tagGroup SexFondest Wish Ch. 09

Fondest Wish Ch. 09


Kara closed her eyes as Donovan lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. His strong arms laid her down carefully, then his bulk covered hers as his mouth captured hers again, this time, letting his tongue dance softly with hers. She moaned as a shiver rushed through her and gave it a voice as his lips swept over the sensitive skin of her throat, bumped over her collarbones and devoured her nipple. Donovan pulled her closer as she arched into his arms, swirling his tongue around the pink nipple until it hardened into a berry, then moved across to the other.

A shifting of weight on the bed told him that Amalie had joined them, still wet from the bath and he moved aside so that she could claim one of Kara's nipples, adding the stimulation of her teeth to Donovan's voracious sucking. She didn't spend much time there; instead, she moved down, heading for Kara's juicy pussy. Kara nearly shouted in happiness at the touch of Amalie's tongue and opened her legs wider, allowing Amalie to delve deeper into the folds of her sex. Donovan released her nipple with a loud smack and joined Amalie at Kara's luscious cunt, giving her dark-red lips a quick lick before having her move onto all fours.

Her head swimming with pleasure, Kara got onto her hands and knees, moaning as Donovan moved beneath her and sank his tongue into her waiting hole and Amalie began to lick her ass cheeks. Incredible waves of passion flooded her, making her entire body feel weak, especially when Amalie's tongue pierced her ass hole in concert with Donovan. She came immediately, exploding so hard that she thought she'd pass out. Both Donovan and Amalie hummed in appreciation and after drinking as much of her juices as he could, he slid out from under her, turned around, then slid back, his rock-hard pole standing up beneath her.

Kara looked deeply into his dark eyes, his silky words ringing in her ears. "Make it yours."

She wished that she could see what he was seeing: his thick black cock sinking past her white-pink pussy lips, then returning with the pearly sheen of her cum but she felt it instead. She felt the spongy tip press against her lips and sighed as they spread open, allowing his prick to enter her tight canal. When he finally bottomed out inside her, Donovan echoed her sigh, flexing his meat inside her and gently asking her to rise. Amalie moved around to Donovan's head and knelt over his waiting mouth, impaling herself on his tongue.

Kara groaned and pulled Amalie forward, plunging her tongue into the woman's hot mouth and matching her rhythm as she rode Donovan's cock. Her cum coated his tool, pooling around the thick base and leaking down over his balls and the sight of it made Donovan harden even more. He groaned as her pussy muscles squeezed him and he reached down and took her ass cheeks into his hands, helping her move astride him and she came minutes later, gasping into Amalie's mouth. Her orgasm triggered Amalie's and for a moment, the two women remained still, clutching each other as shudders raced through them.

Donovan gently set Kara off of him and smiled when Amalie impaled herself on his hardness. Her cunt was looser than Kara's but Amalie knew what he liked and she brought him to the edge several times before letting herself go. Kara took her place over Donovan's face, covering his nose and goatee in her honey. He wrapped his lips around her clit, alternately sucking and stabbing at it with a soft tongue until she was vibrating above him, releasing another warm load of pussy cream. Amalie slowly climbed off Donovan and gave Kara a long, deep kiss, pulling her from her seat on Donovan's mouth and laying her on her back.

Kara gasped as Amalie went down on her, rubbing the tip of her nose against her super-sensitive clit and tonguing her clasping hole at the same time. Explosion after explosion rocked her body, each leaving her quivering with anticipation of the next. Finally, she moved away and Donovan moved between her legs, his pole slick with their commingled cream. As slowly as he could possibly stand to, he sunk his black cock into her sloppy hole, shivering at the ease with which he slid into her, knowing that it was her cream that was greasing his skid.

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