tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 06

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 06


This is a fictional story.

* * * * *

Author's note: Happy Holidays All!

Many Thanks to Techsan for his brilliant editing of this series.

Hope you all enjoy this chapter.

* * * * *

Tory had rented a limo and picked up the three women early as agreed. By nine o'clock, they had met the pilots, loaded all the luggage on the plane, and taken off. The first stop was to the latex manufacturer. When they got there, they broke into agreed upon teams. Jenna and Ashley took the pictures, arranged in order, and went with a group of women engineers to work on the shape and molds. Reagan and Tory worked with a different group on the actual skin. Tory needed to fill them in on more details about the sensory net. He also needed to tell them about the changes proposed to the sub-structure.

They spent all morning with the latex teams and were already behind schedule as they re-boarded the plane. Fortunately, most of the manufacturers Tory had chosen were in close proximity to each other.

The next stop was the fabricators for the robot. The whole team got excited at seeing the complete skeletal structure. The power plant was already installed. The main processor had arrived and was now being installed. Several more components were ready to be assembled next or as soon as they arrived. The ears were there and the optics for the eyes were on the way. The digestive tract Tory had developed was two days out. Once they were satisfied with the work, the team left for the next stop. They ate lunch on the plane along the way.

It took about an hour by air to get to the town where the sensory net was being constructed. During the entire ride there, Tory told them how critical this element was to the project and how they had to make sure everything was done right. If the sensors didn't function perfectly, most of the other capabilities built into the robot would be useless. The female cyborg would need to be able to feel to move properly.

Reagan broke off and worked with a team on connecting the sensory net to the main processor and the power plant. Jenna and Ashley, working with Tory's notes and direction, assisted the teams working on the throat, rectum, and vagina construction. The sensors in these areas were crucial to the female cyborg's sexual functions. Tory stuck with the still most difficult piece. The sensory net would be woven into the skin above the sub-structure. It would be several layers down but still close enough to the surface to register something as light as a fly landing on the skin. Adhering the sensory net to the skin so the robot could move and bend without tearing it loose was a major dilemma.

Tory spent more time working with his team than the others, but in the end, he felt they had made great progress and hopefully solved the problems. One of the things they came up with was designing the sensory net, which looked like screening, with millions of tiny fishhook-like projections woven into the construction. These tiny fishhooks would grip the skin and hold fast, moving with the body. They would be imbedded in the skin thus moving with it but not separating from it.

By the time they boarded the plane, they were two hours behind schedule. Tory used the plane phone to call his dad and give him a progress update. He didn't say why but that they were running late two hours. His dad assured him they would hold dinner for their arrival. His brother, Thad, had already arrived.

The last stop, fortunately, was on the way back toward the mansion. The sub-structure company was located on the edge of Los Angeles. A limo was waiting for them when they landed and they immediately drove out to the plant. The whole team stayed together this time as they walked through the changes to the sub-structure being proposed by the manufacturer. The ideas were revolutionary and spectacular. Tory liked the strength properties of the new formation. Simply speaking, a paper-thin layer of titanium was to be coated with thicker layers on either side of a new composite material. The composite was an amalgamation of plastics and metal alloy netting. It greatly reduced the weight of the original solid titanium structure while adding strength, flexibility and durability. It would even make it easier to connect the sensory net.

When they left the plant they had gained back an hour but were still an hour behind plan. The ride to the airport was short and this time a helicopter awaited them. Tory called his dad to give him an update on their progress as the helicopter lifted off. It was only a ten minute ride to the mansion helipad.

Servants greeted then upon landing and the bags were all dealt with. Tory led the three women into the house to be greeted by the major-domo. Barney had been the family's major-domo since Tory was a boy. He was more like an uncle to Tory and they hugged upon greeting. Barney instructed them that his father and brother were having a drink in the library. He escorted them there.

The women gasped and commented on each new room they entered. Jenna lived in a large house too so she was not as impressed, though hers was not nearly this big. Reagan and Ashley on the other hand came from more modest means and could not believe the house, the furniture, or any of it.

Upon entering the library, Mr. Tarrington and Tory's brother, Thad, stood to greet them. Tory made all the introductions and everyone shook hands. There were plenty of seats in the large library and they all had a quick drink before dining. The women all had wine.

