tagAnalFlowerless Valentine

Flowerless Valentine


I picked at the edge of the cardboard beer mat in frustration. She said she'd be here at seven. I checked my wristwatch. Eight pm!

"Take a goddamned hint, Valentine!"

I pushed away from the bar, snatched my jacket off the stool and abruptly shrugged into it. Somehow, somewhere, my wires got badly crossed...my instincts let me down. It wasn't like me.

The red, cut-out hearts decorating the bar announcing 'Valentine's Day Happy Hour' seemed to mock me. What a day to be stood up! I strode out of the pub, more pissed off with my own bad judgement than anything else. I could've sworn I got the vibe from her. It was going to be a long, lonely drive back to Glasgow.

Something about the girl hit me like a gut-punch when I first saw her behind the reception counter. Her blonde hair looked hastily tied up, her cheeks were slightly flushed - she had an aura about her, like she'd just tumbled out of bed. Hell, let's face it - she looked freshly fucked! I had to be honest: the sting was knowing I hadn't been the one responsible for it more's the pity. Now I never would be.

All that, and then she'd looked up at me. It was like an electrical current running through me.

Deep in thought, I rounded the corner and bumped straight into her. I had to clutch at her arms to keep her from falling over.

"Major Valentine! I was just coming to meet you!"

I felt an instant stab of desire in my guts at the realisation she hadn't stood me up.

She was protected from the autumn chill by a thick, woollen coat and scarf, covering a tweed skirt and knee-high black, leather boots. She was like a ruffled Bridgette Bardot; and the urge to take her somewhere private and spend days fucking her senseless was strong...but I suddenly realised I wanted more than that...I wanted to make it illegal for her to be with any one else. I stared down into her flushed face with amazement. The thought stunned me. The timing couldn't have been worse: I was a month out from an operational tour to the Middle East!

I checked my watch to distract myself before I did something stupid, like propose.

"What time do you call this?" I asked.

"Let's go back inside and I'll tell you all about it," she said, looking mortified, "I'm parched."

Back in the pub we settled in a snug with our drinks. When she shrugged out of her coat her silky blouse stretched tautly across her full breasts and gaped between the buttons giving me a fleeting glance of black lace and creamy, white skin. I could see the raised outline of nipples against the soft fabric and my cock stirred. I cleared my throat.

She picked up her glass of wine and held it out, oblivious to my discomfort.


"Right, cheers."

There was something unconsciously sexy about her, the way she moved and sat and gestured as she talked - something about the boiler upstairs exploding and a flood in her flat - to be honest I wasn't really paying much attention. Not that she was boring - I enjoyed the sound of her husky voice - I just couldn't take my eyes off her mouth.

Soft, pink lips. A hint of gloss.

I shifted in my seat, taking a long gulp of my pint. A sudden image of her kneeling in front of me with those same soft lips parting around the shining head of my swollen cock had popped unbidden to mind. When she put the glass to her mouth I could just see the pink tip of her tongue gently rimming it as she swallowed. She lowered it back to the table and licked the wine from her lips.

"...and that's why I'm late...sorry! If I'd missed you I'd have kicked myself..."

She sipped her wine again and glanced at me over the glass. Again with the tongue. I shuffled, desperately wanting to adjust the growing bulge in my trousers. It was agony - if I got any bigger I'd explode.

"You're here now," I rasped, my hand going reflexively to rub the warm lump on my bicep where I'd received three vaccinations the day before. Her grey eyes followed the movement.

"I meant to ask: how is your arm?"

"It's fine," I lied. Actually it hurt like hell - like I'd admit it!

"When do you go?"

"About a month."

"Not long then."

"No, not long."

"Do you know where?"

I nodded.

"The obvious?"

I nodded again. She sighed. We sipped our drinks. At a table nearby a pink-cheeked couple held hands over a bunch of carnations. "Sorry, I didn't think to buy flowers."

"I'm allergic." She laughed. "Anyway, a tenner says she's wishing he bought roses."

I chuckled. "Poor bastard thinks he's getting lucky."

"Not unless he's got a box of chocolates in his pocket." She was quiet for a moment or two, then licked her lips again. She seemed apprehensive. "Can I tell you something?"

"Of course."

She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it and shook her head.

"Never mind, it doesn't matter."

"No, go on."

"Really, it's nothing."

"If you've got something on your mind I'd rather you told me."

She looked across at me steadily, assessing, then buried her nose in her glass and swallowed hard before resting it down carefully and taking a deep breath.

"I see a lot of people in my job, you know, at the med centre."

"Naturally. It's a busy place."

"A lot of soldiers."

"On an army barracks? You do surprise me."

She sent me a withering look. "I'm trying to be sincere."

"Sorry, I didn't realise it was such an effort...I'll let you concentrate."

"Look, I don't have to tell you at all."

I held up my palms. "Sorry! Go on, please."

Her expression softened. "The thing is: I get asked out a lot."

I opened my mouth as a wisecrack sprang to mind, then decided judiciously against it. Her cheeks had grown ruddy again. I made do with nodding.

