Florida Vacation


Ten minutes later, I found myself standing at the poolside bar pouring a whisky for Steve and a glass of wine each for Veronica and Beth! I turned to see Veronica and Beth were already naked and in the hot tub.

Five minutes after that all three of them were sitting naked in the hot tub.

What the hell had happened to my daring but always in control wife? We had parked on the drive and the two women quickly got out as part of an obvious tactic to leave us behind. Before we had even closed the front door we could hear them shrieking as they jumped naked into the tub.

They knew what they were up to and easily persuaded Steve to join them. He pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his trousers to reveal a slim physique. Veronica made no attempt to hide the fact that she liked what she saw and didn't take her eyes from him for a second until he had slid into the water.

She looked at me with her mock pout, begging me to join her without a word being said. What was I to do? Let another guy get up and close with my gorgeous wife as I stood by like a wimp? I had no choice but to strip off and get in too. Not to be outdone, I slowly stripped and made my way to the tub, Beth mirrored Veronica's expression and blatantly stared at my cock as I climbed in.

Whether by design or intent, we were seated boy girl boy girl. I suspect this is how the girls had planned it all along and both immediately slid toward me. Steve raised his glass in salute and smiled as if to assure me he was happy with the situation. At the same time, Veronica on my right stood up to give Steve his first view of her stunning naked tits. With no shame at all she turned to sit astride me and gave me the longest most passionate kiss ever. She tasted of wine and felt as smooth as silk. I responded willingly and felt her grip my erect cock beneath the water.

I was stunned when she started to lower herself onto me. We simultaneously groaned as I entered her, the fact that Beth and Steve were within touching distance was an incredible turn on. We were fucking in full view of two virtual strangers, something we had always wanted to do, but never expected to happen in reality. Just as she began to get into a steady rhythm Veronica suddenly stopped, climbed off and knelt on the seat next to me. She placed a firm grip with a hand on each side of my head and once again began to kiss me passionately, I closed my eyes and returned her kiss equally. I broke off when I felt Beth stand up next to me and I took in the sight of her stunning body and her swaying breasts as she stepped across me, I realised what she was planning to do and felt my cock jump, at the same time Veronica gripped me again to continue her passionate kiss. Her probing tongue entered my mouth as my cock slid into the gorgeous Beth! I groaned with pleasure into Veronica's mouth as Beth rose and fell on my throbbing cock.

Dear God, I was in Heaven. Veronica bruised my lips with her almost vicious kissing and Beth began to move faster and faster. I was at the point of no return when Beth suddenly stepped off and Veronica stood to drag me to my feet. It was like having sex with telepathic twins, they hadn't spoken a word but both knew they had achieved their aim. As soon as I was standing, Veronica engulfed me in her mouth, I was totally gone, my balls exploded and a huge rush of warm cum shot into her willing mouth. She must have swallowed a dozen times attempting to gulp everything down but when she finally released me there was still sticky cum on her lips, I collapsed back onto my seat gasping, she stayed seated in the deep water in the middle of the tub, looked up at me and licked her lips clean.

Beth had placed herself next to Steve and both had clearly enjoyed the oral display Veronica had provided for them, each took a large sip from their drinks and began to passionately kiss. Veronica climbed up to me and slipped her tongue into my mouth, she tasted of me and I could still feel the sticky cum on her lips. We both turned to watch Steve and Beth, as we did so Beth glanced at Veronica and extended her hand toward her. To my surprise, Veronica needed no encouragement at all, and quickly joined Beth on the other side of Steve.

I surprised myself by feeling no jealousy at all as Steve put his arm around Veronicas shoulder and reached down to cup her breast in his hand. Veronica watched me intently and could see I was finding the scene incredibly arousing. Beth stood and stepped across her partner. Even though the bubbles and currents in the pool obscured the view I could see clearly as he entered her, it was Steve's turn to be fucked by Beth and then.............

I snapped back from my dreamy post orgasmic stupor when I realised what could be about to happen! Beth was bobbing up and down on the surface of the water giving me flashes of Steve's cock as she rose above the water level before every downward thrust onto him. Veronica stared at me as Steve continued to massage her breast, she had a strange look on her face, a mixture of lust and concern. It was clear she had also realised what could be about to happen, what would she do if Beth suddenly stepped off? Surely, she wouldn't go that far!

