tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFlirting with The Neighbors Ch. 02

Flirting with The Neighbors Ch. 02


Maybe it was the dialogue they shared in the bedroom the previous weekend or the pillow talk they had that night while making hot love, maybe she just needed a new swimsuit, but in anticipation of the barbeque that coming weekend Bonnie bought a new bikini.

The bikini she bought was like no other bikini she ever had. With her tits hanging out in front and her ass hanging out in back, this bathing suit left nothing to the imagination.

She had her hair, nails, and makeup done as well. She looked beautiful.

It had been a hot and humid week and the weather Saturday made for the third straight day that temperatures were above 90. Officially, it was a heat wave.

Too hot to wear clothes, Jim and Sharon, Mike and Kathy, and Joe and Rita walked to Bonnie and Bobby's house wearing their swimsuits, but Bonnie was the only one with the body to wear a bikini. The guys wore loose shirts over their beer bellies and nearly knee length swimsuits.

And just wait until the husbands get a look at Bonnie in her bikini. Even more so, wait until the wives get a look at Bonnie wearing such a bikini. This barbeque promised to heat things up more than did the heat wave did over the past three days.

She was lucky having a high metabolism that helped maintain her weight. Growing up in an athletic family, she danced, swam competitively, skated, and did gymnastics. She was as firm as she was shapely. Her shapely legs gave testimony to her years of hard work. Her flat stomach was just as much of a turn on as were all of her other body parts. When you first met Bonnie, you could not help but look at her face. She was beautiful.

It was the individual parts of her body that aroused your desire. Checking off an inventory of the things that made a woman beautiful, intelligence, personality, sense of humor, face, ass, tits, and legs, Bonnie had all of her boxes checked, along with a comment on the bottom of the page...Hot! Sizzling hot!

Those who were into legs found her legs shapely, those who were into breasts found hers full, and those who were into asses weren't disappointed by her proud, round ass. At 5'6" tall and barely 120 pounds, she was flawless, and one in a million.

When she appeared suddenly downstairs wearing her bright red bikini and matching red lipstick, she surprised even her husband. Fire engine red and the color red was even redder than a lipstick red Corvette. The construction of her bikini top lifted her breasts and squished them together. Her tits overflowed her low cut top making them appear a size bigger and showed off her spectacular cleavage.

Her areolas appeared whenever she reached for something and she continually pulled up her top before her nipples made an appearance, too. This group of voyeurs never took their eyes off her tits. Accidentally or on purpose, what did it matter, but constantly and continually, she flashed them her areolas and nipples.

Quite the exhibitionist after all, her choice in swimsuits not only guaranteed her the voyeuristic attention of all the guys but also the jealousy of all the women. Her lustful husband had plans later to have lots of pillow talk before she blew him. She looked hot.

She was so damn sexy hot in that tiny, red bikini. When not making an appearance and peeking out over the top of her bra, her erect nipples made a noticeable impression in her bikini top. Since it was not cold outside, one could easily believe that her erect nipples appeared due to the favorable attention she received from the men. So as not to appear too wicked, she covered her bikini bottom thong with a sheer cover-up.

Bobby's expression was only eclipsed by his stiff erection. As soon as he saw her emerge from the house, he wanted to have his way with her. It took all the control he had not to push her down on the grassy backyard, rip off her bathing suit, and make love to her while all their neighbors watched and wish they were him if they were one of the husbands or her if they were one of the wives.

Now, if he felt that seeing her in this abbreviated bikini motivated him to ravish his own wife, he could only imagine how the other male guests felt. She spent the late afternoon and evening prancing around in her red, mini bikini with her tits jiggling and her sensational thong covered ass on full display. Even covered by the sheer cover-up, her ass was in plain view.

For most of the evening she kept her ass parked on a lawn chair while drinking the courage she needed to continue her slow and sexy seduction of her husband and his friends. Wrapped in a towel whenever she got up, it was only when she ventured into the pool that she seductively undid her towel before diving in the warm pool water. Then, with all eyes upon her, as soon as she came out of the water, she donned the towel again on the pretense that she was chilled.

It was obvious that, even though she enjoyed the attention she received from displaying her voluptuous body, she felt a bit uncomfortable with everyone ogling her. Yet, the alcohol she consumed made her more and more brazen in her movements. But even with the towel wrapped tightly around her, all eyes were still upon her whenever she moved.

The women with their looks of green envy watched their husbands look at her with lustful desire and they became even more jealous every time their men paid her more attention to her than to them with every drink consumed. Everywhere you looked, every inch of Bonnie's body was erotically beautiful to behold. Their husbands did more than look. They stared, they leered, and they furtively touched her with every serendipitous opportunity.

