tagGroup SexFor My Birthday Ch. 03

For My Birthday Ch. 03


I awoke in the middle of the night with Julie cuddled alongside me. We were both naked and her body felt good next to mine. I fell back to sleep thinking loving thoughts.

When I woke again it was light out. I thought I might have been reawakened by Julie getting out of the bed. Sure enough, a tinkling noise came from the guest bathroom, then the sound of the shower. I waited, half asleep, for her return.

When she didn't come back, I debated whether to go back to sleep or not, but my curiosity got the best of me and I got up to find her. I went into the guest bathroom and relieved myself, then glanced into the shower. Nope, no shower head on a hose this morning. I wondered if New Julie, as I was beginning to think of her, had been disappointed.

I wandered down to the kitchen, thinking people might be up, but the kitchen and front room were vacant. I retraced our path of last night to the master bedroom, and there I found Julie. Jordi and Maria Rosa both appeared to be asleep, lying naked and uncovered on their backs. Julie was kneeling on the floor on Jordi's side. She had picked up Jordi's limp cock and was examining it. His foreskin was covering the tip, and she gently pulled the skin away until the glans was exposed. Slowly, she moved her head over it and took it into her mouth. In its flaccid state, it was the size of many men's cocks when hard. Slowly, Julie deep-throated it, until her face was against his groin. Amazingly to me, he didn't wake up when she did this, as I know from experience the sensation is very strong. She pulled back and caught his cock in her hand, and I could see that it had grown and slightly stiffened even as Jordi slept. With a little smile, Julie examined it again, rolling it around so she could look at all sides. Then she put it back in her mouth and pushed her face all the way down again.

This time when she pulled back, Jordi had a definite boner, and I could see his cock grow even while Julie examined it again, without her doing anything to stimulate it. By the time she deep-throated it a third time it was definitely hard, and she had a little difficulty forcing all of it in her mouth and throat.

Jordi opened his eyes for a moment, but Julie didn't see it, as her face was against his abdomen. His eyes traveled to her as she kneeled by his bedside, then, without moving his head, to me. I saw his eyes run down my body to my crotch and I realized that I was sporting a hardon of my own. I looked down. A drip of pre-cum fell to the floor. When I looked back, Jordi had closed his eyes again, feigning sleep.

Pulling the cock out of her mouth, Julie traced with her thumb the thick urethra running down the bottom side, then ran her tongue along it, from the base up to the sensitive spot just under the flare of the glans, then all the way around the underside of the flare. By now Jordi's cock was at full size, which I judged to be about 9 inches long by 2½ inches across on the shaft and slightly more at the bulb. Julie sat back and marveled at it before opening her mouth wide and forcing the tip into her mouth.

By this time, there was no way for Jordi to feign sleep anymore, and he raised his head to watch my wife work on his cock. Seeing he was awake, she crawled onto the bed, knees on either side of his legs, and leant forward to suck his cock, bringing her beautiful ass up into the air. I quietly stepped into the room behind her.

Her cunt lips were more engorged than I had ever seen them. Her hole gaped wide, as if she had just been fucked a few minutes, rather than hours, ago. But the most amazing sight to me was that her clit, which normally never protruded from its hood at all, was now sticking out, swollen and red. Although I had never thought about its thickness before, somehow it seemed thicker than usual, too. I wondered whether all this swelling was because Julie was sore from all the friction, or whether she was still turned on from last night.

As I watched, a drop of clear fluid ran out of her cunt hole and down alongside her clit. I guess that answered the question about whether she was turned on, though she might be sore, too. I moved slightly to the side to look at what she was doing.

She was licking Jordi's cock from top to bottom, occasionally dropping her head further to lick the balls below it. She licked eagerly, the way a dog laps water, as if she wanted to clean it all off. She reached down and flicked her engorged clit, then rubbed it in little circles. I guessed that answered the question about soreness.

I stood up and noticed that Maria Rosa was also awake and watching the proceedings. She glanced at my hardon and then looked pointedly at Julie's ass, and I got the message: Why not take advantage of a situation when it occurs? I nodded to her and took a step forward, slipping my hard cock into Julie's gaping hole. She pulled back off the cock she had been deep-throating and looked around at me. She smiled dreamily and then returned her attention to the throbbing cock in front of her, daintily licking a drop of pre-cum off its tip.

Her vagina was wet and not as tight as usual. I supposed that was from our games the previous evening. I held her hips and banged her hard.

Her hand was still in her crotch and I could feel her fingers hitting the base of my cock when I plunged into her. I looked down at that cute ass and slim waist, noticing also that her arm was moving in small, fast circles. I increased the pace, slapping my balls against her groin, quickly bringing her to a climax. I didn't worry about my cumming too soon -- after cumming twice last night I knew it would be a long time before I came again.

Julie pulled her head off of Jordi's cock and pushed her ass back toward me, meeting me on every stroke. Soon came the familiar wail, as she lost all control. Now she was pounding back so hard and fast against me that I no longer had to thrust, but could just hold my body still and let her pull her on and off my cock. Every time she thrust back our bodies met with a loud, wet smack.

Julie gave one last cry and fell forward onto her elbows, her ass high in the air. She was gasping for breath.

"Oh, honey," she said, "That was fantastic." With which, she rolled over onto her side and my hard cock popped out of her.

The other couple had been lying on either side of us, enjoying a voyeuristic moment. Jordi was slowly stroking his hard cock and Maria was lying on her back, legs spread, fondling her clit.

Julie crawled up until her cunt was poised over Jordi's cock. The big knob at the end was purple with engorgement. Julie rubbed it across her clit for a minute or so and then slowly sat down on it.

