tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 034

For the Whored Ch. 034


Tulani had begun to whimper and Elunara crawled down into her bed. She wrapped her arms around Tulani. "Shh, don't cry sweetheart. I'm here." Tulani turned over and wrapped her arms around Elunara's waist. Darguni began to cry, and Elunara winced. Tulani was still trapped in her nightmare. With regret, she slipped out of bed and ran for the nursery. She picked Darguni out of bed and managed to get his diaper changed. She frowned, he was still crying. She tried to rock him and soothe him, but he didn't want anything of hers. She sighed and wished she could nurse. She looked out and saw Tulani thrashing back and forth.

Elunara sighed. Grogek was still out, a fact with surprised her. He was usually a light sleeper. She winced as she felt all the aches and pains of earlier. Without a choice, Elunara climbed in Tulani's bed with Darguni. Sensing food was near he became more insistent. She tried desperately to wake Tulani, but she only clung to Elunara with tears streaming down her face. At a complete loss, she tugged at Tulani's dress. This caused Tulani to freak out and try to hide.

Elunara placed Darguni in the bed next to Grogek, which seemed to temporarily calm the baby. She pulled Tulani in her lap and tried to wake the sleeping woman from her nightmare. With a sigh, she pulled Tulani up into her lap and was able to carefully dislodge one of her breasts from the dress. Scooping up the baby, she was able to get him sucking. Elunara let out a sigh of relief when he latched on. The sensation caused Tulani to calm almost instantly. Elunara got the three of them adjusted and laid her head against the wall. The baby began to whimper again and remembering watching Tulani, Elunara switched him over.

Tulani woke in confusion. Darguni was in her arms and her top was pulled down. She frowned down at the sleeping Infant. "What in the world?"

Elunara blinked. "Darguni was hungry. Sorry," She closed her eyes again.

"I did not wake up?"

"Nobody did." She mumbled.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." She cradled the baby and climbed out of bed.

Elunara slid down. "S'OK, got to pretend I know what I'm doin'. You were trapped in nightmare."

Elunara rolled over and went to sleep. Grogek sat up and stretched his neck. "Ow." He muttered. He blearily looked down at Elunara in the little bed, then up at Tulani. "Nightmare?"

Tulani sighed. "Apparently." She looked at Grogek. Normally he was up first and getting ready for the day. He sat on the bed, scratched and bruised and looking terrible. "Are you alright?"

"Wildcat." He snorted. "She went from vicious wolf, to raging wildcat in a turn." He stretched and whimpered. "Never challenge her." He got out of bed with a wince.

Tulani shook her head and took Darguni back to his bed. She grinned at the lopsided diaper and straightened it. She went back out and Grogek was staring at his scrapes in the mirror.

He touched one and hissed. "I would cancel training, but I'd like to save face."

Tulani walked over and laid her hands on Grogek's shoulder. She concentrated in the way Ina had shown her. It took more effort than she realized and only managed to do a little bit of repair.

"Ahhh, well that takes the sting out of it at least."

"Sorry, I haven't had time to train with Ina."

He patted her on the head. "It's ok."

"I am not a child." She muttered.

Grogek shrugged. "This I know. I did not intend to treat you such. How would you like me to act?"

At first Tulani thought he was being rude, but then she realized it was complete honesty. "I haven't decided." She finally said.

"We haven't exactly discussed our actions to each other. Aside from the fact we love the same woman."

Tulani laughed. "It is because of that same woman that we have had... intimate touches, and yet don't really speak with one another."

Grogek laughed. "That's one way to put it." He watched Elunara sleep.

"I take it back." She said softly.

He just looked at her.

"You do not treat me like a child. You were being sweet. What I said was unkind. I am sorry." Tulani sighed. "Often, I feel like I am still trying to find my place.

He shrugged and wrapped his arms around her. "I do not think of you like I do Elunara. You are hers, so you are mine. I care for you. I know you were hurt and still tender in the heart. I do not wish to frighten you or hurt you again." He kissed the top of her head and turned back to the mirror.

Tulani was sitting at her desk, quietly sewing when Elunara finally woke up. She groaned as she turned over and stared at the ceiling.

"I'm an idiot." She groaned.

Tulani laughed. "How long were you out there?"

"Seven hours." She whimpered.

Tulani raised an eyebrow. "Worth it?"

"The body is telling me to ask next week." She stretched and felt a pop in her back. "What time is it?"

"Around one or two."

She groaned again. "I can't believe I slept so late."

