tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 060

For the Whored Ch. 060


She laughed and batted his hand away. "Stop picking at it."

"But it itches."

"Ina said it would for a few days. They had to rebuild your face. Be glad it's healing, and that you can see out of that eye now." She smacked his hand again. "I may love you as you are, but I don't love a man with self inflicted wounds." She kissed his good cheek.

He wrapped his arms around her. "Say that again." He whispered.

Elunara shook her head. "That I love you?" She ran her fingers through his hair. "I do. Just get ready for work, sugar. I have appointments today." She stepped out of his new bedroom.

Walking down the hallway she returned to her own massive bedroom. Grogek and Tulani's beds were as they should be. Per her design, the largest part of the upstairs was just this room. It was almost the same size as their barracks building. Jordan's room was down the hall and still sizable. The downstairs was where she performed most of her tasks. One room was her books, other bedrooms were meant for clients. Darguni's bedroom was a two level deal, with its own inner staircase. When he got older, it would be a fabulous bedroom for him. Yoona drove herself crazy trying to keep up with everyone getting ready for their days.

Tulani had her own sewing room, with her desk and all of the things she might need to have her own tailor shop. Because of the sensitive nature of Elunara's work, there was a door to the outside from the back, in case Tulani wanted to have someone stop by. Eloise was thrilled to have another space with which to work on multiple orders.

Grogek didn't need any extra space, but Elunara designed him a workout room, if he should ever want it. However, Elunara had more than her share of fun, hiding sexy spots throughout the house. She couldn't wait to try out all of her designs and implementations. She and Grogek had already given that upper banister a good workout. She decided the extra shoring was worth the price.

Grogek snagged her and tossed her on the bed. She giggled wildly. He climbed on top and buried his face in her shoulder. She wiggled against him. "Mmm, what's this for?"

"Can't I have my wife whenever I want her?" Grogek grinned.

Elunara laughed. "If I ever believed that your desires came before my own, I think I'd just give up on life."

He laughed and slid his fingers down her pants. Running his fingers through her wetness he grinned. "I've found a few more of your design quirks. Including the fold down you put above my shaving mirror."

"Ohhh, that one. You like it? I had to spend hours in front of a mirror to make it right."

"My Gods, you are evil." He slipped his fingers in her and buried his face in her neck.

Jordan heard a noise coming from his wall. He ran his hand along the wall until he found a catch. He sat down and popped the catch. A little round door opened up and he was treated to Grogek with his face buried in Elunara's crotch. At first, he snapped the door shut, but then it occurred to him that this would be one of Elunara's designs. He popped the door back open and watched with interest.

She ran her nails on the back of his head. "Gods, I love when you do that." She groaned.

He grinned at her, licking his lips. "Knowing you, that's why it was there."

"I can't wait until you find the one in the closet." She grinned.

He crawled up the length of her body. "How many did you hide, and how many carpenters pleasured themselves with them?"

"Oh, several. And none, I had the catches put in, I added the papers afterwards."

He slipped himself into her. "In all the rooms?"

"Well, I didn't in Darguni's, but the rest of the house..." She wrapped her knee up on his sides.

He gripped one of her knees and began to plunge himself in and out. "I repeat, you are evil. We're going to have morning breakfast and have a nude of you pop out of the cabinet."

"Oh, you found that one already?" She grinned.

He thrust into her. "Gods, you kill me." He groaned.

She grabbed him by the fang. "I love you." She whispered.

They devoured each other's mouths while Grogek pumped himself in and out.

Dick in hand, Jordan considered his room. What other tricks had she planted? It felt strange and sort of wrong that he was sitting here, jacking off to Elunara being fucked by her husband, but he really didn't care.

Once Grogek dislodged himself from Elunara, Jordan snapped the window shut. She grinned at the movement on the wall; seems like Jordan just got his first use out of one of her presents.

Grogek wiped himself off and found his pants in the closet. Curious, he popped the hidden latch. He found a fascinating picture of Elunara, leg in the air. Perhaps tomorrow. He grinned at her on the bed. "You're evil. I'm going to think about that one all day."

She shrugged and got out of bed. "And anytime you wish to give it a look." She stood on her toes and kissed him. "Forgive me; I'm going to see if Jordan found any surprises."

Grogek laughed. "You're insatiable."

"As always." She winked. She tucked her head around. "Oh, I'd save the one in your axe closet for tonight."

He raised an eyebrow at the closet she'd designed to keep his weapon away from the baby.

