tagIncest/TabooFollowing on from a Strange Request Ch. 04

Following on from a Strange Request Ch. 04


A fourth chapter of my story which makes use of characters and situations created by Rogueload in his story A Simple Question. The Deal stories are posted by Litfan10. A fifth chapter may follow, but I am tempted to leave the pair to rut in peace.

* * * * *

Monday morning found us both struggling to return to some sort of normality. We'd breakfasted together, me naked and mom almost wearing her short dressing gown.

'I'm going to miss seeing you wandering around like that while I'm at work..' Mom said as she sipped her coffee.

'I shall miss you too mother dearest. But as they say absence makes the heart grow stronger or is it the dick grow harder, I forget.'

'Very funny. I'll spend the day worrying that you'll dream up something too gross to contemplate.'

'There, now I've got something to occupy my mind when the lessons get too boring. It'll make a change from mentally undressing the best looking teachers. My new found knowledge of the female anatomy will help no end in that department.'

'And my rekindled knowledge of the male anatomy will help when I watch the young lads walking around at work.' Mom said with a mock sigh.

'Okay it's time I got dressed and see what the day has in store.' I said as I got up and started putting my clothes on.

When I was ready mom came to me and hugged me, it didn't escape my attention that to all intense and purposes she was naked as she embraced me. Like yesterday I rubbed her back with one hand and her bum though the ultra thin silky dressing gown with the other.

'Have fun ogling the men at work.' I said as I closed the door and carefully adjusted myself as I walked down our garden path. Man what was she trying to do to me.

All day at collage I had flash backs of the weekend. I couldn't help but wonder where it would all end, in tears or happiness only time would tell. But I for one was more than happy to stick along for the ride.

Mondays are always a drag for me, maths in the morning with English all afternoon, but eventually we were allowed our freedom and I was soon happily making my way back to the family pile. As usual I was home at least half an hour before mom. I waited until she rolled up before switching on the vacuum cleaner so I could be busy using it when she walked in... what more could a dutiful son do for his aged mother.

'Hey stud, looking mighty fine, hang on let me get my shoes off so I can watch you in comfort.'

'Take your underwear off too.' I can wait.

'I'll pop to my room and change... don't go away.' She said and disappeared like the morning mist.

I got myself a glass of water and she was back before I'd drunk it, wearing the thinnest top I'd ever seen her in, so thin her tits were clearly visible. The sight of her in that and her short tennis skirt were enough to divert a dangerous proportion of my blood supply south.

'Wow, do you ever look hot in that get up!.

'Hey stud that's made my day.' She said, and after nodding at my rapidly hardening dick added, 'It does a woman good to get that kind of reaction for a man.'

'You could raise the dead in that get up. Sit on the couch, open your legs and play with yourself while I get on with the cleaning.'

Once the place was spotless I turned my full attention to my masturbating mother.

'What we having for dinner?' I teased her.

Mom moaned and said pizza but otherwise she was lost in her own private world.

'You can read chapter five later.' I told her and got a very quiet 'that's nice' in reply.

'Diana sits on her couch just like you are, with her cunt and arse on show.' Her orgasm was starting. I was stood over her pumping my erection, also getting close to cuming. Just as mom's body began to arch, I let a string of sperm loose from my dick which hit the back of her hand. Practice was definitely improving my aim I decided.

With both of us happily satisfied, life returned to normal, at least for a few hours and at least as normal as it could be with me nude and my mother almost so. We'd chatted while the pizza cooked and ate it watching something on the TV. After that I caught up with some collage work in my room. I'd been there perhaps and hour when mom tapped on my door.

'Sorry to disturb you, can you run off a copy of the next chapter for me?'

'It's already printed.' As I handed it too her i said. 'When you've read it, shave yourself, call me when you're ready for inspection.'

'I've not been bald down there in ages...see you in a bit.' She said and left me all alone, well apart from my best friend who suddenly wanted to play.

About fifteen minutes later I got a text. It was my mom,

'You sure about this stud? Diana or Matt didn't seem very pleased with the effect.'

'They also said that it'd grow back.'

Five more minutes and I'd wrapped up my collage work. I was checking my favourite web site when mom sent a second text... 'I'm ready for inspection.'

