tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 023

For the Whored Ch. 023


The next morning, she surveyed the scene with a detached sort of interest. Behind the training yard line, their current recruits stood, full armor, at the ready. An impressive site to some. They were waiting on two things to happen. One was the wagon load from a town down the way, and a portal. As the portals in to Draenor were stabilized, they allowed for more troops. Additional training was needed if these troops were to survive this savage new world. Lately, it had gotten out that troops trained by Grogek were tougher and better at survival than the traditionally trained. Several of his top picks had key guard positions.

The crowd shifted as everyone turned to observe the wagon train ride in. Once it came to a full stop, about fifteen troops filed in to the training yard. At the General's command, they formed a couple of lines. Elunara began to furiously sketch as hard and fast as she could manage. The Mages stepped up to the platform and began to channel. This was a little more difficult as the runes changed too rapidly for her to even get a basic sketch. Then the portal was opened and a steady stream of men formed lines behind the first men. Each man was fully armored, with weapons, and backpacks on their backs. A set of crates and barrels and other miscellaneous goods was transported through until one of the mages collapsed. Elunara recognized the signs of magical exhaustion. Thankfully Ina was there with a couple of new healers to help out with the mages.

Elunara counted thirty new soldiers from the portal. The General began to address the crowd, but she only listened with half an ear as she sketched. He explained basic rules and the layout of some of the town and the expectations. Renwa held out a hand.

"You will all take orders directly from Commander Grogek!"

Elunara's head snapped up and she openly stared. The men from town all murmured amongst themselves, but it quickly died out. Grogek was far too disciplined, and the untrained eye could see nothing. She, however, knew that face well, and saw the widening of the eyes, the barely parted lips. He was just as blind-sided as she. The General continued on, ignoring all else, until she stepped aside to let "Commander" Grogek speak.

"Why is it, your precious Alliance continues to send me CHILDREN?" He bellowed.

Elunara inwardly smirked. The difference between the new men and the town's men was drastic. Grogek continued about his usual huffery as she examined the new recruits.

She leaned on her board and cocked an eye at Renwa.

"I was going to tell you yesterday, but I got sidetracked by that damned communiqué"

"He's extremely honored, I assure you."

"You'd know." Renwa shrugged. "Damn them. They told me we were getting fifteen new recruits through the portal, not thirty. They sent some extra supplies but according to the shipping docket, it's not all here. I'll have to see if we can get the mages to try again."

"I have no qualms about using my services to get more supplies."

"We'll keep that in reserve." He sighed. "I'm not sure I have room for all of them."

"Do you need our building back?"

"Hopefully not." He shook his head. "Maybe we can rearrange a bit. Promote a couple of troops, ship them out to destinations. We'll make the space."

She tapped a pencil on her board. "You never used to come to me with this stuff."

"I..." He blinked. "Hmm."

She stood up and tucked her stuff into her board and closed it. She handed it to Renwa. "I think it's time for a demonstration." She grabbed her staff from the weapon rack and sauntered on over to the edge of the ring.

Renwa took a peek in the board and grinned at her drawings. Yeah, he could see the surprise on Grogek's face.

Grogek was going through his list of expectations, when he spotted Elunara. He thrust out his hand.

"This is Elunara. Know her, fear her."

She smirked at that. "Up for the usual?" She called.

He grinned at her as he hefted his axe on to his shoulder. "Which ending are we taking?"

"The one where I embarrass you in front of your new recruits."

"I thought you said we wouldn't repeat the performance in front of Grommash."

She cackled and twirled her staff.

"Get your asses out of the way!" Yelled Gerald.

The new recruits looked confused, but managed to clamber to the sides of the ring. Grogek and Elunara stepped in to the ring on opposite sides.

They began their dance of death.

They warred for quite some time, and Elunara huffed and puffed. Grogek was getting meaner. "Oh, you have been going soft on me, you big jerk."

He laughed. "Heart of my heart, I could never go for blood. Yours runs hot enough as it is, I might burn myself."

She pointed her staff at him. "Was that an insult?"

He held his hand out and did a come here gesture. "Come, little she-wolf."

"You said that last night, but the tone was different." She mimicked.

He roared in laughter. She struck the inside of his thigh with her staff. He yelped. "Watch where you are aiming!"

