tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 02

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 02


Second Chapter

This is a fictional story.

* * * * *

Author's note: Happy Holidays All!

* * * * *

That Monday, after Reagan and Tory worked all weekend on their robot project, they went to see the professor in charge of the contest. He was the head of the mechanical engineering department. They explained to him that they were working on a human looking robot, one designed to do domestic chores and act as a servant to the people of the household. He loved the idea but thought it was too overreaching.

Tory explained how far they were already into it and believed they could have a working model by the contest conclusion just before Christmas break. The professor still thought they were biting off a lot but he knew of Tory and was delighted to have his participation in the project so he agreed.

For the next three weeks Reagan and Tory spent every hour they could on the project. Reagan was making good progress on body structure and design. She was also working with Tory on the metallurgy piece. Tory had made progress on artificial intelligence and robotic movements. He still had much to do on sensory and outer skin. More work was need too on the power plant, main processor and electronics.

Reagan had spent many nights working with Tory and stayed over on weekends. They had fucked a dozen times and given each other oral sex. Reagan tried hard but she lacked Jenna's talent with her mouth. Tory could get off from her blowjobs and she swallowed dutifully but it just did not rock him to his soul like Jenna. On the other hand though, Reagan had a sweet pussy and he loved fucking her. He especially liked sucking and playing with her tits. He had told her she would be the model for the tit molds. Reagan chuckled at that but said she was flattered.

Jenna had called once when Reagan was there so Tory had to beg off. They did agree to meet soon though.

The work proceeded and Tory discussed with Reagan the next phase of the plan. That weekend they would have one of the family jets pick them up. They had several companies they needed to visit for parts, components, and to undertake projects. The next thing however, was financing. Tory needed to call his dad.

"Dad," Tory said calling his cell.

"Tory, good to hear your voice. How is college?" Richard Tarrington said.

"It's fine, Dad," Tory said.

"How are you?"

"Just fine. Your brother was here yesterday. He is working on a project for our London facility and needed to talk about it," Tory's Dad said.

"How is Thad?" Tory asked.

"Great! He has found a lady over there in London. He seems very interested in her," his dad said.

"Good for him," Tory said. "How about you? Any new women you're running into?" Tory asked.

"No, I'm too busy for that now," Richard Tarrington said.

"Dad, I have to asking you something," Tory began.

"Yeah, how much you need?" his father chuckled.

"It's not just money but, you're right, it is money," Tory said.

"Well, how much?" his dad asked.

"A million," Tory said.

"What? What do you possibly need a million for?" Richard Tarrington asked wanting to know.

"Your Christmas present," Tory said.

"What? How can you spend a million on me for Christmas?" his dad asked curiously.

"I can't tell you that but I need a million and I need the smaller plane tomorrow to pick me up and go three places," Tory stated.

"Tory, what on earth is that brilliant mind of yours up to now?" his dad queried.

"Something good! I'm betting you'll approve once I'm done. Plus I get school credit for it too," Tory added.

"Well, that is the only sensible thing you have said," Richard Tarrington stated.

"Dad, I wouldn't ask but this is very important," Tory said.

"Am I going to like the outcome of this, Tory?" his dad asked.

"I hope so. It is my Christmas gift to you, after all," Tory replied.

"Well, for the life of me I cannot figure what you would spend a million on that also gets you college credit but then I suppose it sounds okay," his dad said.

"Great," Tory exclaimed.

"When do you need it?" His father asked.

"Wired tomorrow into my checking account here," Tory said.

"What? Just like that?" His father demanded unsure this was a good idea.

"Yes, and actually, Dad, I may need a little more later too," Tory added.

"What! Tory, do you know what you're doing with this money? I mean, is this gift really necessary? You know I have everything I need already. I'll just be glad to see you boys again for the holidays. That's all the gift I need," His dad stated seriously.

"Dad, this could be even a good business pursuit for me later," Tory added to set the hook.

"Well, okay but I want to go on record as saying I hope you have this all figured out," Richard Tarrington said. "I'll wire the money in the morning and send the plane."

The two talked about several more topics before Tory hung up. One included Tory maybe staying at school to work during Thanksgiving break. His father was not pleased that he would possibly not see him.

When Tory hung up, Reagan said, "Wow, he gave you a million just like that?"

