tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 032

For the Whored Ch. 032


Elunara woke with Tulani in their bed. She was groggy at first and confused, but remembered Tulani had not wanted to leave her. She carefully untangled Tulani from her. Darguni was up and Tulani popped out of bed.

Grogek headed out and Tulani said she had to do some work at the Tailor's she had been missing. Darguni would sleep for the next couple of hours, so Elunara began working on Mrs. Finister's portrait. At the knock on the door, she groaned. Opening the door she was surprised to see Jerry and Louis.

"Well, in with ya." She sighed. She closed the door and turned to them. "What do you want?"

"Well, Grogek said you're...back." Jerry grinned.

"Like THAT kind of back." Louis blushed.

"Yes, yes I am."

"So, do you mind if we... uhhh." Jerry looked around.

Elunara pointed to a bed in the far corner. "Stay there. And keep it down, the baby's asleep and I want to get some work done."

"Don't worry. We're getting real good at keeping quiet." Louis giggled.

"Just go." Elunara shook her head. She sat down and continued her work. She decided she was glad she had plenty of experience ignoring people. When she dropped her pencil and turned to pick it up, she was treated to a fascinating bit of male flesh works.

She turned back to her board and considered the idea. With a shrug she went back to her other work. An hour or so later and the low murmuring had her looking back. They were cuddling and she considered.

"Hey guys?"

They looked up.

"Can I draw you?"

They froze and looked at each other.

"I wouldn't add your faces; it'd just be a study in bodies. I don't often get to see bodies like this."

"I don't know, Louis?"

"Well, if it's ok with you, Jerry."

Elunara shrugged. "It would mean extra time here... doing... that." She gestured to them.

"Yes!" Jerry grinned. "I like that plan."

"Cool. Next time then."

Jerry and Louis left flushed and mussed up with a vague explanation of what had happened. Tulani laughed as she closed the door.

"Who do those two think they fool?"

"Themselves mostly." Elunara shrugged.

A couple of days later, Elunara answered a knock on the door. A man and woman stood outside the door, looking around nervously.

"M-m-my father said we should come by."

"Finister's boy?"

The man nodded.

Elunara looked at Tulani, who had just finished nursing Darguni. "Hey, can you... go? This might take awhile."

"Alright. Grogek might be pleased to for his son to watch him work." She grinned.

Once Tulani was gone and Elunara shut the door, she turned to the two. They were looking at the pictures on her walls.

"Have you been with all of these men?" The woman wondered.

Elunara shrugged. "Most of them."

"Momma will love this picture." The man breathed. He touched it with a finger.

"Please don't smudge it."

He nodded. He shuffled his feet and blushed. "Umm, Papa said that you could maybe help us. We're not having... relations as often as we keep thinking we should."

The woman blushed and crossed her arms with a frown. "You don't have to tell her that."

"Actually, he does. I can't help you if you're not honest with me. Were you virgins when you married?"

They both nodded.

Elunara sighed and rolled her eyes. "Traditionalists." She crossed her arms and leaned against a post. "I have several rules. First, you must always be honest with me. I can't help you if you lie. Second, you must listen to what I have to say, I'm more experienced than the both of you. Third, I have seen thousands of bodies, and I've had my hands and other parts on most of them, whatever you got is not new to me. Fourth, if you get insulting, I will shove your ass out the door, I do not care if you are dressed at the time or not."

"You want us to get undressed?" The woman sounded horrified.

"How am I to know what you are doing wrong if you sit and try to describe it to me? Rule number five, I am a hands on kind of person, if you don't like that, leave now. I will not have an unwilling participant on my hands."

"Let's try it Mayby. You never know if it'll help or not."

She snorted in defiance. "Says you."

Elunara shook her head. "I am a clinical kind of person; I could have been a healer. I see bodies as bodies first, sex objects second. I have no interest in you, you're not my type."

The woman frowned. "You have a... well..."

"A girlfriend?" Elunara shrugged. "She is my type. Not you. Once we are done here, I probably won't even acknowledge your existence outside of these doors. Unless you want me to. But I won't go out of my way to do it." She shook her head. "If you care for it, I can do drawings of you for the healer book. Or portraits at another time. For now, we are here to work on your sexual problems."

"Mayby, she knows things. She wouldn't have what she has if she didn't. Papa says she was a mission specialist who got people to do anything she wanted."