"How long were you trying to deal with Darguni last night?"

Elunara looked up and blinked. "What?" Realization dawned on her. "Oh, I have no idea."

Tulani sat down her sewing and walked over. She knelt down and kissed Elunara. "I'm sorry you had to deal with that."

"Nah, it's ok. I don't envy you so much anymore." She laughed. Placing a hand on Tulani's cheek, she frowned. "I was supposed to give today to you, wasn't I?"

Tulani just laughed. "It's quite fine. You take your recovery time."

"Where is Grogek?"

"He went on to training."

"Oh man, he is probably NOT happy with me."

"He may or may not have been cursing your name."

She sighed and sat up. She whimpered and rubbed her shoulder. Tulani put her hands on Elunara and concentrated again. Elunara gave a small sigh. "Oh, that takes some of the ache out."

"It's the best I can do."

Elunara leaned over and kissed the top of her head. "It's good." She stretched her shoulder. "At least I can avoid a trip to Ina. I'm going to go run Mrs. Finister her portrait. I'll be back in a little bit. Might swing by and see how Grogek is holding up."

She grabbed the wrapped package and headed out. Mrs. Finister adored her new portrait and immediately began to bicker with Mr. Finister as to who had the best one. Elunara shook her head as she walked away. She spotted Mayby flailing her arms and wandered over. She followed the woman into her home.

"Where's Tonas?" Elunara looked around.

"He's working right now." Maybe began fiddling with pots and pans. "We saw you... yesterday." She blurted.

Elunara grinned and leaned back. "I thought I heard you on the eastern ridge."

Mayby turned an interesting shade of scarlet. "You... heard."

"I hear lots of things." She tugged an ear. "Big ones."

"Oh... I'm sorry!" Maybe bit her lip.

Elunara laughed. "We had a crowd of about 17 on the western side. Give or take, depending on the time frame."

Mayby blanched. "I couldn't imagine..."

With a shrug she picked up a figurine and played with it. "I like the audience, and Grogek always gives me what I want. I'm just spoiled like that."

"You weren't kidding..." Maybe swallowed hard. "When you said he was enormous."

Elunara laughed. "He's just my size."

"How did you... go so long?"

"Years of training. Humans don't live long enough to do it."

"Oh." She fidgeted. "Well, after... your coaching, we have been doing so much better on intimacy, that when we heard someone say something about the south orchard... we decided to go peek. We suddenly know why you are the one to ask." She wiped her hands on a dishtowel, over and over again. "Can you continue to teach us?" She blurted.

"Sure. Just work around whatever I have going. I really need to make a sign." Elunara tapped her chin.

"Why do you not charge for it?"

"Because charging makes me uncomfortable." She shrugged and put the figurine down. "I prefer to ask for useful favors. I don't know what you two can offer me, and I don't particularly care. However, if someday in the future, you do have something to offer, I may be inclined to ask." She stood up and held out a hand. "Is that an acceptable deal?"

Mayby looked at her hand for awhile before shaking it. "That sounds fine." Mayby stepped back and eyed Elunara. "What have you asked for in the past?"

"Paper, pencils. Other art supplies, mostly. When I'm drawing attractive men... well my payment is usually having them for entertainment, if you get my meaning." She shrugged. "I never ask for more than someone can reasonably pay."

"Alright then."

"If you don't mind, I'd like to go see my husband now."

"Aren't you exhausted?" Mayby stared.

"I might have gotten a second wind." She winked.

On the way to the training yard, she didn't feel it, but she wasn't about to say it out loud. She winced as she rubbed her shoulder. Predictably, Grogek was giving them all hell as he ran them through their paces. She let out a whistle and all looked up. Grogek grinned and after a snarl to the man he was currently terrorizing, he made his way over. She grabbed him by a fang and kissed him soundly. He ran his hands down her hips.

"Are you trying to kill me?" He murmured.

"Just thought you'd appreciate the show. Though, if you don't know the location of a good hot springs, I'm going to make Ina run us one of her muscle baths."

"Gods, that sounds amazing. See if you can."

"On my list."

Tulani appeared with Darguni and they switched their attention to him. He was sucking on his fist and drooling down Tulani's back. Elunara took him and cuddled him.

A commotion caused everyone's attention to shift focus. Grogek and Elunara looked at each other before heading out. It wasn't until she got to the edge of town that she realized she still held Darguni and left Tulani behind. Grogek shifted to stand between them and the danger. Elunara recognized the green orc on the wolf first.