She darted backwards. "Like I'd injure those... I use those."

He started to laugh again, but she caught him under the chin. He roared and swung but she'd already made her opening, she jumped on top of the axe and ran up the hilt, across his arm. She dodged him as he attempted to grab her. She whacked him in the head and slid down his back, her heel connecting with the back of his knee. He fell over backwards.

"Impressive." He grinned.

One of the new recruits leaned back. "Are they just toying with each other?"

Gerald nodded. "They're lovers. This is foreplay to these lunatics."

"They're killing each other."

"Trust me. He's not even trying, and she just thinks it's funny."

He popped up and took a swing. She jumped on his axe again, but he was better prepared. She took the connect, but had already done her damage. He held her up by the leg.

"Cute trick, but it won't work twi-" He dropped the axe and stared at his hand. "What did you do?"

"Numbed it."

He shook it. "Damn it." He shook her.

She giggled before swinging up and grabbing him by the fangs. "My point." She said, before twisting herself with a yank in such a way, that she toppled him forward. The movement caused him to fling her over his head. With a lithe movement she landed neatly on the edge of the ring.

"See? You can bring down the Iron Horde!" She cried cheerily.

"You cheat." Grogek mumbled. He stood up and cracked his neck.

"Damned skippy." She winked.

"Wait, how did she cheat?" asked one of the new recruits.

"Because I have spent the last thirty years learning everything there is to know about the body. Pressure points and what they do." She grabbed Grogek's outstretched hand and popped it back in place. As he flexed his hand, she continued. "I've also spent the last several months figuring out how those same pressure points work in an orc body, namely his. No, you won't be learning from me. I couldn't teach you if I tried. So yes, I cheated. This was never a fair..."

Grogek went down on one knee and blinked at her in confusion.

"Shoot, I forgot about that one. Hold on." She knelt down, and reaching under him, jammed her fingers in a couple of points. "That better?"

He stood up and checked his stance. "Yes. Thank you, my love."

"Thank me later, when I show you something I figured out a few minutes ago."

"Oh, really?"

She just grinned. Turning back she addressed the crowd. "My name is Elunara, as Commander Grogek just told you. If you're particularly stupid and haven't figured it out, Grogek and I are something of an item. Which is part of why he holds back when fighting me. This little spar was more of a joke to lighten the mood." She twirled the staff a little before tossing it back to Grogek. "I am well aware that you just left your homes. No matter if you have seen battle before, or are fresh out of Alliance boot camp, you just walked out of a world you know and into the most brutal and savage world you have ever seen.

At every turn we are tested, as members of the Alliance, to do our best for the good of the Alliance. We have seen the opening of outlands, the attacks of dragons, hordes of scourge tearing at our flesh and weakening our minds. We have even seen the destruction of our world at the hands of a kill crazed dragon named Deathwing. Maybe you got the see the beauty of Pandaria, or maybe you froze your nuts off in Northrend. But this world will test your sanity like never before. I have been so kind to you, as to bring you one of the biggest, meanest damned Iron Horde orcs I could con into following me."

There was laughter from the local soldiers.

"I wouldn't piss him off, though. He likes making your life a living hell."

Nervous laughter this time.

"Though, I was recently informed... I'm a hell of a lot scarier." She shrugged. "Who knew, right?"

A couple of men raised their hands.

She raised an eyebrow. "Now isn't that fascinating?" With another shrug, she threw out her arms. "Welcome to hell, sugarbuns. If you want a commemorative picture of you looking all shiny and heroic, just come to my building, and I'll give you the art sitting of your life." With a wink she turned around and strode over to Grogek. "Give em hell, sugar." She grabbed a fang and yanked his face down to hers.

After a few whistles from the locals, she released him, patted him on the chest and took her board from Renwa. "Sorry, did I take over again?"

He shook his head. "You can't help yourself, can you?"


With a sigh, he shook his head. "That's actually a pretty heroic speech from you. It was nice of you to try and make them feel better about what just happened."

She shrugged it off. "I just like making a spectacle of myself."

Renwa stepped up to the area. "For those of you wandering what to do with your stuff, we have made some arrangements, there seems to be more of you than was expected, so we'll have to make other arrangements."

As Renwa continued to talk, Elunara opened her board and continued to draw.

