tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 001

For the Whored Ch. 001


"Sir!" The brown skinned orc saluted Warchief Grommash. "We've found something strange outside the walls. It appears to be one of the strange creatures that came through the dark gate. I think prophet Garrosh called it a "night elf"."

"Dispose of it."

"I would have, but this one was chained up and unconscious. Like a sacrifice. It seemed too easy."

"Hmm." Grommash tapped his finger on the arm of his throne.

"She had this book. I don't understand the words in it, but the pictures are clear. She has information I think we could use." The orc hesitated and cleared his throat. "Especially with the death of Prophet Garrosh."

"Bring it in."

The orc nodded and another pair of orcs dragged the night elf to the center of the room and dumped her. She pushed herself up and looked around the room.

"That was largely unnecessary." She grumbled. Sitting back she looked up at the large orc sitting on a throne of bone and metal. "Oh, wow. If you aren't the most prime specimen of a male, I don't know what is. Oh, please let me draw you."

A muscle in his face twitched. "What were you doing outside my fort?"

"That's not really important. Geez, you must be huge. Forget draw, let me lick you."

Grommash stood up and stomped over to the night elf, and yanked her up with a handful of hair and her ear. "Answer me!"

"Watch the ears." She grumbled. "Look, ok, I have a habit of sticking my nose in the wrong place. And words were said, things happened and then they're yelling "Treason!" and then I'm staked out here, for "justice"." She rolled her eyes. "Not my fault I like to look." Reaching out, she brushed her fingers on his chest. "Oh, nice." She purred.

Grommash tossed her to the ground and returned to his chair.

"Geez, I like it rough, but you guys are just excessive." The night elf rubbed her chin.

"Why shouldn't we execute you right here and now?" He leaned back.

"Alright, alright." She waved a hand. "Can I have my book back, please?"

Grommash nodded and the other orc handed over the book. She rifled through it and pulled out a sheet of paper. Handing it to the orc she nodded. "That is a full scale map of the world you seek to visit and destroy. I can give you all you need to know about it."

Grommash glared at the paper and made a gesture. The other orc held a knife to her throat.

"You will tell me all you know."

She just laughed. "Torture me, kill me. I don't care. I'm made of tougher stuff, and I don't give easy."

Jomak yanked her hair. "I will see about that."

"Get the stick out of your ass." She rolled her eyes. "I didn't say there wasn't a compromise. No... you give me what I want, and you can have all I got."

"What is your price?" Grommash spat.

"Just a pencil and paper."

Jomak moved back.

"Your demands are strange."

"Not really. The name's Elunara, and I am an artist. I like to draw things. It is my only passion. Let me draw, and I will talk. Everyone always tells me I don't know when to shut up. I'm certain I can make that work for you. I'm just itching to draw everyone here. What do ya say? You let me sit and draw, and I teach you everything you need to know."

"You would go against your own people?"

"They chained me to a post to die, they are not MY people."

"I fail to see how a songbird would do me any good."

What are you," She gave his exact height and weight. "Is that working muscle or do you get it from a bottle? No, I don't think so, that's pure, raw power, I wouldn't see anything more than the best going into that body. You've gotta be packin a," She gave a rough estimate of his dick size, shape and dimension. "Come on, you can tell me. Let's see, the size of your axe there, I bet it's..." She described the exact size and shape of the axe, the span of the blade, the weight of the thing.

"How are you doing that?"

The night elf began giving measurements of the orcs in the room, the size of weapons the makes of walls.

"Listen to me sugar; I spend my life drawing, and measuring. I could make it for you, sugar. Just give me a go."

Grommash laughed. "Fine, little songbird, I'll see what you're made of."

Elunara held up the shackles and dropped them to the ground. "I've been out of those things for the past hour."

"Shackle her to my throne; I want to hear what she has to teach me."

Jomak grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her over. A set of orcish shackles tied her to the chair.

"Since you were kind enough to return my book..." Elunara got comfortable and leaned back against the chair. "Let me explain to you the layout of the world you want to visit."

