tagIncest/TabooFirst Sunrise

First Sunrise


Everyone in this story is at least eighteen years old. If it sounds like a real story that you know, it's just coincidence.


This is a story I wrote many years ago (with revisions done recently), and the only one I've ever really attempted to write. Perhaps it will ignite a flame in the pleasure centers of some people who read it.


This story is (sort of) intended for moderate to fast readers of English. It is paced so that for these people, the events in the story happen as close to the time it takes to read them as possible, which is not always the case in erotic literature. Because orgasm is an art painted on the canvas of time, to rush it or abbreviate it in any way would be to destroy its power and exquisite beauty.

----- First Sunrise -----

Serenity. That was her name. She stared out the window with her dark jade eyes, taking in the dimly lit view of the forest that surrounded the small pond. Various mountains jutted out of the horizon against the vast backlit sky. Dawn had just come, the sun would soon follow suit. Serenity opened the window and the warm misty air of dawn gently caressed her neck and face. She couldn't see much of the landscape yet, but she could see in her mind the pastoral beauty of her surroundings, as the sweet scent of the forest drifted into the room. This was her parents' summer home, somewhere in New York. She could never tell where it was, and hadn't really gone to the trouble of finding out its real name. Instead, she had come up with her own name for it.

Haven, it was called. She extended her slender neck out of the window and took a deep breath. It smelled so fresh and clean, not like the pollution and noise infested city where she went to school. A slight breeze came blowing in through the window. It felt rather warm, but the sun had just begun to rise so it would be getting warmer still. The mountaintops, the trees, the vast expanse of sky, all started to regain their glorious daylight hues, but very slowly, imperceptible to the human eye.

Walking over to her bed, Serenity started to untie her comfy silk nightgown. It didn't really cover much, but it was exquisitely laced and made her feel beautiful and always aroused, the best of both worlds. Slowly and effortlessly, she let it slide down her marble skin to the floor, revealing her beautiful nude body. Her tummy was flat, and so was her chest, but she didn't mind that too much. Untying the bundle above her head, she gracefully turned her head from side to side, and springy, bright orange hair cascaded down almost to her waist. Like the trees outside, the silky strands awaited the arrival of the sun to reveal their fiery hue.

Serenity turned again and gazed out through the open window once more. She was going to do something she had always imagined herself doing while watching the sunrise here, but never had the chance. Turning away for just a few moments, she silently moved over to her bedroom door and locked it. Moving about naked in the morning air made her slender body tingle a bit. Looking around, she could just make out the mahogany chair that had a matching cushion, neatly sitting under the desk. 'That will do,' she thought. Pulling it to the window, she found that it stood just short of the sill. 'Good.' She smiled to herself.

School had just ended for the summer. The week after that, Serenity found herself busily calling her friends and saying goodbye, and also to finish packing up as fast as humanly possible, which still took the better half of the week even though her parents had helped her to get started months before. Now she was glad that included in her pack were many towels. Pulling a bulky dark-green suitcase from under her bed, she unzipped it open and found her favorite towel. It was large but exquisitely soft, and had a light leaf-green tint. Her favorite color, that matched her deep green eyes. Walking over to the chair, she gently covered the dark red cushion with the towel and let the rest softly float to the wood-planked floor. The descent made the air around her legs swirl slightly, which sent tiny tingles over Serenity's lower body. Eyes now fixed intently on the slowly broadening horizon, she stepped in front of the chair and sat a bit forward, her long soft legs moving gracefully. She was a dancer after all. Comfortably seated, she lifted her legs up and carefully stretched them over the windowsill. Holding onto the back of the chair, she dragged herself closer to the window.

Serenity was almost sitting on the windowsill now. She was afraid to slide out any further because her room was on the second floor. Making herself comfortable, she sank back into the chair. She gracefully brushed her hair and let it cascade gently over the back of the chair. The soft towel caressed her bare bottom and she sighed quietly, her imagination already running wild with anticipation. A single middle finger slowly entered between her lips and slid into her mouth. Soft, almost inaudible squishing sounds emerged from within as she gently licked and sucked on her delicate limb. Easily aroused, the pink folds between her legs began to moisten as Serenity felt her own finger being caressed by a slippery wet tongue. She quietly longed for such a tongue to be sliding within those luscious moistening lips at the apex of her legs. Opening her mouth, the wet finger slid out and circled her left nipple before pressing gently on it.