Looking again at Veronica's expression, I was relieved that she was clearly having doubts about what was happening, my sexy wife was at least in control of the situation and would be able to step back from going too far, but my relief was short lived. As if in slow motion, Beth did stand up and took Veronicas hand. She too had seen the look on her face and was taking the lead. She released herself from Steve and guided Veronica towards him. At first Veronica seemed to resist, both Beth and I assumed Veronica had reached the limit of her daring. She had fucked me in front of two strangers (one for the bucket list of life she had in her head) and finally she had swallowed an entire shot of cum deep into her throat as strangers had watched (a second item on her list - and the one she had always wanted to tick off) and all in one evening.

I was just preparing for the embarrassing glances and awkward conversation that would inevitably ensue as Beth and Steve dressed to leave, but Veronica had other ideas. Far from resisting, she was actually freeing herself from Beth's grip to turn to face me. I thought she was about to step towards me for protection but instead I watched open mouthed as she began to move back towards Steve. She began to lower herself, and reached into the water between her legs to grab Steve's cock. Steve knew what was wanted and raised himself clear of the water.

Veronica was breathing heavily, licked her lips and continued to stare at me as she reached between her legs. She wanted me to see the full show!

With his back arched and his balls now clear of the water, she guided at least nine inches of hard flesh towards her already well lubricated opening. Her eyes glazed as the bulbous head pushed against her and then slowly began to slip easily in. We both looked deep into each others eyes as she groaned with every entering inch, until at last, he was buried deep inside. They both dropped down below the surface and Veronica began to noisily ride his length, Steve's arms came around her and she held them against her tits as they began to fuck.

Unlike Beth, who seemed to enjoy her sex with low moaning noises, Veronica is loud once she is beyond caring if anyone can hear. Tonight she was way beyond caring about anything, and each thrust of Steve's cock caused a loud groan to be released from deep down. After what seemed an age of rising up and down just staring at me, her eyes suddenly widened and a real flash of concern swept across her face. Steve was still holding on to her tits helping to her to move at a frantic pace, it was clear that he was near to shooting his load into her! This was not right, my sexy, gorgeous wife was about to be filled with another man's cum.

Quick as a flash, Beth stood and almost pushed a panting Veronica from her man, she pulled his cock clear of the water and engulfed him between her lips. Unsurprisingly, Steve immediately burst into her mouth, she seemed unable to swallow quickly enough and the warm liquid began to seep over her lips. Finally, he was finished and dropped gasping back into the water to leave a smiling Beth to lick her salty lips.

As hard as she tried to conceal it, Veronica was clearly disappointed, she had been on the verge of coming and was left frustrated, I didn't want to believe that she was desperate to be filled by his cum, but deep down I knew it was true and from the look on her face she knew that I knew.

Seeing that look, I felt guilty at feeling relieved she had been deprived of a shared orgasm with Steve, but the thought of having another man's cum inside her was a step too far. I stood in the tub to reveal a rock hard erection to her, her face immediately brightened, she realised that I wanted to show her just how much watching her being fucked so hard had turned me on and this seemed to override her feelings of frustration.

I decided to take control of the situation and turned her around to face the other two. Holding her at the waist with one hand, I used the other to bend her over.

She was so well stretched and wet that I slid into her with ease, her wetness was stunning, I could almost feel her dripping onto my balls as I plunged as deep as I could with every thrust. Veronica was beginning to shake and was finding it difficult to stand in the water on the slippery plastic surface. Seeing her predicament, Beth stood to support her with her hands. Steve was happy to watch the show and regain his strength.

As if working as one, without a word being spoken, the two women manoeuvred me to sit back down to allow Veronica to rise and fall at her own pace. I thought we were doing more than OK as we were, but it then became clear why we had changed position.