She knocked on Jordan's door.

"Come in."

Judging by that... she giggled and walked in.

"I agree with Grogek, you're evil." He jerked a thumb to the port hole.

She laughed. "I thought you'd appreciate that one. In fact, I saw you using it." She winked.

He turned and she saw he still had a nice erection going. He slid his hands down her ass. "I found the one in the closet."

"Is that so?" She ran her finger across the tip of his dick.

He shuddered. "Evil."

"How evil?" She whispered. Before he could answer, she knelt down and slipped her mouth over his dick.

He gasped in surprise and gripped her head. "The most evil." He groaned.

She played with his balls while she sucked on his dick. He groaned and stumbled back on the bed. When he was just about mad with it, she stood up and pushed him backwards. She climbed on top of him and began bouncing her hips on to his. His fingernails dug into her hips.

Grogek pushed open the door and rolled his eyes. "Elunara."

She looked back.

"I'm headed for the training yard."

She held out a hand and he walked to her, kissing her mouth. She grinned up at him. "I like when you do that."

"How about this..." He grabbed her hip and pumped her up and down. Pressing a finger into his ass, he grinned.

"Oh, Geez." Jordan gasped, feeling Grogek finger through Elunara's wall. He grabbed the bed sheets

Elunara was pushed forward, her breasts rubbing against Jordan's chest. She gasped as the orgasm ripped through her, clamping her body down.

Grogek laughed. He pulled his finger out and wiped it on a nearby towel. "Don't be late to the yard, Jordan." He turned and walked out, axe on his shoulder.

"This house is strange." Jordan managed.

Elunara laughed. "And I love the hell out of it." She slipped off of him and bounced out of the room.

He stared out of the door for a long moment before scrambling to get himself cleaned up.

Having moved into Elunara's house, and knowing full well what Elunara did, Jordan got himself many strange looks, though everyone remained friendly.

He stood at the edge of the training yard watching. They hadn't received a new haul of recruits in a few weeks, but he hoped they'd have some soon. The men were already looking well oiled.

One of the newer recruits stopped in front of him. Roger it was.


"Uh, sir. I..." He swallowed. "I just got permission from General Grogek to... visit Elunara. Since I know you've recently... taken up with her, I figured I should ask your permission too."

Jordan laughed. "If Grogek says it, I cannot argue it. Ultimately, it is Elunara decision as to whether she'll see you."

"Ah. Uh, ok." HE rubbed the back of his neck before walking away.

"You're late." Snarled Grogek.

"Elunara." Jordan sighed.

Grogek chuckled. "How are they looking?"

"Like we need fresh blood. Some of these are due to be shipped out soon."

"I agree. I'm bordering on bored."

"Renwa says there's to be a new order soon, but there's something wrong with the mages."

"Hmm. I wonder if I should recruit from some of our travelers." Grogek spit.

"The Draenei are pretty impressive from our time. I bet we snag them fresh from here, we'd have some interesting lots."

"Maybe I'll see about getting some orcs out of Iron Horde hands." Grogek crossed his arms. "I know of some hold outs from Grommash's grasp. Even among the Warsong."

"Wouldn't that be something?" Jordan sighed. "Anyway, I'm needed elsewhere." He whacked Grogek on the back.

"Isn't that just the weirdest damned thing you've ever seen?" Remarked Andrew.

Steve rubbed his neck. "What?"

"Both of those men are fucking the same woman, and only one of them is actually married to her."

Steve shrugged. "You've been here longer, why are you surprised?"

"Because I've seen what the Orc and the Night Elf get up to in the south orchard. No human can compete with that."

Gerald walked by and snorted. "What are you two goofballs yammering about?"

"Captain Gerald," Andrew snorted. "I like how we use honorary titles around here."

Gerald shrugged. "I get discounts on my drinks."

Andrew cocked his head. "Good point. Anyway, we were just discussing how Elunara has two men at the same time, and they... get along with each other."

"You're forgetting Tulani, so two men and a woman." He shrugged. "Elunara's stamina is legendary. She's even fucked Varian Wyrnn himself. No one can answer the recent rumor that she fucked Maraad, but I know she's had at it with Thrall."

"Holy shit." Andrew snorted. "Can't keep her legs together, can she?"

"I used to be her spotter. She's a mission specialist, who specializes in seducing a target; turning him into a quivering vat of goo and making him give up all the secrets. I can honestly tell you, I watched her snap a man's neck with those legs, WHILE he was eating her out."

