tagLesbian SexFlight 152

Flight 152


There I sat thinking to myself, I can't take it, I need it, God I need it. I glance around me and notice a woman sitting across the isle. There she sat rubbing her legs together, her calves exposed. Our eyes meet & we smile at each other. She licks her lips & pulls her skirt up slightly showing me her knees. I take a deep breath as I smile back. She speaks to me through her eyes; I can tell she was thinking the same that I was just a moment ago. She stands up and slightly motions for me to follow her. I stand & follow her, being sure to leave space between us so no one notices. She walks to one of the small restrooms at the back of the plane; she opens the door and smiles as she enters. I walk into the small cramped room pushing us closer together.

She leans over and kisses me passionately, our tongues move wildly in each other's mouths. Our hands begin to move over one another's bodies, we caress each other through our clothing. Her hand moves under my blouse and bra cupping my large breasts in her warm hand. She sits on the edge of the sink, pulling her skirt up as she spreads her legs wide. My hand moves down under her skirt, moving aside her underwear, feeling her neatly kept pussy. My finger tips begin to spread her lips apart, I can feel her grow wetter as I do this. My two fingers slide smoothly inside of her, wiggling them around vigorously in her hot wet pussy. She tosses her head back with pleasure. Wanting to please her further I look into her blue eyes and kneel at the sink, placing her pussy directly in front of my face.

I begin to tease her clit with my tongue, while she places a hand on my head as she moans quietly. My fingers penetrate her slowly moving in and out, I can feel her juices start to run down my fingers and onto the palm of my hand. I can hear a small squish every time I push further inside her pussy. My tongue moves over her clit, flicking it softly. I can feel her body twitch ever time that I flick her. I begin to roll my tongue over her clit, licking it with the flat of my tongue. I can feel become wetter and wetter the more I do this, her juices drip down onto my bottom lip. Just the taste of her drives me crazy, my tongue moves harder and faster. My fingers struggle to keep up the pace, penetrating her deeper and deeper. Her hand holds my head closer, burring my face in her pussy.

She slips off the small sink; letting some juices trickle down her leg. We trade spots and I slid onto the sink pulling my skirt to my waist, exposing my soft shaven pussy. She kneels in front of me, and smiles as she moves closer. Her tongue spreads my lips, and licks back and forth, slipping the tip of her tongue inside, wiggling wildly. My hand moves to her head, and I run my fingers through her soft hair, as she gives me pleasure. She sits back for a moment and smiles up at me teasingly. She puts a finger in her mouth and sucks, making it wet then she slides that finger between my pussy lips moving further back, closer to my ass. She slips the tip inside of my tight ass, allowing a moan to escape my mouth. Seeing that I enjoy this she pushes her finger further inside and begins to lick my clit wildly. My juices flow, and I start to drip as she fingers me faster, and faster. Trying to keep quiet I bite my lower lip naturally I push my hips forward, giving her better access to my body. I keep throwing my head back with pleasure trying hard not to make a noise. The more I do this the faster and harder she licks me. Her finger goes deeper inside, adding another finger at the same time, stretching out my little hole with her fingers. My juices flow more and more; they start to run down between my lips, and to my ass where her fingers penetrate me fast.

We hear the captain speak, "Ladies & Gentlemen, please return to your seats as we are approaching our final destination" giving me one last thrust and lick she stands up and licks her lips, tasting my juices on then, and feeling some on her chin as well. She whips her faces and straightens her skirt. I slip off the sink and do the same, fixing my shirt and smoothing my skirt. We look into each other's eyes and grin, we move closer and kiss deeply one last time. Her hand reaches around my head and she runs her fingers through my long hair. My hand reaches over to her face and touches her soft cheek gently.

We open the door and find a man staring at us, grinning from ear to ear, probably hard as a rock from the thought of us together. If only he knew what had just gone on in that small room, probably fulfilling one of his many fantasies. We casually walk back to our seats and act as if nothing had happened. On our way to the baggage claim she walks up to me, we smile at each other remembering the flight that we were just on. The only words that are exchanged between us are our names, blushing slightly while we speak at the thoughts and feeling this stranger gave just moments before. I look back at her and smile as we walk our separate ways, knowing that I will never forget flight number 152.

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