"Holy monkey damn its Thrall."

"Thrall?" Grogek looked down. "THE Thrall?"

Renwa and Jordan appeared at her side. "What is Thrall doing approaching an Alliance camp?" Renwa frowned as he stepped forward.

Thrall came to a halt, but he was not alone. He was followed by Aggra, and two brown orcs that Elunara did not recognize.

"I see the rumors are true." Thrall called out. "You have a brown Orc in your town."

Elunara stepped forward. "Hello Thrall, it's been awhile."

He narrowed his eyes. "Elunara. I should have known you'd be banished out here."

She snorted. "I was not banished, I was assigned." She cocked her head to the side. "Wait, no. Not that much different."

Grogek frowned. "You've been with this Orc?"

"A really long time ago." She eyed Aggra. "Before he was married."

Grogek laughed. "You really have tried everything."

Darguni began to fuss and she rubbed his back and cooed to him. Elunara looked up at Grogek. "He thinks I used magic to get in his bed."

"You are magic." Grogek grinned.

Thrall watched the exchange back and forth with some interest. It was then that he noticed the object in Elunara's arms. "Is that... a child?"

Elunara shifted him so that Darguni could face Thrall. "No, it's a cat. Of course it's child." She rolled her eyes.

"His skin...that fang." Thrall walked forward in amazement. "You... and him?" Thrall pointed to Grogek.

"Your brain is mush today isn't it?" She snorted. "Yes, I... Elunara the whore had a child by Grogek the brown Orc. Was that simple enough for you?"

Grogek snorted a laugh. "I take it you did not part friends."

"Well, he wasn't bad. He was leader of the Horde at the time, and I was trying to get some intell on the guards and things. He was a tough sell, but I finally got what I wanted out of him, and it was all useless. Leader he may be, but he already had others working on the minutiae by then. He couldn't give me anything I didn't already have. The Tauren was better, but not my much. Too bad about his death." She tapped her chin. "I liked him. He was a softy too."

"Are you saying you had sex with my husband?" Aggra raised an eyebrow.

"Before he met you." She waved her hand "Though I have to say, he has REALLY filled out since then. Yummy."

Aggra narrowed her eyes.

"Well, this is all really fascinating, but didn't we have a purpose?" One of the brown Orcs interrupted.

Thrall shook his head and continued to stare at the baby. "We have come from Frostfire Ridge." He looked around. "Word is, you managed to steal away a brown Orc from Grommash's hold. We came to investigate these claims. This is Durotan and Draka."

Elunara's eyebrows shot up. "Well, that's just adorable."

Thrall glared at her.

"My lips are sealed." She grinned. "Or otherwise occupied."

Tulani arrived at last, huffing and puffing. "You..." She gasped. "Move... too fast."

"Sorry sweetie, I'd forgotten about the baby." Elunara handed him over.

"Does he only have the one fang?" Aggra asked.


"How old is he?" She moved in to examine the child.

"Not quite a month."

Draka's eyebrows shot up. "That is strange."

Eunara sighed. "I finally get people to stop using "whore" and they replace it with "strange". Seriously?"

Aggra narrowed her eyes at Elunara.

Grogek just laughed and dropped a hand on her shoulder. He said something in orcish that all orcs present staring at them both in complete shock. She laughed.

"I think you just broke their brains, my love." She grabbed him by the tusk and yanked him down.

After they broke apart he murmured to her. "Are you trying to snap my neck? I'm still sore from yesterday."

"I'm a hopeless show off." She shrugged. She turned to Renwa. "I think we should find a location to seat our guests. Else wise, we're just going to stand here like idiots, and my legs are a little sore."

"Right. My office." He gestured. "If you will all follow me."

"I'll just go back home." Tulani said.

"No. Follow. He might be useful."

Tulani struggled to keep up, so Elunara took Darguni back for the time being. "How would an infant be useful?"

"The Frostwolf clan is strong on family. We can use this."

Once room was made, and chairs brought in. Everyone sat. Elunara opted to stand beside Grogek, leaning against him. He casually wrapped an arm around her waist, his hand resting on her hip. Tulani sat behind both of them, holding the baby.

Thrall was the first to speak. "Tell me how this came to be."

"Elunara was sent into Grommash's stronghold, with the goal of seducing Grommash or any of those around him in order to gain information. She was able to send us in detail schematics of the fortress, as well as detailed information on future raids and positioning of troops and other necessary information to continue our hold here." Renwa nodded at Elunara. "Her work is flawless."