The next few days were a complete mess. While Grogek continued his training regimes, the rest of the town frantically built new barracks. Renwa was busy giving new assignments to soldiers Grogek considered ready, and Elunara had gotten a few of the locals asking for portraits. She had made use of Ina's room for some of the more timid volunteers. She hadn't had a single one that appeared receptive to her usual desires, so she played nice. At least she had some of the better built builders standing in front of her naked. Though most of them were married and she earned dirty looks from their wives.

Ina was thrilled to have a guide to use when treating injuries on people who'd had art sittings. Her enthusiasm for the project earned Elunara more time in the healer's spare room. It felt completely strange to be treated like an accepted member of a town.

She was sitting in her barracks sorting through her drawings, when Grogek came in.

"I've convinced the General to let me take my troops on a four day hike. That should get them out of the way while some of the preparations have been finished. They helped out plenty with back work, now they're just in the way."

"Hold on I'll get my things."

"I was only letting you know..."

"I am bored out of my goddamned mind. I am going with you, or I will punch you in the nuts."

He blinked at her. "Yeap, you're unhappy. You'd never threaten that else wise."

She gathered up several small piles of paper and wrapped them in specially enchanted twine. These she numbered and left on her desk in a pattern. She tucked a set up pencils in another special prepared package. Finally she set up the paper in her boards, and chucked it over her shoulder.

"The men are bringing their packs; you may bring other things if you wish."

"Nah." She adjusted the strap and headed toward Grogek. "Everything I need is here. It's only four days. Night Elves can spend weeks in the wilderness without complaint."

He nodded. "I wish to see your world one day."

She sighed. "It's beautiful. Not that you'd ever be allowed to see MY homeland. I'm not even welcome there."

"I'm sorry."

She patted him on the cheek. "I've had years to cope with it. I just miss it sometimes."

Grogek led the way to the training yard. Standing in the yard were the new trainees, along with Captain Jordan and some of the other newly promoted soldiers. She spied Jerry and Louis standing near each other. They had been promoted as guards for the town. They specifically requested to not be deployed. She smiled at that. She popped open her board and began to draw the proceedings.

Grogek would lead the way, with Jordan, Jerry and Louis helping to keep all forty five new members in line. She found it interesting that it seemed as if they weren't there to keep tabs on Grogek. She quite enjoyed that. She knew he had been fluffier than a peacock since being promoted to Commander. It wasn't an honorary title either. Renwa had made that known. Jordan eyed her.

"Why is she here?"

"I plan on documenting the entire exercise. I need to get us information on plants, and terrain. In effect, I'm doing my job. The one I've always had."

He frowned at her, but said nothing further. They headed out north. They travelled out for a few hours before she began to sketch. At first she'd just marked quick positioning sketches, but when she tried to make more detailed work, she'd fall behind and have to jog to catch up. Finally Grogek scooped her up and tossed her on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Sweetie."

He nodded, but said nothing.

Draping her legs on either side of his shoulders, she propped her back against his head and sketched in relative comfort. When Grogek finally called for a halt, the new guys seemed to collapse on themselves. She slid down and stretched. He dropped his axe to the ground beside her.

"I'm told I should give you wimps a one hours rest at this point. I'm giving you forty-five minutes. We have more ground to cover, and this is the easy stuff. We're going to take a dip into Gorgrond, and then head back south. You want to know the worst you'll have to face? Gorgrond is a place few dare to tread. I've been told your Alliance has a few outposts in that hellacious jungle. You get assigned there; you will have more to worry about than missing fifteen minutes."

He wandered off to inspect the troops. There was a soldier still up and wandering around. She wandered over to him. "Linal?"

He looked over. "Elunara! There you are." He grabbed her hands.

"Elune be praised, I never thought I'd see a familiar face again. How are things? Please tell me Darnassus remains undamaged after all that has happened."

"Darnassus is just as beautiful as ever. She still won't let you back in?"

"All Sentinels have a kill on sight if I try to enter."

He sighed. "It really wasn't your fault."

She shook her head. "Please don't bring it up. She thinks it was my fault and that's all that needs to happen."

He frowned. "So, you and the orc?"

"Weird, I know."

"Well, you never were picky."

"Hey!" She whacked him on the arm.

"You and your exotic tastes."

