tagSci-Fi & FantasyFont of Fertility Ch. 05

Font of Fertility Ch. 05



All characters are 18 years or older.

This story is a continuation of the Font of Fertility series. I would suggest reading the previous chapters if you have not already. This chapter includes incest, anal and group (mff).

Jerry explores parts of being a mage, as well as Lauren's sister.

I can't say enough words to thank Ante_Matter for editing.


*** 1 - Goin' to the Mall ***

It's funny how quickly I got used to the body beside me in bed. When I woke up and Stacey wasn't beside me there was a tiny rush of emotion; on the one hand relief that we hadn't been caught by our parents, but more so on the other a sadness that she wasn't there.

It was the Sunday before Christmas and in the last week my entire life had gone from a slow pitch to a professional grade knuckleball. I was now dating my best friend, sleeping and fooling around with my sister, planning on shagging my girlfriend's sister and by tomorrow I was going to hear and pass judgement on a magical lawsuit. I shook my head as I sat up, Not to mention the sex-based magic powers.

I flopped back onto the bed, imagining what would have happened if Stacey had still been there when I woke up. I probably would have snuck under the covers and woken her up by blowing a raspberry on her tightly muscled abdomen, tickling her as she writhed sleepily and groaned her indignation. Then I would kiss her and she would kiss me back and laugh her warm, humming laugh, and the day would start off amazing.

That wasn't to be though. Stacey wasn't there, she'd slipped out sometime over the night or the early morning because we couldn't be like that. Not outside of the house, and not inside either. If our parents found us even snuggling together it would probably mean an explosion of some sort.

I yawned and curled up in bed again; it was Sunday and I didn't have plans, why was I even awake?

Because my life was a knuckleball. Annalise's sounded like it was even worse. Her father was blackmailing her, using her younger sister as leverage to turn the fire mage into his slave. It was barbaric and reeked of insanity, but it was what she was facing. If I had known what was going on when she first came to me, I wouldn't have waited to hear her case. But we had given forty-eight hours for her father to respond; Lauren and I wanted to be fair if we were going to be judge and jury. I wasn't about to go back on my word, especially not on the first judgement brought to me.

Groaning, I rolled over onto my stomach, head buried in my pillow. A week ago I was trying to figure out how to ask Lauren out. Things were changing; other than the general revelation of my magic abilities, no one thing was that dramatic but in all...

Well, it had me worried. Like with Lindsey, who had always been Lauren's beautiful big sister to me. Someone to crush on, to look up to sometimes, even someone to rely on. Now, though, I could see the changes in her. She was different, a little less self confident; she was fixated on Lauren and I, sexually and emotionally. Something had happened with her, and while it wasn't about to stop Lauren and I from including her into the harem we were building, it worried me all the same because I loved her like a sister. More specifically, like my sister. In a very inappropriate way, sure, but it was still love.

I drifted back to sleep, conflicted but drowsy in the early morning. It was Sunday after all.


I managed to get myself put together and out the door by noon, the chance to sleep in welcome. I took the bus over to Lauren's house, giving me plenty of time to ponder how to get myself a car. I was an all-powerful sex mage, what was I doing taking the bus? A few ideas came to mind; some of them would be taking advantage of people, which I didn't want to do, but others were fairly decent possibilities.

Lauren answered the door in workout gear, instantly turning my mind from money to ravishing her right on the front steps of the house. She saw the look in my eye and grinned, sticking out her tongue cutely at me before she came in close for a kiss.

"Hey there," she said, putting on a low and sultry voice.

I kissed her again with a peck in response. "Hey there yourself. Am I interrupting?"

"No, just finished. Some of us need to put in work to keep ourselves looking this good." She smirked, making me a little embarrassed. Yeah, I'd cheated. What good was a magic dick if I couldn't cheat a bit?

I followed her into the house and back to the kitchen, where Lindsey was sitting at the table eating lunch. She looked up a little startled as we came in, her eyes bouncing between us, unsure of the situation. I couldn't blame her, not after last night.

"Hey, beautiful," I said, walking up and kissing her on the cheek.

"Hey," she replied, still a little hesitant.

"How are you?"