They adjourned shortly to the dining room for dinner. It was fairly late and everyone was starved. The big Thanksgiving meal was the next day but that did not prevent the chefs from putting out an equally impressive table for Mr. Tarrington's guests. By the time dessert was over everyone was stuffed. Afterwards, they had one more after-dinner drink in the conservatory. Barney then showed the women to their rooms. They each had their own room but the three rooms were close together in case they wanted to converse. Each room had its own private bathroom.

Tory went to his room to shower and change. They all had agreed to freshen up and meet in the billiard room for a drink and some TV or pool. It was around ten o'clock when everyone started filing in. Thad and Mr. Tarrington were already into a game of pool.

Tory and Reagan were so excited about the female cyborg's progress they huddled quietly in a corner with a drink and talked about the day's activities. Jenna and Ashley joined Mr. Tarrington and Thad in playing pool. At one point, Tory glanced over to see Thad leaning over Ashley instructing her on how to hold the cue stick. Knowing Ashley, Tory bet she could already shoot pool like 'Minnesota Fats' but chose to play innocent and weak. Tory smiled to himself and answered Reagan's questions on the sensory net.

They all talked and played pool till around eleven. At that time, Mr. Harrington excused himself to go to bed. Reagan and Tory also announced they were going to bed. Jenna looked at Tory and Reagan as they left with a knowing but depressed look on her face. Thad and Ashley were going in the hot tub before bed. They invited Jenna but she declined, saying she was tired.

Jenna went to her room and got ready for bed. She laid down to sleep but caffeine or something kept her awake. It didn't help that she wanted to see Tory too. She got up and went to his room. She hesitated before knocking. She tried the knob and it was unlocked. Jenna slowly and quietly opened the door hoping to surprise Tory in bed. The lights were all off in the room as she stole towards the bed. As she neared the bed, she saw movement and then realized Tory was not alone. Jenna had hoped it would be different but the reality was what she tried to deny even to herself. Reagan was in bed with Tory.

Jenna stopped just short of the bed. She could tell they were kissing. A floorboard squeaked beneath her feet, giving her presence away. She started to turn to leave when both Tory and Reagan looked up. They could all see each other in the moonlight through the windows.

"Jenna?" Tory called.

"Yes? Sorry, I'll leave," she said.

"You want to stay?" Tory asked.

"Yes, stay, Jenna," Reagan said too.

"No...I'll leave," Jenna said turning and walking to the door.

"Please stay," Reagan called sadly.

Jenna said, "Goodnight," and closed the door.

She did not feel like going right back to her room. Jenna needed a walk to think and clear her head. She walked down the big wide front staircase and down the hallway past the study and ballroom. She did not know the house well but they had been given a brief tour. She thought she would try to find the conservatory again. Instead she stumbled on the indoor poolroom. She walked past the hot tub. Puddles of water were all around it showing someone had been in it recently.

Jenna finally found the entrance to the conservatory. She opened the door and felt the warm moist air and the smell of plants filled her nose. She was about to close the door when she heard something. Jenna quietly shut the door and followed the sound. As she turned the corner around several large plants, she saw a work table ahead. Leaning bent over the table was Ashley naked. Also naked was Thad and he was fucking into her with what looked like a very large cock. Jenna watched briefly. She smiled to herself but then decided to leave before getting caught again.

Jenna retraced her steps and made it back to the hallway. She was just going to go to bed.

"Jenna, is that you? You couldn't sleep either?" Mr. Tarrington asked.

"Oh, hi, Mr. Tarrington," Jenna said. "Yeah, I couldn't sleep either.

"Please call me Richard," he said. "Want some hot chocolate or warm milk to help you sleep?"

"That would be great, Richard," Jenna said.

He led the way to the kitchen and she helped him make two hot chocolates. They sat at a table and sipped their cocoa with marshmallows. Richard looked at her as she drank.

"You seem deep in thought, Jenna," Richard said.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I am," Jenna said.

"Anything I can help with?" Richard asked.