She hurried to explain. "It's not that I'm, like, Melinda Messenger or something. I'm just there, a captive audience sort of. Bottle blonde and female. They try their luck. I turn them down. That's how it goes."

I nodded again. "I guessed you'd be beating them off with a stick."

She shifted in her seat. "Well, it's not quite like that. The thing is...you're the first one I haven't turned down." Her eyelids lowered and she peeked at me through dark lashes.

"The first?" I repeated. The thought hadn't occurred to me, but as she said it, a pleasurable warmth suffused my body. "Why me?"

She bit her lip. "When I first saw you it was like...electricity, you know?"

I nodded, unable to speak.

"The thing is...that sort of thing doesn't happen very often, if at all, then when you asked me out it made me wonder if...if..."

Her voice trailed off and she bit her lip again looking bashful.

"If?" I prompted.

"You probably wouldn't...I mean...I don't want to assume...you know..."

"No...assume what?"

She ducked her head. "I didn't want to assume just because you asked me out for a drink that you felt the same thing...that you wanted to...to...sleep with me," she finished, taking a deep breath.

I didn't dare look at her, instead twisting the pint glass around and around on its coaster. The bulge in my trousers throbbed violently.

She groaned and put her palm to her hot cheek. "I'm so sorry, I've embarrassed you! I shouldn't have mentioned it!"

I swallowed with great difficulty and shook my head. "I'm not embarrassed. But if you're worried about me forcing myself on you–"

"No!" She burst out so forcefully the hand-holding couple nearby looked up. She ducked her head and lowered her voice. "I mean, no, I wasn't worried. If I was worried about that I wouldn't have met up with you. The problem is I didn't want to assume you wanted to sleep with me, because...well...because I badly wanted to sleep with you and I didn't want to scare you off! You're new in town and you might just have wanted some company, like you said."

I tried to get my stunned head around the logic. "Are you saying you agreed to go out with me because you wanted to sleep with me?"

She chewed her bottom lip. "Would you think badly of me if I said yes?"

I shook my head slowly, hardly daring to believe my ears.

She brushed her fringe out of her eyes. "It's just that..." she looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was listening, "you're going away so soon, I couldn't waste too much time sounding you out...it's not like we've got all the time in the world, have we? This way we can get the question out of the way and move on."

"The question?" I was totally broadsided, hardly able to think in words of more than one or two syllables.

"Yes, the question: do you want to sleep with me? I didn't want to assume, that's why I thought I better ask. You might just have wanted a quiet drink."

I sculled my pint, dropping the empty glass on the table. "Can I be frank with you?"

Her eyes grew round. "Y...yes."

"I'm thirty-six years old," my voice dropped low, "and I have never...ever...wanted a woman the way I want you right now."

Her mouth dropped open.

"Put your coat on."

She wordlessly did as I told her. Out on the street I raised a hand to hail a passing black cab.

"It's only round the corner," she whispered, clutching my hand tightly. Both our palms were damp. "The taxi will take longer in the traffic."

We didn't say much as we walked...small-talk seemed unnecessary. The hair on the nape of my neck stood on end. Goosebumps peppered my skin.

"Up here," she said suddenly, "it's a short cut."

We turned up a narrow flight of stone steps leading to a walk-way - an alley of sorts, whose shadows were punctuated at intervals by the dim arcs of light from a handful of Victorian-styled lamps.

She skipped up the steps and I followed hesitantly. Grey, stone tennements loomed darkly above us on either side. A light mist began to fall.

"Do you come this way often?" I asked nervously.

She shook her head.

"I'm glad to hear it."

About half way along the alley she stopped abruptly in front of me. "It's no use," she said with a shake of her head.

"What's no use?" My heart pounded. She wasn't going to back out, was she? Not now?

She grabbed me by the arm and towed me into the shadows.

I peered up and down the dark, cobbled alley but there was no one to be seen.

"Come on," she urged me, "no one's looking."

I didn't need telling twice. In the gloom I clasped her head in my palms and my mouth descended on hers. She clutched at me, reaching up to draw my head closer as our warm tongues clashed.

Then she was sliding out of my arms down to her knees on the damp cobbles, tugging urgently at my belt, popping the buttons of my fly and freeing my hot, rigid cock with a sigh of delight. She gripped it firmly in her hand and began licking, sucking, lapping at the throbbing, tight flesh like it was an ice-cream.

I buried my fingers in her hair watching my member sliding between the tight rim of the pink lips I'd so admired. It was even better than I imagined! I filled her mouth and her groans vibrated through me. She took me in deeply - nearly my whole shaft - and swallowed, her throat constricting tightly around the sensitive head. I moaned in delight.

She drew away then bent her head to take my balls in her mouth - licking them, sucking, drawing them into her warm, moist mouth. The cold air on my damp shaft sent tingles through my groin. I gasped and shuddered. Fearing as my balls swelled I would come too soon, I clutched her by the armpits and hauled her to her feet. She was suddenly like a wildcat, impossible to keep a hold of, all teeth and claws.

