tagIncest/TabooFitting End to a F--king Lousy Date

Fitting End to a F--king Lousy Date


Just so you know, this tale includes oral, vaginal and anal sex acts of incestuous nature involving young guy with huge cock. If that offends you look elsewhere for a read. In case you are a spelling fanatic please note that words are altered to mimic slurred speech from too much booze. All characters are 18 years old or older, and any similarities of characters, places or events to reality is totally coincidental.


I bounded down the stairs and quickly found my mother as I said, "I'm on my way for my date with Becky. I won't be out past 1 A.M., and yes I will drive careful just like you want me to." My eyes had scanned her body and I then went on with, "Wow mom, you look GOOD! Are you and dad going out tonight?"

Her eyes flared and she nearly screamed at me, "GO! Get out of here and have FUN on your DATE!"

Mom was seldom like this so I quickly retreated from the room and just called out, "Bye mom, love you!" Just then the front door opened and my sister Andrea stepped in looking hot and pissed at the same time. "Hey sis, good to see you! You are looking mighty fine tonight......."

"PIG!" she yelled at me cutting off my statement in mid word. "Where's mom? Never mind, I'll find her. I don't need any help from a MALE!" With that she stormed out of the room while I stepped out the door wondering what was wrong with the women in my family. Then I drove off in my truck singing along with my favorite tunes in an effort to remove the dark cloud on my mood that had appeared thanks the attitudes of my mom and sister.

I picked up Becky and we went out for light supper before going to our state fair. It was our second date and things were looking good. We had a great time riding the rides and smooching. Becky was very impressed when I won three good sized stuffed animals for her at the hard to win clip-joint arcade games.


While I was trying to have a fun date my mom and sister were doing the opposite -- no night out and no fun.

My married sister, 21 blonde blue eyed fox with a 5' 4" 115 pound 32C-23-34 body, found mom and gasped, "That fucking shit head did it again! We were supposed to go out tonight but his JOB took him away again! Damn I wanted to get him drunk enough so I could get fucked tonight!" By then she noticed that our mother wasn't exactly in a good mood and she asked "Gosh mom, what's wrong with you?"

"Oh...sob...I made reservations for your dad and I to have a nice romantic dinner to celebrate his birthday and then I hoped we could stay in town tonight and screw each other to the moon and back! But while we were talking on the phone earlier he said he couldn't make it for dinner and that he was going to be tied up all weekend at the office so he would just stay in town to cut back on gas usage! Fucking $4.00 a gallon gas! God damn it I got all fixed up to look my best for him and he pulls a damned disappearing act! I am so pissed I just want to get drunk....totally fucking wasted! Do you want to get smashed with me?"

"Hell yes, I'm just as pissed as you are!" Mom grabbed a fifth of Jack Daniels and broke the seal as Andrea grabbed two glasses and filled the ice bucket with ice. Moments later mom raised her glass and clinked it to Andrea's as she said, "Men are pigs...they can go fuck themselves!"

Sis clinked and said, "Fucking pigs!" Then they drained their drinks while my mom grabbed the bottle to refill their glasses.


After having a great time at the fair...and having locked lips passionately with Becky many times we decided to leave with our bounty and head to the local lover's lane. It was hard not to speed as I knew Becky was just as aroused as I was!

I stopped in a secluded spot and we were kissing seconds later and her hands were reaching nearly every where! About 10 minutes later her top was gone and then her bra quickly followed it as I reveled in the incredible beauty of her upper body. God what a hot teen she is! Several times she had stroked my crotch and my soft cock was soon reacting as expected

My left hand was massaging her right tit as I sucked her left nipple deeply into my mouth making her groan in pleasure. Her left hand pulled my face tighter to her chest as her right hand slipped down inside my pants and again she rubbed my shaft's tip. Then I felt her body stiffen as she ran her fingers along my full length. It was the first time she had felt my entire 10" cock and her fingers grew very tentative.

Still I was trying to push her to an even higher state of arousal by working her tit harder with my lips and tongue while my hand moved to her crotch and started working under her panties. She didn't seem to notice it as she spread her fingers along the length of my shaft once; and then again to find its end. Then her fingers gripped around my shaft without touching and she groaned, "Oh god my head hurts."


Moving away from me Becky looked away as she said, "I'm sorry Mark, take me home please. I, um, I have a headache!"


"Please Mark. Take me home...NOW!"