"Well, not just like that but close to it," Tory said smiling.

The money and plane arrived the next day, Friday. After classes, Reagan and Tory packed small bags and boarded the plane. Over the next two days they visited with the CEO's of four companies. The men were all friends of Richard Tarrington's and Tory knew two of them as well. The companies were in several different industries but all leaders in their field. The stops included a steel manufacturer, a chemical company, an optics company, and a metals fabricator. After much wrangling and some money changing hands, they all agreed to help with the project.

Upon returning, Reagan told him she needed to study for a mid-term. They agreed to get together in two days. After Reagan left, Tory called a friend with the California Nuclear Regulatory Agency. The guy had been in several of Tory's classes last year. He was smart and had been a graduating senior when they met. Tory was looking for advice on whom to talk to about a mini-nuclear power plant. Sam had been very helpful and even offered to help. It just so happened he was going to visit the perfect company to do the work next week. After they discussed the design Tory was thinking about, Sam said he would explore it with them.

Tory's next call was to another buddy from high school. Chang had been two years ahead of him in high school and had already graduated from college. He had been an electronics wiz and now worked for a large fiber optics manufacturer. It took three calls but he finally caught up with Chang. Amazingly, he too was intrigued by the project and offered to help. They talked for an hour on the phone about different constructs for the internal systems.

Lastly, when Tory hung up with Chang, he called his Uncle Ben. His father's brother was a rich man too and didn't need to work. He was not as rich as Tory's dad but he loved what he did. He was COO of a prominent chip manufacturer. He was also brilliant and his background was product development. Tory told him about the Christmas present for his dad and the school project. Of course, Uncle Ben offered to help and they discussed several main processor designs Tory had been mulling over. His uncle thought the ideas were outstanding and offered him a job once he graduated. They both laughed at that but his uncle agreed to pursuit the concepts.

When Tory hung up the phone, it rang immediately.

"Tory, hi, it's Jenna. I have been calling for five minutes trying to get through," she said.

"Sorry, I've been on the phone for hours. What's up?" Tory asked.

"I'm sitting in the Chinese restaurant thinking about ordering something," she said.

"I thought we agreed it was my turn to buy," Tory said.

"Well, don't worry about that. You just keep your strength up. I might want to drain your energy reserves," Jenna said jokingly.

"My energy reserves are pretty full now. Plus I need to talk with you anyway. I'm ready when you are," Tory concluded.

"Okay, I'll get us the usual and meet you in twenty minutes at your place," Jenna said.

When Tory hung up, he immediately started thinking about Reagan as he showered. They had gotten closer the last few weeks. He still looked at it as a friendly relationship with great side benefits. He wasn't sure though if Reagan would agree that was all there was. Their fucking had been so passionate at times it was starting to take on greater meaning. He would have to think more about where things were going with Reagan after this project was over. He liked her, even a lot, but he wasn't sure she was the girl of his dreams. She was cute, had a killer body, and a great mind. What else was he after? As smart as he was those thoughts troubled him until the doorbell rang. Seeing Jenna only increased his restlessness.

"Hey, big boy. Whatcha been up to?" Jenna said with a broad smile.

"Waiting for you," Tory responded smiling.

"Oh, you anxious? Do I need to straighten part of you out before we eat?" she said, grinning and licking her lips suggestively. "I could use an appetizer."

"Well, I promised to pay for dinner last time. Maybe if I cover the appetizer that is a start," Tory said laughing.

"Works for me," Jenna chimed in.

Tory had just put on sweat pant shorts and a t-shirt after the shower. Jenna guided him to the couch and knelt down before him.

"Somebody just showered," Jenna said getting a whiff of soap as she helped him remove his shorts.

"Needed to. Been traveling," Tory said.

"Well, I could have handled your musky schlong but this is good too," she said grinning.

Jenna picked up his soft five inches and played with it with her fingers. She teased the head and massaged his balls until he was stiff. She licked his shaft avoiding the head and sucked on his balls. She teased Tory until she noticed a nice drop of pre-cum collecting in his peephole.

"I've missed you," Jenna said.

"Me too," Tory replied.

"Yeah, I bet. I think all you've missed is this," Jenna said with a wicked grin.

