tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 028

For the Whored Ch. 028


The next day, Renwa caught Elunara as she climbed the hill. "Tulani is so timid, how does she survive you two?"

Elunara shrugged. "I don't know. She just opens up when it's just the two of us. She's a little shy with Grogek, but she's coming around because he's so sweet to her." Elunara got comfy. "I've been trying to teach her to stand up for herself. Especially after the way those little twits treated her." She said with a growl.


"The women that arrived with her. They've called her mean names, and won't speak to her any more. They call her "the whore's toy". Call her worse than a slaver."

"What the hell?" Renwa was outraged.

"Don't tell her I told you. In fact, don't mention it at all." She sighed.

"That's horrible."

Elunara popped open her board and pulled out her pencil.

"So... You told Grogek you wanted to have a threesome with me?"

She smirked. "That's why you're really up here."

"I was just curious." He tried for innocence.

She started her sketching. "Actually, I'm fairly certain I told him I wanted to suck your dick while he fucked me." She paused as if thinking. "Yep, that might have been my exact words."

Renwa's eyes grew wide, and she quickly sketched him out.

"You're still a strange couple."

"You have no idea."

"Not sure I want to." He shook his head and made his way back down the hill. Captain Jordan was at the training yard, and Renwa met up with him.


"Hey, keep an eye on Tulani. Tell me if the women that showed up with her are bothering her."

Jordan blinked. "Sir?"

"Just something I heard."

Jerry showed up a couple of days later. She raised her eyebrow as he closed the door.

"If anyone asks, we were fucking like rabbits."

"In my experience, fucking like a rabbit is a bad thing."

"Well, then we had mind-blowing awesome sex."

"So you two are still not telling people?"

He shrugged.

"Then next time, invite Louis to come with you. We'll call it an acrobatic threesome." She continued to add detail to her picture.

"Hey, yeah. I like that one. Maybe we could hang out for awhile. It's hard to find good space."

"Hell," She didn't look up. "Borrow one of the extra beds. Fuck like rabbits... well, like something entertaining."

"You'd let us?"

She snorted. "The only reason we kept those was for guests to be fucked on. We don't like contaminating our own bed. Just stay off of Tulani's."

"Hey, what's up with Tulani anyway?"

Elunara flicked her eyes up. "You are not allowed to ask about that relationship."

"No, I mean... I've seen her crying."

Elunara narrowed her eyes. "Those stupid bitches."

He rubbed the back of his head. "So you know about them? I saw them push Tulani in the mud."

Elunara jumped up, her board clattered to the floor.

"I take it she didn't tell you then. I saw her go up to the tailor and change her clothes. I didn't do anything because I wasn't sure WHAT to do. I mean... I heard the state they came in, so..." He trailed off. "I know you guys are close, but you can't go running out there and pound on them."

Elunara flopped back in her chair and frowned. "I hate that you are right." She picked up her board and frowned down at the portrait she was working on for Tulani. "I'm going to have to do something about them..." She tapped on her board.

"Why are they so mean to her?"

She sighed. "Because of me. They think she has tainted herself with my presence."

"Oh. I can kind of see that. Some people are still stuck in their old ways. They'd rather gossip and shun you, than actually sit and talk to you for five minutes."

She looked up at Jerry ad grinned. "You might have given me the answer." She returned to her sketch. "You've got ten minutes before I rough you up and toss you out the door."

"Cool." He sat in a chair and leaned back.

After she damped her face and tossed Jerry out of her room, she headed over to Ina where the pulled the woman to the side and told her exactly what was going on and her plan for dealing with it. Ina agreed. Elunara's next stop was the tailor's.

"You have me so busy right now!" She exclaimed. "Everyone wants a dress like yours."

Elunara grinned. "Your work was fantastic."

Eloise preened.

"Where's Tulani?"

"She's delivering an order."

"Are you aware of the abuse she's been dealing with?"

Eloise shrugged. "I know she's come to me crying, asking me not to tell you. She won't give me specifics. I take it you've found it out?"

Elunara went through the same with the tailor who agreed to the plan. Next Elunara hit up every supplier in town she had a good relation with, as well as some of the builders and other laborers she knew of. She hit the training yard next.

"Come for another spar, love?" Grogek stopped the swing of a sword with one hand and punched the offender with another.

"I need to talk to you."

Grogek wandered over and she began to explain.

"I'd rather decapitate them and present Tulani their horns."

"You know that'd only upset her more."