"NOW!" she growled as she snapped her bra back together and reached for her blouse.

The silence was deafening as I drove to her house where she exited my truck without a word. I got out and grabbed the prizes and carried them to her door. Becky looked surprised by that when she noticed them -- and me -- there right behind her at her door. She quickly shoved them inside then said, "I'm sorry Mark, it was fun for awhile. Goodnight." I didn't know it was possible for a person to step through a door and close it that fast but she did it! Shit, I think the 't' sound of 'goodnight' had just started reverberating in the air when the door clicked shut!

'Well...FUCK!!!!!' I thought as I got into my truck and gunned my engine. 'God damned fucking tease!' I mentally cursed as I sped down her street. 'Bitch knows she has me fully turned on and then leaves me high and dry! God damned cock teasing bitch!'


I pulled into our driveway, vaguely noticing my sister's car was still parked in the street. As I walked past the slightly open windows their voices reached me as they cursed the male species some more. Figuring I'd better get my feelings known about Becky before they started in on me again I entered the house saying loudly, "What a god damned fucking cock teasing bitch! Jesus I can't believe she did that to me!"

"What's wrong with you?" mom asked through her slurred speech while my sister cheered, "YEA! Chalk one up for our side!"

"Aw fuck you sis," I said.

"Back at you" she slurred out. "You're all pigsh anyway! I'm glad at leasht one of you got a dose of that medicine!"

"Don't piss me off Andrea; I am in NO mood for your shit tonight!"

"Okay! Okay you two, shounds like we are all in the shame damned boat sho why don't you grab a glassh and join ush in getting drunk!"

"Mom...um...are you serious? I'm only 18 or did you forget?"

"Tonight that doesn't matter! We are in the shame club sho we may ash well share our shorrows and have a dwink together!"

Damn that shit burned on its way down making me cough like mad while my sister gave me shit for being a little kid. Again mom tried to get in between us and smooth things over. "Look sis, I've had a bad night. You've had a bad night. But I love you and don't want to be fighting with you just because each of us is here....truce?"

She looked at me and her face softened as she said, "Well, shince you shaid you love me I guess we cun call a truce. Wha happened on yer date?"

Well, I told them quite a bit as by then I was on my third glass of that nasty shit that didn't burn nearly as much anymore. Andrea looked at me and said, "She did what with her hand just before telling you to take her home?"

So I showed her again how Becky spread her fingers wide and then again in a smaller stretch, along with trying to reach around my shaft. "Yeah right! Here I thought we were being truthful! Mom, I was right, they're all assholes!"

"Maybe, but oh shit...I need to PEEEEEEEE!" and mom drunkenly dashed out of the room heading for the bathroom.

"I was being truthful," I said to my sister as my eyes scanned her sexy frame.

"Shure you were! No guy ish like that!"

The whiskey gave me the courage to step right up to her and I took both her tits in my hands as I softly said, "Nice tits sis, VERY nice!" My sister's face stretched wildly in shock while I kneaded her boobs unmercifully. Slowly my brain realized that her boobs felt nice...I mean NICE!

It took her about four seconds to push my hands away as she gasped, "Jesush Mark, I'm yer shister!"

In my slightly booze clouded state I just stepped forward a bit more and grabbed them again as I groaned, "Yes you are, and your tits are mighty fine!"

"Bastard!" she snapped as her hand reached to my crotch...I'm certain intending to crush my balls in protest. "My gawd Mark, what you got in there!?" she gasped as her fingers tried to grasp my shaft.

"That's what I was telling you about you disbelieving bitc...sister," I said as I kept from saying the wrong word. My hands dropped from her chest and I stepped back two steps ending our contact.

"Oh no you don't," Andrea said as she stepped right back to me and once more stroked my now fully hard shaft through my pants. "Damn bro, I've never felt anything like thish! How the hell did my little brother get this?!"

"Hell I don't know. It's just been there for at least five years causing me nothing but grief and misery. The girls don't seem to like it very much."

Andrea looked at my crotch while our mom groaned in the distance as she farted in prelude to a mighty shit being taken. "That'sh really you," she asked incredulously. "Let me shee ith," her slurred voice said.

"What for?"

"Jusht let me see it...pleashe! I...I've never seen an'thing that big before!"

Even though her eyes were still locked onto my crotch there was a pleading look to them so I drunkenly thought, 'what the fuck, at least one female wants to see it!' So I stepped right up to her as my jeans and boxers hit the floor, my three-quarter hard cock swaying before her.