In the next second, she dropped her mouth onto the head of his cock. She swiped away the drop of pre-cum. She teased the head before descending lower. When his cockhead was resting at the back of her mouth she shifted slightly on her knees and pushed down. Tory's cock entered her throat and sunk completely in. Tory had to admit he missed this incredible feeling in his cock. Reagan's pussy was sweet but Jenna's mouth and throat could make a man weep.

Jenna sucked his cock with gusto and brought him along quickly. Tory was always amazed at her ability to get him close so quick. Tory moaned his appreciation as Jenna sucked his cock. He groaned loudly signaling his pending orgasm. No need to signal for Jenna; she was experienced and her hand milking his balls knew what it was doing. Seconds later Tory unloaded his seed into her mouth in hot liquid volleys. Jenna drew it all from him. She swallowed around his cock and tapered him off for several minutes afterward.

"Mum, that was a great appetizer," Jenna said laughing.

"I'll say," Tory agreed.

"But you didn't have any," Jenna pointed out.

"Well, not technically but I enjoy feeding you," Tory said and they laughed together.

"Time for Chinese," Jenna said.

"Okay, but I'm thinking about dessert later," Tory said.

"Oh, yeah? I don't know. You will probably be full," Jenna stated.

They ate and over dinner Tory explained why he wanted to talk with her. He told her about the Christmas gift for his dad and how far along they were on the project. Then he outlined for her his thoughts on several areas of the robot's body. They discussed the body and face in general. Then they talked specifically about the tits, pussy, mouth and ass. He explained to her his thoughts on all.

"Wow, you are trying to make this robot the perfect woman," Jenna said. "Are you trying to make the real thing obsolete?" she asked, grinning and licking her lips.

"That could never happen especially in your case," Tory said.

"That's sweet, I think," Jenna mused. "So you want this robot to be a sexual partner."

"Would you look at my notes on the mouth, throat, pussy, and ass and make any suggestions you feel would improve the design?" Tory asked hopefully.

Jenna agreed and they reviewed the designs together. Tory had worked out many of the details but wanted Jenna to help him with the sensory devices and stimulation procedures.

Jenna asked, "Tory, how big is your dad's cock?"

"Jenna, how would I know that?" Tory said. "He is taller than me by several inches."

"Well, we can assume he is at least your size and maybe even bigger," Jenna said.

"Okay," Tory agreed.

"You could always bring him round and I could find out for sure," Jenna stated, smiling wickedly.

"I'm sure he would appreciate your talents but since my mom died, I'm afraid he lacks interest. I'm hoping this robot with be beautiful and real enough to break him out of his commitment issues," Tory said.

Jenna gave Tory pointers on each aspect of anatomy. She helped him greatly with throat depth, pussy depth, fluid extraction and injection. She also had many good comments on feelings, sensory device locations and offered to help.

Next they discussed body type, hair, and face design. Jenna would help on all of these.

After they were done, Tory led her into his bedroom. In all the times Jenna had sucked his cock, he had never even seen her naked. Not even her tits. For all her normal aggressive attitude, she seemed timid as he faced her in the bedroom.

"What's the matter?" Tory asked sensing her nervousness.

"I hate my tits," Jenna said. "We were just talking about the ultimate body. I'm afraid you will think mine is quite lacking," Jenna said suddenly seeming very vulnerable.

"What are you talking about," Tory said. "You have one of the best asses on campus and your body is lean and well proportioned."

"I know but up top I am small," Jenna stated frowning.

"You're too hard on yourself," Tory said reaching for her shirt buttons.

Tory undid her shirt, loosened her pants, and then removed her shirt off her arms as Jenna basically stood there. He had the feeling she had not done this before with many boys. Could she be a virgin, he wondered? Is it possible her oral talents were covers for lack of experience elsewhere?

Tory looked at Jenna standing there in her pants and bra. Her tits were nowhere near the size of Reagan's but they did look like decent A cups or maybe even small B. He slowly reached behind her and unfastened her bra clasp. He then slowly pulled the straps from her shoulders. Jenna appeared to shudder as he revealed her tits.

Jenna tits were small but cute. Her nipples were tiny and crinkled hard into erect eraser points. They sat high on her small orbs. Her skin looked soft and inviting.

"Beautiful," Tory said.

"You're just saying that," Jenna said.

"No, I'm not! They look great," Tory said.

"Sure! You think I'm flatchested like the boys in high school," Jenna said.