"mmmmmmmmmmm," she sighed contently, and smiled. The sound was barely audible.

Serenity's nipple was causing her breathing to expand. Her small round breast rose slightly against the coated tip of her finger every time she inhaled. She felt her soft little pink nipple become firmer from the tender caressing it was receiving. On the other side of the window, her bare toes began to curl slightly from the sensation.

Her palm delicately opened, and slowly, gently, it cupped her entire breast. The sensation was electrifying as the soft flesh of her palm barely touched her sensitive globe. Little by little her fingers pressed harder against milky flesh. Little by little, her hand began to gently squeeze, and the heavenly inner folds of her palm gradually gave way to the nipple being pressed against them, enveloping her nipple in an exquisite softness. Her slender body arched forward from the pleasure.


A second hand floated silently over the dawn breeze and paused just above the matching sensitive area on her right side. Smooth skin gently collided against each other as Serenity lightly tickled her sensitive breast. She slowly pressed that gentle palm against her chest, and it joined her left hand in a most sensuous massage of her bosom.


As she carefully massaged her breasts, her long, silky legs slowly spread further apart along the windowsill. As they did, the pink lips that were revealed started to blush and part slightly, revealing more wetness within. Leaving her erect nipple in that sensuous dab of saliva, Serenity slid her finger from her sensitive pink teat and teased it down the flat of her tummy, her body arching further in anticipation. The finger created a moist trail wandering downwards, toward that exquisite spot between her thighs. Then the finger moved lower, past the little mound of smooth orange bush, and then, down between her legs. Serenity's eyes never left the window.

She watched as the sky grew imperceptibly brighter. The moist finger now hovered over her lips of passion, which had become a bit more slippery. She felt tingles of excitement rush through her body as dawn blew softly between her legs. Slowly the length of her finger sank into the crevice between her pulsing lips, moistening them exquisitely. She shivered a bit. Her finger curved and the tip began to probe up and down in between her outermost fold.


She could feel the wetness of her arousal on her finger. More excited now, she slipped the first digit of her saliva soaked finger into herself. Her muscles gently squeezed it and she inhaled quickly from the pleasure.

"huh... huhhhhhhhh."

Being as tight as she was, one finger was almost a perfect fit. She slowly eased it in, deeper and deeper within her juicy depths. The familiar, beautiful sensations that she had only recently been introduced to started to rise up from between her legs and washed over her body. She closed her eyes. There was a slight squishing noise.

"mmmmmmmmmmm..... mmmmmmmmmmmm."

It felt so good. The dawn gently caressed her body, and tingled her aroused sex. Serenity smiled. Dawn was watching over her and would help her in this passionate endeavor.

"ahhhhhhhhhh..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

With her erect chest pressed passionately against her upper arm, she took two fingers of her other hand and promptly reached down, softly spreading her sensitive pink lips. The wet finger was all the way inside now, and it felt glorious. She pumped it in and out slightly, getting her inner walls, which were still extremely sensitive, used to the insertion.

"fuck," she whispered. "mmmmmmmmmm.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh."

Serenity's senses were in a hypersensitive state now. There seemed to be a tremendous silence in the air as dawn made its approach, edging Serenity onwards. She could hear all too clearly the well-lubricated action occurring between her legs, amplified by her well-developed imagination. The feeling of her slick muscles squeezing on the finger now buried deep inside her soft lubricated folds only added to the pleasure.

"mmmmmmmmmm..... mmmmmmmmmm..... ahhhhhhhhhh."

She was trying hard to keep herself quiet but something between her legs was fighting with her mind for control of her melodious voice. She was breathing faster and deeper now. The warm morning breeze was a blessing to her aroused senses. Her muscles, especially those hugging the single finger within, were starting to gently spasm as she gracefully made love to herself.

"mmmmmmmmmm..... ahhhhhhhhh."

Slowly, in, and out. In, and out. In, and out.

The trees murmured in the breeze.

Slowly, in... out. In... out. In... out.

"yessss," the whisper blissfully left her lips.

