tagIncest/TabooFirst Time Cheat Ch. 02

First Time Cheat Ch. 02


I'm a reckless, selfish asshole. I already know that. I must be crazy to risk a marriage with a good woman and a 2 year old daughter. But after the first time I cheated on her with a complete stranger and got away with it, something happened to my brain. It's like I have an itch in there. I've reverted to the teenage version of myself. I leer at anything with two breasts; just to see what is exposed, if I can make eye contact, if there's a chance...

'I'm just fantasizing,' I tell myself. And there's nothing wrong with that, right? And as much as it occupied my mind, I never really thought I would act on it...again. It's too risky, not to mention wrong.

But if common sense tells me that a stranger is bad enough, cheating with a friend is about the dumbest thing I can do. And the LAST person I would EVER chance a move on, is my sister in law.

But when a situation presented itself, I acted on it. I'm going to hell.

Tory is my age, a few years older then her sister. She's got just a couple extra pounds on her but she's curvy in all the right places and is just as beautiful as my wife, in a different way. She's single with a live-in boyfriend of 10 years. I don't care for the guy, no one does; not even her sometimes, it seems. But she'll never leave him. Instead, she goes out on the town with all her friends without him. She gets so much attention from other guys I am always impressed how she returns home to this loser every night, wasted or not. I hear they don't even fuck. I've checked out her clothes before; what a waste of 38D's.

She and I have a good relationship. She's at my house practically every other day to spend time with her sister and my daughter. Sometimes I feel like I have two wives. But then, sometimes I feel like she's my sister. But I never had the kind of thoughts about my sister like I've been having about Tory. (Well, that's not true, but I was in the throws of puberty at the time; I would have fucked the family dog if the bitch wasn't so mean. Maybe that's why Dad always had Dobermans?)

Anyway, without her jerk around so often, Tory acts and behaves like she's single most of the time. She drinks like a fish when we go out and flirts playfully with guys. Hardly ever with me and if she does it's certainly never around my wife; we both know better then to mess with my wife's jealous side!

But last weekend I was home alone while the wife was out and enjoying some private time: checking out some fresh downloads. I had my dick in hand when I got a call from Tory's cell phone. She was in the area and wanted to visit. I told her I was alone, but insisted she come by anyway since she was nearby. So much for private time; but I like my sister in law. I honestly had no intention of anything happening between us. I just like to sneak peaks at her big ass and heavy tits when she's around. So I tucked my half-massed boy down tight in my drawers and cleared the screen.

I heard her car pull up into the driveway and walked outside to meet her. I wanted to grab a CD from my jeep. She was just stepping out of her car when I got a look at her. She was wearing a white button up blouse with kaki shorts. She sure can fill a shirt!

Then I saw her car. "Tory!" I said, surprised and pointing: "You have a flat!" How was she driving like that?

"What?" she said, walking around to the passenger side. "Oh my god. I thought I felt something weird."

As she rounded the hood, turning and leaning over to see the tire, I guess her ankle twisted because she fell forward --and right into me. I saw it happening and was quick enough to catch her with both arms open, but it wasn't smooth.

The crash couldn't have been choreographed if you tried: Her shoulder pounded into my chest and she fell sideways into me. To keep her from slipping thru to the ground, I grabbed her body with both hands, and tried to keep myself from falling backwards. As soon as she hit me, her hands just grabbed anything in desperation. I was wearing running shorts and she gripped them AND my underwear tightly as she slid, pulling them down my thighs and scratching me with her nails. I held her, mid-fall. She grimaced from the ankle pain and embarrassment of tripping until, looking down, it registered that she was staring at my half-hard dick and balls.

I was embarrassed but I couldn't just let her go; I had to help her regain her footing first. But when I tried to pull her up to her feet she cried out in pain, terribly, clawing at my right hand. "What!?" I cried. "Your ankle?"

"No! Let go!" she cried. She was shifting, without balance because of her hurt left foot which wouldn't lock. So I tried to pull her up to her feet but she cried out again. "Ouch! Stop!" she screamed. Finally she just went limp and let herself slump to the concrete, moaning. I had to drop down to my knees along with her, to control her fall. As she slid down her face was only a few inches from my cock. Jesus!