"This much is true." Elunara nodded. "My specialty, as it were, is to convince men to give me what I want through the use of my body. I have pulled secrets and toppled empires based on what I can do with my mouth alone. I have spent hundreds of hours studying men. What their bodies do and how to make them work for me. I can show you how to apply this knowledge to your own husband. And, even better, I can show you how to enjoy your own body. How to get what YOU want, through the use of fingers, hands and other body parts." She shrugged. "If you're insane enough to want to learn it, I can teach you a pressure point technique that will make him come in about three seconds. Don't recommend it for amateurs, because you can do some unpleasant damage."

The man whimpered and covered his crotch. "Can we not?"

Elunara laughed. "I don't plan on it. But if she's desperate enough..."

"No." Mayby blushed. "No, not that." She put her hands on her cheeks. "The rest of it sounds fascinating though. Have you really been with that many men?"

"You have to be more specific sweetie; sex can mean a whole lot of different things. You've got standard in the hole, you've got anal, you've got hands, and you've got your mouth. There's an entire list of men I only gave hand jobs to." She shrugged again. "The list of men I've let have my entire body is surprisingly short. At least compared to the rest of it. Don't look so surprised, even whores have their standards."

"I didn't mean it!" Mayby grabbed her face again. "Did you have sex with Renwa?"


"I've seen how he looks at her." She crossed her arms.

Elunara laughed. "Years ago he and I were what you'd call lovers. The he was my commanding officer. We recently worked out a few hanging details."

"What does Commander Grogek think of it?"

"The same he thinks of all men I've been with. "Hah! She's still mine." She sighed. "Are we going to pick apart my love life, or are we going to help you with yours? Because I have better things, and better people I could be doing now."

"Just one more question."


"Just one!" She hissed at him. "Was it hard to separate yourself from the men you used?"

"I once snapped a man's neck while his face was still buried in my crotch." She shrugged. "Until I met Grogek, I felt no emotional attachment to any of the men I had been with."

The man was white in the face, but Elunara recognized the bloodlust in his wife's face. "Is that true?" She whispered.

"Sorry sweetie, that takes years of training that I seriously doubt you've had."

"Damn." She whispered. Her husband just whimpered.

"So." He swallowed. "How do we go about us?"

"Your name?" Elunara cocked her head to the side.


"And I figured you were Mayby."

"Don't laugh." She frowned. "I heard all of the names, especially after my mother called me "Mayby Baby" in front of my friends."

"My mother is Tyrande Whisperwind, and she named me after our goddess, Elune. I know all about stupid names."

They shared a smirk. "Alright. Show me how you kiss."

Their eyebrows shot up. "What does that have to do with it?"

"Everything. If you're not even showing your passion in casual gestures, you can't get going in the bed. Now give us a kiss."

They nervously pecked each other on the lips.

"Seriously? Is that it?" Elunara shook her head. "That says "I just got back from relieving myself, but I'll greet you anyway." She pulled out a pair of chairs. "Sit. Let me set the mood." She waited until they sat in the chairs. "Alright, it's just the two of you, I'm not even here. We're back when you were dating, and you had already figured out you'd wanted to spend your lives together. He'd been away at work, and it'd just been so long since you had seen him. He's just arrived again and you're here together, all alone. He takes your hand." Elunara reached down and linked their hands. She adjusted their heads how she wanted. "You're still a little slow about it, but you've missed each other so much. Your eyes meet and it's as if the world itself agrees to this match. You lean in close, ready to enjoy each other. You come together and the kiss blossoms."

They timidly kissed each other, pressing only a little. They separated and blushed.

Elunara smacked her forehead. "This is the best you give me? You kiss like children."

Mayby crossed her arms. "Oh, I'd like to see you do better."

Elunara shrugged and before either could react, she grabbed Maybe and kissed her soundly. She let her go and the woman sat there looking dazed, patting her hair. "That was more of what I was expecting." Elunara grinned.

"How do I do that?" Tonas looked amazed.

"Like this." Elunara grabbed him and repeated the demonstration.

Now they both looked dazed and confused.

"Don't tell me I broke you. We're going to be here all day."

"Well," Mayby finally said. "I guess I asked for that."

"You should try it on each other."

Elunara spent a fair amount of time teaching them how to kiss each other, a task they began to find more enjoyable as it went on.

