tagBDSMFixing the Stuck up Bitch

Fixing the Stuck up Bitch


I was sitting at the bar having a beer after a crappy day at work. Things were not going my way today. I was not in the best of moods. The door opened and in walked a group of girls. I looked up and cursed under my breath. Jen and two of her friends walked past me. I hated Jen. She was a high school classmate of mine, my enemy. Her eyes caught mine and I glanced for a second to see her give me a dirty look, before I looked away. The night could not get worse.

I decided to finish my beer and leave until my friend John walked in. He sat next to me and we chatted while sharing a few beers. I headed to the back of the bar to use the restroom. As I made my way down the narrow hallway to the restroom, Jen exited the women's restroom. I looked down to avoid eye contact. I turned to enter the restroom when the door unexpectedly swung open towards me. I took a step back and accidentally bumped into Jen.

"Look out you ass.", she quipped as she hurried past me.

I refrained from replying while wishing to put her in her place. Who the hell did she think she was? What made her think she was so much better than most people? I never understood the bitch.

I made my way back to the bar and shared a few more drinks with John. It was getting late and John said he was headed home. I followed him out the back exit that faced an alley. I stopped at the exit to smoke a cigarette before leaving. As I stood there, I heard Jen and her friend talking as they waited in line for the restroom, which was by the exit. I could tell Jen was getting drunk because she was talking loud, louder than normal. I felt my blood pressure begin to boil as I took a long drag of the cigarette.

"I can't believe Dave ran into me. He is such an asshole. What a fucking idiot."

"Jen, what is it with you two? You two have always seemed to hate each other"

"Marcy, he gets on my nerves. He is such a loser."

I took another drag of my cigarette as the voices vanished. I figured they must have had their turn in the restroom. I was finishing my cigarette and putting it in the receptical when the door opened in front of me. I turned to look as the body passed by and the door swung closed. I immediately noticed it was Jen. I quietly followed a few steps behind as she headed towards the cars parked on the other end of the alley, which is where my car was also parked. As she approached her car, I sped up and grabbed a handful of her dark, straight hair, which was pulled back in a pony tail.

I heard her squeal in pain as I pulled her from behind towards my car. I stopped in front of my trunk and begun unlocking it with my left hand, while holding her at bay with my right hand slightly behind my body. I felt her try to turn away from me. I jerked my right hand toward me and pulled her head back, almost knocking her off her feet. I raised the lid of the trunk and pulled my right hand towards the trunk. It felt like one swift move and I was shutting the trunk lid on top of her body, trapping her inside.

I quickly jumped into the car and took off, heading towards my college house I was renting. It had been three years since we had graduated. I hated her as much as the day I last walked through the high school doors. My apartment was minutes away so I had time to make a plan. I couldn't believe I had actually grabbed her and put her in my trunk. I could hear her cussing as I headed out of town. I turned up the music to drown her annoying voice out. I thought about the fact she had a husband and two kids at home as I headed down the highway. I imagined how happy they would be to have space from this annoying bitch for a brief period.

I pulled into my driveway and parked in the garage. It was Friday so my roommates headed home for the weekend. I closed the garage door and unlocked the trunk. I opened the trunk to see the worst glare I had ever experience. I leaned down to reach inside the trunk when she lifted her leg and kicked me in the face. I took a step back before regaining my balance. I shoved her leg back into the trunk then reached down and grabbed the ponytail once more. I yanked as hard as I could and dragged her out of the trunk.

Tears were running down her face as she scowled, "Let my go you stupid son of a bitch. What the fuck are you doing?"

"Shut the fuck up you whore. I cannot stand the sound of your voice!", I replied as I dragged her to the front of the garage. I held her at bay as I cleaned the tools off my tool bench table with one quick swipe. I caught a glimpse of the metal clamps attached to the tool bench table. It was normally used to hold a pipe or a piece of wood while they were being sawed. Tonight, it had a much different purpose.

Yanking her hair towards the table, I wound the clamps together. Her back smashed against the table and her back arched backwards as I held her hair between the clamps. She adjusted her body to keep on her feet. I felt her try to pull away, but I yanked her hair one more time, sure I was about to rip her hair from the roots of her head. I finished winding the clamps closed and let go of her hair. I took a step back and admired my handy work.

Tears were streaming down her face as she stood, bent backwards, helpless. Her eyes were closed as she sobbed. I surveyed her body, noticing her her tiny chest and hips were arched forward in an attempt to evenly distribute her weight. I ran inside and grabbed a scissors then cut her skimpy shirt from her body and removed her bra.

"Now listen here Jen. I want you to know I hate you with every living fiber in my body. I have never hated someone as much as you. You think you are God's gift to the world. You think you are so much better than me for some fucking reason. There was not one day in high school where I didn't want to beat your face in. If you were a man, I would have time and time again."

I stared at her ugly face and pulled her glasses off her face. Her eyes shot open. I knew she was practically blind without her glasses. One advantage of knowing her well was knowing her downfalls. Believe me, I looked for them for many years.