Sketching while she talked, she began to describe the layout of the continents of Azeroth, its various zones and landscapes. Occasionally, she would rip a sheet of paper out of her book, wad it up and toss it over her shoulder, it burst into flame when it hit the ground.

"Why do you do that?"

"I messed up the page, I need to start over."


"So, about that extra paper and pencils?"

Grommash nodded to a servant who took off running.

"I'll judge its quality, but since you are willing, let me tell you all about your first major obstacle. King Varian Wyrnn is the King of Stormwind, and the current head ruler of the alliance. The allegiances of Azeroth is divided into the Alliance and the Horde."

"Yes. I have heard of these, the Prophet Garrosh spoke greatly on them."

Elunara snorted. "Prophet Garrosh?" She wiped at her eye. "Oh man, that explains so much."

Grommash growled. "What amuses you about this?"

"Ok, I'll switch topics." She scribbled a few marks on the edge of her paper. "I don't know what you've heard, but Garrosh is no prophet. He was a whiney little kid that Thrall took pity on."

"Thrall is the name of the one who slew Garrosh."

"Bout time if you ask me." Her eyes dart back and forth between her paper and her surroundings. "You see, when I first met Garrosh some years ago, he was weeping in his stew."

Grommash narrowed his eyes.

"Granted, I was in disguise at the time, it's hard to get a good look at your subject when it wants to kill you. Anyhow, I was tracking down a particularly amazing looking Tauren, when I came across Garrosh, weeping and crying about how me missed his daddy and would never be as awesome as him. God, he was annoying. Thrall, who was chasing his own demons at the time, found Garrosh and gave him a place in the Horde. He gave Garrosh a chance to prove himself, and it seemed to work. At least for a little while." She looked down at her notepad before holding it up and moving it back and forth. "Hey, hot stuff!"

One of the orcs blinked and pointed to himself.

"Yeah, you. Turn a little to the left, would ya?"

He shuffled.

"That's the ticket. Thanks, doll!" She returned to sketching. "So anyway, Thrall kept trying to bring out the warrior in the little twit, but Garrosh had this habit of crying over every broken fingernail. Then Thrall was called upon by the elements themselves. That's not a summons you can argue with. Thrall had come from some pretty low digs himself. And I'll tell you more about that if your paper is top quality, but anyway... Thrall had come from nothing and made the Horde. He had forged himself into the leader he is now. He thought that if he gave Garrosh the same opportunity, then Garrosh would become a man.

Nice sentiment and all, but Garrosh took it and ran. He became paranoid and stupid. He isolated his main force, and kept only what he thought of as the most loyal. You kick a dog enough, and it'll bite you. Bite him it did. You see, the Horde and the Alliance have never gotten along. They've come together under the most gruesome of circumstances, and when the chips are down, they will destroy whatever is in their way. However, immediately after, they go back to fighting each other.

This time was a little different. Not only did they begrudgingly accept help from each other, they actually started to form a bond. It wasn't so nasty any more, having the other side fight with you.

We roflstomped Garrosh into next Tuesday. When it came time for the killing blow, though, it almost started another war. Thrall wanted the killing blow for what that twit did to Thrall's precious Horde. King Varian wanted the kill because it was his force that bailed out the Horde. In the end though, it was the Pandas who called for justice. Garrosh's arrogance had ripped a hole into the very heart of their lands.

So Garrosh was clapped in chains and hauled to who knows where. But the little bitch escaped, practically yelling "I'll tell my daddy on you!"." She snorted, wadding up a sheet of paper and tossing it over her shoulder. "You see, Garrosh's father died on the very day that he had showed up. This time he was going to get daddy's help to get his revenge, instead of handling it himself."

"Who is this father?"

"Dunno. It was always "my father" this, and "my father" that. If he didn't tell you, then I can't say."

An orc ran in, holding a package. Grommash took the package and looked in before handing it over to the night elf. She pulled out some sheets and nodded.