"ohhhhh..... ohhhhhhh." Her finger picked up the pace. Serenity's well developed hips were making small passionate motions toward the source of her pleasure, as her pussy covered all her fingers with its liquid arousal. The heat of the summer began coaxing beads of sweat on her beautiful, pleasure-filled face.

The sky was getting brighter, the sun was nearing the infinite line of the horizon, but Serenity's eyes were closed now. Beneath her slightly quivering body, her sexual juices, which were now perpetually oozing out between her swollen nether lips, slowly moistened the green towel. A sticky trail of wetness sneaked into the crevice between her firm ass cheeks, and her hips began to rhythmically grind against slender finger in front, and the soft towel below.

"ahh...huhhhhh... ahhhhh... ahhhh... ahhhhh."

Her moans were getting louder now, and they revealed a soft and sensuous, rather high-pitched voice that flowed smoothly like the nectar emerging from her other pair of lips. The slim, soft and aroused girl with milky skin slowly became illuminated by the increasing light of the morning sun entering through the window. Legs now spread as wide as the window's frame would allow, her fountain of youth arched up towards the sky. There was absolute happiness on her face.

"uhhhh... uhhhh... mmmmm... huhhhh."

Then the finger slipped out of her deliciously wet orifice, glided though the warm air, and slid through her other pair of lips. Moaning sweetly, she savored her own girl juices, and was convinced that nothing could taste any better than this, a girl's sticky nectar. As Serenity sensed the sun approaching, she decided to try something else. Sliding the fully tasted finger back inside herself, she curved it slightly and pressed the fingertip firmly against the roof of her love canal. She began to vibrate her hand in tiny motions.

"huh..ahhhhh!" The sensation forced her breath out.

She froze, and in a split second her other hand was over her mouth, trying to keep it quiet. But then she needed to inhale. Slowly she relaxed. The pulsing between her legs demanded that she continue. It was an irresistible feeling, and she slowly started to obey, massaging her sensitive pink folds again.

"huhhh... ahhhh... ahhhh... ahhhh..."

She had just learned this vibrating technique from that incredible night after the senior prom. 'Ingrid...' The memory brought something else along with it. 'Oh, poor Ingrid. Sleep well cuz...' But the thoughts of her ailing cousin couldn't hold her attention for long. Intense waves of pleasure rippled through her entire body and she began to lose control. Her breathing was getting heavy now and her eyelids were squeezing against each other. Her wet tongue was softly caressing the hand that was trying to keep her silent.

"ohhh.... ohhh.... huhh... mmm... uhh..."

Ingrid slowly opened her baby blue eyes. Although at the moment they were almost grey, clouded over by her illness. The growing light of the dawning sky beckoned from beyond her window. Silently, she sat up and stretched her petite body out, slowly, carefully. A soft sigh escaped her lips, and she tried to stand up. Instantly the dizziness returned. She lost her balance and slumped back on her bed, dark hazel hair gently veiling her face.

"ohhh.... ohhh...."

Something very sensitive at the top of Serenity's pussy lips was aching for the touch of her soft fingers. Deciding that she would just have to control her breathing without her hand, she slid two slender fingers into her mouth briefly to moisten them while her other hand kept going, being hugged and squished by her vaginal muscles. Then, removing the fingers from her mouth, she made for her sensitive love button. Now soaked in girl juices, her excited clit welcomed the touch of her fingers and she began to rub it in tiny circles.

"Fuck! ohhhhh...." she said under her breath, desperately trying to keep her moans from waking up anyone.

"oh.. ah.. huh.. huh.. uhh.." she was definitely going to climax soon. And a huge climax it would be.

Ingrid snapped back to consciousness. For some reason her mind seemed to be clearer this time. 'I have to focus if I want to see the sun rise...' She sighed. 'If only I had listened to Serenity that night at the prom!' An unexpected painful throb interrupted her thoughts, and she slowed her breathing to try to relax it away. The light from her closed window gently beckoned, and she glanced at it wearily. 'I finally turned eighteen, and this is what I get...'