She finally smiled a little, her body easing as she fiddled with her fork in the salad she was eating. "Good. I was just- uh. Last night."

"Was amazing," Lauren said from behind me. I looked over and she was topless, having peeled off the sports bra she had been wearing and was now replacing it with a turquoise one, clothes pulled from a laundry hamper sitting on the chair next to her waiting to be donned. And now I had a boner.

"It- It was." Lindsey said, "I just-"

The caution and uncertainty in her voice made me interrupt. "Lauren and I are going to the mall right now," I said, and she stopped stammering. "Later, though, I think we should go out for dinner. Just you and me."

"Like a date?"

"I think that's a great idea," Lauren said, bouncing over beside me as she pulled a pair of tight jeans up over her ass.

"Really?" Lindsey asked, eyes a little wide.

"Mhmm," Lauren said, "Linds, I think you need this. To be treated like the wonderful lady you are."

"Oh, ok." Lindsey replied noncommittally.

"You're going," Lauren said. "And you're going to have a fantastic time."

"Ok," Lindsey agreed a little more firmly.

Lauren finished putting on her socks and told me to wait by the front door. I could hear some sort of quick, whispered conversation between the sisters but couldn't tell what was being said. Lauren came strutting down the hallway from the kitchen with a sly grin and a troublesome twinkle in her eye. Without a word she grabbed my hand and led me out of the house and to her car.

"Annalise?" She asked.



When we picked up Annalise, I sat in the back seat with her so we could look at each other while I talked.

"I'm sorry," I started off. "For yesterday and the assumptions I made. My only explanation is that I just wasn't realizing how big a deal this must be for you. The thing is, Annalise, even though I'm terribly sorry for being insensitive to your situation, I can't be sorry for making you wait. I will not be known as a Seat who is unfair, not from my very beginning."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lauren look back at me through the rearview mirror, a warmth in her eyes.

Annalise was quiet for a moment, her pretty frown deepening as her eyes searched for something they couldn't find before finally coming back to meet mine. "I understand," she said. "I- can't blame you for wanting to be fair, even with my father."

"I'm glad," I smiled.

"I want to apologize as well-" She started, but I cut her off.

"No, not from you. What you said yesterday, I needed to hear it. You were right, and I deserved it."

She looked away from me again and smiled one of her toothy, somewhat ugly smiles and I couldn't help but feel a little warmed by it.

"Now," I continued, "We're going to the mall so you can grab whatever food you want, and then we're taking you shopping."

"What?" She said, "That's not necessary. I'm imposing too much already."

"Annalise," Lauren said from the front seat, "You've been wearing the

same clothes for three days. I don't think you're in a place to complain when someone offers to buy you an outfit or two."

She blushed and looked down at the zip up sweater and jeans she was wearing. The first time I had seen her she had zipped open that sweater and revealed her very impressive breasts to me, and then had again in the motel room; and remembering made me wonder if she even had a bra with her at all.

"The thing is though," Lauren said, "I'm not sure how much cash we have on hand."

"Don't worry about that," I said, "I have an idea, just stop at the next convenience store."


I was concentrating almost to the point of being too distracted from my surroundings. Robbing an ATM was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

First thing was dipping into the pool of power I could always feel, sitting and boiling in the back of my consciousness. That wasn't so much a struggle to do as it was to stop the entire thing from overtaking me when I was actively siphoning it into a spell. My first magical act was to focus on making the technology around me not be able to detect my physical presence. No camera was going to register my body or movements. I would be like a ghost on any recording, unseen.

The next step was to hold that spell, feeling it draining at my power, as I got out of the car and walked into the convenience store. I smiled and nodded at the clerk behind the counter who barely looked up at me from his newspaper. I went to the ATM in the front corner of the store and looked at it. Make it or break it, I thought ruefully as I reached out a hand and placed it on the side of the machine.

Give me money, wasn't exactly going to work as a spell. I focused on the dispenser, willing it to start. It took a moment, and I felt a tiny drain on my pool, and then I heard a series of clicks. Great, it dispensed nothing. There must have been more components I needed to activate inside, maybe dozens more, and I had no idea what they were or how they worked. Making the dispenser activate had been easy, making the whole machine work was going to be a lot more draining.

