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Fixed Wright Up


Tasha opened the door of her camper trailer and took a deep breath of the morning air. Dappled sunlight filtered through the trees to fall on her nude body, and she shivered from a still-crisp breeze. She covered her stiffening nipples for a moment, pushed her long dark locks off her shoulders, and then made her way down the steps to the screen tent. It wouldn't be long before the mosquitos took note of her presence, and she wanted to be safely inside before that happened.

The magnets on the tent flap snapped together behind her, and she headed straight for the plastic tub below the picnic table. It took only a couple of minutes to retrieve the coffee maker from the tub, plug it into an extension cord running from the trailer, and get the coffee brewing.

The pot was only half full when the door of the larger camper next to her opened and her friend Cynthia stepped out. The blonde had been the one to suggest the nudist camp a couple of years earlier. She'd been pursuing a man, of course. Though that didn't work out, after a couple of nervous days, both women had discovered that the lifestyle agreed with them — to some extent.

The regulars were largely purists who refused to acknowledge any connection between nudity and sexuality. Tasha and Cynthia both thought that was ridiculous, and thus they didn't have many friends in the camp. The few friends they had and the freedom to cast away their clothing kept them coming back for more.

Cynthia yawned, stretched, and then came to join Tasha in the tent before the local bloodsuckers could reach her. "Morning," she said with a glance at the coffee pot.

"Morning. Almost done," Tasha responded.

Cynthia clapped her hands together and rubbed them in a gesture of eagerness. "Need to make sure we're good and awake. They should start showing up any time now."

Tasha smiled and nodded. Today was Nude Day, and it had become one of the pair's favorite days of the year. A decade earlier, a tradition of coming to the camp on Nude Day had started at the local college. The regulars hated it, but had to tolerate the intrusion of all the young, tight bodies because the one-day entrance fee they paid and the money they spent at the vendors was what put the camp in the black every year. It kept the annual fees everyone else paid low, so they endured the frolicking college students.

Tasha and Cynthia were looking forward to the parade of young naked studs. They'd both made sure to put brand new batteries in their vibrators in anticipation. In their early forties and divorced, it was a rare chance for the two friends to see such fine specimens up close and personal. Neither harbored any illusions about doing more than looking, as just as many tight young coeds showed up as men. But look they would, with great enthusiasm.

"I wonder if he'll show up this year," Cynthia mused while picking up her coffee cup, having seen the coffee maker finish.

Tasha didn't need any more clarification than that. There was only one person she could possibly be talking about. They hadn't even managed to overhear his name, and he'd been kicked out after only a couple of hours for lewd displays, but he had made a lasting impression on them both. A handsome face with a square jaw, the muscular body of a football player, and one of the biggest cocks either of them had ever seen, made him quite memorable indeed.

The mental image of him had given Tasha's vibrator a workout for a couple of weeks after his brief visit to the camp.

"We can hope," Tasha said while she went to fill her own cup.

The blonde added, "And hope he doesn't get kicked out so soon this year."

The two friends shared a laugh and then chatted while the sun climbed and the camp awakened. They had finished breakfast and the pot of coffee when the sound of silvery laughter heralded the beginning of the festivities. Shortly thereafter, a group of five young girls strutted down the road in front of the campers. The women were tossing glances behind them and giggling as they walked. Sure enough, a group of naked men walking at a brisk pace appeared shortly after the coeds had vanished.

None were remarkable, but they were young, reasonably fit, naked, and sporting erections that bounced as they walked. The two friends both let out quiet, simultaneous moans.

"I think it's that time," Cynthia said while rising from her chair.

Tasha nodded and said, "Uh huh."

The pair slathered on insect-repelling sunscreen, and made their way down to the beach by the lake.


Tasha and Cynthia chuckled under their breath as they watched the dripping couple be escorted out of the camp. They weren't the first, and likely wouldn't be the last, but they were certainly the most blatant. Tasha could barely believe her eyes when she saw the young woman riding the man's cock with only the barest attempt at subterfuge as she clung to him out in the lake.

"Do you think they'll make it out of the parking lot before they go back at it?" Cynthia asked as she turned toward their campers.