In all our time together Veronica had never shown any interest in other women, but Beth was about to change that, she released her hands from Veronicas and placed them either side of her head. It was clear Veronica was a willing participant and needed little encouragement, Beth guided Veronicas panting mouth towards one of her breasts, I felt my cock pulse harder when Veronica engulfed the nipple and began murmering into the warm flesh. This was too much, my balls exploded for the second time and began to pump warm cum deep into her, Veronica responded immediately, and, muffled by a mouth full of Beth's breast, screamed and shuddered as her own orgasm swept through her body.

At last, when we had both stopped our involuntary spasms, we parted and Veronica collapsed next to me gasping as she tried to regain her breath. Beth had taken a seat next to her and all three of us closed our eyes. The warm water bubbled and currents from numerous pumps swept around us, each of us lost in our own thoughts. I was wondering if Beth did this on a regular basis, did she and Steve often pick up tourists when their inhibitions were down? My musings could have been going on for anything between five or twenty minutes, all sense of time was lost in my drunken state of exhaustion.

As I dreamt, I became aware of an almost inaudible moaning next to me, I half opened my eyes to see Steve standing in front of Beth while she slowly sucked his cock, I noticed Veronica was watching too and wasn't at all shocked, or surprised, when Beth removed the hard flesh from between her lips, wrapped a hand around it and passed it to Veronica. I moaned quietly as Veronica simply began to lick the shaft and engulfed the head in her mouth. A few hours ago I would have been horrified. Now I was imagining the pleasure she was giving and was surprised when I felt my cock beginning to harden once again.

Veronica passed Steve back to Beth then turned to kiss me, she even tasted of cock! Her hand disappeared beneath the water and began to pump me back to full hardness, her tongue explored deep into my mouth as she kissed me almost aggressively. Something within her had changed, I felt her bite my lower lip and she stopped rubbing my cock to cup my balls in her hand, she squeezed them hard before releasing them into the bubbling water once again. She turned her attention back to the shaft, gripping it like a vice.

I returned her kisses just as aggressively and we were soon both locked in an incredibly intense embrace, her hand pumped me so hard I felt as though she would rip my foreskin at each downstroke. I didn't care, she was acting like an animal and the pain was exquisite. We both moaned loudly into each other's mouth, probing with our tongues and crushing our lips together. I almost let out a yell when I felt fingernails dig into my sac, at the same time my balls were tugged viciously down and stretched to the point where the agony almost became too much. What had happened to her?!

With the noise of the tub motors and pumps covering her whisper, put her lips to my ear and whispered in an almost unrecognisable trembling voice; 'You liked me sucking his cock didn't you?'

When I didn't answer, she dug her nails in again. 'Answer me truthfully, you naughty boy!' Her voice was still shaking.

She stared at me waiting for my reply and I couldn't believe how sexy she looked. I slowly nodded my head.

'I knew it! ' she whispered triumphantly. 'You secretly wished he had filled me with his cum as well didn't you?!'

Again I was too shocked to answer. I was also concerned that we could be overheard. Again, she punished me by tugging my balls hard.

I nodded again. She smiled and bit my bruised lower lip.

'Put him in my mouth' she whispered so loudly that even the tub didn't cover her voice. Again I didn't react fast enough, my cock was harder than ever before and her nails began to cut into my sac. This time I did yell, Beth looked at me and smiled.

'Do it!' ordered Veronica.

I couldn't believe what she wanted me to do, but as I hesitated, the hardness of my cock betrayed how turned on I was and the stretching of my sac and balls meant I had to do something. Slowly, I put my hand out, Beth smiled and Veronica kept repeating. 'Do it!'

'Do it!'

Louder; 'DO IT!'

My balls were aching, her fingernails were agony but I was about to come in the water if she didn't stop.

I moved my hand towards Steve and stopped. Seeing me hesitate, my balls were stretched even further.

''Do it! Put him in my mouth!'. Now she was speaking aloud, Beth watched intently, she was as turned on as Veronica and wanted to see what was going to happen, her breasts were bobbing on the surface of the water, her head still close to Steve's rock hard cock.

My hand moved closer and my balls got squeezed harder. Finally the pain was too much and I had to comply. Touching him with my fingertips at first, I slowly placed my hand around the hard shaft, I glanced at Veronica; she was licking her lips. At last I had my fingers wrapped around the shaft and began to pull him towards Veronica.

