tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 005

For the Whored Ch. 005


The next day she carried her desk case around, but didn't stop to sketch anything. Grogek seemed to be pointedly ignoring her, so she ignored him. In fact, she didn't do much of anything until dinner, when she sat sketching the room, more in boredom than any particular reason.

A courier came in the evening, after the meal. He breathlessly handed a report directly to Grommash. He opened the report and frowned. Grabbing Elunara by the arm, he pointed at Grogek. "Both of you, my war room!" He shoved her forward.

She stumbled and caught herself on the door frame. "What the hell?" She tucked into the room before she was trampled. A backhand from Grommash and she was slammed into a wall. Coughing and sputtering she tried to pull herself up.


"Sir!" Grogek reached out and grabbed Grommash's wrist before he could hit Elunara again. "What is going on?"

"This!" He threw the page at her.

Wincing, she reached out and read it. "Huh?" She shook her head and looked at the map. "Huh."

"This is a list of points they have taken, THIS is the list of MY men they have slain! THIS is where they have brought down Kargath! EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!"

"Look, when I came through, I knew what they did and didn't have. This was MONTHS ago! I have no idea what they're doing now! The last thing I gave you was sheer dumb luck that we got it. How am I to know what has happened after they threw me out?"

"What USE are you to me, if you can't prevent this?"

"How stupid are you? No wonder Garrosh thought you were his only chance. You're both complete idiots!"

"HOW DARE YOU!" Grommash advanced on Elunara.

"Sir, please. Stop this." Grogek reached out, but Grommash was faster, and knocked Grogek backwards.

"Out with you!" Grommash roared, as he shoved Grogek out and slammed the door behind him.

Grogek scratched fruitlessly at the door.

"What are you doing?" Lama, a female orc leaning against the wall, asked.

"He's going to kill her!"

"Why should you care? It's just a filthy elf." She shrugged and walked on.

Huffing and panting, Grommash growled at Elunara. "You DARE speak out to me? I'll put you in your PLACE!" He roared. He swung wide, but she was faster and darted around his fists. He made several attempts to connect, but she always darted out of the way.

"All of that muscle, all of that body, and you can't hit a little thing like me. How pathetic."

Having left his weapons outside, he had nothing to throw. Instead he shoved the table at her. She jumped on top of it and landed a foot in his face. He roared in pain and swung around, trying to grab. She jumped and darted again.

"I could kill you. You're just weak."

He lunged.

"But you're more useful alive."

He grabbed her by the throat and began to squeeze.

She clawed at his hands but grinned. "Oh, now you've got me. What are you going to do with little ol' me?"

"I will end your insufferable talking!"

"Hey," She gasped. "You've liked everything I've had to say so far." A cough escaped. "In fact, your men really like how I... talk, as well."

Grommash blinked and released some of the pressure.

"Boy, will they be ever so upset when I'm gone."

He began to squeeze again. "They'll get over it."

"Not even curious?"

Grommash flung her into a wall. "Curb your foul tongue, woman! You're to blame for this!"

"I'm to blame for nothing!" She spat out. "How stupid are you to believe that they'd tell me everything? That I would know everything?" She gestured to the letter. "You're a goddamned fucking asshole! Sitting on your precious throne like a Warchief, when you don't know a damned thing you're doing!"

He backhanded her and she fell to the floor.

Wiping her chin she narrowed her eyes. "Is that all you've got? You powerless fuck?"

He grabbed her by the throat again and slammed her on to the table.


"Bring it! Give me what I've been WAITING ON!"

Growling, he ripped at her clothes. She tore at his armor, yanking free the pauldrons, nails digging into flesh. He held her to the table as he ripped her clothes free, and shoved himself between her legs. He was shocked when she wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her teeth into his neck. They tore at each other, fingernails tearing flesh, teeth scraping valleys into soft spots.

He attacked her and she attacked back, giving as much effort as he. He growled in her face.

