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Florida Vacation


Although my eyes were closed tightly, every other sense was drinking in the pleasure of my situation; the cicadas were at their peak in the surrounding lush foliage, I could hear the deep throb of an engine as a yacht passed slowly by our canalside vacation villa, almost entirely hidden from view by dense shrubs just outside the pool lanai. The warmth of the sun was on my face and I could smell Veronica's perfume as her head slowed its rise and fall. My short sharp breaths began to recede.

At last, when my hips finally began to stop their involuntary thrusts, I opened my eyes to look down over my naked chest and abdomen. I watched Veronica swallow the last spasms of warm cum before releasing my spent cock from her eager mouth. She licked her lips seductively and slid silently into the water as I lay back down onto the smooth poolside tiles. With my feet and calves in the cooling water of the pool I again closed my eyes and listened to the regular rhythm of her strokes as she made her way back and forth in front of me. I smiled and reflected on the journey down.

As soon as we had arrived Veronica had left a trail of clothing that she easily slipped out of on her way to the pool. Easily being the word; it's a six hour drive from home to Miami and we'd left at 3:00am to avoid the heat of the day and the worst of the traffic. She slept almost from door to door, and awoke on the I95 exit ramp to discover her blouse and cardigan wide open, her breasts barely contained by within a tiny lace half cup bra, her nipples in full view. She called me a bastard in mock anger, but didn't trouble to cover herself as the latest trucker opened his cab window to brave the stifling heat for a better view -- news of the show was obviously being broadcast amongst the truckers as we drove toward our destination.

'Well,' I defended myself 'it's only fair I had something to amuse myself with if my passenger is rude enough to sleep all the way!'.

I told her that as soon as I had been sure she was asleep, I had spent the first hour of our journey south carefully exposing her, one button at a time, to the slow trucks we were passing. On more than one occasion I had driven parallel with a lucky trucker for several minutes as I stroked her bare skin. Rather than be annoyed, she simply sat up to remove her cardigan and blouse to unclip her bra with perfect timing as the next truck drew alongside. As relaxed as you like, she put the blouse slowly back on and made a real show of stroking her breasts erotically. This time the trucker nearly climbed out of his cab to get a better view!

'That's enough.' She commanded and told me to put my foot down. I could see the truck lights flashing in my rear view mirror as we sped off.

As I lay by the pool, it felt as though the drive down had been hours ago, not just one or two. I must have drifted off as Veronica swam because I gradually became aware of her chatting to someone whose voice I didn't recognise. In my confused and tired state, it took a while for my sleepy brain to realise the voices weren't part of my dream, and also to recall where I was. Once the leap back to reality had been made it took just a fraction of a second longer to realise that I was still naked apart from my unbuttoned shirt. As if it couldn't get any worse, I could feel my throbbing cock aching with an exceptionally hard erection!

I literally stopped breathing and froze with my eyes wide open when I realised I was in full view of Veronica and her mystery companion! Without hesitating I launched myself into the pool.

I clung to the side of the pool staring in disbelief at Veronica, she casually smiled and introduced Beth, the rep from the villa rental company. Dumbly, I mumbled a hello back to the smiling Beth and could feel myself redden when I considered what had just happened. Not surprisingly, I stayed in the pool for what seemed like an age until Beth finally finished her drink and left.

After seeing Beth out Veronica came back out to the pool smiling like the cat that got the cream.

'That was fun!' she giggled before refilling her glass and sitting at the edge of the pool with her feet in the water. I swam to her and held on to her knees to listen to what she had to say.

