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Writer's Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the storyline is true, the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early sixties and seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


I suppose that where ever you live, tourists are always a breed apart from the native population of an area. That is certainly true of tourists who visit Florida every year; you can spot them from a mile away in their bright colored shirts with palm trees, Bermuda shorts, and, of course, socks with sandals; who does that other than tourists? They come to the Tampa Bay area by the thousands each year and are completely surprised that you know they are tourists. They spend millions of dollars to get sunburned and see stuff that most native Floridians have never seen. I was in my forties before I ever saw a guy wrestle an alligator and would not have seen it then except for taking a friend from Ohio and his family to see it. All I had to do was go hiking to see alligators and rattlesnakes.

Of course, among all of the tourists, there are women who come to vacation with thoughts of romantic strolls along the beach in the moonlight with a tanned, young stranger that the folks at home will never know about; certainly not their Pastor or, in some cases, husband. I learned early in my life that a warm smile and minding my manners could lead to spending the evening with an attractive, mature woman who just needed some good loving; I learned to love tourists who visited my little part of the Sunshine State.

I was just leaving a meeting in the restaurant at Tampa's Holiday Inn; when I entered the lobby and headed toward the front door, I heard a woman's voice.

"Excuse me."

I turned to see two mature, attractive women struggling with an unfolded map smiling at me. They were obviously tourists judging by their pale complexion, tropical attire and the cameras strapped around their pretty necks.

"Yes, can I help you?"

"Are you familiar with the area?"

I smiled, "I am; I grew up here. What are you looking for?"

The brunette smiled and asked, "We would like to have lunch at the Kapok Tree Restaurant, but we don't know how to find it."

The Kapok Tree Restaurant had been a tourist icon and local favorite for decades. It was located closer to Clearwater Beach than Tampa, but it was out in the country and rather difficult to find.

I glanced down at their nicely displayed cleavage sprinkled with an array of cinnamon colored freckles then back to their pretty smiles. "Where y'all from?"

They flashed bigger smiles at my southern accent then almost said in unison, "Davenport, Iowa."

"Then which one of you works at the Rock Island Arsenal?"

They looked at each other with surprise then the bottle blonde asked, "I do; how did you know that?"

I laughed, "The Army has sent me there a few times; I know it's the largest employer in the area, so I took a guess. Next question, when was the last time you had a pizza and a cold beer at Sneaky Pete's?"

They laughed then added, "Last week before we left coming to Florida."

"By the way, I'm Will," and held out my hand and each woman took it and introduced themselves in turn.

"I'm Abbey," said the short-haired, blonde with a smile as she removed her sunglasses with her left hand; I immediately saw a set of wedding rings on her finger.

"And I'm Carrie," added the brunette with shoulder length hair and only a class ring on her left hand.

The women were, no doubt, sisters and in their late forties or early fifties. Their short, hip hugger skirts and mid-drift tops showed off their shapely, snowbird white torsos.

I asked, "How good are y'all at driving back country roads?"

They looked at each other with questioning facial expressions. "The Kapok Tree Restaurant is in the middle of nowhere, about thirty to forty minutes from here."

Carrie spoke up, "How about if we buy you lunch and you show us the way?"

"Carrie! You don't just pick up strangers like that; he could be a serial killer or something."

Without a smile, I told her, "Your sister is right, I am a serial killer, but I have given it up for Lint so you are safe for another five days."

Carrie starred at me for a moment then broke into a smile and smacked my shoulder, "I think I will just take a chance on you."

Abbey wasn't so sure so I told her, "Take a picture of me with your camera and leave your camera with Jose at the desk. He knows me and can tell the police where to find your body."

Carrie laughed at her sister when she snapped a photo of me then walked in the direction of the desk with her camera. We headed for the parking lot and put the top down on their rented, 1970 Ford Fairlane 500, convertible and got in; I straddled the transmission hump and sat between the two women.

For a while, we tried shouting over the sound of the wind in the convertible until we decided to turn on the AM radio to one of the local rock n roll stations. Neither woman seemed to mind when I kept time to the music by patting my hands on their bare knees.

During lunch, we had several cocktails and some very spirited conversation that got rather sexual at times. Carrie and I enjoyed a little under the table play during the conversation; Abbey didn't have a clue.