"Alright, you can work on that on your own time. Right now, I think I should explain some basics of touch and sensation. You've already experienced what interesting sensations you can get out of lips. You can achieve some of the same stuff using your fingers on the lips as well. We used up some time on our little Q&A earlier, so I want to get in a few more pointers before you need to leave."

"When do we need to leave?" Tonas looked up.

"Whenever Grogek is done for the day or Tulani wants to come home. Once it gets dark I throw you out the door unless you want to watch for more pointers."

Both of them blushed. "I imagine someone would be upset by that one." Mayby said weakly.

"Tulani might, but she'd just go hide in the baby's room. She's the shy one. Grogek and I..." She laughed. "You should ask some of the soldiers about the south orchard. Gerald would be the best one to ask about it, he sets up the betting pools."

"Betting pools?"

"Well, after our little talk, he's stopped taking cuts from the pool. I don't mind the audience, I do mind the cheating. Anyhow," She shrugged. "What position I'll do next, who goes longest, that kind of thing. I can't believe the idiot forgot my hearing is quite able to pick up the things he says." She laughed.

"That's sick." Mayby looked pale.

"That's a matter of opinion, honey. I'm the one being watched. I find it fun."

"How was he cheating?" Tonas asked.

"He's been my mission spotter for years. In some missions I need someone on the outside to watch, make sure things are covered if I die or what have you. He's learned my methods."

"Has he ever... ya know."

"Nah." She waved a hand. "Well, one time he seriously thought I might... but I just used it to teach him a lesson in underestimating me."

"I can't tell if I should be repulsed or intrigued." Mayby frowned.

"Join the club." She shrugged. "Now, explain to me how you go about getting in the mood."

"Mood for what?" Mayby blinked at her.

Elunara slammed her hand on her forehead. "Sex."

"Oh. Well, we both get undressed and climb in bed."

"And then I get on top and..."

"Elune help me." She muttered. "Always?"

"Well, yes."

"Now I just wish Grogek was here. We'll work with what we've got. Have you seen each other naked at least?"

Mayby blushed. "Yes."

"Save me from innocence." She muttered. Elunara pointed at Tonas. "Naked. Now."

He jumped backwards. "What?"

"You heard me. Clothes. Lose them."

He hesitated.

"You want wild and unbridled passion? You will lose the clothes NOW."

He flushed from head to toe and began to undress.

"Normally, the disrobing of your lover is a major part of this operation, but I'm cutting back on time here."

"You're not going to..." Mayby bit her lip.

"Elune, no. I'm going to show you how to handle the male body." She eyed Mayby. "Then I show him how to handle the female body."

"Oh my." She whispered. She looked over at Tonas undressing and then looked away.

"Oh no." Elunara put her hands on Mayby's head. "You married the man; you get to watch him undress. How are you going to give him pleasure, if you can't even look at him?" Elunara shook her head. "I'm not going to teach you oral sex techniques today. Maybe another day."

"You mean... put my mouth... there?" She pointed.

"Put your mouth everywhere." Elunara whispered.

Tonas stood there, his hands over his parts.

Elunara smacked his hands. "No. You are a man, and you married this woman, you will be proud of what you got."

"But, umm you're here too."

"For all intents and purposes, I'm not here at all; it's just the two of you." She gave him an appraising look. "You've got nothing that impresses or offends me. You are about average by human standards." She smirked. "And about the size of one of Grogek's fingers."

Mayby's eyes went wide.

Tonas frowned down at himself.

"As I said, you mean nothing to me. Now, Mayby, let me show you something fascinating. You better be watching." She pointed a finger at the blushing woman. "Now, if you place your fingers right here, at the base of the penis and stroke down the balls..."

Tonas twitched as he got harder.

"See? Now, let me show you a few other points that you can just use your fingers." She demonstrated a few of the more intimate pointes before she had Mayby use her own fingers. It took some effort, but she finally got the woman to actually focus on Tonas' dick, instead of shying away from it.

"Now your turn, Mayby."

"My turn what?" She was having fun with making Tonas quiver.

"Clothes off. Now."

"But I..."

"You're going to torture your poor husband and then not even participate?" Elunara shook her head. "Cold."

"Oh... oh my."

"Sweetie, it's the same thing, I've seen it. Hell, I got it. Don't care. Your husband deserves fair play."

Mayby frowned. "But you're built like a goddess, I'm pudgy..."