"Will it work?"

Elunara shrugged. "Bitchy, nasty women are all the same everywhere."

"You had to slit my sister's throat."

"Your sister was a vindictive orc. She died or she never stopped. These are a set of gossipy bitches; they don't do "confrontation".

"Let me know." He kissed her forehead.

"That guy is really slow on his back swing."

"Ugh, he is."

On the way back to the room, Elunara spotted the three, moving in a pack, like a herd of animals. She pretended not to see them as they walked past.

"Not even two weeks and she's already thrown away her vows." Whispered one.

"The ring too, it looks like." Whispered the next.

"If she got knocked up, who would claim it?" Asked the third.

"Maybe the orc will kill her before it gets far enough to find out." The first replied. They giggled amongst themselves.

Elunara closed her door and groaned. "They're goddamned children."

It had become something of a ritual, that Grogek and Elunara would have sex before bed. Sometimes Tulani watched, occasionally she would participate in small ways. Mostly, after Elunara and Grogek finished, Grogek would lean on the wall with Elunara in his lap and Tulani in hers. When Tulani was sleepy, she would climb in her own bed, while Grogek and Elunara shared the big one. Tulani stayed in arms reach. She had nightmares as well. Usually, Elunara would slip into her bed to calm her, but ever so often, Tulani would climb in theirs.

Tulani did not like to sleep in the big bed, because when she was frightened in her sleep, Grogek's huge form would always make it worse. Tonight she had watched. And when she was ready, she climbed in Elunara's lap. She wrapped her arms around Elunara's waist and laid her head on Elunara's breasts. Tulani liked her scent, and it always seemed to be strongest after sex.

Elunara wrapped her arms around Tulani. "Is everything alright, sweetness?"

"It's fine." Tulani mumbled.

"Are you certain? I wouldn't like for you to be sad." She ran her fingers through Tulani's hair.

"Everything is perfect when I am here."

"Everyone treating you well?"

"Oh, yes. I'm so happy to be working again. A woman said my stitches were top notch."

"I'm glad." Elunara rubbed her back. "No one being mean or rude?"

Tulani froze for a second, but buried her face in between Elunara's breasts. "It doesn't matter. Not here."

"It does matter. If you don't tell me, I can't help you."

A tear streaked down her face. "You help by being. I am ok. I just want to lay here." Tulani whimpered.

"Alright. Alright." Elunara ran her fingers through Tulani's hair and looked up at Grogek. He shrugged.

She was called into Renwa's office.

"Our resident white elekks have come to me complaining. They say that people have suddenly turned cold to them."

"Aww. Have they? So mean." Elunara feigned innocence.

"However, I've had Jordan tracking them. He has told me that they go out of their way to hurt Tulani. They corner her, they shove her. Sometimes he is unable to hear what they say, but what he HAS heard makes my skin crawl."

She grit her teeth. "Yet we can do nothing. They are survivors. They've been through hell."

"I know your frustration."

"So I advised the town to do nothing back."


"Everyone I could count to my side, so to speak. Tulani may have chosen me as her companion, but she is just as much a victim as they are. They need to remember that. So while they continue their petty assault, I will have them reminded of what it is like to be over looked. To be treated as less. We shun them, as they shun Tulani."

Renwa nodded. "Smart."

She sighed. "Tulani won't talk to me about it."


"I think she is ashamed."

Renwa swore. "Those bitches are worse than slavers."

She raised an eyebrow. "Well."

He shrugged. "I can't help but like Tulani. She is very sweet. Even when I run into her during the day, she is always polite, even if she is having trouble meeting my eye."

"Don't take it personally. She even has trouble meeting mine."

"I hardly want to think about what you've done with her."

Elunara laughed. "I know my reputation, but surprisingly little. She is still recovering after all."

He shook his head. "I didn't mean to ask."

"Tulani is a sweetheart, and I will stop this harassment against her."

"I am certain you will; one way or another."

"Grogek offered to decapitate them and present Tulani with their horns." She laughed.

He grimaced. "I can't say much, I think I've given similar quests to adventurers."

"We will be the noble Alliance, who treats our guests as they deserve to be treated."

This time he smirked. "I trust you to handle it."

Elunara was on her way back, when she heard raised voices. Diverting her path, she found herself near a spice trader.

"What do you mean we have to pay for it?" One of the Draenei women stomped a hoof. "It was free last time."