'I'm just formatting my camera card. I want you naked with your legs open wide.' I text back.

I gave her a minute to reply which let me finish a particularly tasty story I'd saved a few weeks ago about a mother who persuades her son to abuse her. Reading it again following the weekend we'd had gave me a lot to think about.

Mom's short text saying she was ready arrived just as I finished reading. I picked up my camera with it's blank memory card and walked though to my mothers room, my erection already at half mast leading the way. I found her with her knees raised and as far apart as she could get them. Being hairless accentuate her nakedness making her look completely exposed.

'Wow mom that does make a difference. Don't move until I tell you too.' With out asking I started to take photo after photo from every angle I could think of, close ups of her nipples and pussy, her face hands, every detail was recorded. In five minutes I had filled half of the two gig card. I told her to roll onto her front and raise her bum then I took close up photos of her arse. I asked her to use her fingers to open her self as wide as she could. It seemed the more undignified the pose the more erotic I found it.

When I had finished I left her with her arse in the air. I tossed myself off thinking about the story I had just read. When I came I managed to land a glob of sperm right on her arse.

'You can relax now. What did you think of the story?' I asked as I sat back on her bed catching my breath.

'Really hot, I liked the bit where matt was waiting to film her and she came in shaved and covered in oil. Matt cumin in his pants made me smile too.' She said as she carefully scooped my offerings from her bum and while looking me in the eye, sucked it seductively from her fingers.

'I liked the bit where she just shoves the vibrator straight into her arse.' I said

'What about when she sucked it clean afterwards?'

'I wasn't so sure about that bit... we'll maybe leave that one in the realms of fiction.' I added

'Stud that is a load off my mind, that one rated very high on my cringe-o-meter.'

'Right I'm going to grab a shower and get my head down. Mom I can't tell you how great I feel... these last few days have been just fantastic.'

'Oh stud it feels so good to hear you say that. Don't for one second imagine I'm not getting a big kick out of it too. Pop in when you're clean.'

As I showered I wondered just how better life could get. Little did I know in a few hours I'd find out the answer to that question.'

'Good night mom.' I said from my her bedroom doorway.

'If you're clean you can give me a hug.'

Mom sat up in bed as I approached her. It hit me like a ton of bricks that when we hugged her bare tits would be squashed against my chest.... Jesus that felt so sweet.

Mom whispered almost to softly for me to hear that she loved me, then pulled back and kissed me briefly on my lips. Was I mistaken or was there a tear in her eye.

'Don't forget the girls are coming around tomorrow evening.'

'Mom I'll be here and I'll serve you coffee and snacks. Your tits feel good against my chest.'

'A treat for the man of the house. Sweet dreams.'

'Sleep tight.' I replied and gave her another slightly longer, slightly less chaste kiss on her mouth before returning to my room.

The next morning mom again only wore her unfastened dressing gown. Also like Monday she insisted on hugging me as I was about to leave. It really did feel good having her naked body pressed against me as I rubbed her back and bum.

'If I didn't know better I'd say the hug was just to get me hard.'

'All women like to know they can arouse the man in their life.'

'I like it that I'm the man in your life, but if you keep rubbing yourself against me, I'll be the man who's in more than just your life.' By then my erection had reached the stage when relief was needed.

'Okay, you've got me hard, what do you intend to do about it?'

With just those few words the air around us became supercharged with raw energy. It felt the same as it had when I first asked if I could cum on her face. Don't ask me where the words came from, it was like some one else had said them. Mom was still hugging me, pushing her bare tits into my chest and gently grinding her snatch against my now painfully hard erection.

'What do you want me to do about it?' She asked in an extremely seductive voice.

What do I want her to do about it? Okay I thought, you've asked for it.

'You can start by undoing my jeans.'

Mom pulled away just enough to let her undo my belt and then my jeans. We held eye contact as she carefully lowered my zip. Her nipples were still gently brushing my chest and were now extremely hard..

'Pull my jeans and shorts down.'

She gently rotating my jeans around my hips as she pushed them down to let my dick spring free.

'You can take off your dressing gown and get on your knees.'

On her knees and naked my mother was any red blooded man's dream come true. We maintained eye contact and I'm sure could both feel the sexual tension like a palatable force all around us.

