tagGay MaleFirst Real Man Ch. 04

First Real Man Ch. 04


Two years ago today, Hans and I met because I had been having fantasies about being with a man and had decided to try the real thing. I had gone to a gay, bisexual, bi-curious dating site. Hans was the real thing and had gone to the same dating site because he wanted to meet someone new. And thankfully I was the someone new he decided upon.

As I swam between his legs I turned face up, let some air past my lips so the bubbles would rise and tickle his balls and cock. As I rose for air he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to him. His lips met mine. I put my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and pulled me even closer. With the water providing buoyancy I knew this big strong man could hold me like that for forever.

We had also gone skinny dipping that day two years ago. Of course at that time we hadn't even known each others names. And neither of us had planned on that day's escapades leading to a relationship.

I let my tongue slide out of his mouth and along his cheek to his ear. I flicked my tongue in and over his ear, nibbled on his earlobe. Then found myself whispering his name into his ear over and over again. "Hans, Hans, Hans" His right hand had left my ass cheek and I felt him take a grip on my already erect cock. He was holding my cock, squeezing, stroking my cock. I felt his fingers and palm and the wetness of the pool water. Holding, squeezing, stroking. Holding, squeezing, stroking, stroking, stroking. Wet, slippery, stroking.

I continued to whisper his name in his ear. "Hans, Hans, Hans" And then "Yes Hans, Yes, make me cum Hans. Yes, make me cum. Oh yes Hans, Yes, stroke my cock, make me cum." And I was getting louder. "Yes Hans, Yes, Yes, Yes. Oh Gods Yes, Hans stroke my cock, make me cum. Make me cum, Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Make me cum." My head was back now, and I was even louder. "Yes, Oh Yes, Yes, Yes! Yes, Hans, Yes, Make Me Cum!! Now! Now! Now!"

And when my cum mixed with the pool water I was crying out loud. Loud enough, I'm sure, for everyone in the neighborhood to hear. "YES! YES! YES! YES!!!"

I must have turned beet red when I realized what I'd done. I lay my head on his chest and felt him chuckling. I felt a finger in my ass crack. Sliding along my ass crack. And then a fingertip probing my hole.

I lifted my face up and found his lips with mine. His finger went deeper into my ass. Slipping in and out. In and out.

Then I felt his finger withdraw and he was rubbing his cock against my ass. Me kissing him. He kissing me. The both of us in the pool. I felt his cock-head against my ass hole. Usually when Hans fucks my ass we use a condom to keep his cock clean and a dollop of lube cuz it's a tight fit. But I guess this time he figured the pool water would keep him clean and provide adequate lubrication. His cock went a little further into me. A little further still. And some more. A little further into me.

Cock and pool water in my ass. Filling my ass. We were mouth to mouth, body to body. My legs around him. His long, thick cock in my ass. Hands on my ass cheeks he bounced me up and down the length of his cock. The buoyancy of the water keeping the action nice and slow. Up and down I rode his cock. Up and down. Up and down. In. Out. In. Out. Up. Down. His thick, long cock filling me again and again. Nice and slow. Nice and easy. Up and down I rode his cock. Up and down. Up and down. In. Out. In. Out. Up. Down. Lips locked. Tongues playing in and about each others mouths. Water splashing. Nice and easy. Nice and slow. Up and down I rode his cock. Up and down. Up and down. In. Out. In. Out. Up. Down.

Now it was his turn. Chest deep in water. Up and down I rode his cock. Up and down. Up and down. In. Out. In. Out. Up. Down. Now, now, NOW, I felt the spasm of his cock deep inside me. Felt the warm cum. Cum shooting up into my ass. Orgasm. Orgasm. His. Mine. Orgasm for Orgasm. His. Mine. My eyes unfocused, my toes curled, my body arched. Orgasm. His cock deep in my ass, shooting cum, and I writhed in orgastic pleasure. His lips again found mine. Or mine found his.

My arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Chest deep in water. Mouth to mouth, body to body. Kissing, touching, holding, and kissing some more. I knew this big strong man could hold me like this for forever.

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