tagBDSMFor the Sake of Motherhood Ch. 01

For the Sake of Motherhood Ch. 01



William, fed up with his stepmother's outrageous behavior, takes drastic action.



If you're offended by explicit depictions of physical discomfort this story probably isn't for you.


She was in the bathroom brushing her long, lavish hair, as he made his way down the hallway. He stopped and popped his head in through the doorway to say goodnight, as she stood there grooming herself.

"Your becoming a great deal like your father Bill, nosey! Little pig, big pig I guess!" Her voice was sarcastic, and brutally cold, as she spoke.

(Tom Peterson was gone for the week, setting up a networking system in another city. He had given up on his relationship with Julie sometime ago. All they had in common now was their son, and when he finally left; Tom thought he would probably go as well).

Bill lowered his eyes to the floor, hurt by his mother's rude comment. He wished this could be done some other way, but knew it couldn't. She had become a stranger to him, no longer the protectorate whose loving smile warmed his childhood days. He didn't know this cold, selfish, uncaring person, and no longer wanted her in his life.

He opened the door to the small storage area looking inside for something, as she coldly ignored him. His eyes fell on something useful he thought he might be able to utilize. Closing the door he crossed quickly to where she stood and forcing her t-shirt up quickly around her head, and arms, forced her wrist together.

He slipped the panty hose over her hands and pulled them part way down her arms. Grabbing up one of the dangling leg sections he wound it tightly around her wrist. He repeated this maneuver with the other section, but in the opposite direction. Finally tying the two ends together securely.

She had already begun to struggle even before he'd finished. But now she had gone completely wild. But she was still no match for his six-foot muscular frame. He was lean and hard from all the sports activity his father had encouraged him to participate in through the years, and overwhelmed her easily.

"What the hell are you doing, have you lost what little mind you have?"

"No Julie, but you may, before I'm finished with you," he told her calmly.

Julie was a beautiful sight at 38, with a lovely face, and rich, lavish, Chestnut hair. Long wonderfully toned legs, and an ass that should have been declared a national treasure. Along with the most shockingly beautiful pair of breast the human gene pool had ever spawned.

Every shimmering detail of her body magnificently perfect, and she was 100 percent certifiable bitch, seven days a week! She hadn't always been that way, but over the last several years her disposition had deteriorated drastically, becoming dark and excruciatingly malicious.

Without another word, he unceremoniously dragged her screaming to her bedroom, where he had already prepared his other tools. He leaned her over the foot of the bed driving her face cruelly into the mattress. Her firm, hard, panty covered ass up in the air. The slick cloth of her undies drawing up tightly around her soft, full lips, which were now delineated exquisitely by the tease of the sheer fabric.

"You little bastard, let me go!" She screamed at him.

"I will, when you're completely subjugated to my will and wish. And happy to attend to my budding sexuality, then I will happily release you my little slut!" he snarled.

"You sick little shit, this is incest and you're in big trouble buster, now let me up!"

Smack! Smack! Smack! The sounds of his hand landing on the firm, luscious flesh, of her ass; was like music to his ears, and it excited him tremendously! Whack! Whack! Whack, his hand fell repeatedly, terrorizing her firm, hard, stubborn ass, making her squirm and whimper with the heat of her discipline.

"Damn you William, stop this, you're hurting me!" she screamed at him, squirming beneath his pounding palm.

"That's the entire idea Julie, or should I say mommy!" his voice coldly sarcastic, as he spoke.

Suddenly she felt his hand between her legs, his fingers probing into the soft flesh of her sensitive folds, producing an array of very pleasant sensations there. Then he moved up between her legs to her ass, where he ruthlessly squeezed and kneaded her firm cheeks, lightly teasing them, with a light smack periodically.

Julie was shocked senseless, William had never shown even the slightest interest in her sexually before today, and she didn't know what to make of it!

"Stop it Bill, stop it now she screamed, I'm your mother and this is incest!" Such a filthy disgusting thing he was doing to her, she marveled that it could produce such sweet, wicked pleasure in her flesh. She couldn't fathom for the life of her, why he was being so brutal to her.

"Yes its incest, and isn't it wonderful Julie!" he growled at her. And then proceeded to rip all the clothing off her body, leaving her with only the covering, of her ornate, colorful exotics.

He placed nylon cords around her wrist after moving them to her back and stripping the panty hose off. The nipple restraints he'd purchased each had a small chain running from its barrel to a larger brass oval ring in the center, from it, a single thin metal chain draped low in front of her. The idea being, that the harder she pulled away, the tighter the clamps clinched around her nipples.

Smack, the paddles dark voice clarion, landing firmly across her delicious little ass. Smack, smack, smack, Julie Peterson's little rump was a lovely shade of angry red; and tears were flowing down her face from the incessant heat in her backside.