'For years I've imagined you kneeling like that.' I told her as I gently stroked my dick only inches from her face.

'Just before you came on my face the first time, I knew before long this would happen.'

'Any last requests?' I asked.

'No I just need you to tell me what to do.'

'Suck me.'

Oh man...as her lips slid over my shaft! I've never known anything like it. Why had I waited so long? Even before I came, filling her mouth with my sperm, I knew this was something that was going to happen again and again, I would never tire of pleasure at this level.

My orgasm when it came hit me harder than any before, even the one last Friday when I first shot my load over her tits. I could hardly breath for almost a minute afterwards. My mother in that time remained on her knees licking her lips once again looking for all the world like the cat who'd eaten the cream.

'I thought you were never going to ask me to do that.' She said in a husky voice.

I pulled my trousers up and refastened them, never taking my eyes of the vision before me.

'Well I did ask and you can rest assured I will seriously consider asking you again.'

'Good. Don't forget the girls will be here around eight.'

'If you remind me again you'll be waiting on them yourself.'

Before leaving I leaned down and kissed her mouth in a way that couldn't be called chaste. A kiss a mother and son don't usually share.

'Hope you have a good day dear.' She said.

As I opened the back door I saw she had a hand between her legs touching herself. I stood with my hand on the door handle, unable to turn away from the sight of her on her knees and masturbating.

'I think I'll start calling you my Dirty Bitch' I told her.

'That's what I am. A Dirty Bitch who swallows her son's cum and shows him her tits and cunt when ever he tells her too.'

'You forgot, to add, is prepared to do what ever he asks.'

'Yes I'm a Dirty Bitch who wants to do anything her horny son tells her too.'

Already I could feel myself hardening in my shorts, thoughts of skipping collage slipped into my head but I couldn't miss a mini exam which was in the first class!!!

'I have to go, but you have fun my Dirty Bitch.' I told her as I closed the door, like yesterday I had to carefully adjusted myself as I walked down our path.

'Okay stud, time to get dressed, the girls will be here soon.'

'Shorts and a tee shirt?'

'Actually I've got you something to wear, here you are.

Mom handed me a paper bag which looked suspiciously like the one she'd come out of the sex shop with. I dubiously looked inside and found a party bow tie. I took it out held it up and looked accusingly at my mother.

'I said you wouldn't be naked and I'm nothing if not a woman of my word. Now be a good boy and put on your waiters uniform.'

Words escaped me, I couldn't believe my mom wanted me to wait on her and her friends wearing just a bow tie. I had definitely created a monster.

'I will get even with you for this, I hope you realise. How many of your friends are coming?'

'Oh stop whinging, there'll only be four or five, besides I've a feeling you'll enjoy the attention... I'll take them in to the lounge and call you when we're ready for our coffee.'

'If I've got to wear this, you can't wear underwear.'

'I guess I can cope with that, it'll be fun seeing if you get hard.'

'Wear what you did last night and I'll be hard all evening.'

'As tempting as that thought is, I'll stick with something a little more conservative, but you'll be able to see I'm not wearing a bra and you'll know I'm completely naked, under my skirt.'

What was there to say, mom had got the better of me again; but then again as perverse as the situation was, how many lads get to parade their manhood in front of their mothers closest friends.

From the safety of the kitchen I heard the first of her friends arrive, within ten minutes I figured everyone was here. Mom had already prepared the snacks, all I had to do was boil the kettle and fill the coffee pot.

Just as I had accomplished that mind bending task, I heard mom call me. Carefully picking up the tray with the coffee pot and the cups, I took a deep breath and pushed open the door through to the lounge... to coin a much used phrase which for me at least was particularly apt... it was show time.

Needless to say my entrance made a bit of an impact. It was obvious they all knew what to expect and true to form they behaved like any group of girls confronted with a naked man always behave. I chose to rise above their merriment and did my best to retain as aloof an attitude as I could.

Once their cheering had died down I asked in my best Jeeves impersonation if anyone would like coffee. This brought on another round of jeering which I took on the chin. I moved over to mom's friend Jean and offered her coffee before working my way slowly around the room. When I looked up at the last of her guests that the blood ran from my face... I was looking at the smiling face of the girl from the sex shop!

