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First Time Swingers


My husband and I had been married for three years. Our sex life was great – I never had a reason to be unsatisfied and I like to think that he came away from each union completely sated. Lately, however, we both felt like we wanted something more…..we just weren't sure what. We were still fucking like rabbits and cumming in geysers, but it didn't feel like we were reaching our peak.

One day, my husband called me into the study. He had been surfing around on the internet, looking at porn (we both liked to read erotic stories and look at porn before retiring to the bedroom) and he found some sites he found intriguing. Swinger sites. My eyes widened as I read the page…lists of swinger parties in every state, city and town. I looked over at my husband and saw his eyes shining. He looked at me, I smiled, and we scanned the advertisements for our local area.

Many of them had restrictions, "No Single Guys!" "Couples Only!" and the like. I grinned, thinking of the horny hordes who would be wanting to join in the fun. I pointed out one ad to my husband; it was for parties held monthly on the other side of town, but it sounded promising. "We make every attempt to ensure our guests are made up of young, fashionable people who are physically fit and interested in mingling with other couples and single women".

"That one sounds good…" I said. My husband thought so too, so we decided to phone the number on the page and see how it sounded.

The woman organizing the party sounded quite nice. She assured us that, as we had never done this before, there was no pressure for either of us to participate if we didn't feel comfortable…although they didn't approve of people returning repeatedly just to watch. If we watched the first time and then went back for the next party, we would have to do so with the understanding we would join the festivities. The next party was in two week's time. Would she be seeing us there? A nod from me confirmed it. My husband said we'd certainly be there. The woman gave us an address and time for the party.

I spent some time deciding what to wear. I wanted to look sexy, and not too slutty, but I also wanted my clothes to be easy to remove. I finally decided to wear a long black skirt and a tight red top that buttoned down the front. I also wore what my husband affectionately called my "Fuck me" boots – black leather boots up to my knees.

In the car on the way, my husband and I talked about what was going to happen that night. "I'm happy just to watch, honey, if you don't feel like joining in", he said.

"Well, I don't know if I'll be joining in or not…I'll have to see how I feel when we're there. I am horny right now...but I don't know if I'll be able to fuck someone other than you. Or watch you fuck someone else. I know we've talked about it before, but I thought that was just fantasy. I don't know if I'll be able to cope with the reality", I said.

We found the address without any difficulty – a private house in a nice area. Lots of trees, and the house was quite large. I could see lights in the rear of the house that looked like they were reflecting off water – looked like they had a pool. We found a parking space not too far down the street and approached the house.

At the front door I took a deep breath. "Are you sure you're ready?" asked my husband. I nodded and knocked firmly on the door. An attractive brunette answered the door.

"Hi!" she said. "Can I have you names, please?" We gave her our names, which she checked on a list and then smiled and admitted us inside. I had no idea what to expect. Wall to wall people, fucking and sucking? But inside looked perfectly normal…people sitting in the lounge sipping drinks, people out on the back deck by the pool, people talking. There looked to be about 20 or so people there, Husband and I clasped hands and made our way to the bar.

We sat on one of the lounges, sipping our drinks and watching the people. A good looking guy approached us and started talking. In minutes we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves.

"I'm really nervous", I said. "We've never been to anything like this before, and didn't know what to expect. But everything seems so normal! Have you been to many of these things before?"

"Sure, a few", he said. "My girlfriend introduced me to this whole scene and we've never looked back."

I glanced around the room and saw that people were loosening up. Some people were kissing, and I saw a woman standing with two men, each of them pressed up tightly against her. One was kissing her and the one behind her was reaching around and kneading her breasts. I sighed shakily. Our gentleman friend followed my gaze and smiled.

"Do you like what you see?" he asked me.

"Yes…" I said, still breathing heavily. I felt a touch on my thigh, our friend had placed his hand there. I looked over at my husband, who was smiling at me. My husband then stood up and walked away, leaving me alone with this incredibly handsome man. He leaned towards me…it was now or never. I had to decide quickly whether or not I was ready to do this. And I was.