After telling me about her pending divorce and cheating husband, Carrie asked, "Have you ever been married, Will?"

"I have; I was married for six years. I have been divorced for two."

Abbey asked, "Did you cheat on your wife?"

"No, but I didn't have too; we had an open marriage and partied together with other couples and, occasionally, singles. We still see each other from time to time for a little ex-sex. Have you had ex-sex yet, Carrie?"

Carrie giggled then blushed, "A few times."

Abbey leaned close and lowered her voice, "Are you serious? You have been sleeping with that bastard after how he treated you in court?" She asked then followed up with, "And why haven't you told me? I tell you everything."

"We haven't been sleeping together, it was just a few quickies then I sent him home. I didn't plan on it; it just happened when he came over to get the rest of his stuff from the attic. My attorney said it was okay as long as I didn't let him sleep over or leave any of his personal items there until the divorce is final."

"Geez, Sis, you called your attorney to ask if you could screw your ex?"

"No, the subject just happened to come up when we were on his office sofa naked one afternoon."

"Oh my word, my sister is turning into a slut," Abbey lamented then laughed.

I jumped in, "That's not fair, she's single and needs some regular loving; come on, give her a break." I looked at Carrie and scolded her, "But you should have at least invited your sister to join you in a threesome."

That broke the spell and everyone laughed. I ran my hand higher up Carrie's bare, inner thigh hoping it would be hidden by the tablecloth; she opened her legs a little wider to give me access, smiled and winked at me.

Abbey looked at me with a very sultry look, "So you have had threesomes with your ex; what's that like?"

"It's a wonderful experience; you should try it. We even had threesomes a few times with our sister-in-law." I didn't see a need to mention the threesomes with my ex-mother -in-law. "Would you join your sister and her ex in a threesome?"

"I might if I was invited," she looked at her sister. "Well, he is good looking and you have told me that he was a good fuck." "There you go, sisters sharing; how sweet is that?"

Carrie asked, "I'm not sure how a threesome works; do you take turns or what?" Abbey snickered then Carrie added, "Okay smarty pants, how many threesomes have you had?"

I spoke up, "There aren't any rules; everyone does what they want too. I love having one woman straddle my face while the other one rides in the saddle. The women can do whatever they want. Of course, it doesn't have to be a man and two women; it can also be a woman and two men." Abbey spoke up, "When we were kids learning about boys, we practiced kissing and petting so we would be ready when we were old enough to date; it was fun." She smiled at her sister.

"It was fun; I'm not sure why we stopped," Carrie smiled then added, "Oh yeah, we found out what boys had in their pants."

Abbey volunteered, "We sometimes put on a show for our dates when we shared a motel room; guys seemed to love seeing girls together, but we never went down on each other."

We all laughed. Abbey asked, "So what did your ex do during the threesome?"

"My ex is very bi-sexual so when we were still married, we both enjoyed going down on other women. A few of the women told me that my ex was better at it than me."

"So why did you divorce her?" Abbey asked.

"I didn't really; we had agreed that we would not have children, but after she turned thirty she became obsessed with having children and changed her mind. She married her high school boyfriend a week after our divorce was final. She is now pregnant with her second child."

"Wow, that's far out," then she turned to her sister and changed the subject, "Is that attorney any good in bed?"

Carrie laughed, "I don't know about in bed, but he is certainly good on the sofa and desk; he gets down there and roots around like a hog hunting for acorns. You would like him since your hubby won't do that. He is also well endowed and can take you to the stars."

Abbey chuckled then added, "You know, I have heard that Elvis won't go down on a woman. Can you imagine having all of that and him not going down on you? What a shame."

"I run into lots of women who have never had a guy go down on them. It's sad really, but it leaves the door open for me," I added.

We left the Kapok Tree stuffed and a little tipsy. When we pulled out of the parking lot, Abbey asked, "Do we get to take you back to our room and have our way with you?"

Carrie chimed in, "Yeah, I'm open for that. Do we?"

I relented, "Okay, but you have to promise to tell the police where you hid my body."