Steve's hand went to his own neck. "Ugh."

"That's sick."

"Don't piss her off, boys..." Gerald patted their shoulders. "You'll just wind up like all the others."

"Yeah, Tim got a dagger through the brain." Steve shrunk back. "Terrance is covered in scars... I heard Grogek beheaded a man... the list goes on." He whispered.

Jordan knocked on the door to Renwa's office.


Jordan stepped inside and discovered the usually tidy Renwa looking disheveled, and Zelinnia tugging her skirt back into order. Jordan chuckled. "Am I interrupting?"

"Not a bit." Renwa grinned.

"You're lucky we finished." Zelinnia muttered. She looked up with shock and slapped a hand over her mouth.

Jordan had gotten used to Zelinnia's habit of saying something embarrassing before she realized she'd opened her mouth. He grinned at her, even as she tried to hide her face in paperwork.

"You're looking better. Living with Elunara is working out for you then?"

Jordan put his hand to his scarred and scabbed face. He grinned. "She's completely goddamned insane is what she is."

"I take that as a yes." Renwa grinned again.

"Apparently, she's rigged the entire house with naughty pictures. I've only found a couple so far..."

Renwa rolled his eyes and groaned. "Please tell me she didn't do that to my house."

"You'd have found them by now, I'm sure."

Zelinnia snorted. "I found a fascinating diagram in the bathroom, but I couldn't make heads or tails of the straps. I'm going to make her come show me." Suddenly Zelinnia whacked herself in the face with a book before laying her head on her desk. "Leave me alone." She groaned.

There was a knock on the door.

"Have angels come to save me?" Zelinnia mumbled

Jordan opened the door and a man came in.

"Sir! I figured you should see this." He held up a bloody fan and a destroyed yellow bonnet, splattered with blood. "It was found during a hunting trip out. About a mile from here, due west."

"Well, it looks like Kathleen won't make it to the wedding." Renwa examined the bonnet.

"Damn, and I was so hoping." Zelinnia sighed.

"We can prop her hat on a target dummy, it'll be a damned sight quieter." Renwa grinned.

Zelinnia tapped her chin. "I'll get back to you on that one."

"Sir, Grogek has an interesting idea. To recruit new men from some of the Draenei, or even the orc clans set against Grommash."

"Fascinating idea. We'll have to spend some time coming together."

Jordan continued to stand there, fidgeting.

"Out with it, Jordan."

"Sir? She... She told me she loves me." He whispered.

Zelinnia glanced at Renwa, confident in his expression, she returned to her paperwork.

Renwa laughed. "You can thank Grogek for that. She never would have been able to say it before." He shook his head. "She said it to me once, and only once. And it was because I asked her to."

Jordan's eyes flicked to Zelinnia, who had gone into her paper trance.

"And I asked her, because I wanted to hear it just once. It sounded fake and it didn't sound right. That's when I was truly able to let go of a fantasy that never existed." Renwa tapped his fingers on the table. "Cherish it, Jordan. It means nothing to me now."

Jordan nodded. "Yes, sir."

Elunara wrapped her arms around Grogek's neck and dangled from his back.

"Hello, Love." Grogek laughed.

"I wanted to try something different. I haven't decided if I like it or not."

He stood there at the edge of the training yard and surveyed his troops. Elunara climbed up on Grogek's shoulders and got comfortable.

"So where is Darguni?"

She wiggled her feet. "Mrs. Finister and Mayby are watching him right now. Maybe wants practice with babies."

"Darguni is no baby."

"Well, he's walking pretty well now, should we tuck a small axe in his hand?" Elunara leaned down and grinned.

"You know, having your crotch pressed into the back of my head is rather distracting." He grinned up at her.

"My tits floating so high above your mouth isn't helping the matter I'm sure."

"I feel like a fish in a bowl." He snorted.

"You can punish me later." She wiggled meanly against his head.

"You're sticky through your clothes." HE grumbled.

"Sugarbear, I have no idea when I'm not horny."

"Oh yes, you are getting punished later. While I stand here, a beacon for discipline."

She giggled. "I should tell you, I put a little port hole between our bedroom and Jordan's. I'm going to warn him when he's not to use it. I've also put a way to block it for when you decide on the fly you don't want him spying."

"Alright then."

"He used it this morning. I forgot to mention it to you, I'm sorry."

Grogek shrugged. "That's fine. I assume you'll figure out a signal for when you want him to join us."