"I don't think Hank is going to take his eyes off them until they're out the gate."

"Probably not. Can't say as I blame her. He's yummy."

Tasha moaned, "Mmm hmm," in agreement. The young man was certainly a candidate to fill her fantasies when she pulled out her vibrator that evening. Her nipples were still stiff and she knew she was soaking wet from ogling all the young male skin on the beach for the last few hours.

She was hungry for far more than the sandwiches they'd come back to make.

"Let's hurry up and eat," Cynthia suggested. "The eye-candy is already thinning out."

Tasha looked up between the boughs at the sky. There was darkness on the horizon, and already a few gray clouds drifting overhead. "Not sure how long the weather is going to hold out, either."

"Well, it's not supposed to rain. If it just clouds up, it will cool things off, and maybe they'll hang around longer."

"Ever the optimist," Tasha said.

The blonde twitched her eyebrows as she split off to go to her camper. "If I was being optimistic, I'd be talking about which one I was taking to bed with me tonight."

Tasha shook her head and chuckled as she continued to her camper. She retrieved the French bread and tomato that would be her contribution to lunch, and brought them out to the tent. The two ate and watched a regular parade of college students — most now coupled rather than in groups — walking past on their way to the parking lot.

They were on the verge of returning to the beach when Cynthia's phone went off. She retrieved it from the bag she had slung over her shoulder, checked the display, and answered it.

Tasha knew it wasn't good when she saw the blonde's brow furrow shortly after she started talking to her daughter. Cynthia ended the call with, "Sit tight. I'll be there in a half hour or so. Bye."

"Is Annie okay?" Tasha asked once her friend put down the phone.

"Sort of. She got in a fight with her boyfriend and stormed out without her key to the house. She sounds more mad than hurt, but I won't know for sure until I get there to let her in. I guess I'll go grab some clothes. I'll leave you the key to the camper so you can take a shower later — in case I don't make it back tonight."

"Okay. Good luck."

Cynthia sighed. "I'm probably going to need it."

Tasha saw her friend off, and briefly flirted with the idea of returning to the beach. The truth was that without Cynthia there to whisper to, the idea was far less appealing. She also didn't trust the darkening sky. In the end, she decided to relax with a book and a glass of wine.

The clouds rolled in, but they didn't open up. The mesh of the tent did a good job of blunting the stiff — but not too chilly — wind that came with the clouds. Above, in the canopy, the wind seemed to be much stronger. The leaves and limbs were bending and whipping.

Despite the lack of rain, the ominous looking clouds had proved enough to discourage the visitors. The previous trickle of couples became an exodus of naked college students hurrying toward the parking lot. Tasha was glad she hadn't wasted a trip down to the beach. She was wondering whether she should start taking things into the campers when a cracking sound caught her attention. She looked up, though there was nothing to see through the solid roof above, and heard a much louder crack. It was immediately followed by the sound of something crashing through the trees.

Tasha screamed when the limb landed on the ground next to the tent, on top of one of the ropes, and jerked the entire structure toward it.

It took her a minute to calm her racing heart and catch her breath. The tent was leaning dramatically toward the downed limb, threatening to pull up the stakes on the other side and collapse atop her head. Tasha exited the tent and walked over to the branch. It wasn't huge, but she knew it was going to prove a challenge to move it by herself.

After a couple of experiments trying to lift the limb, she settled on tugging on the tips of the larger branches to rotate the whole thing on its broken end. It was hardly a perfect solution, but it was enough to free up the rope, allowing the tent to partially straighten.

Tasha walked around the tent, securing the stakes, and then frowned when she saw that the roof was still sagging and crooked. A quick look inside revealed why. One of the aluminum poles supporting the roof was severely bent.

That's just great, she thought as a breeze caused the tent to shudder alarmingly. She shook her head and bent over to pick up the book she'd dropped when the falling limb scared her.

"Need some help?" a voice asked as she stood up straight.

Tasha turned around and her eyes went wide when she recognized a young man who had once been her paperboy.

Boy was the last word she would use to describe the man standing in front of her. His face was the one she recognized, but everything else had changed dramatically. Lean muscle adorned every inch of his nude body. What was dangling between his legs most certainly screamed man. It was every bit as impressive as the one from the previous year that had so inspired her arousal.