"Good quality stuff."

"Tell me of this Thrall?"

"Done deal." For the next few hours, she sketched and talked, covering Thrall and Varian. Soon night fell and she continued to talk as food was served. Not giving more information until she was able to eat and drink well, she continued on the Alliance factions.

"You see, Moira was the daughter of the dwarven king, and after her capture they sent armies after her. None returned. Soon a group of adventurers were called, and I wound up in that party. It turned out, Moira was fighting for the Dark Irons. She had fallen in love with their king. In the end their king was slain, but none of us felt very good about it. She was distraught, refused to return, and stayed, claiming throne. When her daddy was locked in that awful spell, well..." She shook her empty cup. Once it was refilled she chugged it. "She came back and took her place, but the other dwarves didn't trust her... being a Dark Iron now."

Once the court retired, Elunara continued to sketch the emptied room. Standing near the door, two orcs guarded the room.

"Hey you!"

"What?" Asked one.

"Come stand here for me."

The two looked at each other before one shrugged and walked over, axe in hand. "What do you want."

"Just stand there." She returned to sketching.

"Do you ever stop?" Asked the other.

"Well, I already got some sleep this morning, I'm still pretty awake. I just want to draw you."

One of them walked over and peered over her shoulder. "That's amazing."

"Thanks. You can be next if you want."

"Can I have it?" Asked the other.

"Well, I don't usually, but sure. Can you turn around please?"

So they watched her draw one another, and she gave them each a copy of their own picture. She grinned as they carefully folded them and hid them on their person.

The next morning she woke to two more packs of paper and fresh pencils. Each day, she spoke and when Grommash was satisfied with her, he would give her new gifts. The other orcs called her his pet. She spoke endlessly of politics and landscape, of strategy and secrets.

One day, Grogek, Grommash's top commander had his own question. "Don't you know anything about your forces on this world?"

"Of course I do."

Grommash grabbed her by the ear. "Tell me!"

"Hey! What did I say about the ears?"

He shoved her back. "Why have you not told me this, instead of filling my head with a world I cannot touch yet?"

Elunara rubbed her ear. "Because I knew you weren't ready to give me what I want, so why should I give up the good stuff?"

"What is your price, Night elf?"

"My own room and an orc delivered to my room to be drawn."

They gawked at her. "What?"

"It's actually very simple. I told you once before that I am an artist with a specific interest. I like to draw naked men. A private room makes it a little easier to get the clothes off of them, and get... the poses I want."

The two orcs put their heads together and muttered back and forth.

"Fine!" Grommash growled. "Find her a private hut!" He bellowed to the room. "Is that all?" He asked.

"Well, I would like to sit in the courtyard during the day. I've run out of things to draw in here."

"Fine, but under my terms."

Grogek grabbed her chain and led her outside and staked the chain out in the center area.

"Thank you, muchly!" She patted his arm.

He narrowed his eyes at her. "I do not trust you."

"You don't have to, darling." She winked at him. "Please tell me you'll pose for me."

A strange ripple crossed his face before he stepped back. "You say strange things."

"Did you..."

He turned and walked away.

"WAS THAT A BLUSH??" She called. At the twitch in his shoulders she giggled and quickly scribbled on the paper before wadding it up and tossing it over her shoulder.

During the day, she was staked outside, and during the evenings she was chained to the throne, talking nonstop. At night, she sat chained in her room and drew whoever came to her. The first night, it was the guards from before. The first waited outside, while the other came in.

She made herself comfortable on the straw. "What's your name, sugar?"


"Well, Lorros, we're going to start off nice and easy. Just stand there, and I'll sketch you just like before, and we'll move on to something a little more interesting."

He straightened up. "I am to follow your instructions."

"Were you told what I eventually expect?"

He looked confused. "No. He just told us that you were to draw us. I... Well, after last time, we both volunteered."

She almost choked on her laugh. "Alright then."

Once again she worked on drawing him as he was, in his armor, careful to get the positions she wanted. When she was done, she showed him her work.