"And the reverse of course."

He reached up and stroked her legs. "Whatever pleases you, my love."

"I wonder if I can get off like this." She considered.

"My little wolf, you can get off by thinking about it."

"This is true." She bent down and kissed his head.

"You two look silly." Jordan snorted.

"Well, I'd sit on your shoulders, but those pauldrons don't look too leg friendly."

He laughed and shook his head.

She bent down and smacked his hand. "Stop picking."

"It itches."

Grogek snorted. "Show some discipline."

Jordan rolled his eyes. "Don't you start."

Grogek reached out and smacked Jordan in the back of the head. "Stop picking."

"Gah!" He tossed up his hands.

"Did you even bother to ask Ina about that salve?" Elunara propped her elbow on Grogek's head.

"Fine, I'll go!" He sighed and scratched his neck, because he wanted to claw at his face.

Elunara watched him for some time. "It bothers him, and I doubt it's because he's itchy."

"It's not uncommon for someone to get a major injury like that, and continue to favor it, long after it stops bothering them physically."

"I am well aware. I have made many men my emotional slaves, because I played to those injuries. I will not do it for Jordan."

"Nor should you."

With a sigh, she climbed down. "I better make sure he goes to Ina's. That salve will do him more good than he thinks."

"You're a good woman, my little wolf." He pulled her close and captured her mouth.

She slid out of his grip with a smile. "Remember, you were going to punish me later." She winked.

"Don't worry, I have something planned."

She found Jordan standing there, staring at Ina's door. "Seriously?"

He almost jumped a mile. Jordan rubbed his neck and looked back. "Maybe she's busy."

"It's a healer building, you just walk in." She grabbed him by the arm.

"But, she did all she could." He frowned.

"Oh, Jordan. Don't be this person." She sighed and gently rubbed her fingers across his bad side. "For me."

He sighed and let himself be led inside. She pushed him into a chair. "Ina!" She called.

"I'm sorry, Ina is out, can...." The Night Elf woman stopped and stared. "You're the one..."

Elunara shifted her eyes back and forth. "Sweetie, that is the most loaded statement in the history of loaded statements, I'm the one WHAT?"

She shook her head. "I'm sorry. My names Leslia. Forgive my rudeness, it's just... I was there that night, when Elune reached through you to bring..." She caught sight of Jordan. "Him back."

"Oh, that." Elunara laughed. "Yeah, can we have some of the salve Ina uses for scabs?"

"Yes, of course." She began to dig through the cabinets. "I have trained with Elune since I was little. Given my age, I only ever heard of Tyrande's daughter in whisper and rumor. I had no idea you'd be as powerful as your mother."

"I'm going to stop you right there." Elunara took the little jar from her hand. "I, am not, nor will ever be, powerful in Elune. It was a strange fluke."

"Oh no, it can't possibly be." She folded her hands in front of her.

"How much for the jar?"

She shook her head. "For you, I will cover it."

"Oh, don't do that. I don't like doing that. I know how..."

"Please don't. Elune moves through you. I felt her that night, more powerful than I ever have before. Tyrande got her attention, but you... you brought her here and used her to save him." She nodded her head towards Jordan.

"Ohhh kay..." Elunara shook her head. "I guess we both just remember it differently." She laughed and turned to Jordan who was staring at her with awe.

"Did you really do that to save me?" he squeaked.

She shrugged and opened the little pot, sitting beside him while she rubbed on. "All I did that night was lay my hands on you. Nothing more. She's just delusional." Elunara laughed. "It was probably my mother. She's the most powerful priestess of our kind. I guess being her flesh and blood just makes me... similar? I don't know. I do know that I felt nothing." She rocked her head back and forth. "Desperation maybe."

He grinned, a feat that didn't hurt as much at the moment as it had been. "You were desperate to save me?"

"A little, maybe? She shrugged. "What I was and what I wasn't are different things." She ran her fingers across his scars and sighed. "I am not a priestess, and in fact the only magical abilities I possess, is the ability to enchant any ink I create. That's how I've transmitted communiqué all these years."

"Maybe you do have some latent ability."

"I have a ridiculous amount of stamina. That's what I have." Come on, I'll put some more of this on you tonight."

Leslia ran upstairs to the other girls nursing patients. "You won't believe who I just spoke with."



"The lady with the... interesting business?"

Leslia rocked her head back and forth. "Well, I guess. No, the one from that night. The one that Elune herself reached out to."

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