tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor The Whored: Beyond Ch. 20

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 20


Elunara watched Tyralu attack a target dummy and felt a certain amount of auntly pride. The girl had spirit and was a quick learner. She excelled stealth and reconnaissance, and every starter quest she had been sent on had been dealt with using a quick efficiency that Elunara didn't often get out of new recruits. The only thing Tyralu hadn't done so far was take a humanoid life. Elunara knew that that first kill was always the hardest. Not for her, because she had come into the service broken, and felt nothing at the throats she slit. But for others...

Elunara stepped forward. "Alright. That's enough."

Tyralu dropped her stance and huffed and puffed. "Did I do a good job?"

"Good enough. I have a small task for you. Once again, the ever stubborn Defias are rumored to be stalking out their old hideout in Moonbrook. I want you to scout around and find any information. Do NOT go into their main base. It's one thing to explore the cave system below the farmhouse, it's another to go directly into territory. I want you to bring me back anything you find."

"Yes, Ma'am." Tyralu saluted. "I'll depart on the first gryphon out."

"Good girl."

Several days later, Elunara blinked at Tyralu. "You found what?"

"There is an old woman downstairs who claims she's been a prisoner of the Defias for the past thirty-six years. Says that she's been overlooked every time they've been raided. I found her chained to a stove. Judging by the scar on her ankle, I'd say she's telling the truth." Tyralu rubbed a hand on the back of her head. "There's one other thing."

"That is?"

"She says her last name is Shryke, and she had a son named Jordan..."

Elunara pushed up from her desk, before sitting back down. "Show her in."

Tyralu disappeared. Elunara closed her eyes and tried to focus on her breathing. This woman could be any one. Tyralu came back and an old woman slowly shuffled along behind her. She was thin and frail, with a blanket wrapped around her boney form. The resemblance to Jordan was still striking. Her blue eyes were wide and her moves jerky, but she focused on Elunara.

"When I last knew, Mathias was the leader of the SI:7."

"Mathias has retired. I took over from him."

She nodded slowly. "He is older than I. It stands to reason it would happen eventually."

"How old are you?"

"I'm seventy-five." She nodded. "A long time. It's been so long since I have seen more than a dirty old stove in that damnable boat."

"You say you have a son named Jordan. The resemblance is uncanny, and I know that face well."

"My son? My son is alive?" Tears began to roll down her face. "All these years..." She put her hands to her face and began to weep. "I feared for his life. I feared for my son. They told me... they told me if I didn't obey... if I stepped out of line, my son would die."

Elunara stood up and went around her desk. She helped the woman sit in the chair. "Who told you?"

"The Defias. VanCleef himself told me that they had agents on my son, they had my son, but wouldn't let me see him. Eventually, they stopped using him. By then I had given up. I assumed him dead... To find out, that after all these years..." She took the cloth Elunara offered and wiped her eyes. "Tell me, you know him?"

"He is my husband."

The woman's eyes went wide, and her mouth dropped open. "Married? My son is married?" She grabbed Elunara's shoulders. "To you?"

"Yes." Elunara gently pushed the woman back. "Your son is a great man. He is High General and trains the troops down in the training yard. We have been married over twenty years now."

The woman seemed to crumple in on herself. "I have missed so much of his life. My dear, sweet, baby boy. To find out, he not only lived, but to thrive so much..." She buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

"What is your name?" Elunara put a hand on the woman's back.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, I didn't even think... my name is Margaret."

"Tyralu," Elunara turned her attention. "Get Jordan. And be quick about it."

Tyralu disappeared.

"Tell me more." Margaret put her hands on Elunara's arm. "Tell me more about the child I lost."

"For starters, he has a son, Bradly, and a daughter, Lulu."

Tyralu raced through the streets, intent on her target. She was relieved to find Jordan standing on the sidelines, talking to her father. She stopped short of plowing into her dad. "Forgive me sirs, but I must intrude."

Mark chuckled. "She called me "sir"."

"Daddy, I have no time to explain. Elunara needs Uncle Jordan at SI:7 headquarters immediately. It's an emergency."

Jordan didn't bother to ask for more information, he just took off running. Ignoring protocol, he barged past everyone and made it up to Elunara's office in record time. He stopped short when he saw his wife talking quietly to a sobbing woman.

"Baby, what's wrong?"

