tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: Beyond Ch. 05

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 05


Elunara whistled her way down to the yard. Seeing Grogek and Jordan beside the platform, she grinned to herself. When she stepped in between them, she tucked her arms around theirs. "How are my favorite Generals?"

"Someone's in a better mood." Grogek kissed the top of her head.

"Definitely." She smiled up at him. "I chewed some ass, aided my sister, and barely took any effort in doing so."


"Sounds like a fairly standard day for you." Jordan laughed.

"It is." She kissed his neck. "I thought I'd see how the yard was, before I headed into the Keep. I need to let Toppa know he's arranging yet another wedding."

"Oh, he's going to love that." Susan called down from her platform.

"I swear, the look of terror on his face is always worth it." Elunara giggled. "I think he worries our guests will steal the silverware."

"Or the horde will pick that day to attack."

"Only the stupidest of horde will attack on a day that Stormwind is filled to capacity around the King."

"Didn't they attack Ironforge the last time you had a major event?"

"Moira was livid with me."

"Not your fault." Susan shrugged.

"Tell that to Moira." Elunara rolled her eyes.

"I'm not the diplomat." She giggled.

"Don't make me come up there, little missy."

"And do what?"

"I'll think of something."

"Now ladies," Jordan chuckled. "Don't make me separate you two."

"He's lying," Elunara winked. "He wants to see us mud wrestle."

"In skimpy bikinis." Jordan nodded sagely.

"Hey, those are my wives you're talking about." Grogek admonished. "It'd be more entertaining naked."

"Oh, you two." Susan blushed. "Not like I get into public spectacles like the rest of this silly family."

"Speaking of public spectacles, we should do the Grove again soon. I'm hungry." Elunara stretched and twisted.

Rubbing his hand over Elunara's hip, Grogek nipped at her neck. "Just tell me when."

"Not tonight. I plan on tossing Emaline in her room and mauling Varian afterwards."

"How is she handling princess lessons?" Susan went back to her painting.

"Like a duck to water. She's a natural at it." Elunara pulled herself up on to the platform. "She's the complete opposite of Lulu. Lulu hated every minute, and Ema loves every bit of the attention."

"Lulu just proved she was yours." Jordan rubbed his hand on her thigh. "Ema's knack for anything is yours as well."

"Well, Emaline is feeding on the energy like I do. She needs the attention; she burns it off in play."

"That's frightening."

"I felt it while I was pregnant. She leeched off of my energy, and now... let's just say, the teen years are going to be a mess."

With a nod, Grogek considered. "She has enough parents to keep her baser desires in check. We'll keep an eye on her." He patted her other leg. "Just like this yard. I SAW THAT!" He turned and walked away.

"Oh man, that guy is so dead." Jordan chuckled.

Elunara watched Grogek ream one of his elite core. "In times of peace, it's difficult to maintain a sense of urgency in a core such as Grogek's. There's really nothing for them to do to keep them sharp."

Jordan stretched and sighed. "Boy do I know that. I wish the horde would attack more often. I think they're afraid of us these days. Not even adventure groups try an outright attack on Stormwind anymore."

"Less adventurers these days." Elunara nodded. "Once again, not enough to keep them active in the main cities. They're all off in worlds unknown fighting more interesting battles."

"Is it wrong to wish we'd get attacked by something worth a challenge?"

"Just proving you're Grogek's true brother." She leaned down and kissed Jordan's temple. "It's true though. I miss Draenor; down in the thick of things, seeing the world as we molded it by cutting a path across. Stormwind is the safest city to be in and it almost feels too safe. We live day to day, never worried, somewhat bored."

"Life is never boring when you're around." Jordan laughed.

"You say the sweetest things." She winked. "Hell, I'm never bored, I've got so much to do every day, it's a wonder I get any of it done." She gestured wide. Then she began to tick off her fingers. "Queenly shit, SI:7 projects, Sexual therapist, artist, trainer of children, kicker of asses. It's a mess I tell ya."

