tagLoving WivesFirst Time She Was Shared

First Time She Was Shared


It was a while back when Tommy called me one day and asked if we wanted to go to The City with him and his wife this Friday night and party.

It had been a while since we had been up there and I decided, without asking Lainy, my wife. "Man, that would be would be great," I told him.

On Friday we were getting ready. Lainy was looking hot as always in a slinky little mini dress covering a thong and nothing else. But the phone rang, and Tommy said that he and Yola had a big fight, and that she has left him, probably for good.

So I told him let's go anyway. He can drown his sorrows in drink and the cleavage of some young hotty. He refused, and I then reminded him how many times he has told me he always wanted to go downtown without a girl, because all of the hot women in the clubs. He said no again and hung up.

So we sat there and wondered, how can we get him out? I came up with a plan: we will go over with a bottle, and try to console him; Lainy will do a little bit of a tipsy act, do a lot of bending over and leg crossing, basically a tease show to get him worked up; and then we'll take him to town and find him some company.

We showed up at his place, and he had already started on a bottle of Chivas. He was just sitting in a chair, relaxing. Lainy walked over and dropped into his lap. Her dress ballooned up, barely covering her crotch as she landed on him.

Lainy just sat there while Tommy enjoyed a look at those legs. But when he started to reach into her lap, she jumped up and exposed her ass. It was so hot that I was getting hard, and judging by the way Tommy was pulling on his pants, so was he. I found out later that she had put her basically naked ass right into his other hand, and she jumped when he started probing around with his fingers.

Our plan worked. We got Tommy out, and all night long we went dancing and drinking. I took it easy, as I was driving. I got to watch Lainy flirting and dancing with Tommy, and Tommy dancing with some hotties. There was grinding and touching going on all over.

One time I watched as some guy was pulling Lainy's dress down so he could better see her big titties. My god she had beautiful tits! Another time Tommy was holding that cute little ass of hers while dancing. And the women in those places, no wonder it's called Baghdad by the Bay!

At about 2 a.m., it was plain that Tommy was getting way too drunk to go home with any of the women that where showing interest. So we piled him in the back seat and headed home.

As we were driving home, Lainy started unzipping my pants and playing with my cock, still about half hard from watching all the action earlier. She said, "Damn honey, your shorts are soaked. All those hot bitches got you all worked up"

I told her that she was the hot bitch that got me worked up, and told her to suck me off.

She asked, "What did you call me?"

I replied, "Suck my cock, you slut!" I pulled over while she was jacking me; then pulled my pants down. She took her dress off, and climbed up so I could suck her wonderful nipples and finger her very wet cunt.

"Who is the one all worked up?" I teased.

"Shut up and give me that cock, you fucker!"

She started sucking on my boner, licked it, grabbed my balls, and then deep throated me a few times. Nothing is hotter than watching Lainy shove my cock down her throat. I started coming, and she let me watch my cum squirt onto her face and in her mouth. She clamped down while I held her head and pumped her mouth full of jizz.

She was humming and moaning in delight while two of her fingers kneaded her clit. I finished depositing my load in her face.

After a few seconds she looked up at me with cum on her chin, took her tongue all around her lips, licked her fingers, and smiled. "Peppery, like nasturtiums," she said. "Very nice. I love your cum. I should sell it for salad dressing."

About then we noticed that Tommy had been watching us this whole time. Lainy jumped and slipped her dress back on. We laughed our asses off, while Tommy cried for Yola, moaning how he needed to fuck her.

We arrived at our house and got Tommy onto the couch, falling asleep. We went upstairs to fuck. Lainy begged for some cock in her cunt, and cried, "I haven't been this horny my whole life!"

By the time we hit the bedroom we were both naked. She held my stiff cock while lying down, and told me to fuck her. But first, I crawled between her legs, licked her inner thighs and headed for her furry crotch. I sunk my tongue onto her clit, and nibbled and tongued her until she came. When Lainy has an orgasm, everybody knows about it. She is a screamer, and sometimes I imagine there is a peacock calling in the bedroom. We have even had the cops called on us.

While she was still lying there enjoying her orgasm, I slid my dick into her and started fucking her hard. She loved feeling my balls bouncing off her ass, and she reached down to play with them while I continued drilling her. It didn't take too long before she had another orgasm, and split my right ear drum with her screaming again.

I had to stop after she came, because I was spent. Fifty minutes of sex with her was like two hours ditch digging, or two minutes of combat.

She commented on how I didn't come, and I explained that I did in the car, and that it takes a while for me to recover sometimes. In fact, I had what I call a "ram rod." It was a hard-on I got sometimes that can last for hours while I had sex, without ejaculating. I would eventually end up having a very powerful orgasm.

She told me she was still horny, climbed up on me and mounted my ram rod. We started rocking back and forth, while I played with her tits. I might be overstating this, but I love Lainy's tits – nice firm C-cups with big areolas and nipples. If you ask nicely I might send a


Again she remarked on how nice my cum tasted. I said, "Wouldn't you like to taste Tommy's cum?" Hearing me say that really aroused her, and she started fucking me faster. She worked my cock back and forth inside herself, really strongly, while she came again.

She lay on my chest to relax. I was still rock hard and slowly pumped in and out. "Damn you're horny tonight!" she remarked. "Horny enough to watch me taste Tommy?"

I said, "Let's go!"

We jumped up and walked downstairs, still naked, into the living room. There was poor Tommy on the couch, still drunk. He longed for his woman, and had been listening to my woman in her orgasms. He was horny as fuck, and was jerking his cock furiously. Even from my heterosexual view, he had what I considered a nice big cock, 9 inches long with a big circumcised head.

