With a big, warm, comfortable man sleeping behind me. His arm around my chest. I lifted his hand to my lips and kissed his knuckles. Today, I recalled, was the 2nd anniversary of our first "date." Funny. Neither of us had been looking for a long term relationship. But it found us nonetheless.

I eased myself from the bed, taking care not to awaken Hans. Hans. That entire first day I hadn't even known his name. Didn't learn it till a week later. Hans, my big cuddly Germanic teddy bear. Thinking of that first day I brushed my teeth, then climbed into the shower. I had arrived that day very unsure of my sexuality. Although I had previously always been heterosexual, I had been fantasizing for some time about man to man sex. There had been a dating site for gay, bisexual, and bi-curious men. I figured the latter category included me. Hans, using, I remember, the handle ManEnuf4U, and I exchanged some e-mails, and then he invited me to visit him in his home.

That had been a day of firsts for me. First time I had been kissed sensually by a man. The first time I had returned a mans sensual kisses. The first time enjoying a mans body, and he mine. With touch, lips, tongue. I remember, even the smell of him was intoxicating. When he put my cock in his mouth. When, later, I had his cock in mine. I had been curious. I had wondered what I might have been missing. But I was taken by surprise at just how much pleasure I was experiencing. And that first time I felt his cock in my ass, as I straddled his manly body and rode his manhood, I discovered that a man need not ejaculate to orgasm.

At this point in my reminiscences I felt Hans getting into the shower behind me. I turned around, put my arms around his neck, and pulled his mouth down to mine for a kiss. As our lips met, as our tongues played games in each others mouths, his big arms came around me and he pulled me close. And I squirmed with delight. Being in a warm shower, pressed up against a big, wet, sexy man is one of my all time favorite ways to start a day. Apparently Hans shared my sentiment, because I could feel his manhood rising to the occasion.

I stepped back from our embrace and started lathering up his big hairy chest. Hans is a hairy man. Thick black hair covers his chest, stomach and legs. I don't know why that is a turn on for me but it is. So I was kissing his chest and soaping it up and kissing it some more. And I worked my way down, kissing and soaping his stomach. His sexy hairy stomach.

I knelt before him. Warm water was still pouring over both of us. I set the soap down, took his big cock in one hand, caressed his thigh with the other. Warm water caressed both my tongue and his cock as I licked him. As I licked him he got bigger. I pulled back his foreskin to lick his cock-head. Then I held his cock-head in my mouth. I felt his hand on the back of my head, so I leaned in, letting his cock slide into my mouth. Warm water poured over us, sliding down us, as his large cock slid forward and back within my mouth. As I sucked it. Licked it. Stroked it with my hand. And sucked it some more. The warm water started to give out just as his jiz hit the back of my throat.


As I was fixing us breakfast, I was thinking again about two years ago, that first day together. We hadn't showered together that first day, but we had gone skinny dipping. But we finished up with me giving him a blowjob as he sat at the edge of the pool, so I guess we were holding true to form.

He came up behind me, put his hands on my shoulders, and started kissing the back of my neck. We were each wearing only our bathrobes as we hadn't anywhere we needed to go that morning. He kissed the back of my neck. I pretended irritation. "If you distract me, I might burn your omelette. Which," I said, with a flick and a flourish, "is done." I put it on a plate, added hash browns from one covered pan and sausages from another. "We don't have bacon today." I said. "I was in the mood for sausage."

"Yes," he replied "I remember."

"If you're through making sexual innuendos," I said as I poured eggs into the pan for my own omelette "you might pour us both some juice."

I had, of course, put the small gift wrapped package in the fridge conspicuously next to the juice container.

"Hey," he said "what's this?"

"You can open your anniversary present after breakfast." I told him. "I don't want your omelette getting cold."

--short interlude--

He was driving me crazy. He couldn't just tear the wrapping from the gift like a normal person. He was carefully and slowly unwrapping it. How I had ever gotten involved with one of those people who actually save and re-use wrapping paper and ribbon and such I do not know. But then I remembered that despite this fault he was awfully nice to cuddle with.

When he opened the box he saw two platinum dog tags on an appropriate chain. The face of one of the dog tags had a small diamond set in it. The face of the other a small ruby. "It's beautiful." he said.

"They're inscribed." I said.

He turned them over to read the inscriptions. On the tag with the diamond it read: if this man is lost please return him to --- followed by my name. On the tag with the ruby the inscription was a simple three word phrase: I Love You.

He looked up at me, and I swear there were tears in the big lugs eyes. "You've never said it."

"And, Teddy Bear," I told him "I probably never will. But there you have it." I crawled into his lap and kissed him. I'm not a small man, but he's big enough to hold me. Just another thing I like about him. Both of our robes had fallen open. As we kissed, with me on his lap, I couldn't resist reaching down between my legs and grabbing hold of what lies between his. It didn't take long for him to grow fully erect. And I, I was rather aroused too.

He got hold of my legs, stood up, managing to lift me with him, and set me on the table. "Wait here." he said. He opened a drawer, and pulled out some lube and a package of condoms. "Bend over the table." he said.

I got to my feet, dropped my robe, and followed orders. I bent over the table. "Use a blue condom." I said. "Like the first time."

He placed gentle kisses on my rear. He kissed the small of my back. And between my shoulder blades. As he kissed the back of my neck I felt a lube covered finger enter my ass. He worked that finger in and out several times. Then he whispered in my ear "now comes the blue condom" As he slowly pushed his cock into me I felt his hand on my cock. He stroked my cock in counter rhythm as his cock slid back and forth filling my ass.

Slow and steady his cock slid in filling my ass. Slow and steady it slid halfway out. Slow and steady back in again. Again and again. A nice, slow, steady rhythm. And all the while, slow and steady, he stroked my cock.

Slow and steady. And then the pace increased. And then it grew frantic. And I was encouraging him. "Faster, Faster, Faster." I cried.

And then he was coming. He came so hard the condom burst and I felt his cum filling my ass and with that I was coming too.

With his cock still in me, and mine still in his hand, he whispered to me "Your present should be here sometime this afternoon."

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