"Come here, you knuckle head," Tory said and kissed her.

Tory worked her pants loose and dropped them to the ground for her to step out of them.

He moved her back to the bed and they lay down together. He kissed her several more times eventually working his tongue into her mouth. His right hand caressed her stomach then moved up her chest. Jenna seemed to flinch when he reached her breast. The tit was small especially with her on her back but the skin was soft and warm to the touch. Tory moved to her nipple and slowly tweaked it with his thumb and forefinger. Jenna moaned into his kiss.

They stayed like that for several minutes until he moved down her neck and kissed down between her tits. Jenna stiffened as he moved. He kissed and licked along her right breast until he got to her cute little nipple. He sucked it into his mouth and Jenna moaned deeply. Tory fingered the left as he sucked the right. Jenna had her fingers in his hair and murmured repeatedly as he teased her nipples. Tory held the stiff little nipples between his teeth and swiped his tongue back and forth over the end. He switched breasts and sucked nearly her whole left breast into his mouth. Jenna arched her back and he thought she had a mini-orgasm as he assaulted her tits and nipples.

When he stopped to look at her, Jenna stared back hungrily. She started pulling his t-shirt over his head. He stood and stripped quickly. Jenna removed her panties and lay back on the bed. Her pussy was framed in soft brown curls. She did not trim herself like Reagan but she still looked gorgeous to Tory.

Tory moved between her legs and Jenna opened up to him a bit nervously. He shifted to his elbows and leaned closer to her sex. Jenna seemed to inhale and hold it, waiting for his touch. Tory kissed her inner thighs. The skin was incredibly soft and he shifted from one leg to the other. Tory eventually moved closer to her pussy. He could smell her desire and see evidence of wetness. Tory parted her labia with his fingers and stared at the deep pink of her inner cunt.

"Oh, god," Jenna said.

"You want me to get you off with my mouth?" Tory asked looking up at her face.

"Can you?" Jenna asked unsurely.

"Sure, why? Have you never had a guy eat you before?" Tory asked somewhat surprised.

"No," Jenna said.

"Jenna, you still a virgin?" Tory asked trying not to sound to bold or condescending.

"No. I've done it a couple times but never had anyone eat me," Jenna confessed.

Tory worked his tongue slowly into Jenna's cunt. He parted the inner lips with his tongue and tasted her juices. When he dipped his tongue into her tight hole, Jenna gasped. Tory pushed in as far as his tongue would allow and Jenna groaned loudly. Tory feasted on her juicy pussy for several minutes. She tasted delicious. He felt Jenna shudder and gasp.

Tory moved his tongue from her hole up along her gash. He used his fingers to part her lips higher and found her little nub. He flicked it with his tongue and Jenna squealed. Tory slowly attacked her clit, licking it soaking wet and then sucking it into his mouth. Jenna shrieked and grabbed his hair in a vise grip. Tory moved his finger from her labia to her cunt hole and forced one into the tight opening. Jenna bucked against his face and tried to push his head into her cunt.

Tory worked Jenna through a series of mini-orgasms. She was fun to eat because she was so responsive to everything he did. When he finally pushed a third finger into her cunt hole and sucked her clit, Jenna arched her back off the bed and screamed as her orgasm tore through her. Tory tried to stay with her with her legs clamped around his head. He fought to breathe and keep her going. Eventually, Jenna came down and pushed his head away.

"No more please," she gasped between inhales of air. "No more."

Tory sat up and looked up at her. Jenna's eyes were closed and her mouth hung open. He looked at her cute tiny breasts again noticing how flushed her skin looked from exertion. He reached up and tweaked a perky nipple. Jenna opened her eyes and looked down at him.

"Oh, my god, Tory! That was incredible. Where did you learn to do that?" she asked still gathering her breath.

"Just practice," he said.

"Well, you are wonderful at it," Jenna said.

"Just like you. I guess we are two good oral sex people," Tory said smiling at her.

"I guess," Jenna agreed. She smiled at him and pointed to his face.

"What?" Tory said moving his hand up to his face.

"You're soaked," Jenna said.

"You have one tasty juicy pussy," Tory said laughing with her.

"My god, you must have gotten me off five times and the last was like rockets going off," Jenna stated.

"Can I fuck you now?" Tory asked.

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