tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlirting with The Neighbors Ch. 01

Flirting with The Neighbors Ch. 01


Bobby loved Bonnie. She was a pretty, petite, blue-eye blonde with a sexy figure and B cup tits, and she loved him. He was a tall, good looking, linebacker type that had put a few pounds around his middle after he stopped playing organized sports, but didn't stop drinking beer and eating fast foods.

Childhood sweethearts, jobs, family commitments and marriage had changed their relationship and gotten in the way of making love. There was never any time. It wasn't erotically spontaneous the way that it was when they were dating. Their flames of passion had extinguished.

They even stopped kissing, except for the peck in the morning before they went off to work in separate directions and the peck at night before they put their head on the pillow and turned the other way to sleep. She used to spoon him and feel the comfort of his warmth while draping her arm over his body with her hand in constant contact with his cock and her fingers playing with the head of his penis. He used turn to hump her and feel her tits and play with her nipples with his fingertips.

Once a week, they'd roll to one another and make love, but that routine had suddenly taken a back seat to sleep. He couldn't remember when he made love to his beautiful wife last. It had been months. Instead he masturbated in the bathroom every morning while thinking of watching his wife sucking and fucking two men.

They were depressed and in a rut. Thinking back for the cause, the catalyst that had ended their happiness was when their doctor told them that they were unable to have children. Immediately they thought of adoption, but the financial cost to adopt a baby was far beyond them.

But after watching the horrific 9/11 nightmare unfold, they realized that they needed to appreciate what they had. Things could always be worse. They should have a problem.

It was then that they stopped taking one another for granted. In the days, weeks and months that followed the sun shined brighter, the birds sang sweeter, and Bobby and Bonnie made love more regularly. He stopped surfing the net for porn, cutback on drinking beer, watched what he ate, and began working out again.

She stopped pulling weeds, cleaning the house to hospital standards, and spent less time complaining to her sister and mother about him and about life as a frustrated housewife. She began doing her hair, painting her nails, and buying sexy clothes. As a couple they soon became the envy of the neighborhood. The sexually frustrated husbands wanted to bang Bonnie and the unfulfilled wives wanted Bobby to pay them some flirtatious attention.

The months that passed invigorated their sex life and after a while they were ready to take their happily married couple act outside and into the neighborhood. Instead of coffee, tea, and polite but boring conversation after church on Sunday, alcohol, flirting, and innuendos began spicing up their weekend barbeques. They had decided that they would enjoy, instead of endure, a childless marriage. They looked forward to not only a sexually enlightened marriage but also to a mutually open and erotically enriched relationship.

Nothing was preplanned or discussed with regard to their evolving sexuality. It started innocently enough with an accidental up skirt or down blouse peek that Bonnie gave and Bobby noticed when one of the neighborhood husbands stopped by to chat with him.

He watched them watch Bonnie while she squatted down in her cute little sundress working in the garden. If they sat in a lawn chair across from where she worked, they were rewarded with an up skirt view of her panties. If they stood and looked over her shoulder, they were rewarded with a great down dress view of her tits.

It turned him on to watch his friends and neighbors leer at his sexy wife while she seemed so unaware of their lustful desire for her. She never wore a bra with the particular sun dresses she wore when working in her garden and her top always fell forward and opened giving whoever stood over her a spectacular view of her ample and shapely breasts. If they peered closely enough, they could occasionally see the appearance of her areolas and her nipples.

He'd leave them alone on the pretense of having to make a telephone call, get a couple of beers or hit the bathroom so that he could watch his neighbor from the upstairs window staring at his wife's sexy body. It turned him on to watch his neighbor and/or friend now thinking that he was alone with Bonnie take more liberties by staring longer and leering closer at his wife while she mindlessly squatted down pulling weeds while making polite conversation.

For Bobby, it began with a stolen drunken kiss of a neighbor's wife and a quick touch of a tit or a feel of an ass while the wife of his neighbor furtively and quickly groped his erection through his pants. Always they stopped short of her unzipping him, pulling out his cock, falling to her knees and taking him in her mouth. They managed to stop just before anyone caught them seductively playing sexual games in the kitchen.

Yet, even though all the men noticed her, Bonnie was sometimes oblivious to the attention that she received from other men. Every time they went out to eat, to the movies, or to have a drink, had Bobby not been there as her protector, there would have been several men trying to hit on her. Her makeover from bored housewife to hot, sexy siren had made her stunningly gorgeous and lustfully desirable.