He leaned towards me and I met him halfway, our lips met and our tongues started exploring. He gently pushed me back on the couch, which was almost large enough to sleep comfortably on. One of his hands was cupping my face (which I always found arousing while kissing) and the other cupped my breast outside my shirt. I ran my hands through his hair as our kiss continued. I glanced around briefly to see where my husband was. He was standing by the bar, his arm around a short blonde woman. I felt a momentary pang, before realizing that I was hardly in a position to feel jealous, especially since my gentleman friend had started undoing my shirt.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh as he lay on top of me. He had undone my shirt, untucked it from my skirt and was now working on my bra. He reached behind me but after fumbling briefly looked at me in puzzlement. "It opens at the front", I said, smiling. I chose this bra for easy access, just in case. He grinned, unhooked the clasp, and started kissing down my neck towards my breasts. My back arched as he reached my right nipple. His tongue flicked out and circled the nipple and areola before doing the same to my left breast. I wanted to feel him skin to skin and pulled his shirt up and over his head before removing my own shirt and bra completely. We kissed passionately again, feeling the warmth of our skin touching. I hadn't done anything sexual with anyone other than my husband since we met – I'd had partners before him, but it was so long ago I'd forgotten what it was like to be with someone different.

I risked a glance around the room and gasped at the sight that awaited me. Over by the pool was a woman bent forward over a table, a man behind her pumping his dick into her furiously. Two women on the rug, one licking the other's pussy while the other was being licked in turn by another man. And my husband, standing by the bar, his long cock in the mouth of the short blonde, who hardly had to bend over to accommodate him. I moaned in pleasure at all I was seeing and found I was enormously turned on at the sight of my husband being blown by another woman. His hips were pumping gently as the blonde took his whole length into her mouth – no mean feat as my husband is quite well endowed. His hand was on the back on her head, guiding himself in, as she grabbed his ass cheeks for leverage. I could tell by the look on his face that he was close to cumming. I could feel myself getting wetter just looking at him.

Meanwhile, my own partner for the evening had put his hand up my skirt. I was getting so horny by now I could barely wait for my own pleasure, so I unbuttoned his jeans and started to pull them down. He stood up and removed them (and his shoes and socks) and stood before me naked. He then gently unbuttoned my skirt and eased it over my hips, which I raised to assist him. I bend towards my feet to remove my boots… "Leave them on", he muttered, throatily. I lay back on the couch while my partner ran his hands down the length of my body, from my hair, over my breasts, my stomach and thighs, my calves and feet. He stroked me several times, teasing my hot womanhood by not exactly touching my vulva, but getting close. I raised my hips, wanting him to get closer to me, and he started to kiss my thighs. Again with the terrible teasing – kissing around my vulva, lightly kissing my lower lips, but not parting them. I shuddered in anticipation.

At last, he spread my lips, and gently tongued my clit. I cried out softly – the teasing had put me in a state of near hysteria. I wanted this man so badly. He started licking harder, and replaced his tongue on my clit with his fingers, rubbing in a circular motion, while he tongued my hole, deeper and deeper. His tongue was so hard and strong, it almost felt like a small cock thrusting into me. I rubbed my own breasts, wanting more and more sensation. I wanted to cum, but I also wanted to feel this man's prick deep inside me.

"Please, fuck me", I whispered. He kept licking and sucking my cunt, but looked up at me with a smile in his eyes. At last he leaned above me, his rock hard cock rubbing against my cunt, again teasing my hole but not entering. I could stand it no longer – I grabbed his ass and pushed it towards me, his thick penis sliding into my wet, wet hole. The contact was velvet and exquisite, I had never had a man with a cock so thick and it seemed to stretch me. He kissed and nibbled my neck as he thrust himself deeper and deeper inside me. My boot-clad legs were above his ass as he pounded my cunt mercilessly. This is what I was wanting. This is what was going to make me cum. His dick rubbed against my clit as he fucked me harder and harder, and I could feel my orgasm rushing towards me.

"Yes, yes, oh God yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming", I moaned as my partner worked my body. I arched my back as I hit my peak. My lover let out a cry and I could feel him cumming inside me, hot and thick. He pumped a few more times as my orgasm faded away and he lay down on top of me, panting. My eyes had been shut throughout this, so I gingerly opened them to see what was going on. The short blond was busy licking up my husband's cum which had spurted out around her mouth. The lucky woman with two partners was busy getting fucked by one while sucking on the other's penis – they all looked pretty happy.

At the end of the evening we said our farewells and walked back to the car in silence. My husband unlocked the car and we got in.

"Did you have fun?" he asked me.

"Well, I told them we'd be back next month….." I said.

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