tagNonHumanFlesh For Fantasy Ch. 08

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 08


Soloni slowly approached the table, his eyes locked to the human's purple-red pole. The tubes in his mouth began to stiffen and emerge, the tips filling with ejaculate. "We must share a kiss first." Jamie nodded and sat up, his hand firmly wrapped around his meat and stroking it ever so slowly.

"Okay but don't stick that monster tongue down my throat. I might throw up."

Soloni nodded, letting his tongue curl around and caress his genitals. It felt so good. No wonder that self-touching had been outlawed on Arcturus Prime. He stepped closer, giving the tender tubes a final lick before he opened his mouth and covered Jamie's. By tilting his head, he kept most of the liquid in his own mouth and swallowed rapidly, saving a teaspoonful to share with the human. He wanted to see if Arcturian ejaculate had the same effect on Jamie as it had on them.

Jamie felt strange, kissing the alien, especially open-mouthed but when the peach-flavored substance hit his tongue, he groaned. His cock seemed to plump even more and every nerve ending screamed sex. When Soloni pulled back, Jamie grabbed him by the back of the neck and kissed him again, rubbing his tongue all over the inside of the alien's mouth, seeking more fluid. There was no more to be found and the urge to fuck overwhelmed him. He released Soloni who stumbled backward and gave a knowing smile to Yadoni.

"I think he likes it, Commander."

"Then let him drink from me also."

Yadoni moved forward, taking Jamie's head in his hands and sliding his open mouth over that of the human. Again, Jamie whimpered, his nipples hardening as Yadoni's adept tongue slid over his. When his tongue touched the tube, he broke the kiss, stunned. "What the hell is that?"

"Those are our penii."

"Penii? As in penis?"


"I thought you said you didn't have a gender."

"We do not but we do require genitals."

"And your genitals are in your mouths?"


"Then what was that that I just tasted in Soloni's mouth?"

"Ejaculate, of course."

Jamie just sat staring at the beings for a few long moments, weighing his emotions. Finally, he shrugged with a smile. "Tastes great!"

Yadoni grinned. "You'll get a lot more if you rub the tubes with your tongue. Our ejaculate contains an enzyme that seems to make humans want to fuck."

"Then you'd better have something ready for me to fuck."

Soloni undid his uniform, letting it drop to the floor and turning his back on them. In the center of his neck was a large pink orifice, its edges glistening with silvery liquid. Jamie would have sworn that it was a pussy by the looks of it but it smelled like cherries. No twat he'd ever had had smelled like fruit ... except Carina's. Yadoni moved forward again and let his tentacled hands grip Jamie's waist, enjoying the feel of the mouth before the touch of the human's tongue made him gasp.

The human certainly knew what he was doing. His rough tongue stroked Yadoni's tubes and they swelled larger than they ever had before. Just when the commander thought he couldn't take any more, the tips burst and the sweet ejaculate came pouring out. Jamie tilted their heads so that the liquid spilled into his mouth and he whimpered like a feeding baby, drinking every drop he could. When the aliens saw that the irises of the human's eyes had turned orange, they knew that he was under the influence.

Soloni knelt, putting the opening at crotch level and listened as the human jumped down from the table. Yadoni licked his lips, his own fever burning and moved closer, watching Jamie's hand slide up and down the shaft of his tool, distributing liquid that was oozing from the tip down its length. Quickly, the commander stopped the human and bent, his tongue flicking into the hole and scooping some of the pre-cum out.

"Soloni, when he has ejaculated in you, you must let me clean you."

The being nodded with a shiver. That would be an added treat. "Yes, sir."

Jamie grabbed the alien's slight shoulders and slammed his cock into the juicy opening, groaning loudly as the space enclosed his hot prick. It was like a woman's pussy except the muscles were stronger and they gripped him tightly but not enough to hurt him. The suction they provided kept him hard and Jamie took his time with each stroke, heeding the burning in his veins. He noticed that the alien had begun to make a grunting noise each time he pushed in and he fleetingly wondered if it was close to cumming.

His question was answered minutes later when Soloni's body began to glow and a cry of pure pleasure split the air. The opening clamped down on Jamie's rod and what felt like a thousand rippling fingers stroked his meat, hurtling him over the edge. Spurt after spurt fired from him, milked by the alien and he fell to the floor, unconscious. Yadoni bent and licked his softening cock clean, then knelt behind Soloni, licking the cavity clean and bringing his subordinate to another screaming release.

After returning the human to the resting table and ensuring his comfort, the commander sat with Soloni, gazing at his still-glowing subordinate. "Well? Was it good?"

"Commander, it was the singular most fantastic experience of my seven centons of life. I cannot return to Arcturus Prime with you."

"Why is that?"

"Because I must have this human cock every day. Maybe more."

"Soloni, we must return. If we do not, the Primor may decide to raze the planet. It's obvious that these humans are a peace-loving people."

Soloni shivered, resisting the urge to touch his throbbing orifice. "I do not wish to return to the life we had on Arcturus Prime, Commander."

Commander Yadoni glanced at Soloni and sighed. "Then what shall we do?"

"I have the perfect idea." Soloni grinned.

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