While she was still trying to process the changes in him, recognition dawned in his eyes. "Oh, hey Mrs. Wright. So, you're a nudist?"

Tasha summoned up every ounce of self-control she had and the experience she'd gained in a couple of years of coming to the camp to appear nonchalant. "Oh, hello, Tommy. I've been coming here for a couple of years now. It's Miss, though. I'm divorced. You can call me Tasha, though."

"Yeah, I'm going by Tom now," he said as he approached. "Tasha it is. Looks like you could use a hand."

Your hand isn't exactly the appendage I need.

Tasha ignored the naughty thought that had sprung up in her head, forced herself to maintain eye contact, and said, "I do. I'm at a loss. That limb is too heavy for me to move, and one of the tent poles is bent."

"Let me get that limb out of the way, and then I'll see what I can do about the tent."

"Thank you."

He waved his hand in a dismissive gesture and said, "No problem."

Tasha couldn't keep her eyes from dropping to his tight butt as he walked over to the limb. She nearly wasn't able to suppress the moan trying to rumble in her throat when he bent over and picked it up by the heavy end in a bunching of muscles. He easily carried the branch a good distance beyond the camper, toward the thicker woods, and then heaved it into the undergrowth.

He dusted off his hands as he returned with his cock swinging. "Let me have a look at that pole."

Tasha's cheeks warmed because she'd been checking out his pole, and the words hit rather close to home.

She managed to keep it together and opened the flap of the tent to invite him in. He nodded as he walked past her, and she couldn't help but notice that his eyes seemed to linger on her breasts for a fraction of a second.

I'm naked. Of course he's going to look, she rationalized. It doesn't mean anything.

He looked up and didn't need any guidance to see the problem. "Yeah, that's pretty bad. It's bent bad enough that if it wobbles around, it might break. The way the poles go together, the whole thing might collapse."

"Do you think you can fix it?" she asked.

"I might have an idea that will work until you can replace the pole. Think I have the stuff in the car." He looked around, spotted the cooler, and said, "Perfect. We'll both need something to stand on. I've got a cooler in the trunk too, but I think I'll need you to hold things steady while I work on it."

Tasha nodded and gave a little shrug. "If you can fix it, I'll be glad to help."

He pointed a thumb over his shoulder and said, "I'll go get the stuff from my car. I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

"Okay. Thanks."

He smiled and said, "No worries. Glad to help." With that, he exited the tent and headed back toward the road.

As soon as he passed out of sight, Tasha blew out a long breath, shivered, and clenched her intimate muscles to calm the tingling between her legs. Without a doubt, Tommy had just beaten out all contenders for the lead in her fantasies. She knew Cynthia was going to eat this story up when she returned.

Three-quarters of her second glass of wine remained, so she took advantage of it. It was hard to get the image of his young, naked body out of her head. She knew she was going to have to stay in control when he returned, and she hoped a little liquid courage would help with that. After finishing the glass, she considered pouring another, but decided that might push over the line from courage to impulsiveness, which was the exact opposite of what she was going for. Drinking wine when he returned would also send the wrong message.

Or rather, would send a message she doubted he would be receptive to.

That decided, she peeked at her phone and saw that fifteen minutes had passed while she drank and mused. Unless he was really dallying, it didn't take anywhere near that long to walk to the parking lot and back. She was beginning to wonder if he was going to return when he appeared on the road carrying a cooler.

"Sorry that took so long," he said as he approached, "But it was worth it. There was an old antenna out by the office, so I asked if I could use a few of the tines. Aluminum will work a lot better than wood, which is what I was planning on."

"No need to apologize. You're helping me out, after all."

He shrugged. "Hoping to, anyway. This should work, but I won't know until I try it."

"Just let me know what you need me to do," she said as she opened the tent flap for him.

Tom sat the cooler down on the ground and removed a fistful of zip ties from it. The tines broken off the antenna followed. He then looked up and positioned his cooler under the spot beneath the nearly broken tent pole.

"Just need to get your cooler in place, and we can get started," he said as he walked over to grab it.