Much like the woman in the song by Sammy Kershaw, 'She Doesn't Know She's Beautiful,' "We go out to a party somewhere...The moment we walk in the door...People stop and everybody stares...She don't know what they're staring for...She don't know she's beautiful...(never crossed her mind.) She don't know she's beautiful... (no she's not that kind.) She don't know she's beautiful...though time and time I've told her so."

Yet, like a flower that blossoms in the Spring, it was this Spring that Bonnie began to notice her beauty and notice the attention that she received from men.

While the other wives never lost the weight they gained with each child birth, Bonnie maintained her shapely figure with diet and exercise. Without having to care for children and with only herself and Bobby to worry about she had the time to look her best.

One weekend Bonnie wore a very short skirt with a low cut top. Her tight top flattered her shapely figure and her short skirt showed off her long, sexy legs. When she sat on the lawn chair her skirt hiked higher up and left a triangular opening over her thighs giving anyone sitting across from her an unobstructed view of her panty clad, camel-toed pussy. Jim, Sharon's husband, made sure that he sat across from Bonnie hoping for a peek.

The more she drank the more she relaxed and the further she unconsciously parted her knees giving anyone sitting across from her a nice view between her thighs of her sheer, white bikini panties. The more she crossed and uncrossed her legs, and the more she got up and down, the higher her skirt climbed until her skirt rested at the top of her shapely thighs and her white bikini panties were plainly in view to all who looked in her direction.

Then, when she leaned forward to load a cracker with dip she also rewarded anyone sitting across from her or anyone standing over her with a nice down blouse view of her white bra and abundant cleavage. Bonnie gave all the men an arousing display of her God given assets. There was not a man present who did not have an erection or a woman who didn't suddenly have a jealous headache.

Even when it was obviously the man's fault and not the woman's fault, there are those guys who blame their wives for unwanted sexual attention, even calling them sluts and whores and accusing them of being unfaithful. There are those guys who are jealous that other men lust after their wives, even so much as starting a fight with them for staring to see what their wives are blatantly or innocently showing and then arguing with their wives later for exposing themselves.

Instead of being angry or jealous, it turned Bobby on knowing that men lusted after his wife, wanted his wife, and even fantasized about having sex with his wife as he imagined them jerking off over her. That, without doubt, was his biggest fantasy. He'd love to sit and watch Bonnie do another man or maybe two men at once. It made his cock hard to think about it and that was his favorite fantasy to jerk off to when alone and horny and thinking about Bonnie being fucked by one man and blowing another man at the same time, all the while she was bound and blindfolded.

It turned Bobby on to see and watch his beautiful wife expose her sheer, white bikini panties and most of her bra covered tits to her neighbors. It aroused him knowing that he was going to bed with her while Jim was going home with Sharon and the others with their not as desirable wives.

He couldn't wait to tell her that all the men saw what was or should have been hidden beneath her low cut top and short skirt. He couldn't wait to find out if she had done this by accident or on purpose. What did it matter? The men all saw her camel-toed panty clad pussy and most of her tits whenever she leaned forward.

Later that night, while Bonnie sat at her mirrored vanity table brushing her lush blonde hair, Bobby confessed his erotic thoughts to her.

"You looked hot tonight."

"Thank you, Honey."

"I saw Jim looking at you."

"He always stares at me."

"They were all staring at you and watching your every move."

"I didn't notice. I guess I was too busy drinking, talking, and having a good time to notice horny men leering at me."

Mindful of her reaction, hoping to spark her sexuality, but not wanting to offend her, he blurted out his thoughts hoping for the best.

"Whenever you crossed your legs and/or got up and down, your skirt climbed higher up your thighs until your panties were in plain view. You flashed everyone your panties."

"I did no such thing," she said, stopping her brushing and turning to him.

"Not on purpose. You were busy talking to Sharon and the other ladies, but you did."

"Seriously?" She returned to brushing her hair. "I did?"

"Yeah, with the skirt hiked up to the top of your thigh and your legs spread, you gave all the guys a good long look."

"Well, that's embarrassing."

"And with those sheer panties that you wore tonight, your blonde bush was on display."

"No way," she said turning her head to look at him and then looking back in the mirror at her hair. "Are you serious? Could you really see my pubs?"

"Oh yeah, you gave everyone a good show of your blonde bush."

"I did?"


"How much could they see, really? It's dark in the backyard."

"They could see, Bonnie. They got a good look. The patio light was shining right on you. It was almost like you were on stage and in the spotlight of it. You had the perfect chair to exhibit your transparent panties.

"And they were all looking?"

"Nah, no one was looking," he said with a chuckle. "They were staring, leering, and drooling. They were all staring at what was between your legs."