The girls laughed; I ran my hands over their bare thighs and pushed the hem of their short skirts higher. Carrie cautioned me about distracting her while she was driving, but Abbey slid to the front edge of her seat and opened her legs. Carrie turned the radio up louder as my fingers began to explore her sister's panty clad crotch. Her body moved to the beat of I Get Around by The Beach Boys. The crotch of her nylon panties was slick with her creamy nectar; it was time to go inside, but first I wanted a quick sniff. Abbey looked at me and smiled when I lifted my fingers to my face and closed my eyes; I inhaled deeply then moved my hand close to her sister's face.

Carrie laughed and then asked her sister, "Mmmm, Sis, new perfume?" She didn't get a response; Abbey lifted her right foot up to the dash as my fingers pushed the crotch of her panties aside and slipped into her hot, wet folds. Her hips began grinding slowly to the rhythm of The Animals, House of the Rising Sun as my fingers sunk deeper into her creamy, wet tunnel. I pressed the heel of my hand against her most sensitive parts as my fingers wallowed in the slick cream.

My other hand pushed Carrie's legs apart then cupped her entire panty encased pubic mound in my hand, "If you want me to keep this car on the road, you had better be careful, she wiggled her hips, giggled, and then added, "But it does feel good."

Carrie leaned over and kissed me when she stopped at the first traffic light entering Tampa city limits. When we entered the parking lot at the Holiday Inn, Abbey looked at me and smiled as I slipped my glistening fingers from between her legs and slipped them into my mouth.

"Mmmm, you taste good."

"I want to be the first one to straddle your face when we get to the room; I haven't been eaten in ages," she smiled and kissed my cheek.

Once in the room, we began stripping off each other's clothing. I quickly found out that what I saw was not exactly what I got. As their bras slid off their once buxomly, breasts they shrunk considerably; their bras were padded to push their breasts together and upward making their lovely, pert, B cup sized breasts appear to be larger than they actually were. I had never been a big tit guy so I enthusiastically latched on to their smaller versions and began covering them with kisses. Both women seemed relieved that I was not disappointed with what they had to offer.

As usual, I had not worn underwear and my erect cock bounced upward as soon as my shorts cleared its encasement. Carrie and Abbey's eyes widened as their hands began grabbing for the prize.

"Ladies, ladies, be gentle and remember to share," I said with a laugh. After some play time and lots of kisses to my swollen staff, I directed Carrie to remove her sister's light blue, nylon, French cut panties. She smiled at me then her sister; she knelt in front of Abbey and gently moved her hands over her sister's hips and torso before slipping her fingers into the waistband of her panties. She looked up at her sister then began slowly pulling the delicate garment over the mature, round hips and firm bottom. Her sister's thick, dark patch of pubic hair came into view and stood in sharp contrast to the bottle blonde hair covering her head. Carrie's eyes paused to examine it closely before continuing down her sister's long, shapely legs. Carrie's eyes refocused on the patch of hair as Abbey lifted each foot out of her panties.

"Aren't you even going to test their aroma?" I asked as Carrie moved to set the still moist fabric aside.

She smiled up at me then looked at her sister before holding the panties close to her face and inhaling deeply.

I held my engorged cock in my hand and looked at Carrie, "If you will kiss her bush, you can have the first to ride on this."

Carrie laughed and held her hands over her face in feint modesty, but leaned forward and kissed her sister's thick, hair covered pubic mound.

Abbey laughed, "I didn't really think you would do it, Sis; thank you. Did you kiss it because you really wanted to or because you wanted Will's cock first?"

She laughed with a light blush, "Both."

I admitted, "Abbey asked to be the first to sit on my face so the cock was yours anyway."

We all laughed and enjoyed a round of kissing. Abbey, not wanting to miss out, removed Carrie's pink bikini panties, but without fanfare and we moved to the bed. As Abbey straddled my face and began adjusting her knees to give me the best position to enjoy the treats I had already played with and tasted, Carrie straddled my hips and guided my turgid cock into her hot, wet cunt. When she was completely impaled, she reached forward and pulled her sister backward against her bare breasts. As I began to kiss and tongue Abbey's orally neglected cunt, I could see Carrie's hands and fingers mauling her sister's small breasts and half-dollar sized, rosy pink nipples.

