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First Time with Mom


Hello everyone.

The last story I submitted was actually the first time I wrote to Literotica. The story was about my first encounter with my sister Holly. I called that story "First time with sis". I have had so many other encounters with my sister since then and to the present day (2013) still enjoying our secret as often as we can. I will be writing and posting some of them to Literotica later on. As I mentioned in the other story, I did also have encounters with my mom and neither of them knew or know today. My mom and I stopped fooling around in 2004 when she turned 65 and I was 35. For now I want to share the first encounter I had with my mom.

I would just like to mention this; I am not a professional book or short story writer/author nor am I an English major. I'm just a guy who's writing and submitting his personal experiences to Literotica for the readers with particular interests and fantasies in this type of reading. If you are looking for professionally written stories or feel the need to comment like a publisher, then my stories aren't for you.

All people in this story are of legal age.

First time with mom

I had just come home from work. I walked into the kitchen to grab me a soda and something to quickly munch on. I noticed my mom outside in the backyard by the pool tending to her flower boxes that surround the pool. I ate my snack, grabbed my soda and went out to see my mom. She was on her knees leaned over one of the flower boxes. She looked nice out there. Since my sister Holly got married two months ago and moved out to her new place with her husband, I started taking notice of my mom, stealing peaks, accidently rubbing up on her but, stuff like that. Mom was still pretty. She was not one who went to the gym or anything like that; actually not many women did in 1987. At 48 my mom did have a little bit of a tummy and her ass and breasts had a little bit of sag to them, but in a sexy older woman sort of way.

I walked up in front of her and said "Hi mom, I'm home"

She straightened out her back and looked up at me and said "How was your day?" but as she did that I could see right down her loose blouse. Her tits were bare. I got a good look at her breasts and her nipples.

Distracted by the sight of her tits, it took me a few seconds to come back down to earth and then I replied "Fine thanks... It was long and tiring actually. I think I am going to go and lie down for a bit."

"Ok, but I will need you to light the barbeque for me before your father gets home so I can start cooking. I am cooking a loin and need it on there an hour before he gets home which will be around six like usual. So that gives you about two hour's mister." She said

"That's fine mom. Just yell up to me when you want me to come down and light this sucker." I said as I tapped on the barbeque walking back to the house.

As I was going up the stairs I couldn't help think about my mom's breasts. I mean I have seen her in her panties and bra before walking in and out of her closet or on suite bath, but I never had that buzzing feeling as I did this time. As I walked by my parent's bedroom on my way to the stairs that lead to my bedroom, I caught a glimpse a bra and a pair of panties on the bed along with my mom's clothes she must have worn that day to work. I sneaked in to see if I saw correctly and I did. SHIT I just realized that she was probably not wearing panties either while I was talking to her. I can't even remember what she was wearing except for her loose blouse I kept staring down into. I went up to my room and got undressed. I hopped onto my bed and started thinking of my mom in ways I had never before. I must have dozed of after a few minutes.

Something woke me up; I don't know what it was. I realized I was naked and had not covered myself with the sheets. Besides who cares, since my sister left the house no one really comes up to this level anyway. A little reminder, up here there's my room, my sister's old room, the washroom and T.V. room my sis and I shared. Anyways, I started thinking about my sister and the sex we had four days ago at her place while her hubby was on an overnight for work. Then I was thinking back at some of the quick fucks my sister and I sneaked when she was still living at home. I was rock hard and started stroking away while day dreaming. Then out of the blue my thoughts turned to my mom and the image of her tits while I was stroking my cock. I was feeling guilty but excited. Then I started thinking how she might not have been wearing panties and what her pussy looked like, was it trimmed or not. I started fantasizing that my mom was showing me her pussy and tits outside at the flower box and then my thought switched to me fucking my mom by the flower box. I started to moan and closed my eyes to try and get a better image of my new found fantasy, my mom. While I was slowly rubbing my dick up and down I starting to whisper dirty talk as if saying it to my mom "oh mom... mom, it feels so good, I love the way you feel, your so wet, I love..."

I froze when I looked towards my door and my mom was standing there staring at me with a puzzled look. She walked in, stopped and stood not five feet from me. She looked at my waist and back at my face. I then realized that when I froze, I had not let go of my still hard cock. That's what she must have looked at.

"Wow, that sounded sincere" my mom said softly. "I came up to wake you and figured I would straighten up your mess in the bathroom first and give you a few more minutes before getting you up, but I see and HEARD that you're already up!" my mom said with a smile.

"I'm soooo sorry mom." I said while pulling the sheets over me.

"What was all that about, I mean the whispering I heard? That's what got my attention." She said

Oh God... You heard me? I asked with full embarrassment.

"YES... and tell me what is it you love? From what I gather, I have a pretty good idea, but I want to hear it from you" She said with a devilish smile.

I looked at her in shock and said "Aw, come on mom. Can't you already see how bad I feel? I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

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Lõpuks unistus täitus

Nüüd on möödunud rohkem kui pool aastat kui ma kirjutasin,et tahan oma emaga vahekorda astuda,aga ema kartis.Lõpuks ta alistus mulle.Esimest korda ta värises üleni kui ma teda katsusin alt poolt.Tamore...

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by ROCKY7007/21/17

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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by swfb7006/09/17

come back and

finish your story

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by Anonymous06/02/17

☆☆☆☆ [(4) 3.9/5.0 = 78%] Like it very much.

You can write.
The story is erotic. The eroticism is understated, though.
From artistic standpoint this story is well rounded; it also can trigger a reader's erotic fantasy world. However this definitelymore...

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