By this time the sun was making its glorious entrance into the sky. It illuminated Serenity's soft delicate skin, washing it in a radiant golden hue, while her silky hair also began to catch fiery embers. The sun made her thighs and the sloppy wet action between them warmer and warmer, and her juices glistened. Her chest was arched forward sensously, sparkling slightly from newly formed sweat, while her nipples had become much harder and more sensitive, tingling in the warmth of sunlight. The entire naughty area below her waist trembled rhythmically against her expert hand and fingers, squishing with every movement. Serenity felt the radiance of the sun warming her sensitive areas, and decided to let her soaked index finger join in on the fun. Slowly, she pulled her wet finger out from within her, and as her index had already a generous coating of nectar on it, she proceeded to quickly worm both fingers inside her pulsing love canal.

"huhhhhh yeesss..."

Behind her trembling eyelids, hidden from the sun, Serenity's eyes began to roll upward from the intense pleasure of her new, doubly sized penetration. With two fingers inside her rosy pinkness, she felt happily full, and resumed massaging herself inside and out.

"ohh.. ahh.. huh.. huh.."

Ingrid fared better this time, and was on her feet. Her sinuses pulsed a bit, and her petite frame twinged slightly with soreness and throbbed faintly with pain, but she could handle it. She swayed for a bit, trying to keep her balance, then made for her bedroom door. 'Just cause you're older doesn't mean I'm going to let you have all the fun, cuz... Just watch me.'


Serenity's face was beautifully twisted from the intense pleasure she was receiving with her nimble fingers down below, and her voice began to gradually become higher and higher as she sang the melodious song of ecstasy. Serenity's pink folds were almost pumping sweet juices now, and both her hands and part of her thighs had been completely drenched. She felt so happy to be thrusting towards the warm rays of the sun. Her legs were twitching uncontrollably and her tummy was causing her to lurch forward a little every time it spasmed, as her fingers sent waves of raw passion through her, squishing loudly. The green towel was almost soaked beneath her perpetually gushing fountain, and the ass it caressed sensuously bounced above it. 'Almost... there...' she thought, bracing for an unforgettable orgasm. She bit her lower lip.

'I really hope I didn't miss it,' Ingrid pleaded inside her head as she hobbled to the side door. Her steps were still slightly unsteady and she was using the wall as her support. She used her other hand to brush her chest-long hair out of her eyes.

"hummm...huh..huh..huh..huh..huh..." Serenity was panting breathlessly now.

Slowly, the pleasure grew. It became bigger. It swelled up, slowly, from within her pleasure center. The vast forests and mountains in the distance were washed in all the glorious colours of the sunrise.


Those dexterous fingers were now exciting her of their own accord. Her mind could hardly control what was going on anymore, and she felt the enormous climax about to slam her senses silly. Her body was now slightly glowing with the sweat of orgasmic labor covering her entire body, while muscles rippled slightly over her elegant back, flat tummy and firm, well developed thighs. Each of her little toes were curling tightly from the pleasure. Rocking back and forth in ecstasy, she could feel the sun grow stronger and the warmth began to feel like waves of fiery passion crashing endlessly against her center of pleasure.

The teddy pajamas Ingrid wore had been caught between her ass cheeks, impressing her perfectly round rump. 'I might not be able to get to the roof this time...' She paused. 'But I'll get to watch the sunrise just as well from down here.' Resolve clearing her senses, she resumed her journey, her supple breasts swaying ever so slightly with each step. 'Serenity, please, make it wait for me...'

"ahh..uhh..uhh..ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh.."

Serenity's pussy squished ecstatically as her fingers continued to fill her tight, warm love canal, while her clit danced in unbearable passion under the tips of her other fingers, throbbing ceaselessly. Thick, warm nectar kept oozing and spurting out between her fully stuffed, swollen nether lips, drenching everything in the vicinity.

Slowly, the ball of fire grew inside Serenity's beautiful, spasming pussy. Like white hot molten lava, it set her senses on fire as it became bigger and bigger. It engulfed everything that it touched in electric flames of blinding, white hot passion. By now, the sun was fully over the horizon and morning had arrived.

"ohh ohh ohh..."

"mmmmmmnnnnn... yeeeeeeeesss!" The inevitable arrival of her orgasm made Serenity squeal in unbearable ecstasy.

Suddenly the side door swung open and Ingrid stumbled outside. She looked wearily for the sun, but there was an entire forest in front of her. "Darnit!" she muttered under her breath. Getting unbelievably frustrated, she crawled down the porch steps hoping to find a better viewing spot, oblivious to what was happening in the window above.

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