For first-timers, the sisters quickly adapted to the possibilities available for multiple partners. Carrie, being the oldest by a year, took charge of Abbey and guided her through the delights of sisterly love as she had done as a young teenager years earlier while learning the ins and outs of dating boys. Abbey was timider in expressing herself sexually with her sister, but she delighted in her sister's touches and caresses. For my part, I just kept a good erection and let the women play and "have their way" with me as was suggested earlier. When I slipped further back so my tongue could rim the tightly puckered rear portal, Carrie's fingers slid down Abbey's torso and into her sister's slick, wet folds.

"Remember me teaching you like this?" she asked.

"Mmmm, yes I do. I've had to use that technique many times over the years when my dear husband would not do his homework," Abbey giggled then added, "It's nice having a talented tongue riming my ass while your magic fingers do their work," she sighed.

Carrie let Abbey watch as she took her fingers, glistening with her sister's creamy juices , into her mouth and clean them completely. They later switched directions as they rode my face and cock; they faced each other for a while and, once again, practiced the kissing technique they had perfected as young girls then Carrie turned around and pressed her back against her sister's bare breasts, but she had to guide Abbey's hands to her breasts. Carrie guided her sister's hands into her juicy, slick folds then began rocking back and forth on my still erect cock. Several times the sisters changed places; Abbey was in the saddle when I finally gave up my load and pumped gobs of hot semen deep into her love canal until it oozed out around the base of my cock and covered my hairy balls.

Abbey moved up to my face and let me enjoy my delicious creampie as her sister carefully and completely cleaned up the sloppy mess left on my shaft and balls with her mouth. After a short break, the sisters gave me a demonstration of how they used to put on a show for their dates; as they sat facing each other with their legs entwined, Abbey commented, "Sis, we haven't done this in years."

Carrie noted, "It has been about thirty years, the best I can remember." They began a slow grind of their hips as their silky, hair covered vulvae meshed together. With their arms supporting them from behind, they tried to remember the last time they had performed for their dates and exactly who their dates were. Soon there was complete silence ; their smiles faded into sullen looks as their arms pushed forward for firmer contact. Their eyes closed and grunts and moans emanated from deep in their souls.

I moved behind Carrie and cupped her breasts in my hands and let my finger roll and pinch her hard nipples. Her hips began pumping faster, "Come on Sis, fuck me harder,"

Abbey's abs tightened as she pushed harder against her sister and increased her pace. They both gasped for breath and grunted; the insides of their thighs glistened with the slick liquid that oozed from their folds and matted their hair covered vulvae. Carrie went first and finished her journey with a loud, primal cry.

"Quick, you must try your sister's juicy treat," and I guided her between her sister's legs. As Carrie buried her face in her sister's glistening folds, Abbey laid back on the bed and let her older sister take charge of her body. I slipped a pillow under Carrie's hips and opened her legs to enjoy her sopping wet treat. My face was quickly covered with the glistening, slick cream as I tried to lick the excess covering her inner thighs and cheeks. I was careful to lap up every drop I could, especially around the wrinkles of her rear orifice. Every breath I took I breathed in her intoxicating scent; what a wonderful experience. It only took Carrie's fingers and tongue a few minutes to take her sister to an earth-shattering orgasm. Abbey collapsed; the three of us snuggled together and enjoyed the afterglow of complete fulfillment. No one stirred for several minutes.

Without moving, Abbey managed to speak, "That was wonderful, Sis." Carrie responded, "Mmmm."

We called down for room service and ordered sandwiches and drinks for dinner. I wrapped a towel around me when we heard a soft knock on the door, but neither sister did much to cover their bodies when a pretty, very young girl in her late teens, wearing a black mini-skirt, a white blouse, and dark red vest with a Holiday Inn name tag entered the room to deliver our food on a cart. Abbey stood close to the bed and partially covered herself by holding the corner of the bedspread over her; Carrie tucked my tee shirt under her arms to cover the front of her body, but when she lifted her arm to sign the check, the right side of her torso and breast were exposed. By the time the girl made it out the door and turned to close it, the tee shirt was on the floor. She flashed a big smiled then glanced down at the noticeable bulge in the front of my towel , "Enjoy your evening, ladies," and closed the door.

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