She lightly punched him on the arm. "Joined the alliance army, eh?"

"I wanted to see the past as it happened. But, this is all different isn't it?"

"Garrosh stopped the future for this place."

"So strange."

Grogek appeared behind Linal. "A friend of yours?"

Linal quickly dropped her hand.

"We grew up as children together." She laughed. "Don't worry, Groggy only bites if you screw up in training. He isn't the jealous sort." She ran her hand on Grogek's arm.

Linal laughed. "I think your-"

She glared at him.

He coughed. "She would have a heart attack."

Elunara shrugged. "Not my problem."

"I thought I told you to rest." Grogek raised an eyebrow at Linal.

"It's the night elf in me. All this walking is a casual jog to me. I'll be tired by tomorrow sometime, probably." He grinned at Elunara. "Of course, you're totally cheating, riding on Commander Grogek's back."

"I..." She held up her board. "Have been busy working."

Linal's eyes grew wide as he reached out for the board and stared at the drawings. "Lulu, your work is amazing."

"Don't call me that." She muttered.

"Lulu?" Grogek raised an eyebrow.

"Don't YOU call me that either."

"If only your mother could see this." He whispered.

Elunara yanked the board back. "Well, she won't."

"I like "Lulu"." Grogek laughed.

"Don't call me that. It's a name given to me by a child, when we were children!" She snapped and walked away.

"She has been very cranky lately." Grogek commented.

"I shouldn't have said that. She'll be cross at me for months." Linal sighed.

"About her mother?"

Linal stared at Grogek. "She hasn't told you?"

"Told me?"

Linal sighed. "It's not mine to tell. Please don't ask her about it until we get back. I don't want to disappear in the middle of the night."

Grogek frowned and watched Elunara climb up a tree. He ignored her while he monitored the troops. When it was time to move, he called up to her in the tree. "Love, it's time to go."

She dropped down and landed on his shoulder before sliding down to the ground. "I'm just going to walk for awhile."

He nodded to her. She wouldn't look at him, and he was concerned. It was nearly night and she hadn't so much as looked into her board. He frowned. He called for night, and once again the troops collapsed in heaps.

"THIS is the best your alliance can give me? Pathetic!" He roared. Now, he was in a bad mood.

When Elunara found a large rock to prop herself on and returned to drawing, the tightness in his chest loosened. He frowned at the night elf approaching her.

The new night elf stooped down in front of Elunara. "Could you move, I ne—Vivi?" Elunara blinked.

The female night elf smiled. "Hello, Lulu. It's been awhile."

"What... why is a sentinel all the way out here?"

She blushed and looked back. "I was following someone."

Elunara leaned over. "Linal? Wow." She cleared her throat. "I never expected the only female who doesn't hate me, to wind all the way out here."

Vivi laughed. "You know, I never blamed you. In fact, I was always so envious of you."

Now Elunara just sat there in complete shock. "What now?"

Vivi scooted next to Elunara and sat down. "Oh, sure you made mistakes, but you always followed your heart." At Elunara's raised eyebrow, she giggled. "Not like that. You had to be you, no matter who it hurt. You tried to not hurt them anyway, but still you never said no to your impulses. I always wanted to, but never could. When... it happened, I felt it was more a casualty of being who you are, rather than something you sat out to do. I know what everyone else thought, but I never agreed." She sighed.

Elunara snorted. "Now I see it, you're the only girl I didn't screw her boyfriend."

Vivi laughed. "Isn't that funny? I doubt my mind would change even if you did have sex with Linal."

Elunara tapped her pencil on her board. "Why?"

Vivi shrugged. "Not your fault he was weak enough to try. I always thought, that a man who threw away logic to prove a point, was spineless. That's not bravery, that's stupidity."

"Now, if you could go take that speech to Darnassus..."

Vivi giggled again. "I actually tried it." She sighed. "Tyrine has it out for you."

"Tell me something I don't know."

"They're listening." She whispered.

Elunara shook her head. "Let them listen, what can they do to me out here?"

"Just be careful." Vivi whispered.

"Oh man, my legs are killing me." One of the soldiers stretched.

Another snorted. "My whole body's killing me. These hills are ridiculous."

"Pfft, wish I could hitch a ride on the orc." The first one sneered.

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