tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 010

For the Whored Ch. 010


The following morning found her curled up under Grogek's arm. She was comfy and they weren't going anywhere, so she snuggled down further.

"I am sorry I do not have a blanket." He whispered.

"It's fine. Maybe I'll bitch at them later."

"Do you trust these people? They left you out to die."

"Sorry, sugar. You're my bargaining chip."

"Am I now?"

She sat up, but he tugged her back down. "Well, yes. I mean... You're Grommash's top guy. You know all the stuff. I am the little night elf who can control the big strong orc. It's the perfect scam."

"Hmm." He nodded. "Very well. I agree your plan has merit."

"We keep them thinking we're useful enough, and they'll be eating out of my hand."

He laughed and said something in orcish.

"You're doing it again."

"I said; you are my cunning she-wolf."

"General Renwa requires your presence."

Elunara popped her head up and looked over. Captain Jordan looked decidedly more uncomfortable today. She climbed over Grogek and stretched. Grogek and Jordan eyed each other warily.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled. "I'll see what I can do about that blanket."

The door was open and she patted Captain Jordan on the chest. "Let's forgo those nasty cuffs. You can chain me up later." She winked. "But there's no need for formality when you've clearly got both of us stuck."

Captain Jordan grit his teeth. "Fine."

After they were outside, he muttered to her. "Don't you think that provoking him with mindless flirting is a bad idea?"

Elunara resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "If I am not who he thinks I am, he is more likely to be provoked."

When they entered the general's office, he was staring out of the window.

"For the record, I am bargaining for better accommodations."


"The orc has agreed to my "plan". We will make ourselves useful in exchange for our continued existence in your town."

"That was fast."

Elunara raised an eyebrow.

"Right. I forgot who I'm talking to." General Renwa let out a breath. "I don't know why I expected any less." He paced. "I will have to clear out a bunker just to house the both of you. Keep an eye on him."

"He shouldn't give us any trouble. I will handle him if he does."

Renwa nodded. "Keep me posted."

"I shouldn't go back so soon. He'll suspect something."

"This is true." Renwa sighed. "The situation is tiring. We can send soldiers through, but it is difficult to get them in one piece, or to send them home." He flopped down in his chair. "Some days I don't know how to improve morale."

Elunara tapped her fingers to her chin.

"Now, with the orc in town, people are nervous." He shook his head. "I trust you implicitly, but they do not."

"Let me handle the population. Meanwhile, I have another idea."

"Enlighten me."

"We let the orc train the men."

"Are you CRAZY?" Captain Jordan was outraged.

"It's a solid plan." She continued. "He was one of the top of the Iron Horde. He has trained some of their best combatants. His training regime is something of a marvel to watch. His brutality is unmatched. With that orc training our men, they will be the most prepared soldiers we have. After he's through, they'll be throwing bodies at us to train."

"That's lunacy."

"No. I agree with her." General shook his head.

She gave Jordan a mild look. "He is a warrior; a strong beast who will eventually get bored. I am not the type who will keep him entertained for too terribly long. When he gets bored, what would you have us do? Kill him?" She shrugged. "We could. I have no problem doing it myself, but why waste the talent?"

"How would you arrange it?" General Renwa furrowed his brow.

"I will make him think it is his idea. Give me a few days. He'll be all ours."

Renwa nodded. "Let it be done."

Captain Jordan escorted her out. "You're insane."

Elunara stopped and turned on him. "Do you know my call sign?"

He blinked at her.

"Do you?"


"It's "The Whore." Do you know why?"

"I have heard..."

"I picked it." She interrupted.

He just stared

"I know what I am. I use it." She turned and left his side.

In the brig, she gave Grogek a wink. "See? Now that wasn't so hard." She waved her hands at the guards as one opened the door. "It's just little ol' me." She flopped down on the bench beside Grogek.

Jordan gave her one last dirty look before heading out the door.

"The General has agreed to consider my demands." She fidgeted. "I just want my paper back, dammit."

"You will have it, little wolf." He leaned over and bit her shoulder. "I have no doubt you always get what you want." His arm snaked behind her and dragged her into his lap. He locked eyes with a guard, who quickly looked away.

She pouted. "My hands are good at two things. Neither of which I can do right now."

He chuckled into her hair. With his arms wrapped around her waist he breathed onto her neck. "You spare them, more than me or yourself."

"Silly humans and their ideals." She muttered. "To get what I want, I must play nice."