"Oh my gawd," my sister gasped as her hands reached out and grabbed my cock tightly, preventing me from even thinking about stepping away from her. This resulted in her giving me a two handed wank which quickly pushed my rod to its full size. Sis looked in shock as my cock extended past her hands in each direction.

Absentmindedly her hands squeezed my length and my cock jerked in her grasp, making her moan as her face glazed over as if in a trance. "Oh my god..." she said softly as her head moved closer to me. I twitched again and she groaned, "It's sho beautiful, sho big and hard and wonerful." Before I could say anything her lips slid around my tip as she pushed my hands away by taking me to the back of her mouth.

"Ohhhh fuuuuckkk," I gasped softly as she began working me fiercely with her incredible tongue. After about three minutes my sister moved her hands around my ass and grabbed my butt cheeks as she pulled me powerfully into her driving me deep down her throat! "Fucking hell! Oh god yessss!" I gasped as she pushed me nearly out of her mouth before pulling me fully back into her tight mouth and throat!

I doubt that she heard me over her own moans and groans around my shaft. Twice I had been lucky enough to get a blowjob from a date, but each of them only took about two inches into their mouth and NEVER went out with me again. But my god, what my sister was doing was SOOOOO much better! Sometime during the beginnings of her blowjob I had resumed mauling her tits. Sis finally realized it and pushed my hands away again, but this time she tore off her blouse and bra before she grabbed my hands and returned them to her incredible orbs. Damn they felt awesome to me.

What I didn't notice was that her hands continued removing her clothing as her skirt and panties were gone before I noticed it. I DID notice it when she pulled off of me; her eyes locked onto my raging purple shaft, and spun around then draped her chest over the table. "FUCK ME!" she snarled as her legs moved apart. When I didn't move she reached behind her and grabbed my cock then pulled me forward, stabbing my tip into her soaking wet pussy as she growled softly, "Fuck me dammit! I need cock!"

My cock knew it was finally inside of the promised land and told my hips about it. Without thinking my hips moved back slightly and then powered forwards impaling her fully on my cock. "Oh fuck yesh!" Andrea moaned. "Fuck me...fuck me hard and fuck me deep!"

I hadn't had nearly as much to drink as my sister had (my first time ever with the hard stuff) but still my mind wasn't all that clear so I just did what she asked me to. Each of us was groaning in pleasure as my hips worked on auto-pilot at giving my older sister the fucking she craved. After about five minutes sis was pounding her ass back at me just as hard as I was powering my cock into her, our skin slapping loudly together.

Vaguely I heard our mother ask, "What er you two doing...oooooooooooooohhhhhh.....out there?" Then a gusher of poop blasted out of her and she went silent again.

Andrea gripped the table tightly just before her head pulled back fully and she screamed "OH My GAWD!" Two quick gasps for air were followed by her body lurching violently before me as she came thunderously, her voice nearly inaudible as she tried to cry out, "Oh my god, I'm fucking cumming! Oh god don't stop! Shit that cock feels soooooo good! Don't fucking shtop!"

My cock had no intention of stopping until its balls were satisfied so I just ramped up my efforts even more. Slowly sis dropped her face to the table and slowly rolled it side to side as she groaned in pleasure. Three minutes later she lifted a few inches off the table allowing her hips to move and churn against my cock giving us both even better pleasure sensations. Suddenly her knuckles turned white as she gripped the table tightly and she cried out, "Pound that pussy! Use me...use me and take my pussy! Oh my god, TAKE IT! OH GOD YES!! TAKE IT! POUND IT...USE IT...USE IT... TAKE ME...FUCK...OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH MMMMMYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDD!"

As loud as she had been screaming she suddenly went silent as her body was slammed by her second huge climax on my shaft. The back of my mind told me this was a good thing, even as I wondered drunkenly if I should be fucking my sister.

Any thought of remorse disappeared when my balls churned in readiness. Andrea was coming down from her orgasm but the effect of her super tight pussy was becoming apparent. She looked down between her body and the table top at my cock slamming into her and groaned, "God yes do it! DO IT! I can feel you growing...give it to me. GIVE ME YOUR CUM GOD DAMN IT! Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh fuck yes THAT'S IT! Don't stop! OH GOD DON'T FUCKING STOP!" she cried out as I pumped my load into her.