"Yeah, but you've been getting too many free things. I gotta make a living too. So pay the price, or move on."

"But we're the victims here." Whined another.

The man glared. "I'm not sure you know the meaning to that word. Please just leave."

"We will go to your General about this!" The first snorted.

"Have at it. I think he'll agree with me."

With a snicker, Elunara made her way over. "Hey, there." The three women stuck up their noses, but kept their mouths shut.

"Oh, hello." The man called out. "Did you come to pick up Tulani's order?"


He pulled out a small satchel and handed it over. "Tell her I hope she feels better."

"I will. Thank you." A small salute and she wandered off. Near home she opened the bag and discovered it empty. With a laugh she vowed to return the bag tomorrow with "payment".

Renwa noticed Tulani coming out of the tailor shop, but only redirected his path when he spotted the three women. He was glad he got to her first.

"Hello, Tulani."

She jumped and he frowned. She eyed him for a moment. "Oh, Hello General."

"Just call me Renwa." He took the loaded basket from her. "Let me. I'll walk you home."

"Oh. Um. Thank you." She bowed her head. After a moment, she raised her face. "Sir? You and Elunara are very open with each other."

"We go back a ways. At one time we were lovers. Well, I loved her, she didn't love me."


"I've always known who she was." He shrugged. "I just wasn't enough to keep her. Then I became her commanding officer. She could have risen out of the ranks, she could have been something different, but she loved what she did. She still does. I regret not sending her back into the field."

"Why haven't you?"

"First there was Grogek, and we wanted her to keep him in check. Then... well, there's just no work for her right now. Not her type anyway."

"Ah." Tulani sighed. "I wish I was her."


"Because she's so confident. No one bothers her. Even if they tried." She whispered the last.

"Tulani, you will never be Elunara. No one could. But you can let her teach you confidence. Ask to read her books. You'll have to learn elvish, but trust me."


"There are some awful things in there." He nodded. "But she doesn't see it. Once, I saw her forced to read passages from what you might call a diary. It was... disturbing, and yet she didn't flinch. Couldn't figure out why everyone else was so repulsed."

Tulani was gawking up at him and tripped. He caught her and held her up.

"Read the books, Tulani. Learn about the woman you love."

Tulani blushed and looked away.

He brushed a hand on her hair. "It's ok. She'll let you. A long time ago, she believed her emotions to be dead." He murmured.

Tulani looked up at him, wide eyed.

"She believed that she was not capable of love, and look at Grogek. She so obviously loves him. She actually says the words. It was hard earned for her to do, but she did. I think she loves you too. She just hasn't figured it out yet."

Renwa realized he had a hand on Tulani and let her go. He handed her the basket and gently pushed her to the door.

"Love her, Tulani. She needs it."

In a daze, Tulani walked in. Elunara was at her desk flipping through papers. She looked up.

"What's all that?"

"Oh, Eloise let me take home some of my work... as long as I promised to... ahh." She blushed and sat the basket down on a table. "Not get any "strange fluids" on it."

Elunara laughed. "Well, just keep it over there and it'll be fine."

"Can you teach me to read your books?"

Elunara blinked. "Sure. In fact, the Draenei back on my world share areas with my people. We quickly learned each other's languages to make things easier. Just tell me when you want to start."

"Alright." Tulani sat down and started her work. After she knocked a couple of things off and lost a needle, Elunara pulled out some paper.

She turned and started to sketch Tulani, taking measurements and considering Tulani's comfort and tools. Occasionally she would pick up a tool and examine it, before going back to her work.

"What are you doing?"

"You'll see."

Elunara was walking to the fountain when she saw it happen. She broke into a run. Renwa had to of been nearby, for he reached the fountain at the same time. Tulani was trying to gather her basket and tools as she knelt in the fountain.

"What the hell is WRONG with you assholes?" Elunara screamed.

The three Draenei women turned around, wide eyed. Renwa was trying to help Tulani gather her things.

The head woman straightened up. "Wrong with us?" She snorted. "We're not the ones selling ourselves at every turn."

Elunara dropped her board and stepped forward, her hands balled into fists.

"Elunara." Renwa called mildly. "Homicide is frowned upon in the town square. Try not to make a mess."

"Of course HE would help her." Cried the second. "Whoring yourself out to all the best men, aren't you Tulani."

Elunara and Renwa stared at each other before turning back. "What?" she blinked.

The third one sneered, as if they had just scored a point. "We saw them yesterday. All wrapped up in each other's arms. Right outside your door no less. Now you see what Tulani is."