Apparently, she had left me asleep by the pool when she went to answer the door to Beth. Wrapped only in a pool towel she had asked Beth to wait while she grabbed a dress from her still unpacked suitcase, but while her back was turned Beth had made her way out to the pool area. When Veronica had realised Beth wasn't where she had left her, she rushed out to the pool to find her staring open mouthed at my virtually naked sleeping body. Veronica admitted that her first instinct was to usher Beth back inside for a drink, but a sudden wicked thought overtook her and she asked Beth if she would like a drink at the pool bar - if she didn't mind the view of course.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

Veronica went on to describe how Beth assured her that the sight of a naked man was not bothering her at all, and that the pool bar would be fine. They had both taken a bar stool each and chatted about the property, places to visit locally, the best beaches and the best shops. In fact, they discussed everything that a rep and client normally would. The only difference on this occasion was a naked guy sound asleep just 10 feet in front of them!

As she spoke, I noticed a slight reddening to Veronica's cheeks, she took another large gulp of her drink before she continued. She explained that the conversation had trailed off suddenly when both women realised my cock was steadily hardening. Veronica thought the game had gone on long enough and was about to suggest Beth might want to be getting off to her next client when she realised how much she was getting turned on herself. She watched as Beth subconsciously licked her lips and brushed a long painted fingernail against the bare skin of her breast through the open top of her blouse. It was obvious to Veronica that Beth was getting as turned on as she was, and also imagining all sorts of scenarios that clearly involved my cock.

By now Veronica's voice was trembling slightly as she told me that it had actually crossed her mind whether she dared to ask Beth if she would like to take a closer look, she pictured them both kneeling either side of me, each with a hand gripping my cock as they fed me into each other's mouth! Veronica said that when Beth mumbled something about loving the sight of a hard shaved cock she had made her mind up to go for it. She would take her drink and lead her over to me by the hand. She was confident Beth would not resist, but it was at that precise moment that my eyes snapped open and I leapt into the pool. Damn!

Veronica's trembling voice betrayed that she had clearly turned herself on recounting the events to me. I slid my fingers between her legs to see just how much, they were met by a wetness far beyond anything I had ever experienced. As I explored further, her response mirrored my own from earlier; she leant back on her elbows and watched me unbutton her dress to expose her breasts to the sunlight. Her nipples were rock hard and she smiled when she saw me staring at them, I didn't need a second invitation and immediately pulled myself higher out of the pool to begin kissing her inner thighs, slowly moving higher to reach her wetness with my flicking tongue. I had barely begun to slide by tongue over the full length of her sex before she gripped my head between her legs and forced me to bring her to an immediate orgasm. I don't think even a minute had passed from start to finish but she was already shuddering and moaning as the orgasm began to build. As quickly as she had started, she shuddered to a surprisingly quiet finish and sat up to cradle my head between her legs and breasts. I could feel her heavy breathing reside and several small tremors pass through her.

I could not believe what I had just heard. I was amazed that my sexy, and often very daring wife, really had considered going so far! She had never discussed bringing a stranger into our sex life before, although I had often suspected she would like me to join her with another guy -- not a difficult conclusion to reach when your wife's favourite toy is a life-like strap on cock!

'In case you're wondering,' she whispered in my ear 'there's a guy in a boat on the canal behind you, he stopped alongside to do something to his boat while we were talking. At first I'm sure he didn't know we were here, but then pretended he was doing something up on the observation platform when he spotted me, he's been watching for the past five minutes pretending to be busy and peeking through the shrubs when he thought I wasn't looking his way.'

'Why hold back?' I asked, 'You clearly didn't care that he was there, or that I have been laying naked in front of a total stranger for God knows how long!'. She merely shrugged and explained that she didn't feel too slutty if she pretended she didn't know he was there. Had she put on too much of a show it would have been obvious she didn't care if she could be seen or not. She didn't want to look cheap!

This from a woman who only minutes earlier had contemplated inviting a virtual stranger to get up close and personal with her on her husband's cock.

'I still can't believe you left me lying there though' I repeated.

'Well', explained Veronica, 'It's only fair I had something to amuse myself with if my husband was rude enough to fall asleep as soon as we arrived!'. Touche!!!


Our villa overlooked a beautiful stretch of secluded waterfront with just one or two other properties visible amongst the mature trees and shrubs on the other bank.