The second cooler found a home only a foot or so away from his.

"Okay," he said, and then pointed at where all the poles met. "What I need you to do is hold those up straight for me. Your cooler is full, so it should be pretty stable as long as you're careful. I think you can reach it, but give it a try."

Tasha put a foot on the cooler, and then accepted the steadying hand he offered before stepping atop it with the other foot. An electric tingle ran all through her from his touch. As soon as she was atop the cooler, it dawned on her that her sex was at a level just below his chest with him standing on the ground. She tried not to think about it and pushed up on the tent poles where he'd indicated. That served to lift her breasts, putting her in a pose that brought color to her cheeks.

"Push up just a bit more," he said as he climbed onto his cooler. When she followed that instruction, he said, "Perfect," put the zip ties in his mouth, and reached toward the bend with the aluminum tines in hand.

Tasha was keenly aware of how close she was to him as she stood in the provocative pose. When she glanced his way, the sight of his muscles working set off a natural — and powerful — reaction. Somehow, she managed not to shiver, and directed her gaze straight up at their hands.

Tom straightened the bent pole, and then arranged the four pieces of aluminum around it. He held them in place with one hand, and then dexterously fed one of the zip ties around the whole thing. After pulling it tight, he repeated the process with a second on the opposite side of the bend. With that secured, he quickly added a half dozen more.

"Okay, now let go," he said.

Tasha let out a sigh of relief when she dropped her arms, which were beginning to ache. Nothing budged when she let go. Tom gave the tent a shake, and then a stronger one. The result was the same. The fix was holding.

"That should get you by for a while," he said. "You can climb down."

Tasha stepped off the cooler, and the temptation was too great to resist. She had to take a peek while his cock was just below eye level. When she glanced at his manhood, that plan went straight out the window. He was rock hard and even bigger erect than she'd assumed he would be. A gasp escaped her before she could even think about holding it back.

"Sorry about that," he said as he stepped off his cooler.

She couldn't think of a single thing to say. If he hadn't stepped down from his perch so quickly, she wasn't sure she could have even torn her eyes away from the sight of his erect organ.

He said, "I know it's rude to get hard. They told us that when we came in, but couldn't help it."

Tasha looked him in the eyes, still searching for something to say to cover her reaction to his hardness, and what she saw within his eyes further tied her tongue. There was an unmistakable hunger there. He maintained eye contact for a moment, and then blatantly looked her up and down before returning his gaze to hers.

A crooked smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. What she was thinking was just as obvious in her eyes.

Tom reached out and ran his fingertips from her shoulder down to her elbow. Tasha drew in a shuddering breath from his touch.

"Do you want to..?" He trailed off and nodded toward her camper.

Every tiny bit of inhibition drained out of her with those words. She let her own raging hunger flow into her eyes and said, "God, yes."

His smile widened, and he quickly bent down to flip open the lid of his cooler. Out came a string of condoms.

"So, this was what you were after all along?" she said with mock seriousness that her coquettish grin completely belied.

"From the moment I saw you bent over from the road."

Tasha shuddered and growled. She then said, "Hurry," and headed out of the tent.

He was right behind her and grabbed her butt as they proceeded toward the trailer. "Damn, that ass," he said, and then echoed her earlier growl. "Always wanted to see you naked."

"Worth the wait?"

"Oh yeah."

Tasha opened the door and climbed the steps. He was barely inside when he pulled it closed behind him, and it took him no longer to pull her into a kiss. Their lips met with desperate intensity and not even the slightest hint of affection. Pure lust was driving them both, and they had surrendered to it.

One of his hands gripped her butt, holding her tight against him. She could feel the condoms dangling from his fingers, and his cock throbbing against her. The other had slipped behind her head and into her hair. Her hands raked along his back, reveling in the feeling of his muscles.

When they finally broke from the kiss, Tom tossed the condoms onto the bed, which nearly filled the small camper. Tasha gasped in surprise when he once again gripped her ass in his now unencumbered hand and quickly turned her with her back facing the door. He leaned forward, pushing her against it, and then the fingers of his other hand raked through the trimmed curls around her sex.

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