tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 007

For the Whored Ch. 007


She was out gathering more information when it happened. A commotion caught her attention and seeing the alliance banner, she raced to the center of town. There, chained to her post, was a human male. She rushed forward, ignoring Grommash off to the side.

"What are you doing here?"

The man looked up and his eyes grew wide. "Elunara!" He cried. "My love! It is me! I have come to rescue you!"

She narrowed her eyes and frowned. "Thomas, I told you, I do not need rescuing."

"My love! Do not forsake me!"

She approached the prisoner, his eyes so filled with love, like a puppy begging for a snack. She stooped down, and secreted a small pouch from him.

"Why?" She whispered.

"The mission is lost. Flee with what you have. These are the orders."

"Why end a soldier for one who is already lost?"

"My life was already over; I just chose to end it quicker. You are our best operative. Follow your orders."


"Make my death quick, please."

"Forgive me soldier, your death will not be wasted."

She stood up and looked around at the orcs. Grogek's expression betrayed nothing in front of his Warchief.

"Men are so pathetic. Easily controlled by their dicks." She sneered at the man, still looking at her with so much love and adoration. She slit his throat with such speed and precision, that his face never changed as he slumped to the dirt.

She spat on the ground and turned, pushing her way through the crowd. Once in her room, she sifted through the little pouch. Sticking her head out of the door, she motioned for Ricky to come in.

"What's up, boss lady?"

"We will need to move soon. I don't know how much longer we have, but be prepared."

He nodded. "I'll hook ya up." With that, he ran out the door.

Before the door could close, Grogek pushed his way in.

"You have made Grommash very angry by executing the prisoner without his command."

"Sweetheart, I've stopped caring what Grommash thinks."

He sighed. "If you continue to push him, he will act." Grogek pulled her into his embrace. "I would defend you with my life; though I would hate for it to come to that."

"If you must placate him, then claim I did it to prove my honor."

"I will try."

After he left, she sighed and began packing away her papers. Gathering them together, she created the bundle and cast the spell. Then came the various gifts. She spent the day cleaning up after herself and trying to figure out the best way to end her mission.

Her thoughts were put on hold when the orc of the night arrived.

Over the next few days, the orcs would come and she would humor them and get what she wanted. When Grogek came, her mood changed and they spent the nights together. She was confused by this turn of events, and found herself writing down her observations.

He was particularly creative in bed, and was the only male she'd met with the same insatiable taste for sex. However, he grew more troubled with each passing day.

"Grommash believes your continued existence is a personal affront to him." He finally said.

She looked up from her desk. "Then we will fight."

"What?" Grogek sat up.

"Tomorrow, take me to the challenge ring. You and I will fight."

"I can't do that."

"Fight me, Grogek. And with our fight, we will make a statement."


She sighed and laid down her pencil. "Would you rather I be dragged there in chains, or fight someone else? Worse, would you have me executed at his feet?"

"I would take you away from this!"

"Where would we go? Would he not hunt us both down?" She tapped her pencil rapidly on her board. "I might be able to find us a place among the humans I came with. If I promised them the knowledge we both have. It would be difficult to convince them to not shoot you on sight... but I am persuasive." She seemed to be talking only to herself. "Yeah, head orc of the orcs... that could work." She shook her head and turned her attention back to Grogek. "Tomorrow, we fight. We make a statement. Trust my judgment and we will make everyone see how we feel about one another."

Standing at the edge of the fighting ring, Elunara sighed and looked around at the cheering crowd. Many of the men she had drawn were less than enthused, but more were eager to see a fight.

"I'm sorry Grogek." She whispered. "This is the most selfish thing I've done."

She stepped down into the ring and face Grogek on the other side.

"I fight without a weapon!" She called. "Do you honor me and fight without yours?"

He spat on the ground and tossed the axe to the side. "Fine with me."

They met, face to face, in the center of the ring. Calls and jeers were toned out in the background of her mind.

"Do you trust me?" She whispered.

"With my life."

"Then we are the only ones here. No matter what happens, you focus on me, and you follow my signs."

"As you would have it."

"Remember, it's just you," She nodded. "And me."



They walked back to the edges of the ring.

"FIGHT!" Screamed Lama.

They charged at each other, Grogek swinging his fists and Elunara dodging around. She kicked out, he threw punches. They grappled each other, and with a flick of her wrist, Grogek's pauldrons came undone and hit the ground. He stared dumbly at them.

"Keep attention." She punched him in the face.

He reeled back and with a growl, grabbed her at the waist. Once again, with a quick flip, another piece of armor came off. They fought around the ring, with Elunara only landing glancing blows as she worked to get his armor off. Soon he stood in a shirt, pants and shoes. When next they connected, she grabbed a handful of his shirt and in another flick of her wrist, broke the thread that held it together.

He laughed. "You fight like a lunatic!"

"You haven't seen nothing yet!" She called back.

He swung, she dodged. She kicked, he maneuvered. They grappled, they punched, and hit and kicked, and before he knew it, she was holding his shoes.

"How did you even accomplish that?" He roared.

She tossed them to the side. "I'm full of all kinds of tricks."

"Two can play at that!"

She held up a hand. "Hold on!" She lifted a foot and pulled off a shoe, she switched feet and took off the other one. "Much better!" She took a running leap and locking her legs around his neck, pulled him over.

In his shock he tumbled. Again they grappled, and this time he tore her shirt off.

"I needed a new one anyway."

The hoots and hollers from the crowd were ignored as they fought.

"You're stronger than you look." He grunted.

"You know, a lot of people tell me that." She backhanded him and dodged out of his grasp. "But after thirty years of jacking men off, you start to build some serious upper body muscle."

"That's a fascinating thought. You'll have to show me this some time."

She grinned. "How about now?" With a yank, she ripped the seams of his pants.

"How do you keep DOING that?" He stared down.

Staring at his hard on, she licked her lips. "Targeted attacks."

"But you..."

"Do you trust me?"

"I do not understand you, but I trust you completely."

"Probably not the wisest move." She grabbed him by a fang and pulled his face to hers.

The crowd froze in shock, as the fight turned its tone rather quickly, and by time they hit the dirt, he was already buried inside of her. This time, the grappling and the wrestling had nothing to do with fighting.

"STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!" Grommash bellowed.

Grogek winced and pulled himself free. Elunara causally stood up and brushed the dirt off of her.

"YOU HAVE TAINTED THIS RING OF HONOR WITH YOUR DIRTY TRICKS!" Grommash roared. "I will have no more of this filthy bitch in my fortress!" He pointed an axe at her head.

Grogek grabbed his own axe, and ignoring his naked body, he crossed his axe at Grommash. "You will not harm her!"

Elunara itched for her drawing paper.

"You would turn against me?"

She stepped forward and laid a hand on Grogek's arm.

"Stay your hand, this was not the purpose."

"Then what WAS the purpose?" Growled Grommash.

"To turn the men against me." She gestured to the frozen spectators. "You have grown to dislike how much they enjoy me. What better method to turn them all away, than to see me give what they cannot have."

"Curb your trickery, woman. I grow tired of you." Grommash snarled.

"Let them wallow in their shame, and they will line up to take my head." She looked directly into Grommash's eyes. "Rather than turn on you."

He gave her a low growl before turning and stomping away.

Elunara leaned over to Grogek. "Now would be a good time to go."

He nodded and gathered up his armor.

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