"Ewww! Bobby, that's so disgusting. What pigs they all are."

"On the contrary, it was a hot show."

"Well, you know, they all are such a horn balls." She turned to look at him with a face full of dread.

"What? What's wrong?"

"You don't think they go home to jerk off over me, do you?"

"Probably," he laughed, "I would if I were Jim with a plain wife like Sharon and all the rest of them with wives who don't look nearly as hot as you do.

"Ewww! That's gross. You guys are all alike. Besides, Sharon is pretty in her own way."

"That's not all."

"What do you mean, that's not all? There's more?"

"Every time you leaned forward for dip you gave Jim and whoever stood over you a down blouse view of your tits."

"I'm sorry, Bobby, I'll be more careful when—"

"Don't." He noticed the impressions her nipples made in the smooth satin of her purple nightgown and wondered if she was thinking about Jim stealing a look at her panties and bra and the rest of the neighbors leering at her hot body. He wondered if the conversation was making her horny. "It turned me on watching you flashing them."

"Well, I'm glad it turned you on, Sweetie, because it does nothing for me knowing that Jim and all the neighbors get off seeing my panties and bra. It grosses me out to think of them leering at me and masturbating over me later."

"It doesn't turn you on a little bit?"

"Maybe if I was attracted to the guy," she said looking up at her husband with her big, blue eyes, "but I am not an exhibitionist. Besides, I'm a happily married woman and am not looking for nor do I need the attention from other men to get me off."

"Yeah, but Bonnie all guys are voyeurs and if you did more of this, maybe—"

"Maybe what, Bobby?" She shot him that look that made him feel like the perverted albeit normal testosterone man that he is. "I'm not going to flash my underwear to strange men. That's so gross."

"No, but, it could be fun to invent sexy games that we both felt comfortable playing to fan the flames of our desire and keep our libidos on high heat whenever we went out, especially if we went somewhere and with someone we didn't know. It would be fun just to do things for us without anyone suspecting that we were using them to get off later."

He walked to her and lowered her nightgown straps. He reached inside, cupped her breasts and fingered her nipples. She had beautiful tits, firm and shapely and he loved it when her nipples grew erect against the touch of his fingers.

"Okay, I'm listening," she said leaning back against his growing erection. "What do you have in mind?"

"You know what's on my mind," he said running a finger across her lips.

She looked up at him.

"Oh, that's it. I should have known. You want a blowjob, don't you? This is what this is about, me sucking you off while giving you pillow talk about flashing my underwear to everyone."

"Well, yeah."

"You are so transparent, Bobby. I know you, you're thinking about your fantasy, again, aren't you? You're thinking about tying me up and blindfolding me while you watch me having sex with two men." She continued brushing her long, blonde hair while talking. "You'd love for me to fuck one guy and suck off the other and then switch off." She looked up at him and smiled her sexy smile. "Right? You're fantasies never change. You are just as perverted as the rest of them."

She reached back and fondled his cock through his briefs.

"No...I mean...yeah. I always want a blowjob and pillow talk about my favorite fantasy is always erotic and what turns me on, but that's not what this is about."

"What, then?" She withdrew her hand.

"I was just thinking..."

"What? What were you thinking, Bobby," she said turning in her seat to look up at him.

He was afraid to verbalize his thought but she seemed receptive tonight and more receptive than any night that he talked to her about doing sexual stuff with another man. He took the chance.

"What if next weekend you accidentally on purpose lost your bikini top in the pool?"

"No way! Are you crazy? Are you perverted? Now, you've crossed the line. Pillow talk and fantasy playing is one thing, but to actually do something like that is sick." She put her nightgown straps back on her shoulders and turned to fully face him.

"Bonnie, I just—"

"Get this through your head, Buster," she said pointing a polished fingernail at him. "I'm not exposing my breasts or any other body parts to any of our friends. What is wrong with you? We have to see these people everyday." She shot him a look that made him perspire. "I'd be so embarrassed, especially if any of the women saw my boobs. I couldn't face them the next day."

"So," he said sitting on the edge of the bed, "you'd be more embarrassed if our female friends saw your boobs than if our male friends saw your boobs?"

"I'd be embarrassed if anyone but you saw my boobs." She shot him that cold stare that shriveled his erection. "Okay?"

"Okay then, uhm, what about someone we don't know?"

"Bobby!" She stood, walked to the bathroom and slammed shut the door. "You're fucked up, Bobby. Do you know that? You're sick. Go get help. See a shrink."

"I guess the pizza guy is out of the question then huh?"

"Stop surfing the net for porn, Bobby," she said through the closed bathroom door.

To be continued...

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