Elunara shook her head. "Every woman is a goddess. Your husband loves you, he loves your body. I for one don't give a damn. Clothes. Now."

"Fine, fine." She started to undress as she muttered.

"Now, see. This is what I like." She gestured to Tonas. "He can't tear his eyes off of you. He desires you, just as you are. This is a little strip tease. Go slower. Make him wait for it." Elunara coached and guided her hands. "He's not shying away from you." She whispered.

Mayby blushed as she followed instruction. She kept an eye on her husband and did see the lust in his eyes. When she tried to cover herself with her arms, Elunara smacked her hands away.

"Remember, we're working on fair play." Elunara circled them both. "Now, women have two obvious points to work on, and then a third hidden one. We'll start on obvious. The breasts." She held out a hand.

Mayby flinched back.

"Sweetie, it'll feel good. Just let me show him how to do it. He was quite sporting on his turn."

Mayby muttered and scooted forward. Elunara cupped her breasts and rubbed a thumb over the nipples. She considered and tried a few more things. "Answer me honestly, how does this feel?"

"Like you're touching my boobs."

"Not sensitive? No feeling in the nipples?"


Elunara considered. "Do they get hard in the cold?"

"Uhhh no."

Elunara tapped a finger to her chin. "It's actually not uncommon for women with larger breast to lose sensation in their nipples. I bet when we really get you going there'll be room to work here, but I think its best we do prelim work and then move on." She looked over, "Okay, Tonas let's teach you how to be nice to boobs." After giving him the basics she moved on. "Now, there are several points on the neck and arms, as well as the waist, let's go over those for a little bit and get her started."

Once Elunara was satisfied with his progress, she gestured to a bed on the back wall. "Now, go sit down and we will continue."

Mayby was flushed and wobbly, but she made it to the bed.

"This is about to get a little more awkward for you." Elunara looked in Mayby's face. "Do you trust me so far?"

Mayby nodded. "I think so."

"Tonas, come kneel down, I want you at eye level."

"What are you going to do?" Mayby wiggled in her seat.

"Legs apart, sweetie, we need to get in there."

"What?" She squeaked.

Elunara just looked at her. Tonas looked up from his spot. "What are we going to do?"

"I told you, we're working on hands, we'll do some of the more extreme things another time."

"Extreme?" Mayby squeaked.

Elunara shrugged. "It will seem so, but it's all tame I assure you."

"Al-alright." She cautiously moved her legs apart.

Elunara stooped down. "Welcome to your anatomy lesson. This is where you've been sticking your dick. Maybe you've even used your hand to guide yourself. But this is where the magic happens. Underneath this hair, there's a series of folds and lips." She used her hand to demonstrate. Mayby wiggled in her hand. "There's this little button that causes all kinds of fun sensations." She demonstrated again and Mayby gasped. "Try not to touch it directly at this time. It can be a little painful to the uninitiated. But you can apply plenty of pressure and work around it." She demonstrated again.

They worked for a fair bit of time, Elunara showing Tonas how to use his fingers to full effect. Mayby was wet and desperate by time they were through. Tonas was also showing signs of duress.

"Now we work on the finish, we're not going to go for the usual. Tonas, stand up and get in between."

"From standing?"

"From standing." She nodded. "You've got each other worked up, now slip in and start your work. I'll help guide you from there."

She helped him with hand to hip placements and watched his method of slipping in. He began to jackrabbit and Mayby began to call out. Elunara shook her head and stopped them both.

"Ok, stop faking the vocals. It's not a turn on, it's a distraction."

"I wasn't faking."

Elunara just stared at her. She turned to Tonas "You, it's not a race, it's not a competition, don't start off so damned fast. You want to build, not strip." She grabbed his hips and moved him back and forth. "Like this, build your speed slowly, and give the hips a little workout. Don't go straight out. You want to move, give some thrust, upwards motions. Try to rub against walls. Try again. And you, if you don't mean it, don't do it. Soft gasps and moans mean a hell of a lot more than random screams. React, don't predict." Elunara nodded. "Begin."

"There we go, much better. Here, let me guide you." She reached for his hand and repositioned it on Mayby's breast. "Cup, rub, enjoy the feeling on your hand. Stay gentle, even as you pick up speed. There you go. Lean down, go for it, use your tongue like I showed you on your fingers."

Mayby gasped.

"Now try to go in for the big finish." Elunara whispered.

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