tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 009

For the Whored Ch. 009


She creaked one eye open and looked at the sword pointed at her face. Sitting up, she looked around at the group of men surrounding them and pointing various weapons in their faces.

"Took you long enough." She said mildly.

Reaching over, she laid a gentle hand on Grogek's back. He stirred under her touch.

"Move slowly." She whispered. "We must show them we mean no harm."

He blinked groggily at her a few times before his eyes focused on the person in front of him. The muscles in his back tensed and he reached for his axe.

"No." She tightened her grip. "No, we can make this work."

"You're alive?"

The captain asked; the disbelief in his voice evident.

"Not for a lack of trying." She stretched, ignoring the shift of stances. "How have you been, Jordan?"

"Better without you mucking with the minds of my men!"

She grinned, and it was genuine. "Shouldn't you be hauling us away?"

"With that thing?" He pointed at Grogek.

"Oh, don't be rude." She waved her hand.

"You want us to side with them?" Grogek growled as he pulled himself up.

"What option do we have? Run from Grommash forever? Or take refuge and use what we got?" She whispered.

Grogek looked around with a growl. "Only because I trust you."

Elunara held out her wrists. "The usual treatment I assume?"

They were tied and pushed into the back of a wagon. She leaned against Grogek and closed her eyes. By her estimation it would take a few hours to get back to base.

Night loomed close by time they arrived. Of course the townsfolk gathered around to watch the night elf and the orc be delivered to the General. They were directed off the wagon and led to the center of town, where General Renwa was standing.

"I hope you have a good explanation for this." He frowned.

Captain Jordan saluted. "Sir, we found them on the edge of the iron horde encampment. Finding the night elf, I figured you would best be able to handle the situation."

General Renwa shook his head. "Put them in the brig. We'll sort this situation out, soon enough."

Elunara lifted her cuffed hands and patted Grogek on the arm. "Don't worry, we'll be fine."

"This is humiliating." He snarled.

"Uhh... sir." A man called from the wagon. "I can't budge this thing." He pointed down.

Captain Jordan looked to Elunara, and after her nod, he turned to Grogek. "You may remove your weapon."

Grogek snorted a laugh as he reached down and grabbed the axe in one hand. They were led down into the brig and Captain Jordan had Grogek place his axe in another room before both he and Elunara were locked away. Their cuffs were removed and Grogek flopped down on a bench. Elunara curled up beside him, her head on his shoulder.

After an hour, she was summoned to the General's office. She had to reassure Grogek, but left him sitting on the bench, his arms crossed.

She entered the General's office and Captain Jordan stayed inside as he closed the door.

"How's it hanging General?" She grinned. "Oh, that's right, 8 ½, a little to the left if I recall."

He snarled at her. "Soldier, report."

"Sir. Things didn't work out according to plan. Grommash turns out to be more unstable than previously estimated. Grommash is a man who cannot be controlled through his dick. No matter what tactic I attempted, I was treated no better than a well kept pet. I managed to gain full access to the fortress, and sent in detailed reports."

The General nodded to a stack of papers. "I have read your reports, your detail is flawless and useful."

She nodded. "Though I was able to gain the trust and respect of his men, Grommash thought me no more harmful or useful as HE saw fit. I tried many tactics, but he appears to have no recollection of even having a dick. I often wondered how he managed to begat Garrosh. Possibly out of a sense of duty to the clan name."

"So what went wrong?"

"The Highmaul Raid." She sighed. "And I over estimated." With a shake of her head, she continued. "A runner came with the report of the Highmaul incident, and blame was placed on me."

"But why? You shouldn't have even been considered.

"Grommash is just as mentally unstable as his future son. I suddenly and very clearly figured out where Garrosh's issues came from. Seeing an advantage, I pushed my edge, with..." She shook her head again. "unexpected circumstances. Using my usual tactics, I was able to provoke him into a situation that ordinarily I would be able to lead, but he seemed..." She cocked her head to the side. "Embarrassed. Ashamed..."

Both men gaped at her. "What?" The General finally asked.

"In most situations, the target feels powerful, in control. By giving them the..." A muscle twitched in her face. "By provoking them into the situation, they regain control; feel they have punished the wrong doing. It's a disgusting frame of mind, and one I try to avoid, but this time was different. He just wasn't right in the head." She shook her head and sighed.


"From there, it deteriorated. Instead of an object to be dominated, I became the symbol of his shame, of his lack of manhood. His own men turned on him. It is through their diligence that I even live. From what I gather, he had broken just about every bone in my body. Grogek, the orc we now have in our custody, forced his own sister to heal me."

"What of this orc?"

"I have him under my full control."

General Renwa tapped his fingers on the desk. "And you believe he will be useful?"


"What of the goblin? Your report says you were bringing one with you."

"He..." She hesitated for the first time. "He was slain in the escape. There was a miscalculation..."

"Goblins." Renwa said by way of dismissal. "What of Grommash's men?"

Elunara cleared her throat and straightened up. "I made a difficult and risky call, but I managed to desecrate what they consider holy ground. They will not be seeking me out."

"Hmm." The General folded his hands in front of him. "The last thing we need is a rouge band of Orcs trying a stupid rescue."

"That was the thought, sir."

"And you cover story, how did it hold up?"

"I believe you have read that part of my report."

"I have."

"The orc believes it completely. You revile me just as much as you do him. It should stay that way."


"What do you plan to do with him?"

"I will extract as much information from him as possible. I recommend letting me lead on that, sir."

"As always." He stood up. "And if he proves uncooperative?"

"You've worked with me before, sir."

"Yes. Yes, I have." He said quietly. "Keep me posted."

Elunara held up her wrists. With a confused look on his face, Captain Jordan re-cuffed her.

"One more thing." The General said quietly.

Elunara looked back.

"What of soldier Isaac?"

"Was that his name?" At the General's nod, she sighed. "He died with dignity."

"Good." He rubbed his eyes. "Some of the troops are coming through the portals damaged. It did something to his insides, he didn't have long."

She nodded and looked to the door.

Once the night elf was back in the guard's hands, he turned to the General.

"I am very confused. I heard the entire thing, yet I feel like I was left out of the conversation."

General Renwa walked to the window and watched them lead Elunara away.

"She is our best operative. Cunning, ruthless. ...Uses her body as a bargaining chip in some of the most dangerous and difficult information gathering missions. Her work is unparalleled."

"But to bring in an orc...?"

"I trust her judgment completely." He looked toward the stack of papers. "I have seen her slit the throat of a man she just stepped out of bed with. I have seen her look into the most love sick of eyes, and kill with such precision that they died with that look upon their face." He sat back down. "She told me once... that she believed her emotions to be dead." Renwa looked directly at Jordan. "I believe her."

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