"I infiltrated the fortress based on the premise that I had been left for dead, and willing to give my... special talents to the Iron Horde. Took a little to get set up, but once I did, the fortress was my oyster."

Durotan eyed Grogek. "And you're fine with this?"

Grogek grinned. "I've had time to... come to terms with it."

"What is his role in this?" Draka asked.

"I worked on Grommash for months, and while he gave me more and more access as I pleased him, he wasn't cracking. I finally slit the throat of an attempted assassin which had Grommash presenting me with Grogek as a present." She grinned at him.

"She was the most terrifying thing I'd ever met. She showed no fear, not even with a blade at her throat. Any threat of bodily harm meant nothing to her, and it was as if she had the entire fortress on puppet strings. Even when an idiotic goblin almost killed us with that canister he was messing with, she jumped in between him and my blade. She cared not for her own safety, but she was determined to save the goblin."

"I still don't know why I did that." She muttered.

"Grommash made him your servant, and instead of what I expected... you surprised me. You were kind to him. Treated him like your friend." Grogek shook his head. "Then I was just fascinated. I knew you were up to something, I knew you lied through your teeth without blinking. Those Alliance of yours didn't drop you there to die; they placed you in front of us, a trap waiting to be sprung."

"All I had to do was to wait around and do what I do best. As I earned Grommash's respect and pleasure, I asked for a room of my own. Then the men to be sent to my room, and all the paper and pencils I could have. I began to draw them. I drew portraits, and then I told them to strip down. I quite enjoy drawing naked men." She winked at the visiting Orcs. "Then I pleasured them. As they came to me, to be drawn and to be touched, they began to answer my questions. They gave me the things I wanted and needed. They explained layouts, details, information. I pumped their dicks while they worked their mouths." She laughed. "I was living in my own all you could eat buffet." She licked her lips. "They all have quite the wonderful place in my collection."

"Some of those are on our walls." Grogek grinned.

"Only the best ones." She ran a finger lightly over a scratch on his arm. "Did I do that?" She frowned.

Only she knew that he winced. "Yes, I forgot exactly what point they all individually happened."

She bent down and brushed a kiss. "I'm sorry."

He rolled his shoulder. "You fight like a demon."

"And you're ok with this?" Aggra asked. "That she'd had so many men?" Aggra's eyes flicked to Thrall and back.

Grogek barked a laugh. "She chews em up and spits them out like fika plant." He wrapped both arms around her and pulled her into his lap. "She's my vicious little she-wolf. What she wants, she gets."

Eyebrows shot up all over the place. Tulani quietly giggled.

Thrall frowned. "Why does your handmaiden bring in your child?"

Elunara pointed at Thrall. "Don't make assumptions, former Warchief. Tulani is my lover, and the four of us are a family. If Grogek and I are in question, then Tulani should know."

Thrall sputtered. Draka looked incensed. "You hold another lover while you have a husband?"

Grogek began to shake with laughter. Elunara yelped as he squeezed her sore body too tightly.

Renwa just laid his head on his desk. "Don't get them started, please?" He asked weakly.

"Honey child," Elunara began, as she worked herself free from Grogek. "I hold as many lovers as are willing to be in the same room at once. I am the goddess of sex, and I can and will have any man naked in my room as I want."

"You got her started." Renwa muttered as he laid his head on his desk.

"My entire life revolves around my body. What I want to do with it, what I need to satisfy myself. I love to draw naked men, but even more, I love to wrap my tongue and lips around them." She sauntered over to Thrall and ran her fingers on an arm. "I do anything to see those strong shoulders, that built muscle, and those rippling backs." She eyed Durotan. "Even when you're completely covered like this, I can see it. I can measure you without ever taking off your pants. I could draw you, every part of you." She purred. She flicked her gaze to Draka. "I'm not picky. If the body is good enough, I'll give women a shot." She cocked her head to the side. "In fact, women are a new subject for me. I need more practice." She winked.

"Thirty years I have been exploring the male body, and I know every square inch, yet still I am not satisfied. I must get my hands on them. It's not enough to draw them, I need to have them. My little toys" She wandered over and sat on Renwa's desk. "Oh, I try to not leave broken hearts behind. Unless they're a target, then I go into it letting them full well know. I will pleasure you, I will release you, but don't expect much after that." She shrugged. "I crave their bodies, I want to touch them, I want to lick them, I want to do things to them that they could not have imagined. And I do this every chance I get."

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