Not caring if I was being watched or not, I climbed out of the pool to fetch myself a much needed beer from the kitchen, Veronica slipped into the pool as I stepped inside the villa. I poured her a cool coke and grabbed my beer. As I turned, I could see our coy voyeur on the observation platform of his small fishing boat getting a good look at my naked wife. He couldn't see me inside the villa, and, emboldened by the prospect of observing whilst being unobserved himself, he was now standing to get a completely uninterrupted view over the greenery.

He was a lucky guy because Veronica had just as good a view out as he did in, and had obviously decided to have some fun by swimming back stroke with her gorgeous tits jutting out of the water. She finished with a flourish by grabbing a towel from the side of the pool and climbing out to dry herself, giving him a last look at her naked rear before joining me inside the villa.

She was certainly entering into the spirit of having a no inhibitions week away, and this was going to be a fun vacation if this was how the rest of the week was going to be!

The following days passed in a pattern of early morning naked swims, naked sunbathing until mid-afternoon then a stroll along the seafront with me in shorts and Veronica teasing every guy we passed by wearing a not quite too see through T shirt, or a not quite too unbuttoned blouse. We had fun in local bars with Veronica purposely allowing other patrons a look at just a little too much flesh whenever she could, always naughty but never trashy. Her favourite game was to sit where a guy could see her but his female companion could not. It's a safe game because the guy is not going to try anything on and it's also fun to watch him getting flustered by what's going on out of his companions view.

The evenings were spent enjoying local seafood restaurants, followed by more naked late night swimming and drinks in our own private hot tub. The villa had been well chosen, the dim lighting around the pool area at night offered enough privacy from the opposite properties while allowing us to walk around naked and enjoy uninhibited fun.

The extra excitement of knowing there was a possibility, however small, of being seen from the opposite bank just added to the excitement. As there had been no lights visible in the darkness all week we knew they were empty properties opposite, but just the possibility of being seen still added something to the fun. In fact, had there been any lights on, I'm sure our natural inhibitions would have prevented some of the more exhibitionist displays we had provided for our non-existent audience.

The week flew by and we were soon dressing for our last evening meal before having to pack for the drive home. We decided to go back to our favourite restaurant of the week and reserved a quiet table to enjoy a romantic last night. Veronica was radiant in a body hugging dress that left no doubt that she was sans panties! I followed her into the restaurant just to admire the view and within a few paces of the door realised I wasn't the only one! I love it when Veronica knows she looks good, her confidence goes sky high and even I'm shocked at how bold she becomes. Tonight she knew she looked good and was as confident as I had ever seen her.

She had a full tan with absolutely no white bits, she had swum for over an hour a day back and forth in the pool, and had used the well equipped gym in the villa for at least two hours every day. To top it off she had been fucked every day and had become more and more vigorous as the week had gone on. It was almost as though the fitter she got the more she needed sex, the more sex she had resulted in her becoming even more demanding, more dominant and even aggressive! Wow, what a great vacation so far.

We were shown to our table by an extremely keen young waiter who introduced himself as Steve. Steve seemed to only want to talk to Veronica's cleavage. We were seated in a quiet booth rather than one if the central tables, Veronica slid along the curved horse shoe shaped leather bench as I took my place by sliding in the opposite direction from the other side. We were now partly facing each other but also partly facing into the dimly lit restaurant. The ever attentive Steve served us drinks before taking our order. Veronica made no pretence of covering herself from his leering gaze, in fact, when she saw him approaching with the first course she purposely adjusted her dress to give him a better view. I was sure he was going to drop something if he didn't pay more attention to what he was doing.

The evening was perfect, Veronica slid closer as the wine flowed. Eventually, by the time dessert had arrived, she was next to me rubbing my inner thigh. Now I was getting a bit concerned that too much wine was making her just a bit too daring! Even before Steve had picked up the last of the used dishes and glasses from our table to leave, she had unzipped me without warning and even attempted to release my cock, I quickly brushed her hand away and received a mock pout as she called me a misery. Steve must have realised something was going on under the table as she sat up pretending I had hurt her wrist, he just smiled and walked away. By now I was having trouble controlling a growing erection that would be clearly visible through the thin cotton material of my pants when we left -- which was going to be very soon if I had my way.