I sighed and closed my eyes, focusing only on the cameras and the ATM. I couldn't make it dispense manually, so I had to make the whole system work at once. Step by step I pieced together what I needed the ATM to do for me, providing the money I needed. It all clicked into place so suddenly I was surprised, I knew by instinct the spell was ready for what I wanted. With a slight push, almost like a nod of my head to the pool, I felt a sudden drain and the ATM clicked into action, spitting out ten one-hundred dollar bills.

I let the spell go and had to take a step back and lean against a shelf. That had taken a lot more power than I had originally thought. I wasn't drained completely, but a lot of what I had stored up over the past few days was gone. I grabbed the money and folded it into my pocket, slipping out the store quickly before the clerk realized I was panting lightly. I got into the passenger seat of the car and took a deep breath, releasing the camera spell.

I was light headed and continued to breath deeply, fishing in my pocket and holding the cash out to Lauren.

"Jer, you didn't just rob that place did you?"

I looked over at her with my eyebrows raised. "You think I would do that?"

"Well," Lauren said sheepishly, "No, but you did just come out of there with a handful of cash."

"ATM," I said.

"Extraordinary," Annalise said from the back seat.

"What's so extraordinary about it?" Lauren asked.

"It's just- From what I've learned of more powerful mages, the one thing that has downplayed their power over the millennia was the rise of technology. It is foreign and inhuman. You must have spent a great deal of power to make it work."

I nodded and rested my head back. Lauren started the car and drove us towards the mall and I sat quietly. The spell had taken a lot, but I couldn't help but think about my first attempt with the dispenser. That had barely even registered at all. Was it chance, or was there something that I just wasn't connecting yet?


Annalise ate ravenously, to our chagrin. When she had said she'd spent her savings on the plane tickets I had assumed she meant most, but it turned out after the tickets and a cab ride to my house she had been flat broke. She hadn't eaten anything since our meal together yesterday.

Now, knowing we weren't putting ourselves out by offering it to her, she ate enough for three by herself. She kept apologizing as Lauren and I grinned at each other, our own meals long finished, but didn't stop eating. Once she was finally done, Annalise leaned back and closed her eyes, unknowingly drawing my attention to her large breasts pressing out against her sweater.

"That, I think, really helped."

"Good," Lauren said, sneaking her own glance at the brunette's cleavage. "Now we can go get you some new clothes, and then you can wash these."

And so that was how I found myself trailing behind my beautiful girlfriend and our well endowed friend from one clothing store to another. Sure, let's hit Sears or Walmart and get her some clothes, I had figured. But I had handed a full thousand dollars to Lauren, which apparently signified 'spree.'

Five stores in and I was starting to reach my breaking point. Lauren, seeing me sitting and staring blankly at a wall of clothes as Annalise tried on something or other in a changing stall, took pity.

"You can go look at the toys," she said jokingly, nodding across the mall corridor to an electronics store.

"No, no, I'm ok."

She gave me a look, "Go. Maybe I'll find something sexy to surprise you with."

That had me moving with a plan to meet up in thirty minutes to check in. I browsed the electronics store, then went down the hall to a hobby and games store. It's funny, I realized I was pulled in two directions when I looked at the things I used to ogle and drool over in stores. I had a supreme magical gift and all the things on the shelves were trivial in comparison to what I could do; and yet I still wanted to shoot bad guys on a big screen TV.

Leaving the toys behind, I decided that if I could get more cash reliably now, I wasn't afraid to spend the remainder of my own savings. Not on myself though, Christmas was only a few days away and while I had gifts already wrapped for Lauren and my family, none of them were very... much. When it came to my parents there wasn't a whole lot I could do more; not without revealing I had magic powers, and wouldn't that discussion go great. 'So, mom, I can do unlimited things I just need to pork every girl I meet to do it.'

Yeah, that would go great.

I had an idea in mind for the other ladies in my life now, though. While buying for Lauren while she was here wasn't a fabulous idea, I could go looking for Stacey and Lindsey. I was two stores away from Victoria's Secret when the voice behind me made me stop.

"Oh, hi Jeremiah."