The woman in the chair turned and gasped. She stood up on shaky legs and stumbled forward. Elunara grabbed the woman before she could fall. "Jordan! Jordan you ARE alive!" She cried.

"Elunara, who is this?" He stared at the woman.

"Your mother, apparently." Elunara frowned.

"My... my mother is dead. She died in a Defias attack on Sentinel Hill when I was a teenager."

"No, my baby." The woman shook her head. "No. I was captured. Captured and enslaved." She pulled up her shabby dress to reveal an ankle that was scarred and abraded. "Until that little girl picked the lock on my chains and brought me back."


"Jordan, I know it's hard. But, look at her. Really look at her face. It's hard to mistake that bone structure." Elunara gestured. "Perhaps when we put some food in her belly and weight on her face... but I believe her. If you want me to confirm it, come here and I can test you both."

With slow steps, he made his way over, his eyes never leaving the old woman's face. Elunara grabbed both of their arms and channeled her energy. "We have a match."

"How are you able to do that?" The woman shook her head.

"It's a gift." Elunara shrugged.

"Mom?" Jordan whispered.

"Oh, baby! It is me! I swear it. I swear by everything there is to swear to. How much I've missed you." She reached out but hesitated to touch him. "Oh, what happened to your face?"

"A maniac killed him. I brought him back." Elunara shrugged.

"But, how?"

"It's a long story. More importantly, why don't you sit down and tell us how you came to be in the Defias' clutches?"

Margaret sat down in the chair and sighed. "It started with the attack on Sentinel Hill that killed my husband. He was a guard there, you know. I... I don't really know why I was captured, to be honest. I just know, I was running away, trying to get to you... when the world went black. I woke up, chained to a bed. That's... that's how it started. VanCleef..." She closed her eyes and tears streaked down her face.

Elunara put a hand on her shoulder. "Tell it. Let us understand your pain."

"He wanted me. Desired me. I fought... until he asked me if I really wanted my son to live. I froze. He told me that they had you, and at any point in time they would kill you. I did what he wanted then. I asked to see you many times, but they would never let me see you. Finally, they told me that you were no longer an issue. I assumed... I thought the worst. Then Vanessa was born... I was chained to the stove after that. That's all he wanted of me, I think. A child. He got his child and warped her into just another monster.

The Alliance came many times, they thought they wiped out the Defias, but they never checked that stupid boat. Every time, they would clean off the top, and leave the rats to reproduce. How many adventuring parties came to deal with the Defias I will never know, but they left me. Left me to rot away in the hold. Not until that little girl came this morning. The only person to find me. To help me. Bless that child. She returned my son to me."

Jordan's eyes had grown wider by the moment, and his mouth hung open. "Vanessa VanCleef is my sister?"

"If you want to call her that." Margaret shook her head. "I couldn't love that child. I wanted to. She was born of my body... but even if I could, she was ripped out of my arms after she was born. I barely even saw her after that."

Elunara saw Jordan sway, and she caught him before he could fall. She snagged a chair and shoved him in it. Pressing her hand on his head, she shoved his head between his legs. "Breathe. Let it out."

He took several deep gasping breaths. "I can't believe it." He looked up. "My mother is alive? An enemy of the Alliance is my sister? I can't... this is too much to take."

"It's true." Margaret wiped her eyes. "It's all true." She whispered. "My son... High General... married, with children. A gift I never knew I'd have."

Jordan looked up at the woman. "This is surreal. All these years... all this time... If only I had known."

"And now you do." Elunara stooped down and wrapped her arms around Jordan.

"What do I do now?"

"Anything you want." Elunara shrugged. "She is your mother. That much is true. How you decide to take it, is up to you."

Margaret wiped her eyes in the cloth. "Please, my baby. Let me be with you."

Jordan stood up and walked over to Margaret. He held out a hand. She took it and he helped her to stand up. Wrapping his arms around her, he let out a shuddering breath. "Mom. I missed you so much."

"My poor baby. I've missed you so much. It crushed what little spirit I may have had, when I thought you dead."

"What you lived through is horrific. We'll make it right together."

Margaret clung to him and wept.

"I want you to meet my children." Jordan held her arms in his hands. "I want you to meet my family. It's been so difficult, growing up without you or dad."

"Tell me what I've missed." Margaret wiped her eyes.