If she hadn't started cumming just then I probably would have been finished. But instead her pussy tightened super tight around me and worked my length frantically while she came again. Once sis was finished shaking and her pussy had loosened its grasp on me I just kept right on pounding into her cum flooded pussy. My hands gripped her hips and started pulling her back onto me hard in time with my thrusts making her moan softly.

Andrea's face rolled onto its left side and she groaned, "Oh my god what a cock!" After a few minutes she started working with me at pounding our bodies together as she softly cried out, "Oh my god you're fucking me so good! Pound my pushsy! Take it! Take me! Claim it! OH my god yesh, claim me!" Her cries turned to moans as we rutted together there over the kitchen table, the sides of her face red from sexual exertion.

Once more I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft just before she screamed in release again, her body shaking wildly before me. Her cries were just sounds as she found word creation totally impossible. The intense sensations her super tight pussy were giving my shaft were just too much for me and I knew I would be cumming shortly after her climax waned.

Andrea somehow noticed my state and suddenly shoved her hips back HARD to disconnect us and then spun quickly around as her hand grabbed my bouncing cock and guided it to her wide open mouth. She never looked up at my face; her eyes glued to my shaft as she devoured me and quickly pushed me towards my second climax of the night.

"OH god," I gasped as her tongue sent me further into heaven.

"Um hmmm," she moaned in response.

"Oh shit..."

"Um hmmm."

"I'm gonna..."

"Gim it tlo mu!" she cried out around my cock. I groaned loudly and she pulled back then gasped around my tip, "CUM FOR ME!" just before her face devoured my shaft to its base.

"OH FUCK!" I gasped as my first blast of cum rocketed into her throat straight down to her stomach. "OH," I groaned over and over as she milked me of every last molecule of sperm that my balls could find. My second and third ropes went straight down her throat but then she pulled back until just my tip remained within her lips and she lavished my knob with pleasure as I managed to pump her mouth full with another four ropes of cum!

I stood there on weak knees as I realized that not a drop of my seed had escaped her lips but had instead very obviously been swallowed by my incredible sister. Once she was certain my balls were empty her suction lessened quite a bit and her tongue began lovingly worshipping the shaft within her lips. It didn't dawn on me that she had never looked up at me until I groaned out softly, "OH my god sis that was fucking awesome!"

Her body tensed and her tongue stopped moving on me as my words penetrated her drunken brain. Very slowly her eyes moved from my cock's base, up my stomach and finally to my sweat covered face. Suddenly her eyes bulged hugely and she yanked her face from me crying out, "Oh my god, NO!" Somehow she grabbed her clothing and ran from the room sobbing out, "My god I'm such a slut!"

I heard the bathroom door open then my mother gasp, "Jesus what's the rush?!" and then the bathroom door slammed shut. My knees finally gave out as I managed to make it to the chair I had been sitting in before all this started.

Our mother stumbled into the room asking, "Wha got into her?" Then her eyes locked onto my slowly softening but still saliva coated cock trying to point at the ceiling. "My god, what ish THAT out for? Oh my god...LOOK at that thing!" Her momentary look of shock at seeing me naked like that quickly turned to one of unbridled lust as she stammered out, "Oh my god, I've n-n-n-never sheen anything ash bewtaful as that! Oh Mark, it'sh shimply incwedible!"

By then she was on her knees before me with my shaft in her hands as she gently stroked my full length. A drop of left over sperm oozed out of my one-eye and she cooed excitedly before her tongue flicked out and slurped my tip clean. "Ooooo, that tashtes marvloush! Do you have any more for me?" Not waiting for an answer she slipped her lips over my bulbous head and sucked hard as her tongue went absolutely nuts!

"OH god ..." I groaned as she worked the first four inches of my shaft as if her life depended on it. She quickly had me back to full mast as she morphed her movements into full length deepthroating of my happy cock. "Oh my god...fuuuuuuck me!" I gasped as she bottomed out for the fifth time. Not needing another invitation she rose to her feet while lifting her dress to above her waist. Using her chin to hold the hem her now free hand tore her panties apart as she guided my still tightly gripped shaft to her suddenly drenched pussy lips.

"Ooooooooooh yessssssssss," she groaned as her hot pussy eased down around my shaft and settled fully onto me. Her eyes were closed on her lust filled face as my mother began slowly lifting nearly off of me before pushing my shaft as deep into her as it could go.

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