She grabbed my right hand roughly and tore it away from her. I was slightly annoyed at that action because I was only trying to help hold her up when I finally understood. With my own dick exposed I was completely unaware that I was holding her up by a tight grip on her right boob -and my keys were in my hand!

She was gripping her right breast with both hands and crying.

"Oh my god, Tory. I'm so sorry!" I said, trying to console her. Her face was almost in my lap and I was kneeling on both knees with my shorts yanked down and my dick exposed and rapidly shrinking. I hope the neighbors across the street weren't looking at my naked ass.

"Oh my god!" She said, looking right at my dick.

"I'm sorry." I said, "Let me get up so I can pull these up."

"No!" she said immediately. "I mean, your bleeding. Look."

She was right. Three fingernails scratched raw lines into my upper, inner thigh. One was bleeding.

"Oh," I said, looking at my thighs and trying to cover my dick with my hands at the same time.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry." She said, suddenly looking embarrassed, for the first time, for exposing me. "I'm really sorry."

She pushed herself up on her arms and I quickly yanked both sides of my shorts up to my hips. But my shorts slid under my long dick and flopped it upwards, still exposed. Damnit! I pulled them away from my body and tucked my Johnson away quickly.

I was covered finally. "Don't worry about me. It's not that bad. How are you?"

She was leaning over examining her ankle and skinned knee while still gasping her right boob. "It hurts. And so does my tit!"

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." I said. "I'll help you up." I pocketed my keys, put my hands back under her arms from behind and prepared to hoist her up. "Are you ready?"

She positioned her legs where she wanted and stiffened her arms. "O.K."

I counted: "One, Two, Three!" But when I hefted her up, she put weight on her ankle and cried out again, slumping. This time my arms caught her weight fully so she didn't fall but my hands instinctively grabbed inwards and there I was: holding two handfuls of her D titties. This was like a circus show.

"Jim!" she exclaimed, but she was laughing too. Then she felt pain again: "Ouch! Let go!"

"I'm sorry!" I said quickly, and moved my hands down so they were at least under her boobs instead of holding them. I noticed how much heat was underneath those heavy globes. "Jesus Christ." I muttered, while I helped steady her on one foot. We were finally standing, looking around embarrassed. "Let me help you inside." I said, shaking my head.

"Please." She said, looking really weary. She put an arm around my neck and we cobbled up the sidewalk and thru the front door. She started to head for the couch but I told her to wait where she was, "I'll get the ice pack from the freezer and then we're going to the master bathroom for the first aid kit."

We made it to the bathroom in one piece and she sat down on my wife's make-up chair. Her ankle was swollen and a little blue but not too bad. I sat on the edge of the tub right in front of her, and lifted her leg onto the tub deck.

"You need to keep this elevated for a bit and not move." I used some gauze, wrapped around her foot to hold the cold pack in place. I said, "Let me clean your knee, Tory." "No, Jim. You don't have to do that." She began to protest. But I insisted.

"Listen," I said, stopping to look into her eyes. "I don't mind a bit." I wasn't flirting at this point. But I WAS holding her smooth calf in one hand and her thick thigh in the other. And they felt good.

We sort-of shared a moment looking at each other, before she said: "O.k. Be gentle. It stings."

"I'll be gentle" I said quietly. I reached for the peroxide and cotton balls nearby. I cleaned off the little bit of blood and put Neosporin on an oversized band-aid and put it on. "Was that O.k.?" I said, still looking holding and stroking her leg.

"It was good." She said quietly. "Thank you."

My eyes slowly traced up her leg, to her shorts, to her belly to her chest. "Oh my god." She followed my eyes to her right breast. "YOU'RE bleeding." I said. Her blouse was starting to stick to her bra on a small red spot forming below.

Without asking, I reached up and slowly peeled the shirt open. "Hey!" she started, and clasped her blouse shut at the top.

I cut her off: "We have to look at it. What if it gets infected?"

"Then I'll look at it. I'll just..."

"Tory!" I cut her off again. "Please. Just let me help." I used my eyes to tell her I meant no monkey business.

"Besides...I mean...tit for tat, right." I smiled to put her at ease. "I don't think you could be more embarrassed then I was earlier."