"Fuck you John. Let me go. You are going to rot in jail for this you bastard."

"Listen here. You are now going to be my slave. You will do whatever I tell you to and you will do it obediently. If you do not do as you are told, I will punish you and I will seriously harm your family. You have a lesson to learn."

"I am sorry, John. I never meant to piss you off. I promise. I have learned my lesson. Please let me go. This hurts so bad. Please."

I begin to laugh as I run my hands down the front of her body. My hands slide down her small chest. I never understood why she wore revealing shirts when she had practically nothing to reveal. I felt her nipples harden as my fingers ran over them and glided down her ribs.

"You tell me to let you go, but your body is telling me you like my touch."

"You are one sick mother fucker. I will make sure you die for this. Don't fucking touch me!"

"You mean like this?" I say as I run my hands over her chest again.

"You have such small ant hills. You husband must be so displeased with your lack of chest. I bet he wishes everyday that you had something on top of your chest. Your nipples are standing on end. I think you like me touching you."

"You wish."

"Listen. If you do not change your tone of voice immediately, you will regret ever knowing me. If you dare try screaming or running, I will kill your family. Trust me."

"Whatever you sick bastard. You are such a loser. You have always been a loser."

I smack her across the face then grab a hold of her protruding nipples and squeeze them as hard as I can. She tries to pull away only to be yanked back by her hair as her shoulders crash back to the table.


Squeals of pain flow over and over from her lips as I inflict pain upon her body. I hold on to her nipples a second before I clear my voice. I look deep into her piercing eyes.

"Tell me I am your master. Tell me you will do as I say and I will let go."

"Owwwwwww. OK you are my master. Owwwww I will do as you say. Stop please!"

I remove my hands from her chest and begin unbuttoning her jeans. She begs me to stop, but it is too late. Her jeans and panties rest around her ankles. I run my right hand down her arched mound, pressing against her outer labia. Her hips arch towards my hand as I giggle deviously.

"Ah you like my touch huh? You filthy little slut. Let's see just how much you are liking this, my slave."

My finger slips inside her lips, diving inside her inner walls. Her hips grind my finger a couple times before her hips rescind and try to avoid my finger. Jen tries to raise her leg and kick me away. I slap my hand against her pussy in punishment for her disobedience.

"You are going to learn one way or the other. I guess you are going to do things the hard way. That is okay. I will enjoy teaching you, you fucking worthless whore."

She raises her dangling arms and tries to swing at me. I decide it is time to restrain her arms. Reaching down, I grab her shirt from the ground and tie her hands behind her back. I slide my hand over her mound once again before burying my index finger inside her snatch. Shocked by the amount of wetness surrounding my finger, I withdraw my finger from inside her.

"You really are liking this aren't you? I know this will pain you to admit it, but I am actually turning you on. Tell me I am turning you on Jen."

"Yes, John. My body is sensitive. I cannot help but be turned on, no matter how much I despise you right now. Please just let my hair out. I will do whatever you say. I promise. No tricks."

"I must say I like your tone a lot better now. I cannot believe how much of a slut you are. Despite your immense hate for me, your body is begging for me to touch you. This is going to be fun."

I squeeze her ant hills in my hands one more time before turning away from her and heading inside the house. I return naked carrying a stool. I set the stool in front of her body and guide my hard penis towards her pussy.

"You are my slave. You are a worthless slut and I will treat you as such. When I tell you to do something, you will do it immediately with no back talk or defiance. I will train you to be my submissive slave. If you do as told, you will be rewarded. If you defy me, you will be severely punished. Do you understand.?"

"Yes, master. I understand. I will do as you say, just please do not hurt me."

Upon agreement, I slide my penis inside her and grind away. As I am moments from cumming, I pull out of her pussy and step up onto the stool. I stroke myself until my cum shoots all over her face and dribbles onto her chest.

"Swallow the semen in your mouth, my slave."

"Yes, master. My head is killing me. Please let my head go master."

I smack her face and tell her, "I did not tell you to speak. You only speak when I tell you to speak. You want me to release your head. Fine!"

I grab a hedger from a shelve and cut her ponytail off her head. Her head pulls away as she straightens her body. I laugh because her face is filled with total horror. She cannot believe I just cut all her long hair off her head, I can see it in her face. I push her back against the table and remove her jeans and panties from her legs. Now free to walk, I grab her by her bound hands and guide her inside the house. We walk though the kitchen and down my stairs to my basement. I tie her neck to a thick, metal pipe. I then tie her feet to the bottom of the pole and explain to her she is my pathetic pet.

Upstairs, I masturbate into a Popsicle maker until it is full and place it in the freezer then go shower. The hot water runs down my tired body. My mind is racing a million miles a minute. I build a plan in my head for Jen now that I have time to think.

Just before bed, I return to the basement to check on my pet. She is standing against the poll sobbing. I untie her hands from her back only to retie them to a cross-section pipe above her head. I pull up a stool bar for her to sit on. I untie her feet then bind them separately to the bottom of the stool, exposing herself to my whim. I turn out the lights and head upstairs to my bed.

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