"I want you to fuck me!" she ground out savagely, nipping my bottom lip with her teeth, clawing at the buttons on my shirt.

"Don't worry I'm going to!" I managed to clasp her wrists in one hand, holding them above her head as I pushed her roughly against the stone wall and hurriedly undid the buttons on her coat. In the dim light I could see her mouth parted and her chest rising and falling rapidly. She licked her lips.

I tore in frustration at the buttons on her shirt, hearing them rattle on the cobbles as they flew off. It didn't matter anymore, I had to put my hands on her bare skin. I jerked her bra roughly down - hearing the fabric tear - exposing one, rounded breast to the night air. The engorged nipple stood out darkly against her pale skin, puckering to a hard pebble in the cold mist.

"Fuck," she rasped, "yes!"

I bent my head and sucked her sensitive flesh into my mouth. She groaned. I rolled my tongue around the erect peak - sucking and nipping until she writhed. "So fucking gorgeous," I murmured against her skin.

Still holding her hands over her head I ran my other palm up the inside of her thigh and breathing in sharply as my fingers slid easily across her bare pussy. She wasn't wearing panties and her skin was smoothly shaved!

"Oh my fucking God!" I muttered in disbelief. My cock spasmed. It was so swollen I was in actual agony.

"Fuck me," she moaned, "please!".

"Not yet," I whispered. She was so wet my fingers slipped easily inside. I stroked the velvety flesh and felt her spasm again, her muscles gripping my fingers. There was a spot in there, I knew, if I could hit it...at the same time I rolled the pad of my thumb slowly around her clitoris, not pressing too hard, not touching it directly. She flung her head back and moaned as I plunged three fingers inside, finger-fucking her until the juices trickled down my wrist. As I stroked rhythmically her clitoris swelled and the spasms increased, then...

"Oh my God I'm coming!" Her head flew up. Wide-eyed and open-mouthed she bucked against my hand. I held her as her body pulsed wildly over me.

I let go of her hands and forced her to turn, roughly pushing her hard up against the stone wall. I nudged my knee between her legs, forcing them further apart, raking her skirt up over her thighs to expose her beautiful, round ass. I pressed my cock to the slippery cleft between her legs and was immediately swallowed whole as she pressed back against me, taking all of my throbbing member inside with a moan. The aftershocks of her orgasm enveloped me, drawing me deeper.

"Yes!" she growled. "Fuck me hard - now!"

I would have, except the sound of approaching footsteps echoing on the cobbles made me hesitate. I drew her deeper into the shadows and sheltered her from view with my back.

"Someone's coming," I whispered against her ear.

The person passed closely by, unaware of our presence. My cock throbbed inside her. The effort of remaining still and silent was pure torture. Her hot juices dripped slickly down my shaft, and as soon as the footsteps faded away I had no choice: my thighs slapped against her skin and she gasped with each, deep thrust, her fingers curling against the mist-dampened stone wall.

"Harder," she ground out. "Fuck me like I know you want to!"

"You mean fuck you like YOU want to, you dirty bitch," I rasped, pulling away and dipping my fingers instead into her soaking pussy. She let out a groan of frustration and I smacked a palm against her ass cheek, hard enough to leave an imprint. "I'll fuck you when I'm good and ready," I ground out, kneeling down to bury my face in her pussy. She jumped and cried out, pressing her round ass towards my searching tongue. I lapped the juices from her swollen, shining labia, at the same time rubbing around the rim of her ass, feeling it tighten reflexively. I eased a finger inside, slowly sliding it in and out. She shuddered and panted her assent.

When I felt her muscles beginning to relax I eased a second finger inside, and at the same time penetrated her pussy with my thumb. She was so tight I could hardly bear it. Soon I had three fingers easing in and out of her slippery ass and I knew I couldn't wait much longer. Standing up I grasped my cock and pressed the head against her widened pink hole. The slippery rim gave way abruptly, sucking me inside. She gasped as I plunged deeper, her rim so tight around me I had to close my eyes in disbelief. She took me all the way to the base of my shaft until we were pressed thigh to ass, not moving, just savouring the feeling. Mist collected in droplets on our hair.

I moved again, drawing slowly away until only the head of my cock was inside her.

She panted, unable to do more than groan and stand spread-eagled against the wall with her skirt around her hips, bare ass grinding against me. I threaded my fingers through hers, couldn't help it, the urge to move faster overcame me and I began plunging rhythmically into her, my cock slick with juice. I grunted with each smacking thrust of skin on skin. The wave began to surge over me.

I cried out when I came and withdrew, shuddering intensely as cum exploded out of me in an endless stream down between her slippery ass cheeks and over the soft, shining folds of her labia. I held her tightly against me as we both gasped for air. I thought my knees might give way. I didn't want the feeling to end!

"Please, tell me we're going to do that again before I ship out," I groaned.

"Beats carnations," she panted hoarsely.


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