"After you... after I thought you had died. I joined the army. I had nothing else, and they gave me a home. I made a friend in Johnathan Renwa, and we came up through the ranks together. Though he gained a number of promotions ahead of me, we stayed close. He became my commanding officer, and we worked together to benefit the Alliance, working for the SI:7, sending out missions. Which is how I met my wife." He gestured to Elunara. "Though, at the time, she was a horrific flirt, and I couldn't stand her." He chuckled.

"Flirt, nothing." Elunara snorted. "I was too busy fucking everything that moved. You hated me for fucking Renwa without a thought."

"This is true." He grinned at her.

Margaret looked back and forth between the pair in complete confusion. "Do what?"

"At the time, I was an agent, code named "The Whore". My specialty was having sex with a target, getting information, and moving on. One of my favorite hobbies has always been having sex with everything willing. Even now, I have a business where I schedule clients to have sex with them."

Stepping backwards, Margaret's eyes had gone wide. "And you're ok with her CHEATING on you??!"

Jordan rubbed the back of his neck. "People always have trouble understanding at first. It's Elunara's ability to do what she wants, her skill in bed, and her selfless heart are the reasons I fell in love with her. She's completely crazy, but we all love her for it."

Margaret sat hard in the chair and continued to blink back and forth between the pair. "I don't... I don't understand."

"I think she should know the whole truth." Elunara nodded.

"Mother, I'm actually Elunara's second husband. Elunara is married to me, my brother Grogek, king Wyrnn, and a female Draenei named Tulani. We have multiple children together, though Bradly is officially adopted by me, and Lulu is my birth daughter."

"Please tell me you're joking."

"Come on mother, you should meet the family."

Margaret shook her head. "Did you say brother? A female? This makes no sense."

"Grogek and I have bonded over a mutual love of our wife. He became my family in a way that I can't express. I love him like the brother I never had. Renwa is also my brother in a strange sort of way. Tulani is my sister, and I would do anything for her. Elunara brought us together, and we love her for her strange ways. You either get used to Elunara's craziness, or you lose out on something truly special."

"I think this is all a bit much for an old woman who was trapped in hell." Elunara put a hand on Margaret's shoulder. "Come, let's go meet the family, and explain this all to you."

As they made their way down to the training yard, Margaret was completely baffled to see some of the citizens bow to the procession. Many folks referred to Elunara as "my queen", but more just gave a friendly wave. A few times she was stopped and asked about scheduling conflicts. Jordan was saluted, and the felt the pride of knowing her son had made a name for himself.

At the training yard, Elunara waved to Grogek.

"An orc!" Margaret turned to run, but both Elunara and Jordan grabbed her arms at the same time.

"That is my brother." Jordan nodded

"You call that orc your brother? That is absurd! He is not of our kind."

"He is my brother." Jordan replied firmly. "Anything that involves me, involves him. I know what orcs meant to us so long ago... but Grogek is not like them. He is special."

Grogek stopped short. "Who is this?"

"This is my mother." Jordan released his hold on the woman. "She was rescued by Tyralu from the Defias."

Grogek's eyes went wide and he openly gawked at the woman. "She is alive?"


Grogek put a fist to his chest and bowed his head. "I am honored to meet you. It is a shame that you have been so long out of my brother's life."

"You call him brother? You are serious about that?"

"I would give my life for my brother. We are bonded over the love for the same woman, and I welcome him into our lives."

"You're so... well spoken..." Margaret faltered.

"Mother, that is rude." Jordan shook his head.

"But it's true. He's just an orc..."

"He is my husband. He is Jordan's brother, and he is father to my children." Elunara shook her head. "I know this may be difficult for you to wrap your head around. You've been imprisoned for thirty-six years, and while we still have skirmishes with the Horde, we still have a tenuous peace with them at this time. To find an orc who is... well spoken... as you say, is not all that uncommon. Though Sugarbear here has a rare hobby for an orc. He likes to read."

"I wasn't aware they had the capacity." Margaret blinked.

Jordan smacked a hand to his forehead. "Mother." He groaned.

"What's going on?" Bradly wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Bradly, this is my mother. She was rescued from the Defias." Jordan turned to his mother. "This is my son, Bradly. He has also made General and helps me train the yard."

Bradly stared at the woman. "I have another grandmother?"

"This is my grandchild?" Margaret gasped. "Oh, let me look at you. First, I have my son back, and now I have grandchildren." She put her hands on his arms. "You're so handsome."