"You'll reach a point in which you cannot help it. I will be waiting."

"Hmm. It seems you know me a little too well." She cocked her head to the side and he lightly licked her neck. She purred.

A messenger walked in. "I am to escort you to your new quarters."

Elunara raised an eyebrow.

The messenger shifted uncomfortably. "Both of you."

The guards opened the door, but pointedly looked away. She slid off of Grogek's lap.

At the door, he turned and looked at the two guards, who were doing their best to be stoic.

"I like these so called "humans". They are fun to play with." He said as he laughed.

They were led to a small barracks building. Elunara stepped in and looked around at the empty room. There were several beds and a couple of desks.

"This seems a bit much." She remarked.

The messenger coughed. "General says that you both needed the room. So we cleared it out. The whole building is yours."

"It'll work. Where are my books?"

"They will be delivered." The messenger looked back and forth between Elunara and the orc. He bowed strangely, and then took off running.

Grogek ducked his head to get in the door, but straightened out when he came in. He moved around the room, pushing bunk beds around. "We will need to have a bed built."

"Yeah." She frowned. "We can make do with the floor for now."

Grogek pushed the unwanted furniture out of the room until a few small beds, the desks and some random chairs remained. These he pushed to the wall. After he was done, he shut the door.

"I believe we can make do with the floor now."

"I like the way you work." She purred.

He placed both hands on the sides of her face. His eyes searched hers. "I know who you are, and I know what you are. They do not see you as I do. They may be your kind, but they do not treat you that way. "

"What am I?" She whispered. "What am I to you?"

"You are my vicious little she-wolf." He rubbed a thumb on her cheek. "I am not your master, and you are not mine." He pulled her into an embrace. "You give of me your body, but not your heart. I will have to earn your trust." He held her away. "I am OK with that."


He pulled her close and gently kissed her mouth. He spoke in orcish again as he buried his face into her neck. She stared at the wooden ceiling as he licked and bit her neck. Her hands came up to his back and without understanding, hugged him tightly to her. He stopped his assault on her neck and nuzzled it instead.

"You hear me." He whispered.

"I hear you well." She answered.

He lifted his gaze and stared into her eyes. Softly, she placed her lips on his. His hand found its way up her shirt and she went for his. He tugged her shirt up over her head and licked between her breasts. He cupped one with one hand and devoured the other with his mouth. She grabbed his neck and shoulders and dug into flesh with her nails. Reaching down, she tugged at his shirt, and he leaned back long enough to let her pull it off. Carefully, he lowered her to the soft rug on the floor.

Slowly they kissed, tasting each other, with careful deliberate movements, savoring the moment. She ran her fingernails down his warm chest. He held her in his arms, and run his tongue across her teeth. He took possession of her mouth, devouring her very essence. She responded in kind, her hands wandering around his chest, under his arms and around his back. She scraped his back with her nails and he groaned into her mouth. His hand came down and pushed her pants off. She wiggled and bucked to get them off her ankles.

His erection pressed through his pants and rubbed against her crotch. His hand slid up her thigh and gripped her ass. He pushed her against him as he grated his erection on to her. Releasing her ass, he slid his hand down and around. Propping himself on the elbow of the arm still behind her back, he used the fingers of his free hand to brush up and down her sopping folds. He watched her face and her eyes as he slid his first finger deep within.

She moaned and writhed against him, with one hand still wrapped around his back, the other grabbing at his wrist. Her eyes glazed over and her skin flushed. Back and forth he slid his finger, using his thumb to rub little circles around her clit. Soon he added a second finger, and her back began to arch. He grinned as she clutched him, her insides rippling to her orgasm. For a little while longer he tormented her, pushing her over that ridge over and over.

She grabbed frantically at his arm. "Take me." She whispered.

He lowered his face to hers, teasing her lips with his tongue. Slowly, softly he licked, gently nipping. Still his fingers worked on her. When she was panting and frantic did he finally give in. She pushed at his pants and he chuckled.

"Why do you torment me so?" She whimpered.

"I love to watch you." He murmured into her ear. "To see you as no else can. I know you." He whispered.

He shoved off his pants with one hand, and his engorged dick popped free of his pants. She reached down and grabbed him and he groaned. The orcish words seemed almost musical to her ears, and she cared not for what he said. He adjusted again, placing himself between her legs. Inch by inch he worked his way into her waiting wetness. When at last he filled her with him, he began to move in a steady rhythm. She eagerly tried to push him faster, but still he took his time, holding her hips in place.