"Please stop Bill, it hurts!" she sobbed.

"But I'm charmed by the ripple of your cheeks Julie!" he taunted.

Her son Bill was going crazy on her; she couldn't understand what had gotten into her 18 year old son. He was usually such a nice, demure little fellow by nature; you hardly ever knew he was around. But now he was savagely abusing her ass, tormenting her, and seemingly gleeful over it.

"Why are you doing this to me Bill?" she sobbed.

"I'm tired of you bullying my father and I around, tired of your bitching, ball-busting ways!" he growled at her, then continued stroking her hot flowering mons.

"You need a good hot orgasm in that bitchy cunt of yours mom, and I'm going to see that you get one, or two, or whatever!"

"It was partially true, she thought, that she and Tom had been growing farther apart with the passing of time. They seldom had sex anymore; she just didn't feel the same way about him. He'd once been such a creatively forceful man, but he had changed. Became soft, reserved, docile, she couldn't love a man like that; It was like sleeping with another woman!

"Smack! Smack! He gave her two more just to sharpen her senses and keep them alert. He loved the way she trembled, and fought against her restraints, twisting urgently, and grinding her lovely breast into the mattress, wiggling her beautiful little bottom, as she desperately tried to escape from the source of her pain."

"God Bill, your killing me, please stop!" She was near hysteria now, but he didn't care. Reaching under her he gave the chain a yank setting her nipples on fire, and making her cry out.

"Oh fuck Bill, you're tearing them off!" she screamed, as she jerked and twisted sharply in agony.

"You come off like a cold hearted little bitch Julie, but I know theirs a streak of slut inside of you somewhere. And I intend to bring that better trait of yours to the forefront of your demeanor!"

William once again administered a measure of pleasure to his mother's tortured body, not wanting to break her spirit, but only modify her behavior somewhat. Pulling her gusset aside he gingerly ran his finger lightly around her extended clit, noting the gentle roll of her hips as he did so.

Julie couldn't believe as she lay there that her folds were beginning to secrete fluids between her legs. Her ass was stinging, her mons tingling shamefully, arousing itself in a heated lust, all while she was being abused by her own son. But his strong masculine hands did feel pleasant on her body at the moment; he was such a handsome, strong young man.

"I can smell your juices oozing from you Julie, delectable by the way, are you hot my little slut?" He asked her, half laughing.

"You animal bastard, your dad will tear you a new ass when he finds out what you've done here!" She screamed at him.

"Oh come now Julie dad doesn't give a damn about you, we both know that, and we both know why, don't we princess!" He was taunting her of course, knowing it would take more than physical discomfort to modify her behavior.

"Dam you Bill!" her eyes full of hate as she looked up, because he'd spoke the truth and it hurt, all those hidden things way down deep inside her.

Young Bills cock was rock hard from viewing, and touching his mother's lush body. Reaching under her, he found her breast giving it a firm squeeze, but she bolted and tried to move away. He grabbed the chain hanging from her breast and she froze, fear filling her tortured eyes, its presence instantly immobilizing her mental processes.

"Move away from me again when I desire to fondle you, and I'll rip these off!" he told her, his voice cold, and tempered like steel, as he spoke.

Julie had no doubt from the sound of his voice, that he would do exactly that, if she moved again!

He picked up the leather belt wrapping it around his hand, it hissed menacingly as it traversed through the air landing with a loud snap against her ass. Immediately there was a red welt raised on her cheek. He lay down several more before stopping, she was screaming at the top of her lungs now, and shaking uncontrollably.

"God Bill please don't!" she sobbed against the sheets, her face contorted in sheer agony.

He pulled his thick, throbbing mass from his shorts, and stood next to her face stroking the monster before her eyes. Julie couldn't believe it; his cock was enormous, so thick and long, flinching rudely in front of her as he stroked the sinister looking mass of flesh. She had not seen him uncovered for years, and was shocked at his physical progress.

He thrust forward several times bumping the side of her face with it, humiliating her. As he reached under her to squeeze her breast again, she watched it dance lewdly in front of her eyes teasing her, mocking her helplessness, formidable and intimidating, as if brazenly trying to challenge her with its male mystique.

She questioned in her thoughts if he really intended to use it on her, and she suddenly realized with a start, a small part of her was hoping so. It was sick and evil that she could lay here wanting to fuck her very own son as he abused her. But she was already hot and weeping from her folds, her will to resist all but shattered by the abuse she'd already suffered.

"This is sick Bill, I'm your mother, we can't do this," she told him again, even as her tight passage twitched with pleasure from the wonderful sensation of his hands upon her body!

Hands that were so warm and strong, rubbing her briskly like that, inciting a powerful feeling of evil lust inside her body. The sight of his thick beastly hardness, and the prospect of what he may yet do with it; shamefully stirring her passion and her wicked imagination.