He grinned at her. "This is so cool. You should know, I have a daughter. So, you're a great grandmother."

"Oh, you accept me so readily." Tears came to her eyes.

"Yeah, well, momma has a habit of declaring relatives, so it's nothing new. But you're blood, and that's good enough for me. You'll meet my wife and child when she gets back from her walk with Lydia."

"Who is Lydia?"

"My wife."

Margaret jolted backwards.

Jordan and Elunara caught her again. "This is my oldest son, son of Grogek and I. This is Darguni." Elunara gestured. "He runs the elite corps with his father."

"I heard you were Jordan's mother. That makes you my grandmother by proxy. I'm glad to get to meet you. My wife Lydia has my four children down at the amphitheater. They've got a regular choir going. Normally my son and one of his sisters are training in the yard, but they wanted a break today." Darguni turned to his mother. "Lydia told me she's had some of the other parents ask about singing lessons. She might have a job."

"Sounds fun." Elunara nodded.

"What ever in the world is going on over here?" Lulu stuck her head around Grogek. She was holding a basket in her hands.

"Lulu, I was just about to go looking for you." Elunara grabbed her daughter and tugged her forward.

"I brought a basket and was hoping daddy would let Nara go out with me on a picnic."

"This is Jordan's mother. She was rescued this morning by Tyralu, from the old Defias hideout." Elunara turned to Margaret. "This is Lulu, Jordan's daughter."

Lulu almost dropped her basket. "No!"

"Oh, let me look at you." Margaret held out her hands. "You look so much like my son."

"Grandmother." Lulu sat down the basket and wrapped her arms around the woman. "You poor thing."

"Oh, I have so many questions. I've missed so much!"

"Come to our home." Elunara gestured. "I have some books you may read that will answer much for you."

"Daddy, can Nara get off a little early today? I planned a picnic and everything."

"Alright. Alright. Don't give me that face." Jordan whistled and the yard stopped. He gestured to Nara.

Nara jogged over. "What's up?"

"Nara! Meet my grandmother!" Lulu gestured to the woman. "This is daddy's mother."

Nara bowed. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Who is this?" Margaret looked back and forth.

"This is my husband." Lulu wrapped an arm around his.

"He is a handsome one." Margaret grinned. "Oh, this is so much to bear. From locked in a room, to all these people crowding around. I have no idea how to react."

"What's this?"

Elunara looked back at Varian. "This is Jordan's mother. She was rescued from the old Defias hideout by Tyralu this morning."

Varian cocked his head to the side. "All this time?"

Margaret lifted the hem of her tattered dress, showing her scars. "Chained to the stove. Listening to the strange demands of a deranged murloc." She sighed. "I thought my boy dead, only to find him in a strange place. Who are you? You look so familiar."

"I am King Varian Wrynn."

Margaret's eyes went wide and she dropped into a curtsey. "Forgive me, sire. When I last saw glimpses of you..."

"I may look a bit more grizzled since then. Tell me, how long...?"

"Thirty-six years. I..." Tears welled in her eyes. "I can't..."

Darguni snagged a chair off the platform and pushed it at Elunara. She grabbed the chair and pushed Margaret into it. "Sit. It's a lot to deal with."

"How unfortunate." Varian brushed a hand down Elunara's back in an absent gesture. "How are you, Jordan?"

"Surprised doesn't cover what I'm dealing with right now."

Margaret blinked at Varian and Elunara. "You are..."

"Yes, she is also my wife." Varian grinned. "Elunara's family can be a mess to understand."

"Where's my little Emaline?" Elunara kissed his cheek.

"Tormenting Toppa." Varian shook his head. "I don't think he can survive the idea of her eventually being queen."

Margaret shook her head. "I am so confused as to how you all... I don't get it."

"It can be a bit much." Jordan sighed. "I love this woman, and I love the family she gave me. After you... disappeared... I had no one. I only had the service. I borderline hated this woman for what she did to the best friend I had. Then one day... well, over a period of time, she showed me that she was capable of more. This family she has gathered... we all love each other. There is nothing but love and understanding in our world. I want you to read her books. Some of it is dark and disturbing, but you need to understand my remarkable wife, and the transformation that made me love her."

"I... I will try."

"Come, we have much to discuss."

Lulu walked hand in hand with Nara. "It's so strange. To find her after all these years." She brushed her hair out of her face.

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