tagNonHumanFlesh For Fantasy Ch. 07

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 07


"Commander Yadoni! He's waking up."

Jamie blinked several times, wincing at the strength of the light that was searing his eyeballs. "Damn! Get that light out of my eyes, will ya?"

"Welcome to our ship, member of Earth."

The light faded substantially and it took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust to the strange violet light that now surrounded him. Jamie sat up on the table, his mouth hanging open as he took in the two beings that stood before him. "What the hell ... "

"I am Commander Yadoni. This is my subordinate, Soloni. We are from the planet Arcturus Prime and we have been studying you for several timons."

The shorter of the two cleared his throat and whispered, "Weeks, sir."

"Ah, yes. Thank you, Soloni. We have been studying you for several weeks."

"Studying me? What for and why me?"

"We have been studying several humans like yourself but you are a special case."

"And why is that?"

"Your sadness." The red-skinned man moved closer, lifting one hand and touching a tentacle to Jamie's chest. "You ache here."

He knew that the being was above-average intelligence since they were speaking mind-to-mind with him but for them to understand emotion blew him away. "Yes," He stammered. "I do."

"But your sadness went away with Carina."

"Is that her name?"

"Her name is whatever you want it to be, member of Earth. Soloni searched your Earth internet and we chose her name from among the ones we found." Yadoni happily returned the smile that the human emitted. This subject was turning out to be far more trusting than the others. Perhaps they would not have to destroy this one's mind. "We fed you images first ... "

"Dreams! You gave her to me in dreams!"

"Yes. Actually, we gave you several but you reacted most strongly with her. So we sent her to you to study your further reactions."

Jamie nodded. He faintly remembered the other girls from the dreams but it had been Carina's impish smile and lovemaking that had caught his heart. "So where is she?"

"Resting in the next room. We have deactivated her for the time being. She is not fitted with infinite power so she must have down time."

"I see." Jamie looked around the room, taking in the banks of buttons and bars of flashing lights. "So what am I doing here?"

"We would like to examine you."

"I don't know about that. I've seen stuff on TV where you guys stick people with needles and probe places ... "

"No need to worry about that, member of Earth. Our examination will be highly pleasurable on your part." Soloni stepped forward, licking his lips and letting his extremely long tongue hang out for a moment. When he was satisfied that the human had seen it, he pulled it back in and smiled. "All you will be required to do is to ejaculate."

Jamie stared at them for a moment. "Really?"


"And that's it?"

"That's it. You will also have to let us swallow, but I didn't think you'd have a problem with that."

"Uh, no."

Commander Yadoni seemed pleased. "Good. First, you shall share a kiss with Soloni."

"A kiss? I have to kiss him?"

"Am I unattractive to you, member of Earth?"

"No, but you are of my gender and I don't swing that way."

"Ah, I understand. Well, we have no gender as you do. If we wish to procreate, we merely do so."

"You don't fuck each other?"

"No, although we have kissed."

"Oh, man! You're missing out on something really fantastic."

Yadoni and Soloni glanced at each other, remembering how hot watching the human and the doll fucking had made them. The kiss they had shared as they mutually masturbated and ejaculated together had been incredible but to have actual penetration ... "If one of us was willing to consent, would you perform the act?"

"You mean, fuck you?" Yadoni nodded rapidly. "Yeah, sure, but I want something out of all this."

"Name it."


Again, the two beings glanced at each other, then Soloni said something in a language that Jamie couldn't understand. Yadoni answered and they both shook their heads. "We agree. Soloni has volunteered to be your subject but I reserve the right to be fucked also."

"You do realize that I won't be able to do it again right away?"

"Yes. I know that you need an interval to recharge. I am fine with that."

"Good." Jamie lay back on the table, his hand stroking his cock into life and smiling as he watched the expression of awe on Soloni's face. "Get that tongue out and suck on me, Soloni."

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