"Yes I could." She said. But that got a smile. "Alright..." She thought about it. "But be good." She took her hands off her blouse and slowly moved them to her sides.

I took a hold on her collar and started to open her blouse when she grabbed my hands and made eye contact. "And DON'T tell my sister about this." I knew she was very serious, and very right. I nodded.

In my shorts, against my will, my dick began to swell and my balls began to move. There is no way I can keep my slim 7" hidden in running shorts. But there was no way I was stopping, where this was going.

I kept looking into her eyes while my fingers found the first button and undid it. Then the next, then the next, then the next, then the last. Each time, her blouse would part a little more open from the strain of her big chest. And each time her breath would sort of catch; and her breathing seemed to get deeper.

I pushed her shirt open to her sides and stared down at her large bra. It was a front clasp type and the red spot was almost right in the middle of her right cup. I looked back in her eyes. "I have to take this off."

She looked flushed, red. "Well, I could just..." She looked down, searching for an alternative. And then back in my eyes, with almost a whisper: "O.k."

It was deadly quiet in that room.

I used both hands and pulled the two big cups together. I could feel the tension that the clasp was under. I separated them slowly until the tension was gone and her boobs fell a little, under their own weight. I decided to let the left cup rest lightly on her boob, not fully exposed. But I slowly peeled the right one to the side until I was looking at her whole breast, milky white with a few blue veins snaking from the top and sides of the round globe into a large areola with soft pink nipple in the center, which was smeared with blood. Even with the blood, it was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. And it took my breath away.

At that sight, in one smooth movement, my cock rose up, from plump to ridged wood, and pointing straight out toward her. My seated position hid its true size from her, but her eyes saw the movement of my pole and just stared at it.

There was small puncture wound from one of my keys and several scratches. The main cut was right on the border of her nipple.

"Damn, Jim. No wonder that hurt so much."

"I know." I sympathized. "I'm really sorry."

"It's o.k. It's not your fault."

I reached for the peroxide and wet a cotton ball. I cupped under her breast with my left hand, lifted it a little, and put the cotton to her nipple with my right and gently swabbed it. She jumped a bit, her breasts bouncing. "It stings a little."

I leaned my head down close to her breast and whispered "Sorry". And I blew a slow, steady breath on the cut. I took a few turns, alternating swabbing with the cotton, and then blowing warm breath on her beautiful, pink nipple until the blood was cleaned away. Despite the pain, her nipple began to respond to my breath and it began to wrinkle up a little. But that caused more pain and now she was gritting her teeth and breathing heavier.

But I was transfixed, watching it move and change shape under its own power. I kept blowing on it until the soft nipple was hard and tall, and the wrinkled, bumpy areola was the size of a silver dollar.

It took will power to drag myself away from the sight. But I sat upright and we made eye contact again, and didn't say anything while I prepared a small band-aid with Neosporin and then covered the wound carefully.

I hated to do it, but I grabbed the two bra cups and gently pulled them together, clasping the front and hiding her breasts again. Her arms were at her side the whole time, and she had watched me without saying a word. I reluctantly buttoned her shirt back up and then sat back staring at her pretty face.

"O.k." I said. "I guess that's good."

She looked like she was going to say something, then stopped and instead looked at her foot. "I think I can do without the ice now."

"Oh." I forgot. "Alright." I unwrapped her foot and she lowered it to the floor, testing it.

"It feels better now."

"Good." I said, unsure what to do next. I was rock hard and I knew it was not going away anytime soon.

Then she scooted off the chair and sat next to me on the tub deck. "Sit down on the chair. I'm going to look at your leg."

"Ummm." I fumbled for a second. "I'll take of it Tory. You don't have to..."

"Are you kidding?" She looked at me incredulously. "Shut up and sit there." She said simply.

I moved onto the chair in one quick motion. I couldn't hide my erection so I just didn't mention it.

"Let's see it." She said. I was only partially sure she meant the cut.

She was staring right at my wood as I started to pull my shorts leg up as high as I could. But I still couldn't see it. It was HIGH on my inner thigh, next to my balls.

"I can't get to it." I said.

