tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 002

For the Whored Ch. 002


The following morning, Elunara was led to the throne room as she sketched. Looking up, she smiled.

"Ah, Grommash, I am quite pleased with my selection last night." She winked at Lorros, who stood off to the side, trying to not meet her gaze. "I have information you will want."

"Spill it, elf."

She held up a small map. "In Talador, there's a small outpost on the border to your encampment there. It's small, but quite defensible. When I last left them, they had sent a settlement of about a hundred troops, and were angling to send more. If they're allowed to build on that spot, it would become quite the danger to your troops. I suggest taking it down now."

"Is that all you have?"

"We start there. When I prove my word, you will see fit to send me some more... drawing subjects, and I will see fit to give up more."

Grommash nodded. "We will see then." He turned to his commander. "Grogek! See it done!"

Grogek bowed to Grommash before glaring at Elunara.

She was dragged back outside and staked in the center of the work area. With quick hands she sketched everything, down to the tiniest detail. Often she would finish a page, make notations and then wad it up and toss it over her shoulder, only to start over again. She was watching a set of goblins pulling on some canisters when she stood up.

"Hey! What are you doing?" She flailed her arms. "Stop messing with those!"

"What are you on about?" Grogek frowned at her.

"They need to stop picking at those canisters. In fact, they need to get rid of them before they kill us all."


"Did Garrosh bring those over? How stupid was that orc? Those are Dark Lady Canisters and they contain a nasty little bastard. Don't use those. I don't care WHAT he told you about those, just handling them are stupid. They're rigged to blow. Get rid of those things. In fact, find a mage and port them away. Anywhere!" She flailed her arms.

"Hey you! Let go of those!" He bellowed. He turned an eye on her. "Show me." He unhooked her chain.

She jogged over and began to inspect the canisters. "Praise Elune, the mechanism is broken."

"Where did you get these?" Grogek glared at the goblin.

"When we raided that last Horde camp, we found these and some books. The schematics said these were bombs. We was gonna use them against your enemies."

Elunara pulled out a sheet of paper and began to rapidly sketch. "Get a mage over here; we need to get rid of these."

Grogek barked orders. And soon a female orc came over.

"Cast this spell." Elunara held out a sheet of paper with a complicated rune style on it. "This is the only safe way to get rid of this thing.

The woman looked between the orc and the night elf. Grogek nodded and the mage began to cast. Once the canisters were gone, she turned to the goblin.

"Where are the schematics?"

He dug around in a pouch before producing a wad of papers. Elunara began to read them, shifting papers back and forth and frowning. With a laugh she shoved the papers at Grogek who began to look through them with some confusion. The commotion brought the attention of Grommash who marched over.

"What's going on?" He bellowed.

"This goblin was tricked into taking a rigged weapon. It's a little hard to understand, but if you know what you're looking for... and I've had dealings with the Dark Lady in the past, you'll see the whole thing is bullshit." She took a sheet of paper out of Gorgek's hand. "See here?" She tapped the drawing. "The so called "instructions" would cause those things to blow, killing all of us. These so called plans were planted."

Grommash glared down at the now cowering goblin. "And you were foolish enough to fall for it? Are you not Garrosh's secret weapon?"

"Well..." The goblin stuttered.

"I will not suffer fools in MY iron horde! Kill him!"

"Wait!" Elunara flinched at her own mouth.

"You defy me?" Grommash glared at her.

She held her hands up as she thought quickly. "It's just that... Well, far be it for me to go against your decision, and goblins are crazy little fuckers..." Her eyes darted around as she bit her lip. "Well, this goblin may have fallen for a trap, but he's also the one that saved us."

"Saved us? How?"

"By tampering with the mechanism, he actually prevented it from blowing."

"Dumb luck."

"Or goblin intuition. Who knows? He busted it, so he saved us."

"Hmm." Grommash crossed his arms.

The air was still and work seemed to have stopped as everyone waited to see what the warchief would do.

"Very well. If you wish to keep him, then he can be your servant."

"Serve her well." He laughed. Turning to Grogek he frowned. "Chain her back to the post and come to the war room." Before walking away.

Elunara leaned back on her post and returned to drawing. The goblin stood before her and frowned.

"You stuck your neck out for me, even when it was already stretched, why?"

"Don't make me regret it." She muttered.

"Name's Ricky."


"I guess I'll go get you a drink."

That evening, Grommash let her stay unlocked during evening meal and while she directed the maps. Murmurs and mutters went around the hall, but none directly questioned Grommash.

That night, a new orc showed in her room. She unlocked the chain around her neck while in her hut.

He stood before her, dressed only in shirt and pants, as he eyed her warily.

"Has it gotten around, what I do?" She sketched him with a careful eye.

Still he said nothing.

"Shirt off, please."

He pulled the edge of the shirt up and over, and tossed it down.

Elunara sketched him. "Turn around."

He complied and she sketched out the strong taught muscles of his back and ass. She sat the pad down, and soft as a whisper, tiptoed over to the orc and slipped her arms around him. He straightened up and stiffened his spine, as she slide her fingers down his chest and stomach. Softly she bit at his neck and ran her lips down his back. She slipped her fingers into his pants and through the hair of his crotch and wrapped her hands around his hardening dick. She nipped at his ass and stroked the length of him. One hand dipped down and cupped his balls; rubbing her fingers down the center.

She released him and stood up as he turned around. She pushed his pants down to the floor and stroked him with her fingertips. With a grin she went back and grabbed her sketch pad. Furiously she sketched out every line and curve of him. She he began to get a little soft, she would agitate him again. When at last she got what she wanted. She tossed the book aside.

Licking his chest, she pulled at his hand, positioning his fingers on her crotch. His expression changed to shock when she shoved his fingers in her. Teasing his neck and chest with licks and nips, she humped his hand until at last the orgasm ripped through her. She lost track of when he had started to participate, but he had done his on the ground already. Once again she kicked dirt over the wet spot.

"Alright then, have a nice night." She picked up her book and got comfortable.

Looking a little dazed and confused, the orc put on his clothes and left the hut.

Over the next few days, she was given more room to move. Elunara showed them her ideas for increasing security, for changing this or that. As her plans were implemented, Grommash gave her more lead, until she walked around unchained, but collared. Many knew that the chain was only a ruse, but none spoke of it.

In the center of town, she sat and sketched.

"What are those marks on the edge of the paper?"

She looked up at Ricky. "Notes."

"They don't look like notes."

She shrugged and took and glass he held. "I know what they are, and that is all."

"You don't trust me."

She gave him a mild look. "You are not the first goblin I've had dealings with."

"Yeah, I give you that."

She sipped and looked around, her eyes darting back and forth between her drawings and the scene she captured.

"Why do ya do it?"

"What?" She looked back at the goblin, now shuffling his feet.

"You know. The thing. At night."

"So you've been looking." She continued to sketch, not really paying much attention to the fidgeting goblin.

"Well, I heard things. I was..." He hesitated. "I worried. So I looked. Saw more than I bargained for."

"Why do anything?" She shrugged. "But, that is also not first I've been asked that." With a sigh she sat her pencil down. "I enjoy it. I cannot explain it in any way that would make sense to you, or even my own race. I enjoy their bodies. I enjoy looking at them, studying them; the feel, the smell. It is a part of me."

"And they pay you in favors?"

"Why not get paid for something you were going to do anyway?"

"Now, that I understand."

Elunara picked up her pencil and began to sketch.

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