"And you brought it all upon yourself." Susan thumped Elunara in the head with a watery paint brush.

"That I did. However," Elunara grabbed Susan by the wrist and yanked her forward. "Now you've done it." Across Elunara' lap; Susan was pulled, before Elunara smacked the other woman on the ass twice.


"You had that coming."

Susan sat up and adjusted her dress. "Not in public!"

"Oh, so you want one of MY punishments?"

With her face several shades of scarlet, Susan stammered. "H-Hardly!"

"Keep it up and I just might." She winked. "most people pay me to spank them."

"I am not most people!" Susan righted her chair and sat back down.

"Of course not, I'll spank you for free."

"Do I want to know?" Lydia interrupted. "I saw momma pull Susan down and the entire yard went on alert, if you get my meaning."

"Did they now?" Elunara licked her lips. "That gives me so many ideas."

"I am NOT going to the Grove. Like Tulani, I avoid being near it."

"Aw, you're no fun, Suzie Q." Elunara eyed the kids. "Well, off to work with me."

Later that night, Elunara sat on the edge of Lulu's bed reading a bedtime story, as Varian stood by the door and watched.

"And they lived happily ever after." Elunara closed the book and sat it on the table. "Now it's time for sleep."

"One more." Emaline bounced. "I'm not tired."

"Of course you're not; you've been riding high on everyone's admiration of you. But it's bedtime anyhow."

"One more!"

"No. Bed."


"Oh, you're certainly not pulling this." Elunara stood up and turned off the light. "I've had enough of spoiled little princesses. No kisses tonight."

Emaline began to wail, as tears streamed down her face. Turning and leaving, Elunara snapped the door shut and then leaned back against it.

"Damn it, how can a few tears undo me?"

"I believe that's called parenting."

"Cute." She sighed and raked her fingers through her hair. "Can't let a little tantrum affect me, and I certainly can't read bed time stories all night. I had other plans."

"Mm, I bet you did." He brushed his fingers through her hair. "How about..."

The door opened and Elunara had to catch herself on the door frame.



"Can I have some water?"

"After all that crying? It would dry someone out." Elunara sighed. "However, you've been very bad and I won't give in to spoiled little girls. Go back to bed."


"Now, Emaline."

The wailing reached a fever pitch, as Emaline flung herself back into her bed.

Tugging the door closed, Elunara sighed again. "She thinks I'm being mean, but you have to cut a line somewhere."

"You're a good parent, even if you don't feel like it right now." Varian wrapped his arms around her. "That cry would tug at any parent's heart."

"I give her points for commitment to the tantrum though."

He laughed. "Shall we leave her to it?"

"No choice but." She shrugged.

"At least your tantrums are blessedly short." He took her hand and kissed the back of it.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." She rolled her eyes. "Come, my love. We have all night."

They walked together into the master bedroom. Soft and sweet, he brushed his lips against hers. "You are a good mother."

"I know it. But when they cry like that, it always hurts my heart just that much."

"She'll learn when she has her own."

"I missed Darguni like that. Bradly too. However, Lulu I had the full experience with. It'll be the same with our beautiful little Emaline. She'll be a handful with her gifts, but we'll bring her up right."

Varian ran his fingers through Elunara's hair. "Yes, we will." He captured her mouth with his own, dancing slowly with her as he devoured her lips, and when she opened up, he seized his opportunity. His hands trailed down to the edge of her shirt and gently he tugged it upwards. She lifted her arms and let him take the shirt off. "Mine." He whispered.

"Always." She reached out and tugged at the edge of his pants. "How sexy you are, fresh from the shower, wandering around the halls in only your pants. You practically beg for the horde to attack you in such a state."

"Damn, you see right through me."

"I won't let 'em."

"Probably because you've fucked half of them."

"Damn, you see right through me." She leaned forward and licked his chest. "Also, mine. And tasty too."

With a groan, he grabbed her arms. "Gods..."