Last night, Jordi had been unable to get all of his cock into her, at least at first. This time she managed to sit right down on Jordi's abdomen without any apparent effort. With a sigh, she started to rock her hips, rubbing her clit against his groin. She started very slowly, as if savoring the sensation, then started to move more rapidly.

Maria Rosa reached over and took my half-hard cock in her hand. She massaged it, then moved her hands to my ball sack, which she caressed gently. My cock began to respond to her attention and she pumped her hand up and down on the stiffening shaft. I reached over and put my hand on her crotch. She raised her knees and spread her legs to give me access.

She was already soaking wet. I ran my finger up and down the sides of her exposed clit. All my women were still aroused from last night, I thought to myself. Soon Maria Rosa was panting along with Julie as they both moved to a crescendo.

The two women came at almost the same time, crying "Yes, yes," in their respective languages. As usual, as soon as Maria Rosa came she wanted me to fuck her, indicating that I should lie down alongside Jordi so she could sit on me.

Julie slowed her pace after her orgasm but continued to rock her pelvis on Jordi. The two women looked as if they were out for a pleasant canter on horseback, side by side, their breasts jiggling delightfully with each pelvic thrust. Julie seemed more aware of her surroundings now that she had come. She reached over and fondled one of Maria Rosa's big nipples for a moment. It seemed to me to be sort of a good-morning kiss.

We kept this up for hours, or so it seemed. I wasn't close to cumming and apparently neither was Jordi, so we just lay there while the women rose from one orgasm to the next. It seemed that every time one built to a climax so did the other, until they both shuddered and cried out together in pleasure. I lost track of how many times they came; four or five, as least.

Finally, I could feel my own climax gathering as Maria Rosa went for yet another orgasm. I put my hands on her hips and accelerated her humping motion, feeling my cock waggling around in her hot, wet vagina. She and Julie came simultaneously again, and my jism spurted into Maria Rosa's hot cunt.

Apparently Jordi hadn't cum when the rest of us did. Julie resumed her slow post-orgasmic canter, eyes closed in bliss, as Maria Rosa dismounted, a stream of my sticky cum hanging out of her crotch. She gathered it up in her hand, then replacing her hand over her crotch headed for the bathroom.

Julie's pace picked up again as she built to another climax. I noticed her orgasms were coming closer together now. I moved around to the foot of the bed and watched Jordi's cock waggling in my wife's glory hole, stretching it forward and back as she moved. On an impulse, I reached out and cradled his big sack of balls in my hands, running my hand over the wrinkled skin and pulling them slightly away from where they lay tight against the base of his cock. In response, his shaft pulsed as his cum filled my wife's cunt just as she came. Instead of coming down from her orgasm as she had before, Julie went wild, crying out inarticulately at the top of her lungs.

"Ah, ah, ah ...," Julie said, over and over. She was clearly still cumming, continuing to ride Jordi furiously. I moved to the side to watch.

Her neck was bright pink, her face scrunched up as if in pain, just like the night before. She kept on thrusting her pelvis on Jordi, clearly trying to make the experience continue as long as possible. Amazingly, I was hard again from witnessing Julie's ecstasy. I stroked my cock as I watched her orgasm continue, then reached around her ass to feel Jordi's cock still in her quim.

Alas, the monster was starting to go soft. It looked as if Julie's ride would soon be over. Julie made a little sound of frustration; she clearly wanted more. She still seemed to be cumming, as her breathing rate was still high and her moans still loud. She now had her hand down between her legs and was moving it fast and hard on her clit to keep the orgasm going.

Suddenly her eyes opened and she saw me by her side, my hard cock in my hand. In a smooth motion she dismounted from Jordi and got on her hands and knees, pointing her ass at me.

"Please fuck me, Jack," she pleaded. "I need more, I need more ..."

Being a gentleman, I could hardly refuse. I positioned myself behind her and slammed my cock into her gaping hole. She immediately started to moan again, pushing back against my thrusts, and soon came the familiary wail, "Yessssss ...Oh, Jack ... Yessssss ... ."

Maria Rosa had returned to the bedroom. She sat alongside Julie and me, reached under Julie's stomach and between her legs, and started massaging her clit. This sent Julie even higher into the stratosphere.

She started to scream again, the high, piercing wail I had heard the night before. She rocked forward and back, meeting my every thrust. Apparently unsatisfied with the amount of friction, she fell forward, prone, with her legs spread. Now my cock was hitting Julie's G spot on every thrust, even as Maria Rosa's fingers continued to tickle her clit.

I pounded hard, my groin slapping against her pert ass on every stroke, and felt a surge of affection. I had loved Julie for years; now I was falling in love with the New Julie.

I glanced over at Jordi. He was lying on his side watching us, his head propped on his hand. With the other hand he was fondling his dick, but the end of it hung down toward the bed. He was clearly spent, and, I thought, unlikely to recover any time soon.

Julie was still moaning with every thrust, but she was coming down from her trip to outer space. My cock was still rock-hard but I was not likely to cum again, so I slowed to a moderate pace, letting her come gracefully back to earth. Maria Rosa, apparently sensing the same thing, removed her hand from Julie's clit.

Finally, it came to an end. Julie stopped her moans and lay still. I pulled my cock out of her, and she rolled over, sighed, and closed her eyes.

"Ohhhh, thank you all," she whispered.

Maria Rosa noticed my still-hard cock and took it in her hand, but I gently pushed her hand away. There was no way I could cum again, I thought. Maybe not ever again.

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