I stopped and turned, looking over the pretty girl before quirking my eyebrow questioningly. "Emily."

"Hey there," Emily Roberts replied, her smile big and innocent as she closed the distance between us. "I thought I saw you earlier and hoped it was you."

"Why's that?" The last time I had seen her she had been demanding I show her my dick to prove I was as well hung as she had heard. Not a horrible place to be in, considering she was one of the hottest girls in our class. She also happened to be a total bitch, which was making me extra cautious as she played up the sing-song innocence.

"Well, I just wanted to apologize for the way we left things," she said. "You know, I didn't want to make you angry or anything. Could you forgive me?" She was inches from me now, one hand lightly coming up to rest on my arm.

Your feminine wiles won't move me, I thought, though I was aware of the hard on in my pants. Who could blame me, those perky tits were practically falling out of her sweater and her lips were just slightly pouted like she wanted a kiss.

"Nope," I said, taking a step back from her. "I told you, there's only one way you and I get good, Emily." She had to beg Lauren to let me screw her. The fact that Lauren was excited by this proposition was unknown to Emily, but had me a little worried as to the level of that excitement.

The dark haired girl frowned and crossed her arms under her chest, consciously thrusting her breasts out a little more. "Well, that's not very considerate, Jerry. You and me, we could be great friends-"

"Hey, babe," Lauren said, sidling up next to me from behind and wrapping my arm around her shoulder. I turned and kissed her fully, showing off to Emily to rub in the fact that she couldn't have me. Lauren was grinning into the kiss, fully aware of what we were doing and loving it.

We broke the kiss and I glanced at Emily, who was frowning slightly, a slight edge to her look.

"Hey," Annalise said, coming up from my other side and mirroring Lauren, sliding my arm around her. "Don't forget about me." She pulled my face down to hers and kissed me.

There was a heat in this kiss that belied our relationship. Annalise melted in my arm, melding her body to mine as our tongues played lightly against each other. She was slightly shorter than Lauren, meaning I had to lean down more and she bring her chin up to meet me. Her breasts were pressing into me and I could feel the hard nub of one of her nipple piercings in my side. As the kiss lingered I found there wasn't just a passion in the kiss, but an actual heat. Annalise was a furnace on the inside and it made me wonder about a different opening and how that would feel.

I broke the kiss and we looked at each other for a moment from just an inch away. She was smiling again, but it slipped away quickly, but it was her eyes that held me. Big and playful, with just a little of the sneaky glint Lauren often had. I gave her another peck before looking to Emily.

Her mouth was agape as she looked from Lauren to Annalise, then back to Lauren. "I-"

"Hi, Emily. I heard you wanted to ask me something?" Lauren asked innocently.

"I- uh-"

"Oh, this is the Emily girl?" Annalise asked Lauren around me.

"Mm," Lauren answered, "It is."

I don't know what's going ooooonnn, I thought. Were they playing with the preppy slut, or was something else happening? That kiss with Annalise hadn't been necessary, all she'd needed to do was stand like we were now to make the point.

"I should be going," Emily said quickly, shooting a glance at me. As she turned her eyes slipped lower and took in the shape of my hard dick pressing against my jeans down one leg. She hesitated for a brief second, then walked off.

Lauren was the first one to start snickering, separating from me but still standing close. Annalise started as well, though her hand lingered on my arm as she moved away.

"Ok, what was that?" I asked.

"Oh, just a little fun," Lauren smirked. "I think she almost asked right there at the end."

"Lauren told me about your, ah, encounter after you left us," Annalise said. "Just girl talk, but then when she saw the girl trying to hit on you again... well, it was her idea."

Lauren's smirk was even bigger now as she looked to Annalise. "Not that I was planning on you stealing the show with that kiss."

Annalise blushed and pulled back her hand from me before shrugging.

"Ok then," I said, shaking my head. "You two are a little crazy when you get together."

"Good crazy," Lauren smiled at me.

"Sure," I replied, "How about you help me with some last minute christmas presents though?"

*** 2 - A Date***

We dropped off Annalise first, Lauren and I both getting out of the car to see her off. Lauren got a hug and a whispered thank you from the brunette, while I got a shy and very brief kiss on the lips.

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