I was beginning to make plans to leave when Veronica suddenly started waving to somebody standing at the bar across the room. It took me a while to realise, not without some considerable embarrassment, that it was Beth the rep! I was startled when Veronica started beckoning her to join us, memories of our last meeting were all too clear in my mind but before I could do anything to prevent it, Beth was making her way over to us. Shit! This was not good.

'Join us' insisted a clearly delighted Veronica. 'Come on darling, slide along and let Beth in next to you'. As she said this she stole a quick glance at my groin and the briefest of smiles flashed across her lips.

This was getting worse, and I mutely did as instructed. Beth smiled at me and slid alongside as I partly rose to move along. Try as I might, I could not completely conceal my embarrassment as my now semi erect cock clearly bulged at my still open fly!

Beth giggled 'Well hello again Joe'. Then, taking her eyes from the bulge, added; 'I won't stay, you're obviously in the middle of a special meal here!'

Unfortunately, Veronica assured her she was more than welcome and insisted she have a drink with us. Beth eagerly consented and waved at Steve who immediately brought her fresh drink. Even accounting for his attentive service all evening, I was still surprised that the briefest of eye contact between the two had resulted in a new drink arriving so promptly, and without a word being spoken. Noticing my quizzical look, Beth laughed and explained that Steve was actually her partner, she had called in to have a drink while she waited for his shift to finish. She was supposed to be driving him, but as she was on her third drink already she said he would have to be her chauffer for once.

Sure enough, a smiling Steve made his way toward us with a jacket on his arm, he held out his hand to help Beth slide back out from the bench. I was beginning to feel relieved that we could at last escape back to our villa, when, without giving me any say in the matter, a very drunk Veronica started to pat the bench next to her and insisted Steve have 'one for the road' with us.

At first he hesitated and looked to Beth for direction, I guessed he was worried that Beth might just be being polite to a couple of clients and wanted an excuse to leave. To my dismay, he could not have been further from the truth, Beth and Veronica were getting on like old pals and Steve was more than happy to be told to sit down, especially as he was now able to get a proper look at the tits he had been staring at all evening!

Now we were four, and the evening clearly had some distance to run, the restaurant area was emptying but the bar was heaving with new arrivals. In no time at all we were alone in the gloomy light chatting about anything and everything, the girls were still drinking and try as I might I could not stop Veronica attempting to get her hand inside my trousers. Finally, she achieved her goal and I felt her warm fingers wrap themselves around my growing erection, my eyes widened when she roughly gripped me and pulled on the flesh to release the head. I tried everything to resist it happening, but a mixture of alcohol and knowing that Beth must have been aware of what was happening meant I continued to get harder.

I felt as though I were looking in on a scene in a movie as the three of them continued chatting, I must have looked like a dumb idiot because all I could do was try to control my breathing as Veronica very slowly wanked me off beneath the table.

Seeing my discomfort, Veronica stilled her movement and contented herself with gripping me tightly around the shaft of my now aching cock until she finally released me.

At last, the game was over, she had fulfilled one of her fantasies and was obviously preparing to end the game. That was what I thought.

She stood up, put more than enough cash on the table to pay for the evening and announced that we were leaving. She must have known that Steve and Beth weren't going to allow us to get a cab and immediately accepted their offer of a ride back to the villa. As we all exited the bench seat, I hurriedly tucked my semi erect cock away and followed them outside.

The sticky warm air hit us like a hammer, only Steve was still sober, the rest of us swayed as we made our way across the parking lot. With my head swimming, I made a stern decision that the evening was going to end outside the villa. All I wanted to do was to fuck Veronica's brains out!

Steve and Beth were not going to be coming in for 'one for the road' and that was not going to negotiable.

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