"Not yet, my love. Not yet."

He buried his face in her hair and neck. With gentle nips he drove her into a frenzy. She bucked and rocked against him. When he could stand it no longer, he gave in and let the orgasm rip through him, filling her up with him. Spent, he released the tension in his muscles. She curled up against him, almost as if sleeping. Concerned, he shifted off.

She stared at that wooden ceiling and frowned.

"What is wrong, little wolf?"

With a sigh, she turned her head to look at him. "I've been at this for a long time. I've experimented with everything possible..." She trailed off and looked away. Taking a deep breath, she gave a mighty sigh.

Staring at the ceiling, she voiced her thoughts. "I have been at this for a long time." She repeated. "I lost count of how many lovers I have had, mostly because none of them meant anything to me. I used their bodies and they used mine. Many, many men have lain next to me and showered me with love and declarations and stupidity. Yet when you say it, something is different. I know not what, but I will discover it."

Grogek put his fingers under her chin and turned her head to face him. "That is enough for now." He pressed his lips to hers.

A sudden, brisk knock on the door startled both of them.

Annoyed, Elunara popped up and strode to the door. Yanking open the door, she was met with the shocked expression of a messenger.

Staring at her naked body, he began to stammer. "I... I have these... uh this... cart. And I... uhh"

"Is that my armor?" Asked Grogek, also standing there naked, amused by the messenger.

"Go." Elunara stated. "Leave us be."

Grogek put on the pants he held in his hand. Stepping outside, he began to transfer the contents of the cart into the small barracks building. Elunara leaned against the door and observed the area around them. The people she could see, were torn between staring at her or staring at the large brown orc that was now in their midst. Once Grogek had unloaded the cart, he hefted his axe on his shoulder, and stooping down, made his way inside.

Elunara was pleased to see he had placed her modified writing desk on one of the beds.

"Is this all of your stuff?" He asked.

"No." She shook her head and opened up the desk. Taking a sheet of paper, she began to scribble on it. After some time, her work was done, and she placed it on the floor. Running her hands on it, she scratched out a few more marks and it began to glow. Slowly a stack of books and paper rose from design. She unloaded it all on to some shelves and desks. Going back to the modified desk, she pulled out Ricky's portrait and carefully tacked it to the wall.

"He was a good goblin." Grogek said quietly.


With a sigh, she grabbed a handful of paper and put it on a standing desk. She began to draw. With notations, she worked and sketched, using several sheets of paper to design furniture that would accommodate them.

"I'm going to take these to the General. If he's feeling generous, I might be able to get him to put in our order sooner, rather than later. You can come with me if you like.

"I will stay here." Grogek snorted. "Your town doesn't seem particularly friendly."

She shrugged. "I'll be back."

He watched her walk out of the building and close the door. After a few moments he picked up one of her books and began to flip through.

"These are what we need. I'll also like some clothing, but I'll bring those measurements another time. I can't do too much in one go." Elunara tossed the drawings on the table.

"I heard about your little stunt." General Renwa frowned.

"Stunt?" She blinked in genuine confusion.

With a sigh, Renwa leaned back. "Please refrain from wandering around naked while in camp."

"Oh, that." She shrugged. "Sorry, I tend to forget."

"I find it hard to believe you forget much of anything."

She flashed him a smile. "You'd be amazed."

"I expect results from your current project soon."

"We can get some right now. Follow me."

Elunara and the General walked down to the bunker where Grogek stayed. She pushed open the door and at first he greeted her warmly, but then saw the man behind her. When she closed the door, Grogek sat in an undersized chair and crossed his arms.

"This is General Renwa. He's agreed to let us stay here, but won't fill my order until he speaks with you."

"Are you the one that left her to die?"

"Not his orders." Elunara interrupted.

"Lieutenant Russell has been reassigned." General added mildly.


"The General here is an old friend of mine, actually." She gestured.

"Now, orc..."

"His name is Grogek." Elunara interrupted again.

"Grogek." The General nodded. "Why should I let you stay here?"

"You want information?" Grogek looked at Elunara.

She got up and walked to him, placing a hand on his arm. "Information is power. At least you don't have to strip to get it." She grinned.

He laughed out loud, and with a smirk of his own, turned to the General. "You want me to talk? Let's talk."

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