"You tricked me!"

She licked the back of her hand. "Worth it."

He threw her across the room, where she hit the wall and bounced forward. He looked around, wild. He yanked his armor back on, pulled his pants up. He roared into the air before storming out of the room. Wild and angry, he grabbed Grogek by the shoulder.

"Get her out of my SIGHT!" He stumbled pass the gawking eyes. A growl in either direction had orcs scattering.

Elunara winced as she tried to pull herself up. "Well, that didn't go according to plan."

Brown arms came around her, and bleary eyed, she looked into the face of Grogek. Ricky appeared from somewhere out of nowhere.

"How bad is she?"

"I'm fine." She mumbled, though the air felt like needles in her chest.

She was scooped up. Ricky produced a blanket from somewhere and laid it on her naked form.

She looked around the room, wandering when she blacked out. Grogek was arguing with a female orc.

"Why should I? She's just a filthy elf. Even Grommash is done with her now."

"You will heal her Lama, or so help me, you'll be the one needing healing."


She grumbled as she walked over to Elunara. Refusing to meet Elunara's gaze, Lama began to chant the shamanistic healing spells.

Grogek's hand was gentle as he laid it on the side of her head. "You are awake. Good."

"Eh, I've been worse."

"What Grommash has done is reprehensible!"

"Nah. I started it. I just misjudged..." She trailed off, unwilling to finish the thought. "Doesn't matter, Grommash is a twit anyway." She winced in pain. Looking at Lama, she frowned. "Since when are YOU in love with Grommash?"

"I am not." Lama grit her teeth. "I have no more love for him than you."

"Hmm. Red hair, green eyes..." Elunara studied the angry female orc. She snapped her fingers "Garthok!"

Elunara winced again as Lama jerked up and stared.

"I knew it. You're the one he's sweet on."

Abruptly, Lama stood up and walked out.

"That probably wasn't smart." This from Ricky.

"Jokes on her. Garthok doesn't get off from anything I do."

"What do you mean?" Grogek frowned.

Ricky giggled.

"He'll stand hard for me, but only if I get him pictures of her."

"And I've been keeping track of Lama so Elunara can draw her unawares."

Grogek blinked. "You continue to surprise me."

"The taken ones are no fun." She lifted her head. "Grab my papers at the bottom. Look for Garthok. He's hard to miss."

Grogek found the stash of papers and flipped through. He pulled out a picture of a naked orc holding a paper, his mouth open and his hand in the air. Grogek looked to Elunara.

"He was reading me a love sonnet... for Lama."

"How could I have missed this? I would have never sent him over, had I known."

She tried to shrug. "It happens."

"No wonder she is so angry."

"Not the first; won't be the last."

"I will speak with my sister another time."

"She's your sister? You have a sister? That just figures."

Grogek laughed as he ran his thumb gently over the cut on her forehead. "Grommash is beyond angry. It would be best if you stayed in here for the time being."

"That's fine. But I want my paper."

"You will have it."

Ricky held up her drawing desk. "I saved this for ya."

"Thank you Ricky. Help me sit up, Grogek."

"No. You must lie here and rest." He turned to the goblin. "See that she doesn't hurt herself."

"You got it boss."

Once the door closed behind Grogek, she struggled to sit up. Ricky pushed her back down.

"Sorry boss lady, he's more likely to maim me than you are."

"Well, if you can push me around, I must be pretty bad." She sighed. "I really need to get this on paper though."

He peered at her. "You know, I had dealings with mages back in Orgrimmar. I recognize some of those funny symbols."

She glared at him. "Just help me."

With a shrug, Ricky pulled up her little desk and helped prop it above her so that she could access the pencil and paper. Not even bothering with artwork, she scribbled on the paper. Once she was satisfied, she wadded the paper up and tossed it over her head.

"It's burning."

"Ok. Good." She sighed and closed her eyes.

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