He laid a careful hand on it. "Your work is amazing." He blinked. "Should I send in Jobar now?"

She chuckled. "It really wasn't nice of them, to not tell you what I wanted."

He froze and blinked in confusion.

"What I asked for... was to draw naked men."

His eyes grew wide and he stepped back.

"Yes, I want you naked. We can start by the over armor."

"But, you're..."

"The prisoner, yes. But he told you to follow my instructions. So take off the heavier pieces and lay them to the side. You can keep the pants on... for now."

Lorros seemed to fight with himself for a moment before taking off the pieces of his armor.

Elunara watched him as he shrugged out of his shoulder plates, and removed his chest piece. He hesitated.

"Yes, even the boots."

While he rid himself of the armor, she watched and sketched, saving the more intimate moves to finish out later. When he finally stood, in nothing but his pants, she licked her lips. "Now that is more like it."

He frowned at her while she continued to draw. "Your kind is strange."

Elunara chuckled softly. "My kind? I am nothing like my kind. They find me strange as well. Face the wall please." Making a few rough sketches she smiled. "There is none like me, sugar. You can turn back around."

He faced her again, confusion on his face. "I don't understand you."

"No one does." Tapping her pencil on the pad, she twisted her face in thought. "Now the pants."

Lorros hesitated before reaching for the front of his pants. As he removed them, she ran her tongue along her teeth.

"Oh, that's what I'm talking about. That right there."

His dick fell out, and she began to furiously sketch. The pants on the floor, he stepped out of them.

"Soft as a petal, and still hung like a horse. I was so right about you guys. I'm going to have material for years." Her eyes flicked back and forth between him and the pad. "Geez your balls must be the size of watermelons." She muttered.

He shifted back and forth.

"Face the wall."


"I want to capture that hard ass you must have." She motioned with her finger. "Oh, yeah. That is toned." She sketched furiously.

Nodding to her work, she looked up. "Face me."

He turned back around, a little more relaxed. "You're strange."

"You have no idea." She placed the pad to the side and stood up. He stepped back as she walked over.

"Where is your...?"

"My chain? I don't need it. It'll be our little secret ok?" She winked. "my people, as you call them, cast me out. They didn't like that I would sully myself with the bodies of the lower races." She ran her fingers on his chest. Softly she purred. "Oh yes, hard as steel. I like these orc bodies."

He shifted under her touch and looked perplexed. "What are you..."

"I want a good picture. I need to have all the details. I've seen you one way, now I want to see another." Smoothly her fingers moved down his chest and stomach and brushed lightly on his stiffening dick.

"I'm very skilled actually. I know just how to get what I want." She gripped him lightly. "mmm quite large." She ran her hand up and down, caressing his dick as it began to grow. She shifted to two hands and worked on him for a little while before moving a hand down to his balls and began to massage.

He shuddered under her touch, and reluctant to touch her, he gripped his own hips with his hands.

She lifted a hand and licked her thumb. "mm warm."

Abruptly she walked back to her sketch pad and began to sketch out his erection as she returned to the confused orc. She stoops down and sketched out the details as she ran a hand around his dick and balls. She kept him erect and frustrated for some time as she got the most intimate details. He grunted in frustration and she grinned up to his frowning face.

Without warning she wrapped her mouth around him and began to suck, He gasped and reflexively grabbed her hair. When she was certain he was at his end, she moved off quickly and let him finish himself on to the floor. She kicked a bit of dirt on to it and stood up.

"Yes, I think I got what I wanted. I can finish this another time." She strolled back to her straw bedding.

Lorros blinked at her in confusion and stared down at his quickly deflating dick.


"Get dressed and send in your friend. I want to get in another set of drawings in before I go to bed."

Dumbly he turned around and grabbed at his clothes. He tugged on his pants as he stared at her. She seemed to have gone back to wordlessly sketching, having completely dismissed him.

Stumbling out of the hut, he nodded to Jobar, who gave him a questioning look before heading inside.

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