Kneeling in front of him, she tugged down his pants, freeing his erection from the confines of his pants. When they were down around his ankles, she put one knee on top and trapped his legs. "So tasty." She licked the length of him.

"Fuck, my love." He groaned.

"Oh, I intend to." She giggled up at him. "But first..." Using the tips of her fingers, she stroked underneath his balls. "I want a taste of these." Soft and gentle, she ran her tongue across his balls and sent him shivering. With her next move, she took one side into her mouth and sucked.

He threaded his fingers through her hair. "I need you."

Shifting again, she sucked on the other side before stroking and petting. In one swift movement, she stood up and went for his mouth. They mated their mouths together, as hands roamed over soft skin and tender flesh.

He shoved her back on to the bed and climbed in on top of her. "Naughty little minx." He purred. "Makes my life a fascinating dance."

"Give it to me, Sugarlove."

"Oh, I intend to." He went for her mouth again, his hand trailing down her stomach and to her pants. These he removed with near painful slowness, taking his sweet time. As he pulled them down, he made his way with his mouth down her neck, to her chest, across her belly and down to her hips. At her hips, he slipped his fingers between her legs and to the wetness. Still he tugged at the pants, even as he pressed the second finger in.

When the pants were at her knees, he ignored them and hovered above her, one hand working on her slick insides. She writhed and moaned, pressing ever higher up at his hand. Her fingers grabbed the sheets and she tried desperately to wiggle her hips. "Oh, Fuck me, Varian. Please, I beg of you."

"So hard to ignore a request like that, yet I must." He pumped his fingers in and out. "I do like having the great goddess of sex at my fingertips. Literally and figuratively." Bending down, he captured a nipple in his mouth and sucked gently.

She gasped and yanked at his ponytail, freeing the hair from its leather binding. All around her, the hair fell, cascading around her body. When the first ripple took her, she clung wildly at him and the bed, grabbing hair and sheet alike.

With a chuckle, he licked her belly. "I'm not done." He teased.

"We... we have all night." She gasped up at him.

"I wonder how little sleep we can survive on?" He kissed her hip. "How many records we can break in a single night."

"I do like a challenge." She licked her lips.

Scooting down, he shifted his body and tugged the pants down even further. "I do so love your beautiful legs." First he kissed her hip, then further in, before kissing her thigh. Still the pants went lower, until they were down to her ankles and he was kissing his way down with them. "The knees are my favorite part." He ran his hand up the back of one. "Some days I regret that you wear pants. Perhaps in the hotter months you could wear more shorts?"

"For you, I'll consider it."

"They do make me crazy." Tugging the pants free, he tossed them to the floor. "The ankles are a close second though." He kissed one and then the other. "Though I think those are claimed." He flicked his fingers over the anklet.

"Jordan is always willing to share with his brother."

"Of course." Varian pressed his lips on her ankle, before moving up again. He trailed his mouth along the insides of her legs in soft kissing motions, stopping to push a leg higher and over his shoulder so that he could kiss the back of her knee.

She shivered in anticipation as he continued his path to his eventual stopping point at those soft curls. At first he kissed the top of the hair line, before pressing his mouth against those soft hairs. With a finger from both hands he spread her out, before rubbing his thumb over that soft nub at the top. She jolted and giggled. "You!"

"Me." He agreed, before running his tongue along an edge.

Arching back, she gasped as one hand shot out and buried her fingers in his hair, just as he buried his tongue inside of her. Next, he pushed one finger in, as his tongue explored the soft slick folds. Up and down, all around he moved, tracing out the lines of her. When she was half mad with it, he pushed the second finger in and pumped in and out. From his vantage point, he watched her buck her hips up and down, and when he found that delightful little spot, grinned as her clamping heat took hold on his fingers.

"I'm starting to think my little ball sucking wasn't payment enough for you." She gasped, still trying to make the world stop spinning.

"Liked that did you?" He scooted up the bed and propped his elbow on his pillow.

She shoved him over and climbed on top of him. "Let me show you my appreciation."

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