'Hello again.' The she said as I stared at her open mouthed.

'Oh, honey.' My mother said, 'I forgot to tell you Jean's daughter Maria was going to be here, silly me.'

'Jean's daughter?'

'Yes honey is anything wrong?' mom asked, full of concern.

Words failed me. All I could do was look her in the eye. 'What could possibly be wrong mother...dearest?' Of course the room was in uproar again, everyone revelling in my discomfort.

Through their cackling I heard Maria's voice, 'White with a little sugar please.'

What else was there for me to do but give her a coffee with milk and a little sugar. When I had, I turned to my mother who wore her best poker face and said I would be in the kitchen if she needed anything else.

The room was virtually silent as I left but even before the door had closed the laughter started afresh...man oh man how devious can one woman be. It wasn't until I'd sat myself on the counter that it hit me, mom had set me up when she sent me in to buy the vibrator, that was why Maria had given me such a hard time!

Just as I was digesting that fact the door opened and Maria came in.

'Listen I'm really sorry about the other day, for giving you a hard time.'

'Oh I'm not mad at you, it must have been too good an opportunity to miss.'

'I'm afraid it was, sorry.' She said and watched me to gauge my reaction.

'I bet I looked a right dork!'

'Hey you coped really well, I've seen grown men practically shit their selves when they've seen me on the till.'

'I bet you get no end of odd balls in that place.'

'We get our share but they're harmless...So tell me, who was the vibrator for?'

'You mean she didn't tell you?'

'No. I know you're not gay so I guess there's a girlfriend...'

'Nope no girlfriend.' I said and wondered if she could figure it out.

A moment later realisation dawned...'You got it for her!' She said full of disbelief. 'She said you'd be naked cause you lost a bet, was that why you had to buy it?'

'I'm not naked cause I lost a bet! She actually tricked me into getting her the vibrator which she said looked like my dick.'

Maria smiled and said, 'It doesn't look much like it at the moment. So what is this evening all about?'

'Where to start.' I said... 'How about at the beginning.'

So that's what I did, I gave her more or less the whole story, from when my sexual frustration led me to ask if I could cum on mom's face right up to this evening where I'm serving coffee wearing just a bow tie and she was in the lounge wearing just a blouse and skirt. I also told Maria about the Deal stories and how we made our own deals each time she read a chapter. About the only thing I didn't tell her about was the blow job mom had administered that morning.

'Wow! That is some story. Did you really just come right out and ask if you could cum on her face?'

'Yes, the first time was a surprise to us both, I must have been so frustrated I didn't know what I was saying. Mom just said, "if you're absolutely sure that you want to do that, you have my permission".'

'Cool, where did you do it?'

'She was kneeling right where your standing, a week later which was last Friday I asked her again and also to take her blouse off and then her bra before I came on her'

'And she didn't give you a hard time about it?'

'Nope, as cool as you like she did exactly what I asked.'

'Hang on I feel funny standing here with my clothes on.'

With that Maria casually removed the few clothes she was wearing and was very soon as naked as I was. Christ my life keeps getting better and better. What a body she had, maybe a bit of a tummy but fantastic tits, a little smaller than mom's but still fantastic, Maria was also clean shaven.

'That's better, hey I can see the resemblance now...right where were we? Your mom really does what ever you ask her too?'

'So far she's hesitated no more than a moment or two at anything I've asked of her.

'What's the wildest thing you've asked her to do?'

'Well when I gave her the next Deal story last night I told her to shave herself when she'd finished it.'

'And she did?'

'Yep and didn't bat an eyelid when I took some photos of her lying on her bed afterwards.'

'You took photos of your mom after she'd shaved herself?'

'About a hundred.'

'These I've got to see.' Maria said.

'I'll need to check that's okay.

I popped my head into the lounge and asked mom if she could come into the kitchen for a second. Once the whoops and cat calls subsided mom said she'd be right there.

'What do you ...' was all she got out before she saw Maria.

'Do you mind if I show Maria the photos I took last night?'

'I guess it's alright...Maria where are your clothes?'

'It didn't feel right standing here with my clothes on when he's nude.'

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