She looked me in the eyes and said in a low voice: "Take those off."

"Tory..." I started. But I knew I was going to.

It was deadly quiet again as I hooked my thumbs around the waist and lifted my ass up, dragging them down, clearing my butt first and waiting till the last moment to expose my hard cock. But then, there it was. My long, slim rod pointing sky high. I stopped when my shorts were at my thighs. But the cuts were still too hidden to be accessed like this.

She never took her eyes off my blue steel as she whispered: "All the way off."

I swallowed, and pulled them down my legs and kicked them away.

"Let me see the cuts." She said, still staring.

God, they were so far up my thigh! I finally gave in and resolved to let my sister in law into my privates, the way she had let me into hers. I had to open my legs wide and completely expose my ridged member and hanging balls to her view. It was, at once, a most erotic and most embarrassing moment for me.

She grabbed a couple of cotton balls and soaked them in peroxide. She told me to lift my leg, so I lifted my foot to the tub deck and now I'm spread open for her viewing. The cut did bleed a little and the skin was beginning to sting some. She wiped it with the cotton and it stung more. I grit my teeth.

She noticed and got down on her knees. She lowered her head to the cuts, inches from my erect cock and looked me in the eyes. "Tit for tat." And with that, she blew her warm breath softly over the cuts. She wiped it clean with the cotton, and then blew on it again a few more times.

I watched her do this with wide eyes. I'm sure my cock was the hardest it has ever been. It was throbbing and then began to jerk on its own. Once clean, she prepared a band-aid quickly and blew on me one more time before covering the cut.

It takes two hands to put on a band-aid and when she was done, she let her fingers linger on my inner thigh, so close to my twitching cock. Then, without saying anything, she gripped it from below the balls, wrapping her hands around the base of my cock. Oh god, I was dying! She held onto me and squeezed tight like a cockring.

"Oh, Tory..." I moaned. I gripped the chair tightly, not wanting the most erotic moment I've ever experienced to end. A little precum actually squirted out my peehole. Her eyes followed it as it drained down my shaft. And then she stuck out her tongue and licked it before it got to my balls; licked the salty stream from base to dickhead.

There was no going back now. She had made up her mind.

She stared in my eyes for a moment while playing with her tongue in her mouth, tasting my precum. Then she squeezed the base of my cock even tighter, wrapped her beautiful, red lips around my cockhead and started bobbing short strokes up and down, concentrating on the head.

Over and over and over again. The same spot. Just sucking hard on my swollen dickhead. Barely moving, but bobbing up and down. I could feel the ridges of the roof of her mouth rubbing the tip of my peehole back and forth. This incredible, terrible act we were doing put me over the edge in less then a minute.

I still hadn't touched her, sitting with legs spread wide open, one raised on the tub and my hands on the chair. "Oh Tory, I'm going to cum right now! I'm so close."

She kept going, and going until I came right in her perfect mouth. Squirt after squirt after squirt, she wouldn't stop. The ridges in her mouth and her tongue torturing my sensitive, orgasming peehole until I was spent and shuddering from sensation overload. She finally stopped bobbing but kept my dickhead sucked tightly in her lips.

My ass had scooted to the edge of the chair during my explosion and my legs were spread eagle and she was staring in my eyes from between them while I recovered, never releasing my cockhead from suction or her tight grip on my balls, until I had calmed down and was breathing again. Goddamn, she was amazing.

When I recovered from the most incredible experience of my life I stayed looking in her eyes and just shook my head from side to side, not believing what had just happened. But the motion increased my peripheral vision and something looked different to me. So I turned my head to look again and so did Tory. We both saw my wife standing in the doorway at the same time. She was visibly shaking and her mouth was open and moving but not a sound was coming out. I don't know how long she'd been standing there, but it really doesn't matter, does it?

She turned slowly and then ran out from the room and a stunned, wide eyed Tory and I just sat there frozen, listening to one car door slam and then another. I really hope my little girl didn't see this. All at once, Tory put both hands over her mouth and screamed a broken, breathy sound. Shattered, with a look on her face so intense her voice could not equal it. She got up and ran away from me.

I put my shorts on in a daze, stood silently for minute, and then walked outside to change Tory's flat.

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