"I don't think so, Richard," Jenna said. "See, it's been between Reagan and me for Tory's affections the last month or so. I think tonight I finally learned for sure that I am odd woman out, so to speak."

"I see," Richard said. "I'm sorry, my dear."

"I've sort of expected it for a while now," Jenna said.

"Love is a wonderful thing. To lose it can be very tough," Richard said.

"Yes. I think we now share that occurrence," Jenna agreed, "though mine pales to your own."

"Yes, well, mine has been a deep wound at that," Richard said.

Jenna reached across and held his hand. "I think we're both going to need to move on," Jenna said.

"I hope it is easier for you than for me, my dear," Richard stated.

"You just need to meet the right woman," Jenna assured.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple for me, Jenna," Richard said. "Sure I can find plenty of women to date. But, it's hard to find someone I can be sure is sincere and just looking to fall in love."

"I imagine that's so," Jenna said. "Must be hard to be sure they want to love Richard and not the Tarrington name?"

"Yes. Quite so. But what's more is I've had true love once. I don't even know what I seek now, other than companionship," Richard stated.

"Everyone needs companionship," Jenna said.

"True, but even that is not easy to find and know it's sincere," Richard said.

"You must try though," Jenna stated.

"So Thad and Tory tell me," Richard agreed.

Jenna did not realize she had been holding his hand the whole time. She let go and he noticed.

"It's been nice talking with you, Richard, and thanks for the cocoa," Jenna said.

"You're quite welcome, Jenna," Richard said.

They got up from the table and walked back towards the stairs. When they reached the bottom, Jenna turned to him.

"I hope you find someone that loves you truly again," Jenna said.

"Thank you, Jenna. And I hope you find someone that is madly in love with you too," Richard stated. "You deserve nothing less."

Jenna leaned in and kissed Richard on the cheek.

"I wish I was your type," Jenna said smiling.

"That would be something, my dear. That would be something," Richard said smiling at Jenna.

She turned and went up the stairs to bed.

In the morning, everyone had a nice breakfast together. It was Thanksgiving Day and the women needed to be dropped off at their own homes that morning. The plane was on standby to take them. Tory was going along for the ride. When everyone was packed and ready to go they left for the airport. In no time, they were airborne and headed to Ashley's first.

"Thanks, Tory, for having us over," Jenna said.

"You're welcome, Jenna," Tory said. "I hope you had an okay time?"

"It was wonderful," she said, giving him an understanding look. "I had a lovely conversation with your dad. He's really a sweet man."

"Thanks, Jenna," Tory said.

"I had a great time," Ashley said, with an impish grin. "Your brother's a nice guy."

"Yeah, very nice," Jenna said, smiling at Ashley. "Very friendly."

Ashley noticed Jenna's look. "Precisely," Ashley replied, giving her a nod.

"He's cute and has a nice body," Jenna offered.

"I would agree with that," Ashley said.

She then leaned over towards Jenna and whispered, "And a big package too."

They touched down at a private airstrip near Ashley's house and her mom was there to pick her up. They all hugged and kissed goodbye and several minutes later they were airborne again and heading to Jenna's. 'Nice of Tory to arrange it so be could be alone with Reagan at the end,' Jenna thought.

They talked of the project and worked some on the mold designs. Time was getting short and they would have to make another trip to both the latex manufacturer and the sub-base company. They needed to finalize the mold impressions.

"I think we can get what we need accomplished at the manufacturer's one day next week," Tory said.

"Yeah, we're close to having everything done," Jenna agreed.

"I'm still worried the robot fabricators can successful pull everything together in time for us to have a working model and run some tests," Reagan stated.

"Me too," Tory agreed. "We need a good week just to download all the necessary data into the cyborg. The fact it will be able to read on its own will be a plus though. We will be able to download information through her navel too. But just gathering all the data to feed in will be time consuming."

"How much and what kinds of information are you talking about?" Reagan asked.

"I'm talking about everything from an encyclopedia to the Kama Sutra. From martial arts to a dictionary. From the Joys of Sex to cook books. From Popular Mechanics to the Bible. Those are some of the books and data I think we should incorporate," Tory said.

"Wow," Jenna said. "You have grand expectations for this cyborg's knowledge."

"I guess I do," Tory agreed.