Oddly, Bobby noticed that the men drank a little less and the women drank a little more. Having the women inebriated and the men sober was a recipe for a fun evening. He was so engrossed in watching his wife jiggle, wiggle, and sway, as she paraded and sashayed around the backyard, that he forgot that he had asked her to accidentally on purpose lose her bikini top. Besides, he never really expected her to do that, especially after the heated conversation they had that night when she locked herself in the bathroom for an hour and turned her back to him as soon as she came to bed, not even giving him a kiss goodnight.

Yet, this spectacle was more than enough. Never had he expected such exhibitionism from her. Never did he think she was an exhibitionist. Yet, there in that bikini, she surely was. Her bikini was so revealing that she gave all the men plenty of voyeuristic opportunities and enough to see of her for them to imagine her naked.

Still, she was a confident and assertive woman, who had a mind of her own. If she wanted to expose herself and walk downtown naked she would, which was one of the things that he loved about her. She was her own person and not someone who he could force his opinions and desires upon. She had her own thoughts and opinions and it was when her dreams and wishes matched his, which was most times, that they gelled as a couple and came together in fiery passion. It was then that their relationship fanned the flames of fulfillment with sexual happiness burning brightly.

She blossomed before his eyes from a mundane housewife to sexy siren. He could not help but feel like a voyeur in his own house and with his own wife. She was so stunningly gorgeous and he was so taken by her beauty that he'd find himself suddenly staring at her.

What she wore and how she wore it put him in a constant state of arousal. His cock was rigid with the anticipation of her naked in bed. His mind filled with the images of his sexy wife driving his neighbors crazy with desire, he was filled with lust for her that his beautiful wife had taken her first steps from sexual inhibitions to sexual freedom.

More and more he thought about his one sexual fantasy. He imagined himself stripping his wife naked, tying her up, and blindfolding her. Then, while sitting in the corner of their master bedroom suite he imagined two of his friends entering his bedroom, stripping naked, and having their way with his wife.

He imagined them kissing her, touching her, feeling her, and caressing her everywhere. He imagined her feeling their cocks before one fell between her legs and she helped insert his cock in her wet pussy while the other stood over her and offered his cock to her hungry mouth. He imagined her having an orgasm and them cumming in her mouth.

Bobby may have thought that he was alone in his fantasy of her and that she was taking baby steps but, unbeknownst to him, she was about to take a giant leap down a sexual road of no return.

It was early in the evening and still light out enough when all the men were watching Bonnie on the diving board. The wives were inside the house, Rita in the bathroom, Kathy telephoning her babysitter, and Sharon was on her cell phone in the living room talking to one of her endless real estate clients. Bonnie was temporarily alone with the men.

He watched her with the rest of the men bobbing up and down on the diving board trying to get the height and momentum she needed before lifting her arms overhead for a somersault dive that she had perfected. She was so athletic and so in shaped. She was a sexy vision to behold.

Only, this time and with her next jump of the diving board, as soon as she lifted her arms overhead, extended her body, pulled her stomach in, and puffed her chest out, her bikini top popped off like someone had pulled it off with hidden elastic. There she was in her topless splendor with her magnificent tits on display for all the men to ogle.

Up, up, up in the air she climbed with her tits bouncing and hanging with her somersault. She dived giving all the gawking men a good look at her boobs, but then she did the unexpected. With no wives in sight, she emerged from the swallow end of the pool topless and walked over to where the men were sitting and shook out the water from her hair. The men all stared at her with their mouths open and their cocks erect. She stood not two feet away from Jim. Her tits were right there and no one removed their eyes from them and from her.


Bobby ran over to her with a towel. His reaction surprised even himself. All this time, he'd been hot to have her show her boobs but when she had, he was quick to cover them. Nonetheless, they all got a good, long look of her breasts. Feigning embarrassment, (yeah, right, as if she didn't know her top had popped off,) she covered her breasts with her hands and forearms, but it was too late and everyone had gotten a good look of her shapely tits. Yeah, sure, she could have used the excuse that the alcohol she consumed made her not realize she had lost her bikini top, but Bobby suspected that she had planned this.

Jim, suddenly acting the gentleman he usually is not, retrieved her top from the pool and held up a towel while she put it on. He had a great view of her breasts while looking down over the towel as she stuffed her tits back in her abbreviated bikini top.

"Thank you," she said with a smile for his feigned chivalry.

Amazingly, when the wives returned to the backyard, not one of the men said anything about Bonnie losing her bikini top. Imagine that. That's so weird, huh? Jim seemed a bit breathless and the other two men sat with smiles etched on their faces.

After that display of exhibitionism giving what her voyeur neighbors had been wanting since she moved in the neighborhood, Bobby could not wait for everyone to leave and to get Bonnie alone and in bed. He could not wait to plunge his cock deep inside her while whispering about the excitement that she created in him by her exhibition.

He couldn't wait to find out if Bonnie had lost her top by accident or on purpose. He couldn't wait to ask her if she knew she was standing there topless when she climbed out of the pool. He couldn't wait to know how she felt about all their friends seeing her tits. He couldn't wait to discover what was next.

To be continued...

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