"I can, and will do it Julie, I intend to tease you until you give me your consent and beg for my entry into the burning folds of your body!" he told her with a smirk.

Reaching behind her he ripped the sheer panties off her body causing her to gasp out in shocked surprise. Then he inserted two fingers into her tight opening and began to fuck them in and out of her body. In just a very short time her convulsing passage was nursing those fingers like a hungry new born, her body blessing them with an abundance of thick, rich, fragrant fluid, that glistened lewdly on his skin.

"God his fingers felt so good inside of her she realized. It was sick of her and sinful, but she couldn't help herself, he was just too damn forceful. Overwhelming her, making her body want him, forcing her submission to this twisted degradation of her bound and helpless body. Her lust was now a raging fire. God help her, she wanted her son to fuck her with his huge flexing firmness."

Leaning over next to her ear he whispered, "We both know you want it Julie, don't we. I can feel your moisture and your desire. I have witnessed what you do with your fingers down there; you're such a naughty, vulgar little girl when daddy's away Julie. You need fucked slut, fucked hard and brutally Julie."

"Yes Bill, oh God yes, I do baby," she whispered softly. Her shame was now fevering the cheeks of her face deeply, with the intent of his statement, realizing that he knew about her secret sin.

"I'm going to tease your hot little sex with my hard tongue Julie, lapping it like a ravenous dog. Then, when you're just on the verge of coming, I'll mount you like some crazed stallion and breed you like the bitch you truly are, pounding my big horse muscle into your tight little cunt. Would you like that Julie?"

"Oh Bill do it, take me now!" she cried out. This was more than she could endure, his filthy words alone inciting her to the verge of orgasm. He had evidently watched her as she masturbated herself with her hand at some point in time.

The image of him in her mind, standing somewhere in the shadows, his fevered eyes on her body as she brought herself to a flooding orgasm: was driving her to unknown heights of lust. This was so twisted, wicked, and God yes, so undeniably hot!

He moved between her legs and found her clit with his tongue. He began to mercilessly pummel the twitching little nub with quick light strokes, causing Julie to tremble beneath the unrelenting teasing of his tongue.

Reaching up he began to lightly tease her tight little anal opening, making her shiver and moan beneath the light loving probe of his fingers. She was tingling all over, her body burning with every touch of his hands and tongue.

When her whimpering told him she was approaching the summit of her desire, he crawled up between her legs inserting his hardness into the tight folds of her passage. She shivered, and cried out calling his name when he took her.

Then he settled into a nice smooth pace, giving Julie what she had needed for so long now. He quickened his pace then, ramming his oversized instrument into her milking softness, driving her mercilessly toward the explosive end of her need.

"Oh God Bill, I can't wait I'm coming!" she cried out. He had stirred a storm of passion in her that now raged through her body overwhelming her senses, stripping her of all pride and self-identity. Intense waves of pleasure spreading from the treasure between her thighs were bursting explosively against her nipples, and enveloping her body with the charm of a soft warm glow.

He pulled out of her then at that instant, and got off the bed seating himself in the chair next to her.

"No Bill, please, put it back in she cried," as her body twisted with the agony of its denial. "Why did you stop Bill, why are you treating me this way, didn't you get what you wanted?" she sobbed.

"Because we haven't yet come to an understanding Julie, an understanding of what your place is in this house and what your primary functions as a slut are!" Reaching over he softly caressed her burning mound and teased her shy little clit, insuring she didn't lose interest.

Julie arched against the momentary pleasure of his fingers, and moaned deeply in her throat!

"God William, what do you want from me, do you want to hear me beg, I will Bill ... I need you that much!" She pleaded! Her eyes misted, as she looked at her son, realizing at last, the hard brutality her behavior had tempered into his young heart.

"Your complete obedient subjugation Julie ... is what I require. You will become subservient to the men in this household, sexually and in any other way that father and I may require. Do you understand me dear?"

"Yes Bill, I understand. Now will you please help me before I go insane!" A pleading look was in her eyes as she spoke, but with a gentleness now present too, that had been absent for far too long."

He stood beside her, reaching underneath once again finding her ripe full nipple. Squeezing down so hard on it she thought it would explode from the pain, he held it there and said, "I adore you Julie, but if you fuck with me in any way when I release you this will feel like a tongue bath before I'm finished with you."

"I won't Bill, I promise!" she sobbed, great tears rolling freely down her face from the pain. Oh God the pain was bitter, he was so fucking brutal with her. Her whole body shook and a strange long forgotten urge stabbed at her crotch, caressed her nipples, and tingled her tight little anal slit.

She'd forgotten what a wanton slut she'd been for her husband, in the early days of their marriage, but her overpowering, dominant son, was bringing it all back to her memory.

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