Lainy looked at me and I just smiled. She went over to him, knelt down and started licking his balls. She worked her way up his shaft, and then slid his cock into her mouth. I got behind her and slipped my cock into her cunt, about the time Tommy opened his eyes to see what was happening to him.

I smiled at him as I slowly pumped Lainy's pussy. Lainy gazed at him while she licked his hard shaft and played with the pre-cum at the slit on his purple, circumscribed glans. Her hands were kneading his balls. Then with one hand she pinched his nipple.

He moaned and closed his eyes, as he started coming into my wife's mouth, just as she deep-throated him. I almost came as well, and had to stop fucking to let her concentrate on his cock. She pulled her mouth off so I could watch. His cum oozed out of his penis and all over her hand.

I loved seeing her hand with my wedding ring on it, as she touched another man's hard penis with his cum all over it like that!

She licked her lips and said, "Tastes good. Not quite like yours, but sweeter." She licked the cum off her hand, then from his penis and balls, while I shoved my iron hard cock back in her and fucked her some more. I wanted to come then but the ram rod effect wouldn't let me yet.

Her head lay on his stomach and rocked back and forth as I pumped her cunt. I could see cum on her face and in her hair. She played with his shrinking penis, wiped up cum with her fingers, then licked it off. Watching her lick her ring finger was really hot! Thinking about her deep-throating a man's cock like that was like pure porn.

When it looked as if those two had dozed off, I got up and fetched us each a beer from the kitchen. Tommy was very disoriented, but happy. Lainy had a smile on her face. She looked very happy, and told me, "Come here."

I sat down on the couch, between them, and started playing with her tits. She had a cock in each hand. Tommy was just looking all this over, shaking his head in disbelief. She took his head and pulled it down so he can suck her nipples.

Then Lainy bent over and started sucking me. Tommy watched and started playing with Lainy's tits and ass. Lainy moved a little and Tommy stuck fingers in her cunt, and when his dick got hard he tried to stick it into Lainy. I said, "I have to see this!"

So I got up and Lainy slowly lowered her pussy down onto Tommy's rock hard cock. I watched as it split her pussy lips and went up inside her. My god, I can't believe I didn't cum then!

Tommy's penis was about the same size as mine, but he had a real big dick head. Lainy later told me it felt very erotic, like a ball fucking her.

She sat on him and fucked him for quite a while, as he sucked and chewed on her beautiful titties. I just jerked myself and enjoyed it, the best porn I have ever watched – too bad we didn't have a video camera back then.

She saw me playing with my dick, then got up and started sucking me while I sat on the floor. She told Tommy, "You fuck me now."

They went at it doggy-style for a while. I enjoyed watching her tits bounce and swing while he pumped her from behind. Abruptly, Lainy said, "I want Tommy to really fuck me now."

I agreed. "Yes, I want Tommy to fuck you too!" I replied.

We went upstairs and Lainy lay down on the bed on her back. Tommy climbed up and put his dick into her pussy. Just as he got it all the way in, she came again. It's been a while since she did that with me!

"Damn you're hot, that screaming turns me on!" Tommy said.

He banged her really hard while I watched. His cock slid in and out of her hot hole while she played with his balls with her left hand. I went over and laid my cock in her other hand. She responded by pulling my cock to her mouth and sucking it. Tommy continued, really pounded her and made grunting noises. He fucked the living shit out of her.

I went around to the side and watched. This man fucked my wife on my marriage bed, with his ass going up and down, his cock coming almost all the way out and then slamming up into my wife's cavernous pussy!

She started moaning and screaming. Tommy pumped her full of cum and grunted, "Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung!"

Finally he collapsed on top of her. They were both breathing very heavily, and tried to catch their breath. I sat in the chair at the foot of the bed as I jerked my now sore cock, and watched them.

Tommy relaxed, still deep inside her cunt, as Lainy held his balls and caressed his cock. His cum oozed out around his shaft. I noticed she had gotten her wedding ring all covered with his cum again. Yes, that fucking turned me on!

I still sat there and jerked my ram rod. Lainy urged, "Come here lover!" Tommy rolled off of Lainy. I watched his engorged purple knob ease out of her snatch as cum leaked down over her ass – her pussy was full of it.

She noticed me looking and smiled as she stuck two fingers in her pussy. I tell her, "Put all your fingers in."

She played with herself, pulled her fingers out and sucked on them. "Sweet!" she said.

I took her hand and licked her ring finger, sucking it clean. "Yea," I said. "Sweet."

"Come down here baby," she said, and I got on top of her. I slid my rock rigid cock into her already-fucked pussy. More cum oozed out around my cock. I loved the sensation of her soaking wet crotch and felt my dick fucking her slimy, used pussy. To this day I get aroused thinking about that feeling.

All we could hear were the sounds of my cock squishing in and out of her cum-filled pussy and her moaning. I said, "This is very nasty, you know."

"I know!" she chimed. When she started coming, so did I. It felt weird, like it started at the base of my neck and traveled down my spine, and out through my penis. The end of my dick felt like a cannon as I squirted over and over. Even after I ran out of cum my penis kept jerking and jerking.

After I stopped pumping my hips, my cock still kept jerking. Lainy moaned every time it jerked, and clamped down with her vagina until my dick popped out. She shoved her fingers in her cunt, pulled them out and stuck them into my mouth. I cleaned her fingers again as I sucked on her ring and tasted sweet nasturtiums.

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