Elunara snorted. "You guys are idiots." She gestured to Renwa. "I'm the one fucking him." She laughed.

A crowd was gathering, but Elunara didn't care. Renwa had pulled Tulani out of the fountain

"You're a filthy whore." One of them sneered.

"IS NOBODY CREATIVE?" Elunara roared in frustration. "Yes, I fuck men. Lots of them. Nearly every day I fuck whoever best appeals to me. Can you not come up with a better word than WHORE? For the love of all stupidity, my goddamned code name is THE WHORE, and I FUCKING PICKED IT OUT! Because I want ALL the men to know, I am OPEN FOR FUCKING BUSINESS!"

Renwa sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "They got her started again."

Tulani openly gawked. "Is this true?"


"You worthless two-bit hosebeast dipshits need to learn some NEW FUCKING WORDS."

At some point Grogek had heard Elunara's yelling and came with axe in hand. Now he dropped it to the ground and leaned on it while Elunara ranted.

"But..." Stammered one. "You're married."

"SO. FUCKING. WHAT?" Elunara thrust a hand out to Grogek. "Do YOU mind if I fuck every guy out here right now?"

His eyebrows rose. "Can I watch?" He called back.

"I don't give one living SHIT what insults you want to fling at me. In fact, I know that's why you've been doing this bullshit behind my back. Tulani hasn't even turned you in; because she's worried I might rip your goddamned heads off and present her with your horns as proof. In fact, that's EXACTLY what Grogek suggested!"

The women looked ill.

"But NO! We've tried our fucking damnedest to be nice to you useless little bitches due to your situation. Well, you know what? I DON'T CARE ANY MORE!" She marched up to them and they scrambled back. "You will not only leave Tulani alone, but you assholes will be gone on the next caravan out of here. Do YOU UNDERSTAND?"

They squeaked and fell back on their butts.

"In fact, if I see you again, I'll tie you to the undercarriage of the goddamned wagon! OUT OF MY SIGHT!"

They scrambled up and fled in the direction of the healer's building. After a moment, the clapping startled Elunara. Tulani sat on the edge of the fountain, cold, wet and shaking, but she stared at Elunara in awe.

"Would you have done that?" She whispered.

"Which part?" Elunara knelt in front of Tulani and checked her for injuries.

"Given me their horns..."

"There's still time." Elunara raised an eyebrow and gestured towards the building.

Tulani shook her head.

Grogek looked at Renwa and jerked his head toward the axe. Renwa nodded and didn't move. Grogek scooped Tulani up and Elunara grabbed her basket. They took the poor shivering Draenei back to the barracks. Elunara helped her out of her dress and Grogek dropped a towel on her.

"I have to get back." He nodded.

Elunara grabbed him by a fang and kissed him thoroughly. "We'll handle my excess energy later."

He left and Elunara toweled down Tulani.

"You were so brave." Tulani finally said.

"I was angry. There was nothing to be brave about."

Tulani began to cry and Elunara wrapped her arms around her.

"I wish you had told me what was going on."

Tulani wept. "I didn't want you to hurt them. I didn't want you to be angry. I... I didn't want you to know."

Elunara shook her head. "Sweetie, I could have taught you how to stand up for yourself. I don't go to violence easily. Now I hurt because I couldn't protect you."

"I'm sorry."

"Just tell me next time."

Tulani nodded.

"I don't care what they tried to make you think. You are not a whore." Elunara held her out. "I'm the whore. I quite enjoy it, actually."

Tulani gave a watery laugh. "Who am I?" She whispered.

"You are Tulani and you are in a very special position of figuring out who you are. What you want to be. I will help you be that. Grogek and I will take care of you." At Tulani's sniffle, she hugged her again. "And if you want to learn how to take care of yourself, I can help you do that too."

Tulani breathed in the smell of Elunara and sighed. "Right now, I just want to stay like this."

"Hold on." Elunara got up and pulled Tulani to the big bed. She leaned against the wall and pulled Tulani into her lap.

A couple of hours later, Grogek came in and found Tulani wrapped up with Elunara, who was drawing on her pad.

"How is she?"

"Better, but the damage is done."

He snorted. "You were kind to them in my opinion."

She snorted back. "By orc standards."

He grinned. Elunara shifted so that he could climb in bed.

"That's beautiful." He ran a finger on the drawing.

"Good. I've been working on it for weeks now."

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