She was ecstatic with a look of total triumph on her face.

'Good boy! Now put him in my mouth.' She parted her lips and tilted her head ready to accept him. She didn't move forward at all and waited until I delivered the flesh to her lips. At last it was done and I let go immediately. Veronica stopped instantly;

'Did I tell you to let go?' her nails dug deeper into my flesh, 'I want you to put him in my mouth and make him come'.

This was too much, but her grip was unrelenting.

I hesitated to react, but with my own cock about to explode I reluctantly took hold of the shaft again and fed it to Veronica's open mouth. Her lips enclosed the purple head, but she still didn't move her head at all.

Slowly at first, but with an increasing speed I began to wank him off as my wife sat open mouthed and wide eyed waiting for me to feed her his cum. Beth swallowed deeply and I groaned aloud when I felt the unmistakable signs that Steve was about to explode. The first shot of warm seed shot onto Veronicas face and hair. The speed of it had taken her by surprise, but she quickly adjusted her position and her lips engulfed the huge purple head, she was actually swallowing as much as she could! I pumped my hand faster. It was too much, I felt my own cock spasm in the warm water as jet after jet of my own cum entered the tub. My balls were released at last and I sat back gasping for air in the humid night with my head full of mixed emotions. I had just wanked off another guy into my wife's mouth, not only that, I had done my best to ensure she had received the full load and had helped to squeeze the last few drops onto her tongue. What had happened to us?

It was strange, but I almost felt pride in just how good she was. Steve was a lucky guy but I was luckier, she was all mine and I was getting to discover a whole new side to her sexual confidence.

Steve resumed his position and I sat contemplating what had happened. As I reflected on the scary confidence Veronica had shown when she ordered me to feed Steve to her, Beth leant toward her and kissed her fully on the lips. Veronica returned the kiss and was obviously enjoying the sensation when Beth then broke away to collected a small amount of Steve's cum from her hair onto her finger. She slid the finger into Veronica's mouth. Beth was clearly experienced in seducing women and slowly helped Veronica to sit on the side of the tub with her legs in the water. Veronica must have known what she was about to do, but seemed to be detached from her body. Her expression didn't change as Beth gently parted her legs and began kissing her inner thighs.

Far from discouraging her, Veronica leant back and let out a gasp. Beth needed no further encouragement and began kissing closer and closer to her goal. I watched open mouthed as Beth finally reached far enough and began to gently kiss the moist swollen lips beneath the neatly trimmed pubic hair between Veronica's legs. Her experienced tongue opened Veronica entirely, the pink flesh glistened as the tongue worked its way toward the mound of her clit. As soon as the gentlest of caresses touched her at her most intimate and sensitive spot, Veronica gasped aloud again.

Beth knew she had her, and her tongue worked its magic, flicking and probing every spot. Veronica's erect nipples jutted into the air as she leant further and further back out of the pool until she was lying flat on her back. Her legs stretched wide open inviting the tongue and newly introduced fingers to enter her as deeply as possible. I glanced at Steve who was clearly enjoying the scene as much as me. Veronica was thrashing her arms and head about wildly, gripping her hair, pinching her nipples, crushing her tits, and occasionally grabbing at Beth's hair until at last it happened. She experienced an orgasm unmatched by anything I had ever given her, her screams were completely uninhibited as she gasped for air, Beth didn't let up at all and I watched her lips close around Veronica's clit as several fingers were firmly, but very gently, slicked in and out of the wet opening beneath.

With a final groan, Veronica's arms fell flat at her sides and Beth slipped back into the tub. All three of us watched Veronica's breast rising and falling in time with her rapid breathing and two of us had yet another raging hard on! What a night!! Veronica remained still with her own juices still trickling from between her legs, and made no attempt to adjust her spread-eagled position, she was on full view and couldn't have cared less.

None of us moved for at least five minutes, and I thought Veronica was asleep, when she raised herself onto her elbows to face us. Her hair was a mess, her face and breasts were rosy with post orgasm blotches and she was smiling from ear to ear.

'Thanks guy's. That was fantastic, but one of us hasn't come at all this evening.' With that statement she looked at Beth and we realised she was right.

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