"Well, we know she will have the mental ability to handle incredible amounts of data," Reagan said.

"Yeah, the trick will be teaching her to utilize the information," Tory explained.

"You act like she will be able to reason," Jenna said.

"No, I know that is not reality but I do want her to be able to use probability to determine the best course of action. I also want her to learn patterns and styles of behavior in given situations. Teach her how to react to a given series of events," Tory said.

"Wow," Jenna said again.

The pilot announced their descent into the airstrip nearest to Jenna's family estate. After landing, they said their goodbyes and a limo waited for Jenna to take her to her house. Back in the air, they proceeded to the airport closest to Reagan's house.

Reagan said, "Jenna is sad, you know?"

"I know," Tory agreed. "I'm sorry to hurt her."

"Me too," Reagan said.

"You are?" Tory questioned.

"Well, not that sorry," Reagan said, giving him a kiss and a smile.

The rest of the flight they talked timing for turning the robot project in to the mechanical engineering department. They were going to be right up against the deadline. Reagan would be back the Monday after Thanksgiving to school, Ashley too but Jenna not till Tuesday. Therefore they agreed to make the last series of manufacturer visits on Wednesday. They hoped to have the female cyborg completed by December 7th, which would give them exactly one week to complete the download process and testing.

Time was growing extremely short they both agreed as Tory kissed Reagan goodbye at her stop. This goodbye involved more kisses and hugs than either of the previous two. He also walked with her into the small airport's terminal to quickly meet her mom, who was waiting to pick her up. The plane was soon back in the air headed for home.

Thanksgiving came and went quickly. The Tarrington family had their usual extravagant meal but it did not seem as exciting without the women there to share it. It became quite evident to the three men that the mansion had become a colder place without the warmth of a woman.

Thad had asked Tory endless questions about Ashley. Tory had never seen his normally aloof brother so smitten. Sure Ashley was exquisite to look at and Tory knew firsthand she could fuck like a rabbit on steroids. He even had to admit her kinky side was interesting to say the least. But his brother seemed captivated by her and wanted to know the exact dates of the return trip to the mansion for Christmas.

Tory was glad to get back to school. He had missed Reagan. During the break he had read several books on programming and studied his course work for school. He had a test that week, which he thought would be a breeze. After all, he had written an article on the same subject which was published in several scientific magazines.

Back at school, Tory arranged the trip for Wednesday. He and Reagan got together on Monday and she stayed at his apartment that night. Ten minutes after she was in the apartment, they were in bed. Reagan gave Tory a blowjob to start. She had missed him and wanted a good long fuck, so she sucked him off first. Tory was then able to fuck her to three tremendous orgasms before he came and blasted her cunt with cum.

The next several days were a blur. First it was school work, then preparation for the trip, then the trip itself. The latex manufacturer and the sub-base company were ready for them and the work was progressing on schedule. The women had to have body molds done at that time. Reagan's breasts, Jenna's ass, and Ashley a complete body mold. The trip back to school was a hoot.

"Oh, that was so weird sinking my tits into that goo," Reagan said laughing.

"Tell me about it," Jenna agreed. "I had to sit in the shit."

"You guys don't know the half of it," Ashley proudly stated. "And, I think one of those women doing the molds was hot for me and wanted to eat me in the worst way."

They all roared with laughter over the entire experience. The completed sub-structure and the latex skin would be delivered to the robotics company around December 1st. The sensory net was at the latex company when they got there and Tory got to watch some of the experiments with combining it with the skin. All was progressing well. They all had their fingers crossed there would be no last minute glitches to contend with.

Friday night they all met at Tory's apartment. Each had been assigned programming material to gather beforehand. They were going to put as much as possible on disk for faster downloading into the female cyborg.

Tory had ordered pizzas and after they all ate, they worked on preparing the material. Everyone was anxious to see the cyborg and how all the body parts would come together. When everyone was too exhausted to think, Tory broke out a bottle of wine. One bottle became two as they talked and laughed about the sexual programming. It was agreed Jenna would teach the female cyborg to suck cock. Reagan was responsible for the functionality of the nipples, throat and pussy. Ashley had multiple tasks to accomplish.

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