tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 006

For the Whored Ch. 006


When she next woke, Lama was hovering about her head. Deciding it to be a bad dream, she closed her eyes again.

"I will not touch her again." The voice was female, and clearly pissed off.


"I care not what you have to say. Your whore is healed, and I will not lay my hands on her filthy body again. You would do well to be rid of her, or Grommash will be rid of you both."

She stormed off, as Grogek stood helpless in the doorway.

"Please tell me you did not give her my drawing."

Grogek hesitated. "I... might have."

"Damn you, those are mine." She sat up, but felt woozy.

"She came back, on the condition I turn it over." He knelt down, and gently brushed her neck with his fingers. "You've been out for many days. Lama says you were pretty destroyed."

"Grand." Elunara looked around the room. "What is all of this?" She motioned to the flowers and random objects, and well as the piles of papers.

"Gifts from the men." He backed away. "It seems you've turned the entire fortress against grommash. He is not pleased."

"Shit. I did it again." She sighed and leaned back. "This won't do."


"Forget it." Elunara bit her nails, a habit she had long forgotten.

"I must return to my duties. Grommash is furious, and time away from my duties only angers him more. Please," he emphasized the word. "stay in here." He frowned at her before stepping out and closing the door.

She looked around at all the "gifts".

A soft knock on the door caught her attention. "It's safe, Ricky."

The door opened and the goblin scooted in, holding a tray of food and drink. "Yeah, ok." He placed these in her lap.

"This won't do." She sighed. "This is not at all according to plan." She tapped on her head. "Where did it all go so wrong?"

"I don't know what's up, so I can't answer you."

"I was asking myself." She sighed again. "I guess I lay low for now."

It was several more days before she saw anyone other than Ricky. During that time, she had to content herself with her previous drawings. When the first orc showed up, it was Lorros who snuck into her room.

He shifted uncomfortably. "We are not allowed here."

"I can imagine why not."

"Are you healed?"

"As well as I can be."

"Grommash was wrong."

"He is a fool, but that is no reason to defy him."

Lorros frowned.

She sighed. "Listen to me, and listen well. I am not important." Lorros opened his mouth, but she shook her head. "I understand that you all like me, but defying Grommash will only get me killed. If you want to save me, then continue to be loyal to him."


"Promise me."

Lorros nodded. "I will tell the others."

"Thank you."

Lorros shuffled his feet. "Can I be... drawn again?"

Elunara grinned. "I thought you'd never ask."

Over the next several days, the orcs would sneak in to her room, for their "drawings". She didn't see Grogek at all, even when the other orcs helped her to wander around the compound. She continued to stay well out of site of Grommash, and recorded the gossip she was given.

She lay in bed, sketching, when there was a soft knock on the door.


Grogek stepped inside and closed the door. She raised an eyebrow at his shirt and pants.

"Ah..." He looked around. "I wish to be drawn."

"Do you now?"

"I believe I owe you."

"Uh huh." She changed her paper out and sketched the fidgeting orc. She kept her eyes on him as she worked.

He said nothing, but did not look at her directly.

"Turn around, please."

When he complied, she continued with her sketches. Satisfied with her work, she asked him turn around again. This time she sat the pad to the side and stood up. He stepped back, but there wasn't much room. It was her turn to place her hands on his cheeks.

"Why are you so nervous?" She wondered. "Are you..." She hesitated as she searched his face. "Blushing?"

He focused on her. "N-no." He stammered.

She smiled. "You are." She whispered in awe. "How funny."

"I am not funny." He straightened his back.

"Oh, but you are." She whispered, as she laid her lips gently on to his.

His eyes opened in surprise.

Gently, she nipped at his bottom lip, as she slid her arms around his neck. Pressing her body to his, she moved her mouth along his lips. He responded back, his eyes closing as he enjoyed her movements. She continued into slow teasing nips, across his mouth, down to his chin, and slowly to his neck. She licked the curve of his throat.

His hands moved down her back, gripping her ass as he pulled her closer. She could feel his erection pressing her stomach. Her hands came up across his chest, and she dug her fingers into the shirt. Constantly travelling down, her hands made their way into his pants and around his massive dick.

She caressed the length of him, while pushing down his pants. He shoved em down the rest of the way, and she moved her hands up into his shirt. With some haste, he yanked the shirt off and threw it to the side. His hand gripped her hair and tilted her head back. They devoured each other, standing in the center of the room.

His fingers went up the back of her shirt, and she tugged it off. His mouth found her shoulder, and his teeth scraped at her skin. She tugged him backwards toward the bed. Grogek's hand slid down her backside and pushed her pants down. Naked, they tumbled into the bed. With her skill, she had herself wrapped around him before he could think. Buried deep within her, he groaned and began to pump his hips up and down. She rocked and bucked beneath him. Her hand cupped his jaw as she enjoyed the flavor of his mouth, his fangs scraping the sides of her face. Her nails dug into his back, scraping rivets down his back.

Without warning, he shifted and rolled, pulling her on top. She sat up and giggled, the motion sending shockwaves down into his dick, making him groan. He grabbed her hips and lifted her up, shoving her up and down on his dick. One of her hands went back, gripping his thigh. She gasped with each thrust and slam. Leaning forward she whispered into his neck and licked that soft spot she had found to drive him wild.

Once again he shoved her over, pinning her beneath his large form. The motions began to slow, as she shuddered. He softly drew his teeth across her flesh and shuddered. He flexed his hands on her hips and murmured in another language. He tried to move off, but her legs held him firm.

"Mmm I like the feel of you."

"If I do not move soon, you may kill me." He mumbled.

"Would it be so bad?" She whispered.

"It would be the best thing in the world." He used that language again.

She released her legs and he slipped down to the side. He buried his face into her hair and neck.

"Your scent drives me insane."

"Does it?" She grinned at him.

"From the first day you came in. It was strange and toxic, and I thought you were trying to possess me."

She laughed. "Really now?"

He propped himself up on one elbow and ran his hand down the length of her. "You body is covered in so many scars..." He whispered.

"Is it?" She looked down. "You stop noticing after awhile."

"Mm." He seemed lost in thought.

"You can't keep me, you know."

He looked down at her face.

"I cannot change who I am, and I cannot give you what I cannot be."

"I know who you are. I accept who you are." He nuzzled her cheek. "But I also understand what you have done. What you refuse to do for anyone else. That is important to me."

She sighed. "As long as you do not get upset, when I continue to be who I am."

"I might even enjoy it." He murmured.

"We shall see."

Using a word she did not recognize, he buried his face in her neck again.

Later that evening, they lay in the bed, his arms behind his head, as she sketched him.

"It's not often I get to do this." She murmured.

"I am happy to oblige."

In the early morning light, he gathered his clothes and escaped unseen. She sighed and watched him go.

"Well, that was different."

She almost jumped, but was able to restrain herself. "Can you not do that, Ricky?"

"Gotta watch out for my number one pal."

Elunara sighed and rolled her eyes.

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